July-2012 9.2 out of 10

City Rating Comments Resolution
Mount Vernon 10 I Found A Chair I Wanted And Bought It.  I Was Only In There For About 20 Minutes.  The Salesman Followed Up With Me And I Was Satisfied.
Howard 10 We Had Good Customer Service.  The Delivery Was On Time.
Utica 10 My Clerk Was Very Nice And Helpful.
Mount Vernon 10 The Choice And Service.
Newark 10 Very Helpful.
Centerburg 10 The Sales Person Was Really Helpful, Timely Delivery And Those Two Gentlemen Were Very Helpful And Polite, And Went Above And Beyond.
Newark 10 Friendliness.
Mount Vernon 10 They Were Just Very Helpful, I Knew What I Was Looking For, And We Were Out The Door.
Centerburg 8 We Are Not Finished Yet.
Mount Vernon 10 We Received Really Personal Experience, Lisa Always Remembers Us, And We Like Buying Locally.
Mount Vernon 10 Everything, From The Day I Walked In To The Store, To The Delivery. It Was Just Great.
Butler 10 The Woman We Dealt With Helped Us With What We Were Looking For.
Mount Vernon 9 We Have Dealt With Larry Caulkins Before. He Made It Worth While.
Mount Vernon 10 I Have Purchased There Before. One Piece I Picked Up And The Other I Had To Wait 45 Days For.
Mount Vernon 10 I Have Been Purchasing Things There Over The Years And I Have Always Been Satisfied.
Newark 3 There Were Constant Delays. It  Took Over A Month To Get What I Wanted. I Was Finally Given The Display. Date of sale 05/22, date of delivered 07/03. Customer quoted 45 day arrival. Unfortanetly we are at the mercy of manufacturers & have no control over their inventory & when they ship.  We do try very hard to keep our customers informed of any delays & issues we have regarding their delivery.
Newark 10 The People Were Very Nice. I Like My Furniture. Everything Went Well.
Newark 10 We Have Been Dealing With The Store For Years. They Had The Sofa We Wanted And They Delivered It. The Salesperson Was Polite.
Newark 10 The Salesman Answered Our Questions And The Furniture Was Of Good Quality. We Liked It And We Bought It.
Newark 1 I Have Already Spoken To The Managers And They Don’t Care.
Mount Vernon 10 The Salesperson Was There To Answer Questions And Gave Us The Freedom To Browse On Our Own.
Newark 10 I Had A Really Good Salesperson That I Enjoyed Working With.
Mount Vernon 8 The Experience Was Fine. The Pricing Was Not As Competitive As Other Stores, But The Selections Were Alright And Delivery Was Great.  The Customer Service Was Great.
Mount Vernon 10 Good Customer Service. The Store Was Extremely Clean. It Was A Very Pleasant, Warm Atmosphere.
Mansfield 10 The Mattress Is Really Good. The Deliverymen Were Really Nice.
Howard 10 The Salesperson Was Very Helpful. They Called And Told Me When The Delivery Would Take Place. Everything Was Good.
Howard 10 I Enjoyed, Larry, The Salesperson.  He Sent A Thank You Postcard. He Left A Message As To When The Delivery Would Take Place And The Delivery Was Perfect.
Centerburg 10 I Have Always Dealt With Larry. He Is Always Very Helpful.
Utica 10 I Was The Winner Of The Furniture Contest. I Furnished My Whole Living Room. They Have Pieces You Don’t See Everyplace.
Fredericktown 10 I Love The Quality Of The Furniture. Jacob Was Very Nice And Very Patient. I Appreciated That.
Heath 10 Good Salesman And They Had What We Wanted
Fredericktown 7 The Pricing Was Kind Of Confusing.  I Had To Do A Bunch Of Math, It Should Be Straightforward We try to make our pricing real simple.  Our price tags reflect 1 price, the current sale event discount is usually deducted from the pricing shown.
Fredericktown 10 The Saleslady Was Very Helpful And Everything Worked Out Fine
Fredericktown 1 Date of sale 05/26, customer quoted 45 day arrival, date of delivery 07/12. No indication stating dissatisfied with our service.
Howard 10 The Courtesy Of The Employees.  They Showed Us What We Were Interested In.  There Was No Pressure And Delivery As Expected.  It Was A Good Experience
Centerburg 10 The Salespeople Were Very Patient And Helpful
Newark 10 I Just Like The Store And The Deals They Make With No Interest. My Husband Took Off Half A Day Of Work To Get The Furniture
Mount Vernon 10 The Girl That Waited On Me Was Really Nice And I Had Purchased There Before.
Utica 10 The Help I Received At The Store Picking Out The Furniture For My Home.
Mount Vernon 10 The Salesperson Was Very Helpful.
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