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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Importance of Play in Life


Don’t you love to watch children play? In altogether different worlds, children make sense of their lives through play. It’s essential, and as parents we can learn so much from our children. A playroom serves double duty in encouraging play and keeping clutter to a minimum in the home. Create the perfect space to foster growth and imagination within your kids. Children should have a place of their own, and while an entire room is ideal, it isn’t necessary. No matter the size of your home, a playroom is possible. A closet is big enough for a reading nook or computer area. Read on for ideas to create a sacred space for the young minds you love.

Consider design based on the ages and preferences of the children who will use the room. Plan for today and for tomorrow. When choosing furniture, less is more. Allow plenty of open space for play. Keep pieces simple and in neutral colors so they continue to adapt and function over the years. Limit permanent fixtures so the room can grow and adapt with your child.

Next consider the size of your home and space available. Choose colors and possible theme. A playroom is the perfect place to showcase expression and creativity. Map it out. Basements, attics and small spaces underneath the stairs are ideal choices for a child’s playroom, especially in smaller homes. Include your children in the planning if possible. Will the walls be plain or have designs? Are you artistic or do you know someone who is? If free-hand painting isn’t an option, removable art decals are another option for adding a whimsical feel to the room.

Creativity stations allow for various functions. If a whole room is not available due to space, identify a few separate areas within your home. A reading corner allows for quiet introspection, while an art area encourages creativity. Choose furniture that suits each station. Chairs, benches, shelves and lighting are essentials in the reading nook, while a large flat surface provides the space needed in an art area.

Storage is essential in all play areas to keep the space organized. Choose options easiest for kids to get in and out of effortlessly. There are numerous designs available and many can double as shelves and writing surfaces. Be creative and allow your children to do the same when determining storage solutions.

Stop by one of the two beautiful Connell’s locations in Mt. Vernon or Newark today for other ideas and inspiration to enhance your home.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Summertime, Here We Come!


We just celebrated the Memorial Day Holiday, which means it’s officially SUMMERTIME. Sure, Summer Solstice is technically on June 21st, but for all intents and purposes, Memorial Day kicks off summer ’round these parts. Pools are open, kids are out of school, days are hotter, ac is now a necessity and the energy around the season is just different than it was a month ago. Kick off summer right with Connell’s. We’re having sales and promotions every month this summer. Stop in and pick up that just right piece for your home. Live a little. Celebrate summer by slowing down enough to enjoy the season – and your family and friends. Take some cues from us – we’ve got great ideas for you.

Plan a celebration! Once a week or once a month, plan something. Whether it’s a cookout, a wine tasting party or Sunday brunch, the weather is typically nice throughout the summer months and it is the perfect time to gather family and friends. Use your outdoor spaces as well as indoor. Take advantage of it! We don’t get this weather year ’round.

Just chill. String up a hammock and enjoy the peace and quiet of a summer evening or Saturday morning. Drink some lemonade and devour a good book. Take time to breathe in the summer scents and enjoy the visually pleasing sights of your surroundings.

Life’s a beach. Around Ohio there are great beaches to enjoy on a hot summer day. We may not have the ocean nearby, but we do have a few gorgeous bodies of water where we can swim, hike, canoe and kayak throughout the summer months.

What about the dog days of summer? Take the dogs for a walk in the woods or on a swim in a local pond if you have one nearby. They’ll love you for it and the family will have fun watching their joy.

Plant a garden. Eat local this summer – right from your very own backyard. Start small and simply with tomatoes, onions and pepper varieties. Throw in cilantro for good measure and you have all you need for homemade salsa!

Freshen up your home. Summertime is the perfect time to clear clutter and freshen up your home with new home furnishings and accessories. Open windows to let the fresh air in and invite your family to help you get rid of things that have been lying around for a long time. Have a yard sale and then use the proceeds to buy one cool thing for the home that the whole family can use.

Whatever you do, slow down this summer. Smell the fresh cut grass, listen to your kids, enjoy your home – whether inside or out. Celebrate! Stop in to one of the two Connell’s location in Mount Vernon and Newark for great values, beautiful home furnishings and ideas and inspiration to make your house a home.


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

How to Hang Pictures Creatively


Hanging pictures is an art. If you’ve ever done it yourself, you know that’s a true statement. So how is it that your neighbors have great collections of family photos neatly arranged on the wall? How did they do it?

With a little planning and patience, hanging pictures can be done easily. Whether your goal is to hang a single dramatic serigraph or a collection of black and white sketches, by following a few steps you can make your art or photos look fabulous.

1)  Select your collage of photos or artwork according to a theme or some type of similarity. The art in the collection should include related subject matter or color. It’s O.K. for the shapes and sizes of the frames to vary.

2)  Pick an odd number of your favorite pieces. An odd number will have greater visual interest and greater flexibility. To create a uniform look, choose frames that are similar in style or finish. With photos, use mats that are the same width and color.

3)  Create templates of the pictures. Lay the pictures on brown craft paper on the floor making sure the grouping will fit within the available wall space.  Trace around the frames and cut out templates. Label the templates for identification and mark the location of the hanging wire or tabs.

4)  Attach the templates to the wall with reusable adhesive or poster tape. Be careful not to use masking tape because it will leave residue on the wall. Use the template and a pencil to mark on the wall where picture hangers should go.

5) Create balance within the grouping. Select a single favorite piece as the center of the collection, grouping the other pieces around it and keeping a consistent distance between each one.  It’s fine to hang pictures in a straight line if you have two or three matching pieces which will only coordinate when hung side by side.

6) Hang your artwork at eye level. The biggest mistake made when pictures are hung is that they’re placed too high on the wall.

Hanging art creatively will add warmth to a room and create visual interest. Visit Connell’s Furniture & Mattresses in Mt. Vernon and Newark to find just the right wall décor to hang in your home.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

How to Find Your Style


You’ve made the big decision to redecorate and really want to get it right. That’s the good news. You’ve looked at all the glossy interior design magazines and love everything.  That’s the bad news. All the pages in the magazine look so great; you’re not sure which style is your favorite.

How can you redecorate if you don’t know your style? Here are a few questions to ask yourself to help you know which direction to go.

  1. Which room in your home is your favorite? Is it the den because it has vintage, rich fabrics?  Do you love the kitchen because it’s filled with casual wicker and sunlight?  Is it the bathroom because of its soft colors and romantic ruffles? It’s a sure bet your favorite room has elements of your style.
  2. When you go out for dinner on your anniversary or birthday, which eatery do your choose? Do you opt for the elegant, formal continental restaurant?  Is the western steak house your first choice?  Are you enticed by the colors of the Mediterranean bistro? Chances are the décor makes you feel comfortable and relaxed.
  3. What type of art do you have on your walls? Art is a wholly personal purchase and a strong indicator of your style. Its color and form capture attention and emotion. Is there an abstract painting or poster hanging in your living room? If so, you’re drawn to contemporary design.  Does a Medieval tapestry hang in you hallway?  You’re definitely attracted to traditional furnishings.
  4. If you won the lottery, what would be your first décor purchase? Would it be a sleek leather sofa in red? Is a carved wood dining room calling your name? Is there an Oriental rug you absolutely can’t live without? An immediate purchase shows the item has been on your mind, and the style is one you truly desire.

By answering these short questions you’ll be able to see which style draws your attention.  Whatever your style choice, the goof-proof pros at Connell’s Furniture & Mattresses in Newark and Mt. Vernon can help you find perfect furniture and mattresses you’re going to love.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Obscure Finds

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As promised, this week we’re featuring obscure finds from the furniture market in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you’ve ever been to Vegas, you know it’s not hard to find the wacky, strange and unusual, just walking down the strip. These finds, however, are contained to the market itself, and no people are featured.

At Connell’s we shop for you. We attend markets, trade shows and other venues to find those “just right” pieces we know you are looking for. And the interesting thing about buying furniture is that we all have different tastes. So, we wanna know . . . would you buy any of these interesting pieces?

company C . . . interesting, retro, mix match eclectic style

Grander Images . . . fun pieces of art

imax . . . girly little boutique-ish style

Jozefina Arte Glass . . . the chandeliers were beautiful!

Phillips Collection . . . I love the original wood pieces!

Port to Port Imports . . . distressed wood, new antiques and more

At Connell’s, you’ll always find that just right piece and get great customer service while you shop. Stop in to one of our two locations in Mt. Vernon or Newark today. You just might find something interesting for your home. As always, visit us on Facebook and let us know what you’re looking for in your next furniture purchase.


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Casual Coastal Design


Spring is right around the corner. Thank goodness! Warmer weather, buds blooming, Spring sports, Easter and Spring Break are just a few exciting seasonal events to anticipate.  But even if you can’t go to the beach this Spring, there is no reason you can’t bring it to you. Sprinkle elements of the coast throughout your home as you welcome Spring and invite the warmer weather. Decorate your whole house, or choose a single room. Read on to create a casual coastal feeling in your home.

Purchase simple glass jars and fill them with sand, shells, sea glass and more. This DIY project is fun, easy and simple to rearrange at any point in time. Place candles or tea lights into the center for evening ambiance.

Change the overall color palette of the room. Choose a seafoam green sofa and paint the walls the color of sand.  Throw in other colors like sunshine yellow and clear blue sky. Add coastal accents such as pillows, table tops, and framed prints with shells, lighthouses, sea creatures, and anchors.

Unfinished wood is a new popular furniture option that looks great in a coastal designed room. Distressed wood is another great choice for sofa tables, coffee tables, stools and more.

Don’t forget antique and faux antique.  When antiquing, look for blue and clear glass jars to match the overall color scheme. For other simple table top accents, use driftwood and sea glass.

Make your next beach visit a treasure island excursion. Look for old surfboards, buoys, life vests, and anchors that you could take home and display.

Pulling a room together often involves mixing and matching while staying in theme. Some other elements that work nicely while not overpowering include oil hurricane lanterns, silver accents, stripes and plaid, and a directors chair.

Don’t forget elements of nature. Be sure to include live plants. Choose ones that look like they belong in warmer climates. An aquarium or fish bowl is a nice touch that warms up the room and adds to the feng shui.

As always, remember that Connell’s is here to help. Stop in to one of our two locations in Mt. Vernon and Newark for ideas, inspiration, and fabulous home furnishings. Let our design experts assist you in making your next room makeover a beautiful reality. Plus, don’t forget to visit us on Facebook for online only deals, fantastic sweepstakes and fun giveaways.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summertime Stay-cations Right at Home in Mt. Vernon & Newark

June’s the month to git-up-and go! Hit the road for some highway hijinks and take a break to enjoy the sunny warm weather at these local attractions we know you’ll have a blast exploring.

Explore Mt. Vernon

  • Catch the spirit with a cemetery tour. Research your family tree, brush up on your genealogy and visit the gravesite of the Wild Men of Borneo. Creep into the crypts and check in on Chief Sac-A-Manc’s ancient Indian mound.
  • Open your imagination to the undiscovered worlds of lush beauty at the Children’s Garden. Spend a day with your children and enjoy musicals and theatrical performances at the open-air steel amphitheater plus check out the gorgeous half-acre garden displaying a hand-painted mural of the life of Johnny Appleseed.
  • Journey back in time at the New Testament Stone Garden. Take a guided tour through stone arrangements illustrating biblical passages and discover their significance and references to the Bible.
  • What do a fireman and a motorcycle mechanic know about decorating your home? “Git-up-and go” to Connell’s Furniture & Mattresses on Upper Gilchrist Road to find out! Take home souvenirs for your living room, dining room, bedroom, kids room, entertainment room and home office.

Explore Newark

  • Check out the World’s Largest Basket! Tour the birthplace of Longaberger Baskets and sail back in time to the 1950’s at Popeye’s Soda Shop.
  • “I scream. You scream. We all scream for ice cream!” at Ye Olde Mill Velvet Ice Cream Factory. Indulge your sweet tooth on Velvet Ice Cream, watch its cool production and tour Ohio’s only ice cream museum.
  • Birds of a feather flock together for nature lovers at Blackhand Gorge State Nature Preserve. Explore the 970 wooded acres primed for bird watching, hiking, biking, canoeing and visit the sacred Indian Territory where no man was to raise his hand in another.
  • Cruise on over to Connell’s on North 21st Street across from the Grill to see for yourself how a grocery store was transformed into a gorgeous store chockfull of fab furniture at amazing prices!

The best reason to get-up-and-go to Newark and Mount Vernon is Connell’s Furniture and Mattresses! Everything at Connell’s is in stock and ready for immediate Dream Team Delivery for only $39.95 – and it’s all covered by Connell’s trademarked No Oops™ guarantee! If you don’t like your new furniture for any reason, Connell’s will take it back – no questions asked!