Old Man Winter won this year! Undoubtedly, the cold halted all outdoor pursuits and havoc prevailed on an otherwise organized home as you were forced to stay indoors. As always, Connell’s is here to help. We have furniture and accessories to create the perfect mood. Lucky for you we also have storage solutions to help you stay organized as you transition from one season to the next.

Oh no! Your winter coats have taken over your house! Put them away by clearing out a small space in your entryway for a new coat closet that can double as an organizer during the warmer months. Small, movable closets are available which measure just a few feet wide and stand about six feet tall. Most have hooks, a closet area to hang larger coats and jackets, plus drawers and cubbies. Once winter has passed, use the closet for storage of other often-used items such as raincoats, umbrellas and book bags.

Storage cubes and ottomans keep family game night within easy reach. These convenient storage places are perfect for living room or family room use. Keep cards and board games out of site when not in use and use these storage spaces as a playing area when you need one fast! Magazines, remotes and books can also be easily hidden to keep clutter at bay.

The kids’ rooms become messy easily as more time is spent indoors. Puzzles, games, Legos and video games become a giant pile after just one afternoon. Storage solutions for kids are both fun and functional. Purchase shelves with removable baskets to individually store items. Color code toys and games by basket for easy clean up and retrieval.

A writing desk is a wonderful family organizational tool. Adding this piece of furniture to your home organizes the most chaotic mess of all – paper. This family space saver is a great way to keep everyone’s schedules coordinated and within easy reach. Mail has a central place to land before opening and organizing. Choose separate drawers for each person in the family. Use the center drawer for commonly shared items such as pens, paper, scissors, tape, stamps and paper clips.

Get organized now, before bigger Spring cleaning begins over the next few months. You’ll feel lighter and happier when you do. Stop by one of the two Connell’s locations in Mt. Vernon and Newark today for other ideas and inspiration to get—and keep—you organized.