Can you believe it’s December already? The tree is up – or will soon be – and holiday decorations have taken over the house. But the trouble is you feel more disorganized than festive. Let Connell’s come to the rescue! Stay in the holiday spirit, be merry and de-clutter your home all at once with our tips below:

Reorganize your closet. This simple act of organizing a hidden space you use every day is empowering. Install an organizer and make space for everything. Closet storage solutions will make any size closet feel bigger and you’ll stay organized.

Revamp your bookshelves. Instead of packing them full of books, add accessories and decorative items. Stack books in interesting directions for an ascetically pleasing look. Donate old books to a thrift store or consignment shop so someone else can enjoy them this holiday season!

For cluttered entryways install built in shelves and benches. You can also add pegs for coats and cabinets to store loose items. Only keep regularly used items in entryways and store all others out of site. For entryways with limited space make the most of wall space or add a small table with drawers. Storage cubes can easily slide underneath.

Rid yourself of loose paper. Go through old magazines, newspapers and school work. Recycle or use them as wrapping paper in lieu of the store-bought kind. Get creative. Use beautiful pictures within magazines on appropriate presents and add a holiday ribbon and ornaments for creative adornment.

Clear the kitchen counter. Part of the holiday season entails additional entertaining, cooking and baking. Rid your counter-tops of appliances not in regular use. Store them elsewhere or donate them to a second hand store or homeless shelter.

Whew! Don’t you feel better already? Deck the halls and enjoy the holidays with a light heart and de-cluttered home. Stop by one of the two Connell’s locations today for more holiday decorating tips and design ideas.