We’re well into summer but your home feels drab and boring. Although you don’t want to spend much time indoors, it’s sometimes necessary (think during a rainstorm and after dark). Liven up your home this summer with these ideas to make you feel light and airy once inside!

Buy some new houseplants. Everything is in full bloom outdoors. You may have even moved some of your houseplants to your deck or patio. Don’t let you home remain bare! Breathe fresh life into it by purchasing new houseplants for display indoors. Be creative with them! Choose a large shell from the beach and plant a succulent or two inside of it. Did your child give you anything during the past year thatĀ  could be made into a home for a houseplant?

Purchase fun, multi-colored floral or otherwise printed plates and bowls for use in the summertime. Mix and match them with your everyday tableware. Lighter pieces for use outoors are best.

Change up your artwork! If you currently have darker piecesĀ  of art hanging in your home, consider something lighter to lighten the feel. Tapestries are great additions to any room and add an interesting dynamic as well as more texture to the space.

Pillows and throws are easy design changes you can make to your living room, family room or bedroom. It’s an inexpensive, simple change that can make a huge impact on an otherwise dark area of your home.

Clear the clutter! Since you likely use every room in your home much less in the summertime, rid yourself of things that are never used, and store those that are used only occasionally. Summertime is the perfect time to declutter your home.

Pick one piece of furniture and replace it. Perhaps your coffee table is large and bulky. Replace it with a moveable end table or smaller more streamlined cocktail table. You can often find rock bottom prices on many items throughout the home during the summer months.

Cut flowers from your garden and display them prominently in your dining room, entryway or kitchen. (If you are a man reading this, your wife or significant other will be extremely impressed at your thoughtfulness and attention to beauty.) Flowers are beautiful, always lighten the mood and add a personal touch to your home.

Candles are always a nice touch and there are a lot of sweet summertime scents available through a variety of stores and suppliers. Think citrus, fresh cotton, tropical flavors, berry scents, lavender.

Replace heavy drapery with lighter, sheen curtains or valances and let the light shine during the extended daylight hours. Don’t hold back the glorious sun! Let it shine all day long!

These are just a few ideas to get you started. Think light, airy and fun, and dream up some other ideas on your own. Don’t forget to stop by Connell’s at either of our locations in Mt. Vernon and Newark for all of your summertime home furnishing needs. Plus visit us on Facebook and let us know the changes you’d made!