A Beautiful Bedroom

Did you know that the majority of us spend one third of our lives sleeping? Where are the other two thirds spent? Work, family time, free time, down time? Regardless, one third is a pretty good chunk of time. Do you spend your time sleeping in a bedroom you adore, or one that’s the last room in the house to receive attention? Find both time and inspiration to create a bedroom of your dreams. Then use your bedroom for more than sleeping – rest, relaxation, reading, a hobby. Create a bedroom that you look forward to spending time in, and start getting some of your best sleep yet!

Clear the clutter. First things first; get rid of the extra stuff you’ve accumulated in your bedroom – piles of clothes, old magazines, burned down candles, extra accessories. Once the clutter has been cleared, you can plainly see what you have to work with.

Buy your dream bed. If there is any one piece of furniture you splurge on, it should be your bed. Come to Connell’s and let one of our sleep experts help you decide the best bed for you. There are so many options to choose from, and getting it just right can make the difference between a great night’s sleep and tossing and turning for hours. Buy the best bed you can afford and sleep soundly tonight!

Choose accent pieces that you both love, and are functional. Perhaps a few simple end tables are just enough. Maybe your room is large enough to accommodate a small sofa or settee and coffee table. Do you want a television in your bedroom or not? Be planful about your accent pieces and go with the ones that you really adore.

Allow the room to speak to you. Make a plan. Do you want soft  and comfortable, or bold and beautiful? It’s your room, so let the vibe speak to you. Dream a little. Peruse home decor magazines for inspiration and ideas.

Be comfortable. Just like you should spend a little extra on a mattress, also search for the perfect comforter and sheet set. One third of your life should be comfortable and cozy. Buy down for the colder winter months, or look for a soft microfiber blanket that just begs you curl up before dozing off to dreamland.

Allow your bedroom to serve multiple purposes. If you are an avid reader, create a reading nook. If you are a quilter, set up a spot to do some of your sewing. Perhaps art is your thing; a space for painting is perfect in the bedroom.

Breathe life into it. Plants are always a great option in any room, and the bedroom is no exception. Choose plants of varying shapes and sizes and watch the room transform.

Come to one of the two Connell’s locations today in Mount Vernon or Newark and plan your next great room. As always, expect beautiful home furnishings at the lowest possible prices, all delivered with exceptional customer service.

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