Finally! Open the windows and revel in fresh air! And while you’re at it, complete the final stages of spring cleaning. Now is the perfect time to get down and dirty so your home is sparkling clean for summer. Wash windows and siding, clean windowsills, mop and clean corners and hard-to-reach spaces. But beyond that, reorganize your home in a way that feels open and free. Summer is the season of the most activity, not the time to let your home weigh you down. Clear clutter. Choose a weekend or spread it out over several weeks and incorporate the following tips.

Start with a Spring Cleaning Bucket. Since cleaning in the spring involves more intense cleaning spread throughout the home, organize all of the essentials into a box or bucket that can easily be toted from room to room. Include a scrub brush, toothbrush, towels, washcloths, all-purpose and glass-cleaning sprays and a sponge.

Don’t forget your outdoor spaces. Spring cleaning is about deep cleaning, but its also about de-cluttering your space to welcome the warmer season ahead. Use lattice to organize and arrange gardening tools within easy reach. Purchase a plastic tub to store everyday tools – include your handheld shovels, diggers, hoes, a watering can and seeds for easy planting.

Conceal clutter. Winter is about snuggling and hibernation, but spring invites spaciousness. Now is the perfect time to organize and store those items that do not regularly get used. Place homework tools in drawers or boxes until Fall. Organize or recycle magazines and other loose papers. Install shelves or buy a storage bench for dual use.

Create a summer fun craft station. As you store items the kids were using during the school year, organize an area for them to create fun projects on rainy summer days. Use a box or plastic tote and include crayons, markers, construction paper, glue, scissors, stickers and other items found at the craft store.

Organize and place herbs and spices within easy reach. Spring is the perfect time to plant herbs for use throughout the summer. Keep live herbs in pots in the kitchen or nearby on the deck or patio. Place 10 to 12 of your favorite dried herbs within easy reach for use in salads and on fresh veggies throughout the summer. Fresh basil is fabulous with tomatoes from the garden. Cilantro and garlic are perfect to have on hand for homemade salsa.

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