A bookshelf is a wonderful addition to any room regardless of its use. Undoubtedly, if you are book lover, you likely have a bookshelf or two in your home. However, bookshelves are great even if you don’t own a lot of books. Think outside the box and use a bookshelf for a variety of reasons in any room imaginable. Read on for tips on beautifying the bookshelves in your home.

Bookshelves can be the home of nearly anything you’d like to display. Do you have a private collection of any kind? Maybe you have a lot of photos, framed pieces or other possessions that would look fabulous on new bookshelf instead of in drawers or storage boxes.

When choosing a bookshelf, consider use and in which room you will place it. Coordinate it with existing furniture if that’s your style or choose something entirely different for a more eclectic appeal to the space.

Start with a clean slate if you currently have a bookshelf housing books. Go through all of the books you own and determine which ones you will keep and which you’ll donate. Second-hand stores, thrift stores and some shelters are always willing to take in books in need of a new home. Books are priceless gifts that should be passed on once you’re done with them.

Sort, size and color-code your books. Once you’ve determined the books you will keep, sort them by book color, size, and hard and soft back. Envision an overall flow of your bookshelf and be creative in design.

For visual interest, place some books horizontally, while others remain vertical. Keep size of the books relative and look for objects throughout the home to use as bookends to keep them in place.

What makes you happy? What do you love? Add anything else that gives you joy to your bookshelf – vases, pictures, photographs. If you love it, your bookshelf will love it too and give it a proud new home.

Don’t own a bookshelf? With so many uses, start exploring your options today. Also visit either of Connell’s two locations today in Mt. Vernon and Newark for more design tips and fabulous home furnishings.