Decorating With Contemporary Style

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One thing you absolutely know, or think you know, is that you don’t like contemporary decor. After all, contemporary style means tables with chrome legs and glass tops, metallic lamps that look like space ships and harsh sofas covered in glossy, uncomfortable leather – right? Not so fast. Too often contemporary style is characterized as austere, aerospace [...]

How To Creatively Hang Pictures

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Hanging pictures is an art. If you’ve ever done it yourself, you know that’s a true statement.  So how is it that your neighbors have great collections of family photos neatly arranged on the wall? How did they do it? With a little planning and patience, hanging pictures can be done easily. Whether your goal is to [...]

Home Office Ideas

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A home office can keep you sane and organized. Whether you work from home or need a space to centralize your family's activities, here are a few ideas to keep in mind when organizing a home office. Determine your needs first, then identify the space you will use. How much physical space can you devote [...]