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Friday, March 14, 2014

Spring is almost here!

466630131Spring is almost here! The days are gradually getting longer, and the temperature is slowly getting warmer. As winter fades and the sunlight begins to increasingly stream through our windows, we feel the desire to freshen up our living areas. Although we love dark, warm colors in the winter, when the weather begins to warm, our spirits lift and we’re ready for lighter, brighter colors and casual fabrics.

It’s easy to bring spring style into your home with just a few simple changes. At Connell’s Furniture & Mattresses in Newark and Mt. Vernon, we’re ready to guide you through the enjoyable process.

The key is to simplify. Remove excess clutter and accessories from shelves and counter tops. Open up your floor plan by taking that seldom used chair and putting it in the basement for the spring.


Substitute dark, heavy accessories, such as mahogany photo frames or brass clocks with accents in lighter woods or finishes. Pewter and silver surfaces are trendy and versatile.

Update that dark, traditional lamp by giving it a new look with a light linen shade. Or better yet, go for a totally new lamp with a natural wood base.

Switch out those brocade accent pillows with fresh pillows in an airy cotton fabric in an open floral or seersucker stripe.

If it’s time for a new sofa or accent tables, look for simple frames with light or white wood trim. Avoid fabric with extensive tailoring or accent fringe.

Just a few simple changes will create a relaxed, casual mood and evoke that vacation mindset we all love. At Connell’s Furniture & Mattresses we have a wide variety of fabrics and finishes to craft your spring home.

Plus, right now trade in your old furniture for brand new furniture during Connell’s trade-in sale! All usable furniture will be donated to local charity furniture banks and you’ll get BIG dollars for your trade-in, plus interest free financing for one full year. You won’t find a better time to get rid of your dark, wintery-styled furniture to make room for some of spring’s hottest styles!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Casual Coastal Design


Spring is right around the corner. Thank goodness! Warmer weather, buds blooming, Spring sports, Easter and Spring Break are just a few exciting seasonal events to anticipate.  But even if you can’t go to the beach this Spring, there is no reason you can’t bring it to you. Sprinkle elements of the coast throughout your home as you welcome Spring and invite the warmer weather. Decorate your whole house, or choose a single room. Read on to create a casual coastal feeling in your home.

Purchase simple glass jars and fill them with sand, shells, sea glass and more. This DIY project is fun, easy and simple to rearrange at any point in time. Place candles or tea lights into the center for evening ambiance.

Change the overall color palette of the room. Choose a seafoam green sofa and paint the walls the color of sand.  Throw in other colors like sunshine yellow and clear blue sky. Add coastal accents such as pillows, table tops, and framed prints with shells, lighthouses, sea creatures, and anchors.

Unfinished wood is a new popular furniture option that looks great in a coastal designed room. Distressed wood is another great choice for sofa tables, coffee tables, stools and more.

Don’t forget antique and faux antique.  When antiquing, look for blue and clear glass jars to match the overall color scheme. For other simple table top accents, use driftwood and sea glass.

Make your next beach visit a treasure island excursion. Look for old surfboards, buoys, life vests, and anchors that you could take home and display.

Pulling a room together often involves mixing and matching while staying in theme. Some other elements that work nicely while not overpowering include oil hurricane lanterns, silver accents, stripes and plaid, and a directors chair.

Don’t forget elements of nature. Be sure to include live plants. Choose ones that look like they belong in warmer climates. An aquarium or fish bowl is a nice touch that warms up the room and adds to the feng shui.

As always, remember that Connell’s is here to help. Stop in to one of our two locations in Mt. Vernon and Newark for ideas, inspiration, and fabulous home furnishings. Let our design experts assist you in making your next room makeover a beautiful reality. Plus, don’t forget to visit us on Facebook for online only deals, fantastic sweepstakes and fun giveaways.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Springtime Pinterest Fun

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Springtime is one of the most beautiful and blessed times of the year! After a cold, hard Winter (especially this year), life starts to take shape. And today in Central Ohio we’re really seeing signs of life after a few days of rain. The flowers are blooming. The grass is a little bit greener. The birds are out and the windows are OPEN! Yay!

Use the momentum of Spring to tune into the vibration of your home. Take a look around. Is there anything that’s “stuck” like Winter was? Clear out. Clean out. Reinvent. Overhaul! Today, we’re providing you with some Springtime decorating eye candy from Pinterest!

Don’t know much about Pinterest? It’s visual inspiration for every corner of your world – home decor, fashion, recipes, quotes, sports. You name it, Pinterest has it. Follow us on Pinterest, and take a look at some of the beautiful springtime decorating and DIY projects that follow! Click on the pictures below to view source credits.

A little DIY, a few simple table top items and you have a hallway full of whimsy and beauty.

This is an awesome and *fairly* simple room makeover. Add a large window overlooking a field or pasture and build in storage and a breakfast nook. What a gorgeous way to enjoy a Spring morning, afternoon and evening!

Beautiful Home Office decor or study area that’s a perfect addition for Spring – baby blue walls with striking white and neutral floors and fixtures.

Mix old and new, plus solid and patterns of pastels on walls and floors in your living room.

Make your own Springtime wreath!

All white gives a bedroom a dramatic springtime romantic country feel. Swing open the windows and wake up to the birds calling!

Do a little outdoor entertaining this Spring with inspiration like this! Simply beautiful!

Create your own boards and then bring your ideas and inspiration in to Connell’s to look more great Springtime decorating tips. Talk them over with our designers, repin our pins and more. Find us in Mt. Vernon and Newark and follow on Facebook to stay in touch.

Happy Spring Decorating!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Welcome Spring Indoors

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Welcome spring in with more ways than one way this season! With the sunshine and longer days we feel vibrant and full of energy. Though the weather is erratic, we’re optimistic knowing what’s to come. As you welcome spring into all aspects of your life, don’t neglect your home! There are so many things you can do each spring to bring more joy and life into your home. Read on for tips to get started.

Let the world know you are ready. Hang a colorful wreath at your front door. Replace your lifeless winter wreath with one matching the bright colors of spring. Choose the bright yellow of  beautiful forsythia or the myriad colors of tulips in bloom.

Let the sun shine in! Replace those heavier winter drapes with a lighter version for spring. Choose a sheer panel curtain or light cotton valance. Purchase blinds that can be drawn in the evening if you live in a busy neighborhood and need some privacy. Open them completely during the light of day and bask in the glorious sunshine.

Breathe easier with houseplants. Bring new life indoors. Choose varieties that do well inside and out. Place them indoors in a sunny location and send them out for a little extra sun when the weather is warm enough.

Try your hand at growing something. Start seeds indoors before sowing them into the soil outdoors. Many fruits, vegetables and herbs can get a head start inside. Experiment and have fun. Won’t it be great to eat tomatoes later this summer that you started from seed? Plus you may discover you have more of a green thumb than you originally thought!

Color your season bright. Replace rich autumn tones with soft spring hues on all cloth items throughout your home. Include pillows, blankets, throws, comforters, tablecloths, napkins and place mats. It will give your whole home a brand new feel.

Get a new perspective. Buy a mirror to splash the sunlight around. Place it in a sunny room pointing out so some of the beautiful outdoors is captured inside as well. Rearrange furniture and see things from a new point of view, literally.

Nothing says spring like spring cleaning. Spend one Saturday a month on various tasks around the home to clean in places that get missed during your normal cleaning routine; wash windows, scrub floors, wash linens. Welcome the newness of spring with open arms.

Stop in to one of the two Connell’s locations in Mt. Vernon or Newark today and let us help you put some springtime fun into your home!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sights, Sounds and Smells of Spring

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We’re well into spring and the weather has finally joined us! As you begin to enjoy the beautiful springtime Ohio weather, bring the feeling indoors with the addition of the sights, sounds and smells of the season. Lighter colors, floral prints and sheer fabric all come to mind when thinking of spring, but you are missing other important elements if you focus on color and fabric alone! Use your senses when designing this spring. Here’s how:

Create and hang a beautiful spring wreath. The bright yellow forsythia bushes have bloomed and are now green, but you can still keep the flower essence of the plant in your entryway. Purchase a grapevine wreath and faux forsythia and make a simple, elegant wreath to welcome visitors as they arrive.

Fresh cut flowers are not just for dates and special occasions! Spring is an awesome time for bouquets of all colors, shapes and sizes. Cut blooms from your own spring garden or purchase them from the greenhouse or market and display these beauties in your entryway or on your kitchen table. Find varieties that are both beautiful and powerfully fragrant like lilacs, hyacinth and lily of the valley.

Use soundscapes in your home to add auditory texture. You may be done with the season’s thunderstorms, but there are many beautiful springtime sounds on CD that enhance a relaxing Sunday afternoon. Nature sounds like ocean waves, wind blowing in trees and bird singing are just a few selections available, along with accompanying soothing background music.

Aromatherapy is a beautiful springtime home enhancement. Select a few lighter scents to make your home feel more like the season. Use an essential oil diffuser or burner or place the essential oil in a white vinegar solution for cleaning. Choose lemon, tangerine, lavender or bergamot. Top notes or lighter scents make more sense than the heavier, deeper smells of fall and winter.

Use your creativity! Adding sights, smells and sounds of spring to your home gives it just a bit more oomph than visual creativity alone. Stop by one of the two Connell’s location in Mt. Vernon or Newark today, and don’t forget to visit us on Facebook for more deals, specials and design ideas!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Spring Organization Tips

Finally! Open the windows and revel in fresh air! And while you’re at it, complete the final stages of spring cleaning. Now is the perfect time to get down and dirty so your home is sparkling clean for summer. Wash windows and siding, clean windowsills, mop and clean corners and hard-to-reach spaces. But beyond that, reorganize your home in a way that feels open and free. Summer is the season of the most activity, not the time to let your home weigh you down. Clear clutter. Choose a weekend or spread it out over several weeks and incorporate the following tips.

Start with a Spring Cleaning Bucket. Since cleaning in the spring involves more intense cleaning spread throughout the home, organize all of the essentials into a box or bucket that can easily be toted from room to room. Include a scrub brush, toothbrush, towels, washcloths, all-purpose and glass-cleaning sprays and a sponge.

Don’t forget your outdoor spaces. Spring cleaning is about deep cleaning, but its also about de-cluttering your space to welcome the warmer season ahead. Use lattice to organize and arrange gardening tools within easy reach. Purchase a plastic tub to store everyday tools – include your handheld shovels, diggers, hoes, a watering can and seeds for easy planting.

Conceal clutter. Winter is about snuggling and hibernation, but spring invites spaciousness. Now is the perfect time to organize and store those items that do not regularly get used. Place homework tools in drawers or boxes until Fall. Organize or recycle magazines and other loose papers. Install shelves or buy a storage bench for dual use.

Create a summer fun craft station. As you store items the kids were using during the school year, organize an area for them to create fun projects on rainy summer days. Use a box or plastic tote and include crayons, markers, construction paper, glue, scissors, stickers and other items found at the craft store.

Organize and place herbs and spices within easy reach. Spring is the perfect time to plant herbs for use throughout the summer. Keep live herbs in pots in the kitchen or nearby on the deck or patio. Place 10 to 12 of your favorite dried herbs within easy reach for use in salads and on fresh veggies throughout the summer. Fresh basil is fabulous with tomatoes from the garden. Cilantro and garlic are perfect to have on hand for homemade salsa.

Stop in to one of the two Connell’s locations in Mt. Vernon or Newark today to expand on these ideas, or shop for other items for your home! If you’ve found any of this useful, please share as a link on Facebook for others – and visit our site and Facebook page regularly to take advantage of exclusive online specials and deals.