Happy Fourth of July

Fireworks, sparklers, family, friends, food, fun and more . . . welcome the 4th of July holiday. Whether you’re a low-key kinda guy or a girl who likes to go all out, you’ve come to the right place for holiday celebration ideas. Each fourth of July, we celebrate our independence and we celebrate each other. Right smack in the middle of summer break, Independence Day is the perfect holiday to spend with family and friends. Read on to learn more and decide how you’ll spend your 4th of July holiday this year.

Hold an old fashion backyard barbeque. Whether it’s burgers and brats you seek or pulled pork over a smoker, no one can resist a barbeque. The fourth of July is the perfect time for a party as such because of all the garden varieties that are now available – corn on the cob, tomatoes, peppers, broccoli and cauliflower. Big or small, a barbeque is sure to please.

What about a simple picnic in the park? When was the last time you packed a lunch and headed to the park? The simplicity of it is perfect and the kids will be delighted. There are so many parks around Central Ohio to enjoy, all with varying sights and scenes. Many of the parks also have trails connecting them to others if you want to get some exercise with the family after devouring grandma’s famous chocolate cake.

Attend a concert. Check the internet or local paper and get out to listen to live music somewhere. Free and low cost concerts of all types abound. Round up the kids and show them how to really dance!

Chill out on – or in – the water. Rent a boat, jet ski, canoe, kayak or paddleboat for the day. If that’s not your thing, take the kids swimming at the local pool or lake. If we get the heat we are expecting this week, spending time around water will be the perfect way to spend the fourth of July.

Don’t forget the fireworks. There are Independence Day firework celebrations all around Central Ohio and many of them occur on different nights. Plan it just so and you might manage to take in two or three of these fantastic colorful displays this year.

Buy something new for your home. We couldn’t leave this one out, but you also don’t want us to! The middle of the summer is the perfect time to find that just right piece at a price you won’t get any other time of the year.

Stop in to one of the two Connell’s locations today in Mt. Vernon and Newark and let us know how we can help you celebrate in style!

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