Creativity is our birthright, yet there are so many distractions that keep us from peaking our creativity. Why? Not believing in ourselves is one thing, surrounding ourselves with uninspired home furnishings is quite another. While our thoughts may be hard to control, our homes are not. With inspiration and a bit of diligence, you can turn an uninspired home into a creative haven. Unleash your creativity with these hot tips.

First, identify the ways in which you believe in your creative genius and the ways you talk yourself out of your own abilities. Do you love painting, music, writing, quilting, knitting, singing? Whatever your passion, note and be thankful for your successes and take time to ponder the areas of creativity you’d like to enhance in your life.

Now that you have clear vision, notice how you feel when entering your home. Notice the energy of each room and space. Do certain areas draw you while others repel? Is your home filled with only things that are necessary or is there space for those items that truly inspire and make you feel great? Both are important! Surround yourself with beauty and things that inspire you. Splurge on one or two items that “tell your story” or spark your imagination and creative genius.

Include elements of nature in several areas within your home – something in each room if possible. Dark, stark, unnatural items are everywhere in our culture. Billboards, skyscrapers, sidewalks, televisions, computers. We live and work with technology daily. While it helps us to perform at higher levels than ever before, elements of nature are crucial to our creativity. Get out and walk in the sunshine and fresh air at least weekly. Then bring those elements into the home for future inspiration – plants, flowers, aquariums, and water fountains are all great choices.

According to Feng Shui principles, using the Bagua there are 9 specific sectors in each dwelling. Learning just a little bit about Feng Shui can help us to expand our creativity. In fact, there is a Children and Creativity quadrant specific in your home. Purchase a book or do some research on feng shui and use a few of the principles to recreate the energy within this space and within the home in general.

Fill your home with the tools that help you create. Then keep them within easy reach. If you enjoy writing, have books available for perusing and journals handy for impromptu writing. If art is your thing, keep canvases, paint and brushes on hand. Keep one or two instruments out on a stand instead of in a case. Organize your creative tools in a way that allows you to use them easily and frequently.

Create the space, and TAKE TIME for relaxation. Set up a lounge area separate from your bedroom that allows you to take a mental break each day. Eliminate clutter to keep you distraction-free. Stream soothing music and burn candles to create an ambiance conducive to peace, quiet and rest. Give yourself the time and space to read, plan and dream. If you’re feeling uninspired, this is hard to do. Create the space and then find the time.

Display items you are most proud of throughout your home. Showcase that portrait you painted. Frame the first song you ever wrote, and show off those written masterpieces by displaying them. Affirm your creative genius everyday and watch yourself grow and blossom.

Take stock of your home. Consider the changes you need to make, then stop by one of the two Connell’s locations for ideas, inspiration and home furnishings for every room in your home.