Spring welcomes warmer weather, longer days and more time outdoors. It also invites spring cleaning as we open the windows to let the fresh air into our homes. As you embark on spring cleaning this year, declutter and create a simplistic feel in your home. Simplistic design is easy and doesn’t have to be boring. Pops of color and little points of contrast are all that’s needed to liven up an otherwise drab room. Let Connell’s show you how to keep simple in mind while adding pizazz to your home.

Clear it out. Begin with a clean slate. The only way to truly clean is to clear out your space or at least move half the stuff to the other side of the room while getting your hands dirty. Go through your belongings and decide if you truly love it or if you’ve just had it so long you never dreamed of getting rid of it. Separate items into “keep” and “donate” boxes.

Paint the walls. After a thorough cleaning, you may decide it’s time to paint the walls. Consider white, cream or beige to keep the room neutral. It will give you a soft palette to work from as you re-create your room simplistically.

Replace large, overstuffed sofas, sectionals and loveseats with slim-lined pieces to create a simplistic feel to the room and more space to move around. Comfort does not need to be compromised with more modern looking furniture. “Test drive” your new furniture to ensure comfort and appropriateness for your family’s needs.

Choose one accent color. Instead of going crazy with color, choose one primary accent color to give the room depth while keeping its design simple. Use varying shades and intensities of the color to give the room more depth and draw the eye around.

Add texture and pattern to the room. Using your accent color, add a pattern or two to the room to give it some flavor. Add texture in more neutral tones such as white or off white pillows, throws, rugs and tapestries.

Give the room depth. Nothing adds depth to a room more than a mirror. Choose one large mirror or several smaller ones placed close together in a pattern to reflect light around the room.

Explore, play and have fun! With design it’s all about what feels right and works best for you and your family. And Connell’s is always here to help, listen and provide additional inspiration. What are you waiting for? Stop in to one of the two Connell’s locations in Mt. Vernon or Newark today and don’t forget to visit us on Facebook to share your inspiration with the rest of the world!