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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Color is Key

Without a doubt, color is perhaps the most important decorating element. And even though it may seem like a daunting task, choosing a color scheme to tie your entire home together doesn’t have to be chore. Simply choose some colors you love as a starting point, and read on for some tips from Connell’s Furniture & Mattresses to make your favorite colors work together throughout your entire home.

How to pick your colors

Find an object (which we’ll refer to as an inspiration piece) with a color scheme you enjoy. Your inspiration piece should generally be something multicolored like a rug, throw or even a picture. Use your inspiration pieces to select the hues that work well together throughout your entire home.

Applying your colors to different rooms

Give each room its own color and personality. As you repeat your color scheme throughout your house in different rooms, it will tie your rooms together to create a feeling of comfort and cohesion.

How do I decide what color to use in a certain room?

Start with the rooms where you spend a good chunk of your time. Decide what kind of feel or mood you want to create in those rooms, and then ask yourself what colors will help you achieve that mood. Use that color for the walls and/or ceiling. For furniture, look for fabrics that combine your inspiration piece colors in varying amounts and shades.

Never feel like you have to match colors perfectly. Remember, you love the colors in your home and the feel and comfort they give to your rooms. And if you believe the color just isn’t right, try a darker or lighter shade. Always choose the colors you like best for decorating success!

Choosing a color for a certain feel

  • Red: Red can be common in dining rooms, bedrooms and studies. Red expresses passion, zeal, and can help with appetite.
  • Orange: Orange is a very warm color and hard to tone down. Consider using this only as an accent color.
  • Yellow: Pale yellow creates a bright, crisp pleasing environment, while sharp yellow can create deterrence.
  • Green: Green is a peaceful color that blends well in any room and will compliment your existing color scheme.
  • Blue: Blue is also a peaceful color. Light blues make a room refreshing, while a dark blue can be somber.
  • Violet: Violet can communicate romance, but it’s being used more commonly in living rooms or bedrooms to create a feel of serenity.

Whatever color combination you choose, come to Connell’s Furniture & Mattress in Mt. Vernon and Newark for friendly advice and a great selection of quality furniture sure to create a beautiful color combination for your entire home.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Tips and Trends When Shopping For Kids Furniture

Kid’s love trendy furniture just as much as we adults do, and as adults, it sure is fun picking out bedroom furniture they’re sure to love! What’s more, most major furniture manufacturers are designing quality and adorable youth furniture built for safety, fun, functionality and sleep. Read on for some tips and trends from Connell’s Furniture & Mattresses for today’s youth furniture, and visit us in store at Mt. Vernon and Newark, and online to shop our huge selection of kid’s furniture.

Shopping for functional nursery furniture that will grow with your child

One of the biggest trends today is furniture that grows with your child. Furniture that grows with your child is extremely popular since one purchase can last for years through your kid’s developmental stages. For example, many manufacturers offer convertible cribs that convert into a bed or daybed when your child gets older.

Another example is a “combo dresser.” A combo dresser combines a dresser and a hutch with a changing pad under a flip-up top and plenty of room to hold baby supplies. When the dresser is flipped upside down, the changing pad hutch disappears and it looks like a regular dresser with large drawers. The drawers are reversible and have double sets of tracks as well.

Other ways the industry is meeting parental demand is with changing tables that convert to toy chests, bunk beds that have a twin on top and full on the bottom and raised beds that have a desk underneath. Don’t be afraid to be practical when shopping with your child.


While functional furniture that grows with your child is important, there is still that element of making a child’s room, a child’s room.

For the baby and toddler, some parents look for a monogram crib bumper or even rocking stools with pictures on them. Many manufacturers now offer personalization from everything to baby furniture, and youth furniture well into the teenage years.

What’s more, manufacturers specialize in everything from kid’s rugs, lamps, artwork to bedspreads. Accents are where a child’s personality can really liven up your child’s bedroom, and they can be found in every shape and design imaginable. You and your child will love picking out customizable accents together.


Finally, safety is probably the most important aspect to consider when shopping for kid’s furniture. Nonetheless, manufacturers and current designs are generally extremely safety oriented. For example, most toy boxes now are designed so they won’t snap shut on little fingers. Also, the industry is moving towards non-moving parts.

When considering any furniture for your kids, stop by Connell’s Furniture & Mattresses for a huge selection of furniture and quality advice.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Five Common Decorating Myths

We’ve all heard different decorating myths from time-to-time. Do this and don’t that to avoid color clashes or a mismatch of patterns. Nonetheless, the most common decorating myths are false! They take away from our creative inspiration and limit our designs. At Connell’s Furniture & Mattresses, we encourage you to get creative and remember, these are simply myths.

1. You can have only one metallic tone in a room. Take a quick trip to your local home improvement store and check out some of their kitchen displays. You’ll notice silver and gold tones are mixed. Keep this in mind when you consider your kitchen design and drawer pulls for your bedroom.

2. Never mix floral and plaid patterns. If you look at some modern living room designs, companies now coordinate floral and plaid patterns in the same color pattern to be used together. As long as the color pattern remains constant, it’s safe to mix floral and plaid patterns.

3. Pick one style and stick with it! Modern designs reflect many different eclectic influences. It’s safe to change your style from room-to-room, and even within the same room. Whether you prefer a casual or a more formal approach to furnishing your home, the contrast of different styles enlivens the space.

4. Never place your furniture symmetrically. As we noted  above, since you can mix floral patterns with plaid, the left side of your room doesn’t have to match the right. Use asymmetry to create a focal point and interest, while leading to a more casual style.

5. Books belong on bookshelves. Books are a great way to add color and interest to a room. A common use of books, off of the bookshelf, is to place them on the coffee table as a focal point or talking point. Stacks of books can also be used to elevate a lamp or a plant in a table top arrangement. If you are feeling adventurous, you can stack several oversized books to the side of a chair to serve as an end table. When you use a bookcase, not every book has to be standing on end; try laying some flat and place decorative accessories on top.

Home design should not be restrictive, it should be freeing. Visit us at Connell’s Furniture & Mattress in Newark and Mt. Vernon for some clever design tips that are outside of the box.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Show Off Your Photos In A Beautiful Wall Collection

What good are the most cherished photos of your family, wedding day and life’s most memorable moments if you just store them away in an album on a bookshelf? Naturally, we appreciate the photos we love when we’re surrounded by them, whether they’re hung on the wall, or even framed and sitting on a sofa table or mantle.

Sometimes however, hanging photos can be intimidating. Homeowners can be afraid to make a mistake when hanging groups of different sized-and-shaped frames, not to mention leaving a hole in the wall if the frame isn’t hung right the first time around. However, with a little advice from Connell’s Furniture & Mattresses, you can easily transform a blank wall into a beautiful path down memory lane with your most memorable photos.

How to Creatively Hang a Group of Photos:

  • Place the center point of your picture at eye level: Generally, pictures should be hung somewhere around 58 to 62 inches from the floor, putting them right around eye level. So, pick the photo that you want to make the center of the grouping, preferably a larger print to serve as an anchor for the eye.
  • Pull items together with something in common. To create uniformity and give your photos something in common, consider using all gold frames with black-and-white photos. Or perhaps you enjoy all black frames with white matting. Nonetheless, a common theme for your various sized-and-shaped frames will create uniformity around your focal point.

Consider Different Type of Shapes and Arrangements for your Space:

  • Block – Similarly shaped-and-sized pictures often look most effective in a simple block arrangement. Be mindful of the spacing and keep the gaps between the pictures even.
  • Framework – Set your pictures within a well-defined imaginary framework shape, such as a rectangle or oval. Balance the display by placing the largest pictures in corners or in the middle of the arrangement.
  • Single row – For a horizontal row, range the top or bottom edge of your frames along an imaginary line. For horizontal, vertical or slanted rows, such as stairwells, display them with the centers on an imaginary straight line.
  • Double row – Two rows of pictures can either be lined up centrally, by running an imaginary line between the rows, or be aligned at the top and bottom of the double row. Line up the sides of the outer pictures too.
  • Cross – Group pictures round an imaginary cross, with the largest near the center of the cross, balanced by smaller pictures at the outer edges.

Keep in mind if you’re hanging pictures in your dining room in lieu of your living room, they should be hung a bit lower on the wall since they’ll be viewed while seating.

And while you’re hard at work hanging your pictures, stop by Connell’s in Mt. Vernon and Newark for friendly advice and tips on the best furniture at unbeatable prices! We can help you create a beautiful seating area around your gorgeous photos.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Welcome Home Fall

Fall will be here in less than a month! As always, autumn is an exciting time as we see nature’s beauty change colors, the weather becomes cooler and seasonal foods are enjoyed like butternut squash, pumpkin pie and apple cider. Fall is also a wonderful time to invite the season’s radiant beauty into our home and entertain guests in comfort and style. Below are some simple suggestions from Connell’s Furniture & Mattresses to help you welcome fall into your home with style.

  • Use decorative centerpieces: One simple idea to add pops of color and fall inspired decoration into your home is through centerpieces. Place some small gourds in a glass bowl and set them on the center of your dining room table, and spread out some colorful plastic leaves on a sofa table for fall inspiration.
  • Spread fall’s aroma through your home: Few things are more welcoming than the inviting scents of fall, like warm apples, pumpkin pie, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg. The easiest way to spread fall’s aroma through your home – as well as small bursts of color – is through scented candles placed around your living room, bedroom, dining room and kitchen. Nonetheless, if you enjoy to use your culinary skills, nothing smells – and tastes – better than freshly baked apple pie, warm apple cider, etc …
  • Adorn your front door with a wreath: If you enjoy a do-it-yourself project, making your own wreath can be a fun activity for you and the kids. Simply buy a grapevine wreath, and add your own decorations, such as plastic leaves, pinecones, corn husks, etc … And if you’re not much for DIY projects, you can easily purchase an inexpensive fall wreath.
  • Carve a pumpkin! Pumpkin carving is an activity the whole family can enjoy! Plus, it makes a great decoration. Once carved, place your pumpkin in a windowsill, on the front porch or even set it somewhere in the house it can be enjoyed. Oh, and don’t forget to roast your pumpkin seeds!
  • Change up your fall furniture fashions! Whether it’s time to give your whole home a makeover with new furniture, or time to change a few colors, now’s the time during the Big Trade in Sale at Connell’s Furniture & Mattresses in Mt. Vernon and Newark. Redo an entire room in fall colors, or update several select pieces with gorgeous throws, blankets, rugs and slipcovers to help bring fall’s colors home.

Stop by either of Connell’s two showrooms today and let one of our friendly and professional sales representatives help you find the latest fall furniture fashions at prices you’re sure to love.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Bring Beachside Style Home

As landlocked Ohioans, we have to plan and work at getting to the beach. Whether it’s a long drive or a flight to a beach on the East coast, it takes time, energy, effort and money to get there. Sure, some of us may own a home around one of Ohio’s lakes where we can enjoy boating, jet skiing, fishing and swimming. But nonetheless, we don’t have the luxury of stepping outside on warm sand by the ocean every day. However, with some simple design ideas from Connell’s Furniture & Mattresses, you can easily give your home some decorative flair to bring the relaxing beachside feel back home to Ohio.

453145657Decorate that deck. Give your deck or patio the relaxing summer beach feeling with light colors. If you’re staining the deck wood soon, choose a light, airy beach color like white, beach-beige or a natural wood stain. Accent your light deck stain with pops of color by adding bright Adirondack chairs in blue, red or green and put up an umbrella or shade canopy to keep the sun off the deck and guests.

Go light indoors. Bring the coastal feel indoors with crisp, white furniture. You can easily transform your living room into a relaxing beach sanctuary by choosing a sofa and loveseat in a crisp, white color. Offset the bright whites with a chair in aqua blue or orange, and tie the room together with an accent rug and lamps in the same aqua blue or orange color.

Accessorize in coastal patterns. Rugs, pillows and throws really go a long way in transforming a living room, patio or bedroom into beachside cabana. Look for an area rug or throw with a palm pattern, and accent that crisp white furniture or your bed with blue pillows adorning a little anchor.

Bring out the beach knick-knacks. Show off some of your beach souvenirs around the home. For instance, set out a photo frame adorned with seashells on a chair side table or sofa table, or set some seashells in a decorative bowl on your dining room table or even make it focal point of the living room. If you really want to go the extra mile, with some seashells and glue, you can transform a bedroom or bathroom mirror into a coastal mirror. Simply glue the seashells around the mirror’s border and watch it transform into a beachside mirror.

As always, visit us at Connell’s Furniture & Mattress in Mt. Vernon and Newark for outstanding design ideas from our superb staff. No matter what design style you’re looking for, you’ll enjoy our incredible selection of quality furniture at amazing low prices!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Let There be Light

Lighting is an essential décor element of any room. Lamps brighten our lives, add fashion and build atmosphere. They can be dramatic, elegant, stark or utilitarian.

Lamps are the element that finishes out the look of a room. They create visual interest and tie together all style accents. It goes without saying we can’t live without them. Stop by either of Connell’s showrooms in Mt. Vernon or Newark and ask us about our luxurious lighting accessories designed to brighten your home and accent your home furnishings.

Below are a few tips for brightening a home with lamps:

460808109Think about the purpose of the lighting. Where is light most needed in the room? Lamps fall into three types: general, task and accent. While general lighting provides overall illumination to a large area, accent lighting adds a warm glow to a small, intimate space. Task lamps focus light on a specific area where a job needs to be done.

Overhead lamps tend to cast harsh light. When general lighting is needed, look to hanging lamps instead. Formal or casual pendants can be hung over a dining room table, a counter or in a small out-of-the way space. Try grouping together several small pendants in a row over a sofa, or hang a larger lamp with a tailored, fabric covered, barrel shade between two recliners.

Don’t forget about chandeliers. Now used everywhere from home offices to spacious closets, these unique lamps can be found in many sizes and styles from austere modern, to country casual and elegant traditional. Hang a tiny chandelier in a powder room or over a child’s bed.

Use small accent lamps to add unexpected light in an unusual area. Place one on a kitchen counter, in a bookcase or on a powder room vanity.

Don’t be afraid to use sconces. These versatile décor accents are stylish additions to a wall. Place twin sconces on either side of a mirror, or at the end of a hall. When a bedside table is too small for a table lamp, use a sconce instead.

Floor lamps are another great way to add light to a small area. Tuck a torchiere away in a corner near a fireplace. When light is needed in a game room and a table lamp just won’t work, place a floor lamp in a corner near the pool table.

Look for lamps that blend with the style of each room and match the scale of your current décor. Mix and match table lamps, one with an urn base and one with a candlestick base, or one in porcelain and one in acrylic. Group large and small lamps together on a buffet table.

Use shades in coordinating fabrics and finials to add color and create unity.

Ready to look for a fabulous lamp? Stop into either of our showrooms in Mt. Vernon or Newark and let our knowledgeable sales staff help you with your selection.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Fun with Faux Flowers: Decorating with Botanicals

With spring finally here and the days gradually growing longer, it’s easy to get excited with the sun shining and the weather warming. Now’s the perfect time to go outside and plant a flower bed or garden, along with plenty of other yard work to make our home’s exterior look beautiful. Nonetheless, springtime floral beauty doesn’t have to just stay outdoors. Bring spring’s beauty inside and recreate the atmosphere of nature indoors with faux greenery and faux floral flowers.

481419781Often overlooked and underappreciated, faux floral flowers and trees bring life to a room by adding warmth and color. For the uninitiated, ‘faux’ means imitation or artificial. A far cry from the plastic plants of yesteryear, today’s permanent botanicals are gorgeous décor accents. New manufacturing techniques, inventive designs and cotton/poly fabrics have resulted in breathtakingly realistic foliage, blooms and branches.

It’s easy to decorate with faux floral flowers and trees. Botanicals are available in a variety of different shapes, sizes, colors and styles to complement and enliven any décor.

The first step is to walk your home and look for open, bare or colorless areas. Consider the fashion style of each room, along with fabrics, textures and finishes of the furniture and decorative accessories.

Think about the location of doorways and the height of ceilings. Like any other decorative accent, faux plants will highlight and complement your other décor. Color and scale will need to balance with existing home furnishings.

When shopping at Connell’s Furniture & Mattresses in Mt. Vernon or Newark for greenery or floral arrangements, make sure you know the size and position of the areas where the plants will be placed so that you can select coordinating shapes and styles.

As a rule of thumb, trees should extend no higher than two feet below a ceiling. Allow 6”-10” around floor plants for family traffic.

Does the living room have a bare corner? Consider adding a dieffenbachia or ivy topiary. Is there a dark spot next to your armoire or entertainment center? Think about adding a ficus tree. Are your bookshelves cluttered with collectibles and photo frames? A simple floral in a transitional container will add color and interest.

A fashion statement can be created by adding a large, dramatic floral arrangement to a dining table or hearth. Is your dining table long and rectangular? Consider an elongated arrangement with faux fruit or vegetables. If the table is round, think about a tall arrangement to draw the eye upward.

For smaller areas, try grouping three small floral arrangements of coordinating colors and different heights on a table.

Don’t forget style when making your selection. For a traditional room, a boxwood topiary or arrangement of calla lilies in a sculpted ceramic or brass container is appropriate. Hydrangeas, star lily and weeping fichus in an aged or fluted urn will coordinate well with Italian Tuscan décor. Do you lean toward Asian décor? Select Japanese maple, nandina or orchids in an Oriental fishbowl or dark wicker basket.

Whatever your style, your Connell’s sales representative will be able to help you find a faux botanical to accent your décor.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Decorating With Upholstery Fabric

Nothing in a room sets the ambiance more than upholstery fabric. Our eye is drawn to the color, pattern and texture of a fabric before we even notice the shape and size of a piece of upholstery.

It’s no surprise the look and feel of a room can be radically impacted by the application of fabric on a piece of upholstery. A quick walk around either of Connell’s Furniture & Mattresses two showrooms in Mt. Vernon and Newark will illustrate this concept. Which sofa do you notice first? Most likely, it’s the one in the fabric with the awesome color and texture.

Here are few tips for creating fashion and style with upholstery fabric:

485897585Consider where each piece of upholstery will be placed in the room. Will the furniture “float” or be against a wall? A bold fabric is even more dramatic when the upholstery is adjacent to a wall with a contrasting color. A muted fabric will cause the upholstery to fade away when walls are light or when the furniture “floats.” Large patterns look better in a large room while smaller patterns work in a smaller area.

Take note of existing lamps, wall décor, window and floor coverings. When pairing a sofa with an intricately patterned rug or multi-color painting, choose a solid or tone-on-tone fabric in a complementary color and add pizzazz with accent pillows.

When the upholstery is the focal point, go with a dramatic pattern or color and add decorative accessories that will accent the furniture rather than overwhelm it.

Remember that the upholstery sets the emotional tone of the room. Look for fabric in a style, color and texture that expresses your individuality and lifestyle. Start with a solid color and two or three patterns that coordinate but don’t match. Colors should be in the same family and vary in intensity.

When making the decision about which will be the chief fabric to cover a sofa, at the same time review fabric choices for accent pillows and accent chairs. All the upholstery pieces together make a complete statement, so be careful not to overwhelm it with too much color or pattern.

Don’t be afraid to let texture make a statement. Some fabrics have intriguing puckers, weaves and folds. Others have a high, soft nap.

As a general rule, fabrics in contemporary patterns and colors look best on contemporary frames while traditional fabrics work better on traditional frames. Don’t let that rule stop you from stepping out of the box and trying a bolder fabric on a traditional frame.  The result might be just perfect for your room.

Go ahead. Try something new. Let your Connell’s sales representative show you different fabric options for your favorite sofa or chair.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Spring is almost here!

466630131Spring is almost here! The days are gradually getting longer, and the temperature is slowly getting warmer. As winter fades and the sunlight begins to increasingly stream through our windows, we feel the desire to freshen up our living areas. Although we love dark, warm colors in the winter, when the weather begins to warm, our spirits lift and we’re ready for lighter, brighter colors and casual fabrics.

It’s easy to bring spring style into your home with just a few simple changes. At Connell’s Furniture & Mattresses in Newark and Mt. Vernon, we’re ready to guide you through the enjoyable process.

The key is to simplify. Remove excess clutter and accessories from shelves and counter tops. Open up your floor plan by taking that seldom used chair and putting it in the basement for the spring.


Substitute dark, heavy accessories, such as mahogany photo frames or brass clocks with accents in lighter woods or finishes. Pewter and silver surfaces are trendy and versatile.

Update that dark, traditional lamp by giving it a new look with a light linen shade. Or better yet, go for a totally new lamp with a natural wood base.

Switch out those brocade accent pillows with fresh pillows in an airy cotton fabric in an open floral or seersucker stripe.

If it’s time for a new sofa or accent tables, look for simple frames with light or white wood trim. Avoid fabric with extensive tailoring or accent fringe.

Just a few simple changes will create a relaxed, casual mood and evoke that vacation mindset we all love. At Connell’s Furniture & Mattresses we have a wide variety of fabrics and finishes to craft your spring home.

Plus, right now trade in your old furniture for brand new furniture during Connell’s trade-in sale! All usable furniture will be donated to local charity furniture banks and you’ll get BIG dollars for your trade-in, plus interest free financing for one full year. You won’t find a better time to get rid of your dark, wintery-styled furniture to make room for some of spring’s hottest styles!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Talking about eclectic style

It’s all the rage. It seems all the interior design television shows and blogs are talking about eclectic style. Yet, what is it really and how do we get it?

Well, the truth is that you already know what it is. It’s the style most of us have in our homes. Eclectic style is a combination of different styles together in one room.

In other words, the décor doesn’t match. If your living room has a Country French sofa with a rustic Southwestern cocktail table sitting on a Persian rug, you have eclectic style.

It may be even easier to say what eclectic style is not – a strict coordination of the same types, colors and designs of furnishings.

“Well that’s an easy way to decorate,” you say.  After all, all you have to do is put together whatever you like.

Not so fast. While eclectic style gives you the opportunity to decorate with individuality, it also gives you the opportunity to have rooms that end up looking like a flea market.

To avoid having your home look like a hodgepodge of mismatched items, it’s important that there is a design element that ties them all together.

One way to bring together eclectic décor is with color. By using common colors in upholstery fabrics, floor coverings and wall art, individual items of décor will complement each other. It’s best to stay mostly with neutrals as a foundation then add a few bold accents.

Another way to harmonize eclectic furnishings is with shape.  A curvy sofa can sit front of a round cocktail table. Curvilinear vases might sit on the fireplace mantel.

Finishes and textures are also important in creating a synchronized look. The brushed silver finish on a lamp can tie in with silver leaf accents in the frame of a mirror.

Eclectic style is all about bringing together a variety of different furnishings and blending them together to create a unified look.  Stop by either of Connell’s locations in Mt. Vernon or Newark to guide you when making your eclectic décor purchases.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Decorating With Contemporary Style

One thing you absolutely know, or think you know, is that you don’t like contemporary decor. After all, contemporary style means tables with chrome legs and glass tops, metallic lamps that look like space ships and harsh sofas covered in glossy, uncomfortable leather – right? Not so fast.

Too often contemporary style is characterized as austere, aerospace modern when in fact it includes a wide range of fashionable, comfortable furnishings. Defined by texture, clear colors and clean lines, contemporary décor illustrates an easy simplicity and subtle sophistication.  It can be as bold or as understated as you would like to match your personality.

Here are few quick tips to help you decorate with contemporary style and create a home that’s not only current and chic but welcoming and family friendly.

Choose furniture with simple silhouettes.

Leave the intricately carved cabinet fronts and ornate fabrics behind and select pieces with gently curved or straight lines. Not only are simple profiles the foundation of contemporary fashion, they establish a base for creative decorating. Frills and adornments make furniture look cluttered and accessorizing more difficult.

Start with neutral colors.

Today’s contemporary colors draw inspiration from nature and are subtle rather than bold. Sofa and chair fabrics in taupe, white and cream tone-on-tone hues are versatile and work well in almost any room.  Accent them with throw pillows in sage green, slate gray or deep-ocean blue.

Need a darker color fabric for that couch the kids jump on? Try rattan brown, stone or black. Want to create a pop of color? Change those throw pillows to hot pink or yellow.

Add texture.

Textured fabrics and finishes add visual interest and a fresh, fashionable look to décor. Woven upholstery fabrics in wool, cotton or a cotton/linen blend are comfortable and breathe well. Select a sofa with exposed wood legs in a beech or birch finish. Put a textured fabric shade on a metal lamp base.

Let accessories complete the look.

Accessories tie together the lines, textures and colors within a room. If your furniture has curved lines, select accessories and accents with curved lines to create balance. For example, add a pair of round rattan ottomans. If your upholstery has straight lines, choose accent tables and accessories with straight lines.  Consider a rectangular, wood and glass cocktail table.

Remember to add texture. Let go of that colonial braided rug and select one in a natural fiber such as jute or sisal. Create warmth with permanent greenery in a ceramic or terra cotta container. Feeling bold?  Choose a brushed metal lamp with a barrel or square shade.

Stop by any of Connell’s two locations to consult our sales staff and let your imagination roam. You’ll quickly find contemporary furnishings that match your fashion personality.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Christmas Is Coming. Are You Ready?

Christmas Is Coming. Are You Ready?

Get ready with Connell’s as we bring you ideas to get you into the season and into the spirit! Make it a season to remember. Stop in to see us for a few new additions to your home –  our Holiday Sell Off Event offers the lowest prices of the season! Then check out these creative, inexpensive ways to decorate and share the season as a family!

It’s Holiday Family Time!

  • Check out events in your area like local high school, college or church Christmas plays and concerts
  • Round up the neighbors and take a neighborhood walk, enjoying the Christmas lights and fellowship
  • Check out Wildlights at the Columbus Zoo
  • Take the whole family ice skating locally at Lou Gibbs Ice Arena
  • Find a charity, sponsor a family or donate time together this holiday season

Homemade Gifts Are Fun and Creative

  • The perfect gift for those who love to cook are home grown herbs arranged in a basket or indoor garden
  • Homemade fruit baskets covered in shrink wrap and a beautiful Christmas bow is always a hit
  • Christmas cookies are both fun to bake and appreciated as gifts
  • Bake gingerbread cookies and use as gift tags
  • Handmade jewelry is fairly simple with the help of DIY books

Easy Decorating Ideas for the Season

  • Fill glass vases with fruit, nuts, and candy and use as a centerpiece
  • Fill a glass bowl with matching or random ornaments
  • Simply making a collection of white candles in glass votives is simple and beautiful
  • Tie curtains back with festive Christmas ribbon found in hobby storesxmas

From our family to yours, we wish you a Very Merry Christmas and and Prosperous New Year!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

How To Creatively Hang Pictures

Hanging pictures is an art. If you’ve ever done it yourself, you know that’s a true statement.  So how is it that your neighbors have great collections of family photos neatly arranged on the wall? How did they do it?

With a little planning and patience, hanging pictures can be done easily. Whether your goal is to hang a single dramatic serigraph or a collection of black and white sketches, by following a few steps you can make your art or photos look fabulous.


1)  Select your collage of photos or artwork according to a theme or some type of similarity. The art in the collection should include related subject matter or color. It’s O.K. for the shapes and sizes of the frames to vary.

2)  Pick an odd number of your favorite pieces. An odd number will have greater visual interest and greater flexibility. To create a uniform look, choose frames that are similar in style or finish. With photos, use mats that are the same width and color.

3)  Create templates of the pictures. Lay the pictures on brown craft paper on the floor making sure the grouping will fit within the available wall space. Trace around the frames and cut out templates. Label the templates for identification and mark the location of the hanging wire or tabs.

4)  Attach the templates to the wall with reusable adhesive or poster tape. Be careful not to use masking tape because it will leave residue on the wall. Use the template and a pencil to mark on the wall where picture hangers should go.

5) Create balance within the grouping. Select a single favorite piece as the center of the collection, grouping the other pieces around it and keeping a consistent distance between each one. It’s fine to hang pictures in a straight line if you have two or three matching pieces which will only coordinate when hung side by side.

6) Hang your artwork at eye level. The biggest mistake made when pictures are hung is that they’re placed too high on the wall.

Hanging art creatively will add warmth to a room and create visual interest. Visit either of Connell’s Furniture and Mattresses two showrooms in Mt. Vernon or Newark, and one of our talented representative will help you find just the right wall décor to hang in your home.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Inspire Your Life with Design

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Design inspires our lives. We all have homes and many of us like to decorate. That’s why Connell’s Furniture and Mattresses features design tips and decorating ideas in this blog. As we explore interior design – both past and present – we ask you to think about why you design the way you do. How do you choose furniture and accessories when you shop? This week we want to hear from you! Your design feedback and ideas will help us help you.

The history of interior design is vague as to its beginning. Some historians speculate it started with cavemen drawing in their caves and utilizing different areas for various functions, depending on light and other natural resources. Briefly going back in time, most experts agree however, that the first sign of purposeful design originated with the lavishly decorated Egyptian tombs.

Moving forward to the time of the Renaissance, art and architecture were at the forefront and interior design began to take shape. Form and function were still important, but the wealthy lavishly styled their homes with luxury and beauty in mind. Churches and other interesting architectural structures also formed the beginning of design as we know it today.

Early American design featured artisanship and function, while the Industrial Revolution literally revolutionized how we see and use our homes today. Throughout the last 100 years, items for the home became affordable for the masses. With a wide variety of furniture, accessories, electronics and appliances, most Americans have a multitude of choices. Shouldn’t you choose wisely the items placed in your home, as you spend the majority of your time there?

We want to hear from you. Why do you choose the pieces you do for your home? Is it simply for form or function? Does beauty appeal to you? Do you entertain? Have a family? What about comfort, brand name and quality? No matter your reason or taste, we offer furniture and styles for everyone. Leave us a comment, then stop in to see a Connell’s sales representative to learn more. Be sure to return regularly for design topics and other topics related to your home.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Home Office Ideas

A home office can keep you sane and organized. Whether you work from home or need a space to centralize your family’s activities, here are a few ideas to keep in mind when organizing a home office.

Determine your needs first, then identify the space you will use. How much physical space can you devote to an office? Will this solely be a work space or will it be a family organizing area? Should you devote an entire room for an office, or would a corner or closet work well for you?   Keep productivity in mind by choosing a space that keeps foot traffic and noise to a minimum, especially if you are working from home. If your home office is solely for family purposes, what area of the home makes the most sense to keep things centralized and organized?

Utilize vertical space as well as horizontal. Most of us spread our belongings horizontally throughout the home. Install shelves which extend from the floor to the ceiling to provide storage and make the most of the space. This is especially crucial in smaller areas. Place items most used within close reach, while storing unused items such as photos and memorabilia on the top shelves.

Bring nature in. Working for long periods of time in an unnatural environment is detrimental to your health and well-being. Find a room or space that utilizes as much natural light as possible. Hang artwork which includes nature. Bring in live plants to provide beautiful color, texture and detail. They will enliven the space and provide oxygen to the brain throughout the day, keeping you productive.

Make it versatile. If you’ve devoted an entire room to your home office, you will likely want to use it for other family purposes outside of work. Obvious essentials are a desk, office chair, shelving, storage and lighting. Place another small chair or chair set, end table and light to add this home element to your office. Move from your desk to the additional seating area if entertaining a client and when reading or reviewing work. Having these additional spaces within the home office gives it an ascetically pleasing look, lets you have perspective throughout the day, and provides more options for the family.

Minimize clutter. Many home offices become the gathering place for everything paper: mail, school calendars, receipts, bills, work notes, even old homework. Clear piles of paper by sorting and organizing into files, recyclable items and trash. Donate your old clunky computer to charity and invest in a laptop or desktop computer with a flat panel monitor to provide more workspace.

Stop by one of the two Connell’s locations in Mt. Vernon and Newark today and talk to your sales representative about these and other ideas to properly design your home office.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Summertime Entertainment

Summer has it all – great weather, more entertaining, outdoor sporting events, sunning, swimming, and more. Now that it is mid-summer the kids are well into “summer mode”, not yet ready to go back to school, but often bored with the unscheduled routine summer brings. Get a reliable babysitter or two and get all the kids together for a pool party. They’ll have a blast seeing friends they haven’t seen since school ended, and you’ll have free time for an outing of your own. Plan a party with friends, family and neighbors, then take in the local attractions that summertime has to offer.

Here are some ideas to help you create an evening of entertainment and fun . . .

Celebrate summer with an easy gathering at home. Perhaps a wine tasting party? Ask guests to bring two of the same bottles of wine – one for tasting and one as a party favor for a guest to take home. Choose a particular style to keep the tastes similar, such as chardonnay, a sweet white or riesling. Encourage those who don’t drink to bring a non-alcoholic variety. Keep plenty of ice cold water with lemon on hand in beautiful pitchers to beat the heat.

Don’t forget the details. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but make your party cohesive and pretty with stemless wine glasses, cocktail plates, pretty floral cloth napkins, a summertime table cloth and other fun accessories.

Use the great outdoors. Though it is hot, most folks like to be outdoors in the summer. Use your outdoor spaces as much as possible. Create a beautiful shady spot in your garden or turn your patio or deck into the perfect party spot.

Make your own centerpiece using beautiful hardy fruits or flowers from the garden. A simple platter of lemons, limes and oranges adds color and beauty to the center of your table. Just a few colorful flowers along with pussy willows or twigs is also a simple way to create beauty.

Simple foods fit the bill. Appetizers like bruschetta, chips and salsa, spinach artichoke dip, a colorful salad and shrimp cocktail will allow guests to fill their bellies but not bust a gut.

Don’t neglect your home furnishings. While many may want to be outdoors, the heat can keep some at bay. Take a look at your dwelling. Could you use a new sofa? What about an entertainment center or console? Even just adding a few accessories like pillows, throws and table tops can transform your home at relatively low cost.

Your party is only the pre-party. Make plans to attend a festival, garden or art gallery after your party. Check out these local events and spaces:

As always, stop in to see a Connell’s associate at one of our two locations in Mt. Vernon and Newark for fabulous home furnishings, excellent savings and customer service beyond compare.



Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Finding Inspiration Everywhere

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We love our homes but sometimes we get stuck. Whether we dislike change, just get bored or have little time, staying stuck becomes the mainstay of our lives unless we are able to find inspiration. Luckily life itself offers grand inspiration for design ideas. With our varied interests and activities, our homes can be as different as our personalities. Read on to find inspiration everywhere, based on your own unique being and preferences.

Pick one thing and build around it. Sometimes we just don’t know where to start. Come to Connell’s for help. With our huge selection of home furnishings at great prices, it’s easy. Come in. Pick out that one-of-a-kind sofa, loveseat or sectional and build from there. Choose other pieces as accents or use things you already have to build upon your next great room.

Name your favorite thing in the world to do and use that to spark your creativity. Love to draw? Use your art as a centerpiece. Maybe music is more your thing. Find music inspired artwork, or some way to beautifully display your stringed instrument. Buy a rockin’ surround system to listen to your favorite tunes.

Have a favorite color? Start there. Do the colors Ripe Tomato Red, Sunshine Yellow, Blissful Blue or Tangerine Tango make you want to paint your room? A simple splash of color can give you the inspiration you need to change out a whole room. Pick the color that makes you happiest and then find pieces that accent that color beautifully.

What about hobbies? If you love to sew, create a unique piece of art from your craft. Maybe bowling is more fun. An arcade inspired room will make you feel good every time you rest there, and the kids will think you’re “way cool”.

Nature is the easiest thing to turn to for inspiration. Flowers, trees, rocks, twigs, animals, wood and stone can all be inspiration for your next room makeover. Just pick one thing and see where it takes you.

Stage rooms in themes and grow from there. Your front room may be a library style dwelling if you love to read. A bathroom can be inspired by the beach. Your kitchen might take on a taste of Italy. There are no rules. It is your home. Do what makes you happy.

Come to one of the two Connell’s locations today in Mt. Vernon or Newark for home inspiration, beautiful furniture and accessories, outstanding customer service and value beyond compare.


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Visual Inspiration for Your Home

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Good design has it’s place. And while we love to look at design magazines for inspiration, many of the products we find may be outside of our financial reach. Lucky for us, the rules are “there are no rules”. Well, not exactly, but design is meant to inspire our lives. Turn boring into OOH. Turn plain into AHH. How? With just a few fun pieces, transform your space into a room Better Homes and Gardens would be proud to feature. Use these visual cues to get started, then use your own creativity to expand further.

White out.


Have fun with a blackboard wall.


Select patterns on furniture or bedding.


Hanging pots give dimension, nature and breathability to your room.


Something fuzzy is always fun.


What about a wire mesh chair?

Found objects make a room personal.


Display photos and art using frames in different sizes.


Quirky patterned pillows add pop and pizazz.

As always, count on Connell’s Furniture and Mattresses for home furnishings, accessories, mattresses and more. Get the best service, unbeatable value and highest quality around. Stop by one of our two location in Mt. Vernon and Newark today to get inspiration for your home. Plus join us on Facebook for sweepstakes, promotions and special offers all month long! Happy shopping!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring Flowers

Add spring flowers to the inside and outside of your home; it’s an awesome and natural way to create a beautiful expression in your personal space. Start with a spring flower garden, plant a few rows of bulbs along the side of your home, add a shrub or flowering tree, or buy a window box or two. Surprisingly it doesn’t take long for bulbs to take root and produce flowers; you could have petals popping up by next spring. Read on to learn about a few varieties you should consider as you’re planning. Let the flowers grow outside then use them for bouquets, larger arrangements and bud vases in different spots throughout your home. Grow enough and you’ll have fresh, live flowers in each and every room.

Start with the traditional varieties. Daffodils, tulips, tiger lillies, poppies and forsythia seem to be everywhere, but they never go out of style. Bulbs or roots can be planted during many times of the year and will often take root quickly and flower by the next season. These varieties don’t have much (if any) fragrance, but they are beautiful in their myriad colors. While daffodils are typically yellow or white, tulips come in the colors of the rainbow and these two types of flowers displayed together make a great springtime bouquet. Forsythia is bright yellow and there is no mistaking spring’s arrival when it blooms.

Add in some shrubs. Azaleas and Redbud shrubs both provide beautiful pink and purple hues to your lawn. Easily take branches and add into other flowering vases to provide both color and texture.

Don’t forget flowering trees. Throughout Ohio you’ll see Cherry Blossom Trees, Dogwoods and Peach Blossoms. From fuchsia to bright white and soft pink; all are gorgeous and you’ll never tire of the beauty they bring to both your lawn and home. Trees are great because the branches provide a much different look and structure in a vase than a simple flower.

Your nose knows. Aromatic beauties for the garden include Gardenia, Hyacinth, Jasmin and Lilac. These are musts for any garden and welcome additions to bouquets in the home. The smells alone are reason enough to include them so you can adorn your home after they’ve blossomed.

Bud vases are playful and fun. While it’s great to have a flower garden for outdoors, planting them for the express purpose of bringing inside is an added bonus. Large buds are great for large vases, while small buds are perfect for bud vases. Choose from Phlox, Primrose, Scilla, Early-Star-of-Bethlehem and Crocuses.

Create a space you can’t wait to come home to. Decorate with beautiful home furnishings from Connell’s, where you’ll find the best value, exceptional customer service and variety beyond compare. .Tips from our blog are just the icing on the cake. Stop in to see us at one of our two locations in Mt. Vernon or Newark today, and visit us on Facebook to tell us what you’re looking for next. We love to serve you!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Enticing Entertainment

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It’s that time of year again – Springtime! With Spring comes a multitude of events immediately following – Easter, Memorial Day, Summertime sports schedules, Fourth of July and more. You know what that means, right? More travel and potential guest arrivals. Get your home ready for the upcoming events by planning for both expected and unexpected guests. There are several simple things you can do to be prepared instead of running around like crazy when Cousin Mildred pops in out of nowhere.

Let the light shine. Replace entryway lights with fancy colored lighting that says “Welcome. Come on in.” There are other lights besides white to spruce up your entryway. Choose yellow or blue for a change. Multi-colored lights that cast shadows in different directions are fun too.

Keep the foyer or entryway clear. Get rid of the clutter. First impressions are everything. Move items typically used everyday to the rear entry and begin using it as a personal family entrance everyday so the front entry is always ready for guests.

Create an entertainment space. Choose one room and redecorate for the sole purpose of entertaining. Move seating together in a way that invites sharing and conversation. Add throw pillows for both accents and comfort.

Organize a guest closet. If you have an extra closet in the house, organize just for guests. Stock towels, wash clothes, toilet paper, new toothbrushes, a map of the area and other unique items. Voila! You’re ready for any unexpected guest.

Buy a sofa bed. Sofa beds are wonderful because they double as a standard sofa and bed all-in-one. They come in a variety of  shapes, colors, textures and sizes to make your room unique. Check out all of our selections!

Welcome the new season as well as guests with open arms! As always, stop by one of the two Connell’s locations in Mt. Vernon or Newark today for more ideas to make your house a home. Always expect great value, exceptional customer service and beautiful home furnishings. Don’t forget to visit us on Facebook for more ideas and special promotions.


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fabulous Floral Fun

Hasn’t Ohio been glorious lately? All of Mother Nature’s creations are bursting with beauty from the unseasonably warm weather. Each morning, we wake up to birds of multiple varieties singing. Spring bulbs have sprung and blossomed. On each corner, you’ll see a Weeping Cherry, Magnolia or other flowering shrub or tree.

Don’t just leave the beauty to the outdoors! Spring is the perfect time for both ritualistic spring cleaning and room makeovers. Be inspired by the spring beauty and bring some of the fabulous floral inside. As always, Connell’s has tips to inspire.

Use the real thing. Cut some of the beautiful tulips or daffodils that have popped their lovely heads and bring them inside for display. If you have several you can cut, make a large bouquet in the center of your dining room table. If perhaps you only have a few, buy a  bud vase or two and display them individually.

Get the most out of ’em. Like all of life, flowers bloom, grow, shine and then die. Don’t make their death stop you from showing them off. Press each of the flower petals between pages and store them for an art display inspiration. Alternatively, place all of the petals in a sterling silver bowl and add some essential oil to the mix for an aromatic experience.

Be bold. Buy a floral sofa, loveseat, chair-and-a-half or chaise. If your style is typically more reserved, it will be a great place to start in showing off the fun side of your personality. Floral designed home furnishings give a room a casual, inviting feel. A bit too timid to go all out? Start with small floral pieces or accents first and branch out from there.

Accentuate, accentuate, accentuate. Floral accents make a great statement for spring. Choose throws, pillows, prints, faux flowers and more.

Mix it up. Don’t be afraid to mix accent pieces. As you are throwing in floral prints and pieces, mix in other bold colors, plaid, stripes or even other prints. Use a main accent color or two to pull it all together for a cohesive look.

The nose knows. As you are displaying visual accents for spring, remember your olfactory senses. There are so many floral and fruity candles from a variety of sources, you’re sure to find something that pleases. Essential oils are also a great addition to your home’s appeal. They are derived from the very source of the plant from which they come and last a long time because of their condensed nature.

Don’t stop there. There are myriad fun things you can do to bring the beauty of Spring inside. Stop in to one of the two Connell’s locations in Mt. Vernon or Newark and GET INSPIRED. Plus talk to one of our sales associates about all of the changes we are making this spring. At Connell’s, count on us for beautiful home furnishings, awesome prices and fabulous customer service. Don’t forget to visit us on Facebook and stay in touch.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Ready for Spring?!

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What a Winter we’ve had in Central Ohio this year! And on days like today, waking up to several inches of snow, it feels like there is no end in sight. It is March, however, so we know that Spring is coming soon. In fact, the first official day of Spring is just a few weeks away. Start setting your mind on the warmer weather that is sure to arrive soon. And while you’re at it, get your home Springtime ready as well. As always, Connell’s has you covered with great ideas and beautiful home furnishings!

Breathe! On days like today you wouldn’t think of letting in the outside air, but in just a few short days the temperature is supposed to be in the sixties. On those warmer days, let some fresh air in for little bits of time. Move the stale air out and breathe in the fresh air and sunshine as you imagine what the upcoming months will bring. Look toward July and August and vow not to complain about the heat!

Rearrange! The simple act of rearranging furniture and other accessories clears a space and allows you get unstuck, if you are feeling that way after a long winter. Take an overall look at your room and see if the sofa can be moved from an entirely different space or if the bed can be rearranged against the opposite wall. If moving furniture feels like too much, just moving your accessories and smaller items around can make any room feel more open and spacious. Go with what you are most comfortable with.

Clean. Instead of investing a whole day to the traditional “Spring Cleaning” do little bits at a time. Vacuum, mop, clean windows, dust the high spaces. Clearing accumulated clutter and cleaning in spaces that don’t get cleaned in your weekly routine can help to move the energy in your home and get you ready for the days ahead.

Bright. When we think of Spring, we think of color. Come down to Connell’s today to look for ways to colorize your home. Perhaps it’s a brand new sofa, loveseat or sectional, or perhaps its something smaller. No matter what you choose, break out of the traditional and add some beauty to your home by adding more color.

Outside. Bringing nature in is a surefire way to get ready for spring. Houseplants are the perfect decor and they never go out of style. Visit a garden center and look for a new houseplant or tree that will add beauty to your home.

Garden. You may have to wait until May to start planting your garden outside, but now is the perfect time to sprout seeds for those veggies you’ll be enjoying in the Summer. Buy a variety of seed packets, including fruit, veggies, annuals and herbs and plant them in plugs then sit them in a sunny window and watch Spring take life before you.

Renovate! Redo a room or buy something new. Springtime is the perfect time for a room makeover. Painting is best when you can open windows and let the fresh air in. As you clear the clutter, you may notice a new use for a room that you never saw before. We have awesome deals at Connell’s during the Spring, so stop in today.

If you’ve enjoyed these tips, let us know. And if you have more ideas, let us know that too! Join us on Facebook for more Springtime tips, tricks and design ideas.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Pieces That Pull It All Together

Have you ever been in a home that felt flat, barren, lacking something? A home that felt impersonal, hotel-like? Perhaps your home is feeling like that these days, things thrown about without much thought. We “collect” throughout the winter months — shoes here, coats there, stacks of books, papers and magazines. Springtime is the perfect time to take a good hard look at your home. Deep clean and then rearrange, buy something new and get it into shape for spring and summer entertaining, even if it is just for your family. There are many things that make a house a home — family, friends, yummy smells from the kitchen, your favorite trinkets and more. Sometimes it takes a step back to get you going in the right direction. Use the ideas that follow to pull your home into one cohesive masterpiece.

Front and center. If you have hard wood floors or some type of laminate flooring, an area rug is a great way to tie all of the pieces in the room together. Take a look at the furniture and see if it can be rearranged into a more inviting conversation area. Determine if it’s time to get a new sofa or loveseat, and once you have your color scheme set, look for an area rug or oriental rug to place in the center of the room.

Focus the eyes. A large print or painting is the perfect way to pull a room together and add a focal point above your largest piece of furniture. What does your home say about you? What do you want it to say? What are your hobbies and aspirations? These are all things to consider when choosing you focal point.

Nothing says home like family. Make a collage of photos throughout the years which add beauty, warmth and a conversation starter. Hallways and stairways are both great places to add these mementos from yesteryear.

Enjoy your travels. Whether you are a world traveler, an occasional jet-setter, or someone who enjoys taking simple day trips, collect mementos along the way. Display those souvenirs in prominent places to both take you back to that place and time, as well as give your guests something to talk about.

Be comfy. Throw pillows and throws are the easiest way to add homeyness to your home that will create both comfort and warmth. Take a look at your color scheme and be creative. Add in texture and patterns for fun and whimsy.

Every home had one. In years past, few homes were without a fireplace. These days, mantles and fireplaces can be purchased with or without heat options. Either way, they both add appeal and beauty and can be dressed up in a number of ways.

Be creative. A tapestry on the wall or ceiling is a great way to add texture and warmth to the room and they come in a variety of shapes, sizes and patterns.

Whatever you choose to tie your rooms together, let Connell’s help. With locations in Mt. Vernon and Newark, you’re sure to find something you love at a great price and exceptional quality. Stop in today!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Easy & Effective Storage Solutions

It’s mid February, and while the weather is an indication spring is coming one day, it’s certainly something opposite the next! Nonetheless, it will be here before we know it. After a long winter of being hunkered down inside, get ready to throw open the windows and let the sunshine and fresh air in once spring is finally here. Now is the perfect time for cleaning and clearing clutter that has accumulated throughout the winter months. As always, Connell’s has easy ideas for clearing, de-cluttering and storing to make your life a little bit easier.

Make a grand first impression with an impressive entryway. Convert a bookcase into locker-style storage for your entryway. Hang hooks to give coats and bags an easy landing place and use lidded boxes placed high up high for off-season items.

Your message center no longer has to be messy. Sort everything within your message center in piles according to what they are. Keep contact info and important to do items on the board, while moving outdated items elsewhere. Toss everything you no longer need.

Beautiful bookshelves feel and look at home. Pull everything from your bookshelves. Thoroughly clean the shelves themselves, then reorganize books in alphabetical order, by color or subject, or in some other logical fashion. Recycle magazines and identify a few books to donate.

Create a craft closet to keep your supplies centralized and organized. Identify a closet that you can turn into your crafting or scrapbooking center. Hang shelves, hooks and other storage solutions. Keep most used items at eye level, while storing lesser used items near the top or bottom of the closet.

A clutter-free home office space provides much needed sanity to your busy day. Whether you work from home or just need an office space to keep family organized, try some of these tips. Install wall mount cubes and baskets to hide clutter and give the space an organized stylish feel. Choose a simple, slim desk for your work space and look for a little lamp to free up desk space. A memo board or magnetic board for appointments and important reminders should be placed at eye level when sitting at the desk.

A positively pleasing pantry is possible. Pull everything off shelves and take a good look at the way your panty is configured. Look for storage accessories like trays and baskets to help you store more efficiently. Scrub down shelves then get ready to re-organize. Keep items most frequently used in the most accessible places.

Stop in to one of Connell’s two location in Mt. Vernon or Newark today for more great tips from our design experts. Always expect beautiful home furnishings at exceptional prices with outstanding customer service.



Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Beautiful Bedroom

Did you know that the majority of us spend one third of our lives sleeping? Where are the other two thirds spent? Work, family time, free time, down time? Regardless, one third is a pretty good chunk of time. Do you spend your time sleeping in a bedroom you adore, or one that’s the last room in the house to receive attention? Find both time and inspiration to create a bedroom of your dreams. Then use your bedroom for more than sleeping – rest, relaxation, reading, a hobby. Create a bedroom that you look forward to spending time in, and start getting some of your best sleep yet!

Clear the clutter. First things first; get rid of the extra stuff you’ve accumulated in your bedroom – piles of clothes, old magazines, burned down candles, extra accessories. Once the clutter has been cleared, you can plainly see what you have to work with.

Buy your dream bed. If there is any one piece of furniture you splurge on, it should be your bed. Come to Connell’s and let one of our sleep experts help you decide the best bed for you. There are so many options to choose from, and getting it just right can make the difference between a great night’s sleep and tossing and turning for hours. Buy the best bed you can afford and sleep soundly tonight!

Choose accent pieces that you both love, and are functional. Perhaps a few simple end tables are just enough. Maybe your room is large enough to accommodate a small sofa or settee and coffee table. Do you want a television in your bedroom or not? Be planful about your accent pieces and go with the ones that you really adore.

Allow the room to speak to you. Make a plan. Do you want soft  and comfortable, or bold and beautiful? It’s your room, so let the vibe speak to you. Dream a little. Peruse home decor magazines for inspiration and ideas.

Be comfortable. Just like you should spend a little extra on a mattress, also search for the perfect comforter and sheet set. One third of your life should be comfortable and cozy. Buy down for the colder winter months, or look for a soft microfiber blanket that just begs you curl up before dozing off to dreamland.

Allow your bedroom to serve multiple purposes. If you are an avid reader, create a reading nook. If you are a quilter, set up a spot to do some of your sewing. Perhaps art is your thing; a space for painting is perfect in the bedroom.

Breathe life into it. Plants are always a great option in any room, and the bedroom is no exception. Choose plants of varying shapes and sizes and watch the room transform.

Come to one of the two Connell’s locations today in Mount Vernon or Newark and plan your next great room. As always, expect beautiful home furnishings at the lowest possible prices, all delivered with exceptional customer service.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Make A Grand Entrance

Don’t you love a grand entrance? Watching the Emmy’s or the Oscars, we can’t wait to see the beautiful dresses, the handsome men, the grand entrances that each couple makes as they enter the yearly gala event. In much the same way, we can create grand entrances in our homes. Since the front of our home is the first thing people see as they arrive, it’s our job to make an awesome first impression.   As always, Connell’s is interested in you, and your home. We’ve got ideas galore. Read on for some “grand” inspiration.

Start with a beautiful front door. If your door is old and you haven’t given it much thought, think about investing in a new door with more curb appeal. Find beautiful solid wood doors with exquisite window panes for a grand entrance. Or keep your current front door but paint it a different color. If your home is white, tan or brick, be bold with a splash of color. Have you considered candy apple red, very violet, or gratefully green as color options? Fun!

Hang a wreath or swag. Purchase one already made or be creative and make one yourself. You can pick up grapevine wreaths at hobby stores and interchange the flowers or other accessories you place on the wreath or swag.

Keep the seasons in mind. This is a quick and easy way to change the look of your home’s entrance quickly and easily. Change the wreath to orange with a halloween or fall theme this time of year, then remove that and add Christmas accents in mid November. Depending on the size of your front porch, add other accessories to go with the theme.

Furniture! You know we love it. Equally important to a beautiful front entrance is front porch furniture. Obviously the indoor/outdoor kind is best, but depending on the cover of the front porch, some indoor furniture may work equally as well in small increments of time during various seasons of the year.

You’ll never go wrong with nature. Flowers and plants add stunning beauty to your front entrance. Landscape in early spring and maintain throughout summer. Add mums in early fall as well as other natural elements like pumpkins, gourds, indian corn and more. Don’t forget the potted plants for textural visual appeal.

Accessories are a must. Purchase table tops, throws and other accessories for front porches with an overhead covering. Clean regularly with soap and water, or a damp cloth depending on the type of table top you’ve purchased. Wash throws to keep them clean throughout the season as well.

Wonderful windows make a world of difference. Windows let in light, but on the outside they are part of the show. Change your curtains to draperies in winter, and then to sheers in late spring. This is an inexpensive and easy change that will add beauty inside and out.

Come on in! Once inside your home, don’t neglect your front room. If your home opens into a very large space, consider partitioning it off somehow so that you have a foyer of sorts. Keep it clean and simple, free of clutter. Add a mirror for depth, comfortable seating, a touch of personality, and a little bit of hidden storage.

Voila! You have your grand entrance. Come to one of the two Connell’s locations in Mt. Vernon or Newark today for more great ideas, plus beautiful home furnishings, at exceptional prices, and customer service beyond compare. Visit us on Facebook to take advantage of sweepstakes and promotions.


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fall Decorating Fun

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The weather has certainly changed this week and there is no mistake that we are now full swing into fall! To celebrate, we found a few fun Autumn decorating ideas. Sit back, relax and enjoy.

Learn how to make a pumpkin planter.


Try your hand at a fall wreath.


Or what about a fall centerpiece . . .


As always, count on Connell’s for great home furnishings at exceptional prices with the best customer service around. Stop in and see us today at one of our two locations in Mt. Vernon or Newark!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Designing as a Couple

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You want your home to be a reflection of you; your values, your beliefs, the things you love and enjoy. For most of us who live in partnership with a spouse or significant other, decorating our homes can be a battle of wills. Ladies, you want it to reflect beauty, right? And guys, chances are you just want convenience. Compromise without forsaking beauty, convenience, or anything else that may become a bone of contention between you. Check out these tips to design the room – or home of your dreams whiles still loving each other through it all.

Use neutral colors. Keeping the palette neutral will cut down on too much femininity or masculinity, and it doesn’t have to be boring! Choose tan, grey, gold, slate, charcoal and more. Light greens and blues are also nice because they aren’t too feminine and yet they add some color and contrast to an otherwise dull room. If you choose to stay all neutral, add in textures for depth. Choose chevron, stripes and plaid, or spice it up with animal prints of some sort.

Go with all white, adding in pops of color. All white rooms are dramatic, and when you add in some color here and there the room takes shape. Go to the paint store and talk about the colors you like. Choose two or three together, mixing and matching until you come up with the perfect set for you as a couple. Have some fun with it! Look at the names given to the colors and compare it to the love you have for one another. (Hopefully they’re nice names!)

Plants are unisex. While home furnishings are the mainstay of your home, adding in plants and other elements of nature give it a homey appeal. Ladies, this one will help a lot if you’ve done some compromising with the furniture choices. He may like the darker leather or heavier, more manly home furnishings, but when you add in nature it balances it all out.

Choose accent pieces together. That’s right guys, you’ve go to go shopping with your wife! Stop in to Connell’s today to find some beautiful one-of-a-kind accents to make your home beautiful and uniquely your own. Choose from table tops, pillows, throws, artwork and more. We’ve got so much to choose from, you’re sure to find things each of you will enjoy for years to come.

A man knows his electronics. Ladies, give him that. When shopping for televisions, stereos, surround sound systems and more, let him decide. He’s likely done his homework and you’ll get the best bang for you buck in this department – if you let him have his way, this once!

Value her beauty. Guys, you fell in love with you wife for many reasons, and her beauty is likely one of those reasons. We women crave beauty, not only for ourselves but in our surroundings. Let her have her way with some of those things that you might not choose for yourself as a bachelor. In the end, she’ll compromise those things she knows you despise because your happiness is also important to her.

As always, stop by one of the two Connell’s locations in Mt. Vernon or Newark today for beautiful home furnishings, exceptional value and customer service beyond compare. We look forward to serving you!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Old Becomes New

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Just like most retail industries, the holiday season is one of the best times to buy home furnishings! We have savings in every area imaginable. And while you are upgrading that sofa, sectional or dining set, start looking at your home with fresh eyes. Find ways to repurpose other items, giving your whole home a new look and feel! As always, Connell’s has some great ideas for ways to do this.

You loved it once. Love it again. Do you have an old table, bench, chair or bookshelf that you used to love but are now tired of it? Paint it a bright color and love it once again. While paint isn’t always optimal with solid wood furniture, it’s much better to paint and reuse than to chuck the piece entirely. Take a look at your room and decide the color that will make the space pop. Or consider moving the piece from one room to another to give it new life.

Don’t scrapbook. Display! Get out that box of pictures and other mementos and do something with them. Set out those items that mean the most and determine a way to display them in a frame, on a shelf, or in a bookcase. Old pictures and paintings are beautiful collaged together in a wall display. Using your child’s or grandchild’s artwork is also a great conversation piece.

Collage small items into a frame. Use a shadow box or regular frame depending on the size and shape of the items you’ve chosen. Think ticket stubs, concert passes, sea shells, pressed flowers, nature items and more. If you picked it up somewhere along the way, it has sentimental value of some sort. Don’t hide it. Display it.

Color coordinate your library for dramatic playful whimsy. If you have a collection of books, take off their jackets and color coordinate them into a bookshelf. Place similar sized, colored and shaped books together so it become a display of it’s own. Change it up with different colors throughout several bookshelves grouped together. With a large selection of very large books, stack them up to end table height and place a topper so it becomes a table itself.

Two tables are better than one. Place two coordinating but different end tables together in place of a larger coffee or cocktail table. This is perfect in older homes with smaller rooms. It also adds in interesting element to an otherwise predictable room.

Make a comfortable statement. Have a comforter you love but are just sort of done with? Cut out a section and frame it for a wall display, or use two or three sections in different frames grouped together. Use another part of the comforter for throw pillows. Voila! Something old becomes something new.

A headboard transforms into comfortable seating. Repurpose your headboard into the back of a bench in your dining room. Or change that headboard up into a brand new loveseat or settee. Place some of your new pillows on the seat and you have a whole new room.

As always, count on Connell’s for great brand named furniture at incredible prices, all backed by our No Oops Guarantee and exceptional customer service. Stop in and see us today!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Connell’s Is Spreading Holiday Cheer

Christmas is just a few short weeks away! Can you believe it?

In last week’s post, we gave you some fun family ideas as you celebrate winter break and the Christmas holiday season together. This week, we bring you even more ideas, including simple decorating tips and homemade gift giving inspiration. Go all out this year and make it a season to remember. Stop in to see us for a few new additions to your home. We have great deals going on all month long. Then check out these creative, inexpensive ways to decorate and share the season as a family!

Start out with the basics.

  • Put up the tree and hang a Christmas wreath on your front door.
  • String Christmas lights outdoors or opt for simple ornaments hanging from a bare tree.
  • Buy a few Christmas throws, pillows and table tops as simple indoor decorations.
  • Pull out your favorite holiday table top items to display.
  • Keep your holiday CDs in the player, or stay tuned to your favorite Christmas station all month long.

Simple decorating ideas

  • Tie curtains back with red or green ribbon.
  • Hang your stockings by the chimney with care.
  • Create a festive kitchen using a collection of red and green food items.
  • Wrap your front door in plain white paper, or shiny paper and decorate with a large red bow so it looks like a present itself.
  • A collection of white or off white candles are simple and beautiful.
  • Decorate with garland around doors, windows and mirrors or make a simple table runner with garland and pine cones.
  • Make beautiful centerpieces with large glass bowls or vases filled with fruit, nuts, candy or ornaments of matching colors.
  • Build a gingerbread house.

Homemade gift giving ideas

  • Bake gingerbread men to use as name tags on presents.
  • Christmas cookies!
  • Create candle votives from baby jars. Remove labels, adorn with holiday stickers, roll in clear glue then roll in sugar for a frosted effect.
  • Arrange a beautiful fruit basket and cover in shrink wrap, topped with a festive bow.
  • Make cookie dough or hot chocolate in a mason jar and adorn with ribbon and a homemade name tag.
  • Grow herbs to give away arranged in a beautiful basket for the people who love to cook.
  • Cookie cutters on long ribbons make interesting window displays.

Things to do as a family

  • Take a walk around the neighborhood and enjoy the Christmas lights, sights and sounds.
  • Go iceskating as a family at an indoor or outdoor rink.
  • Play in the snow (if we get any).
  • Round up the gang and venture out to a Christmas play or concert.
  • Entertain family, friends and neighbors at home and maybe even do some caroling.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Prosperous New Year, from our family to yours!



Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Welcome Spring Indoors

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Welcome spring in with more ways than one way this season! With the sunshine and longer days we feel vibrant and full of energy. Though the weather is erratic, we’re optimistic knowing what’s to come. As you welcome spring into all aspects of your life, don’t neglect your home! There are so many things you can do each spring to bring more joy and life into your home. Read on for tips to get started.

Let the world know you are ready. Hang a colorful wreath at your front door. Replace your lifeless winter wreath with one matching the bright colors of spring. Choose the bright yellow of  beautiful forsythia or the myriad colors of tulips in bloom.

Let the sun shine in! Replace those heavier winter drapes with a lighter version for spring. Choose a sheer panel curtain or light cotton valance. Purchase blinds that can be drawn in the evening if you live in a busy neighborhood and need some privacy. Open them completely during the light of day and bask in the glorious sunshine.

Breathe easier with houseplants. Bring new life indoors. Choose varieties that do well inside and out. Place them indoors in a sunny location and send them out for a little extra sun when the weather is warm enough.

Try your hand at growing something. Start seeds indoors before sowing them into the soil outdoors. Many fruits, vegetables and herbs can get a head start inside. Experiment and have fun. Won’t it be great to eat tomatoes later this summer that you started from seed? Plus you may discover you have more of a green thumb than you originally thought!

Color your season bright. Replace rich autumn tones with soft spring hues on all cloth items throughout your home. Include pillows, blankets, throws, comforters, tablecloths, napkins and place mats. It will give your whole home a brand new feel.

Get a new perspective. Buy a mirror to splash the sunlight around. Place it in a sunny room pointing out so some of the beautiful outdoors is captured inside as well. Rearrange furniture and see things from a new point of view, literally.

Nothing says spring like spring cleaning. Spend one Saturday a month on various tasks around the home to clean in places that get missed during your normal cleaning routine; wash windows, scrub floors, wash linens. Welcome the newness of spring with open arms.

Stop in to one of the two Connell’s locations in Mt. Vernon or Newark today and let us help you put some springtime fun into your home!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Simplistic Design

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Spring welcomes warmer weather, longer days and more time outdoors. It also invites spring cleaning as we open the windows to let the fresh air into our homes. As you embark on spring cleaning this year, declutter and create a simplistic feel in your home. Simplistic design is easy and doesn’t have to be boring. Pops of color and little points of contrast are all that’s needed to liven up an otherwise drab room. Let Connell’s show you how to keep simple in mind while adding pizazz to your home.

Clear it out. Begin with a clean slate. The only way to truly clean is to clear out your space or at least move half the stuff to the other side of the room while getting your hands dirty. Go through your belongings and decide if you truly love it or if you’ve just had it so long you never dreamed of getting rid of it. Separate items into “keep” and “donate” boxes.

Paint the walls. After a thorough cleaning, you may decide it’s time to paint the walls. Consider white, cream or beige to keep the room neutral. It will give you a soft palette to work from as you re-create your room simplistically.

Replace large, overstuffed sofas, sectionals and loveseats with slim-lined pieces to create a simplistic feel to the room and more space to move around. Comfort does not need to be compromised with more modern looking furniture. “Test drive” your new furniture to ensure comfort and appropriateness for your family’s needs.

Choose one accent color. Instead of going crazy with color, choose one primary accent color to give the room depth while keeping its design simple. Use varying shades and intensities of the color to give the room more depth and draw the eye around.

Add texture and pattern to the room. Using your accent color, add a pattern or two to the room to give it some flavor. Add texture in more neutral tones such as white or off white pillows, throws, rugs and tapestries.

Give the room depth. Nothing adds depth to a room more than a mirror. Choose one large mirror or several smaller ones placed close together in a pattern to reflect light around the room.

Explore, play and have fun! With design it’s all about what feels right and works best for you and your family. And Connell’s is always here to help, listen and provide additional inspiration. What are you waiting for? Stop in to one of the two Connell’s locations in Mt. Vernon or Newark today and don’t forget to visit us on Facebook to share your inspiration with the rest of the world!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sights, Sounds and Smells of Spring

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We’re well into spring and the weather has finally joined us! As you begin to enjoy the beautiful springtime Ohio weather, bring the feeling indoors with the addition of the sights, sounds and smells of the season. Lighter colors, floral prints and sheer fabric all come to mind when thinking of spring, but you are missing other important elements if you focus on color and fabric alone! Use your senses when designing this spring. Here’s how:

Create and hang a beautiful spring wreath. The bright yellow forsythia bushes have bloomed and are now green, but you can still keep the flower essence of the plant in your entryway. Purchase a grapevine wreath and faux forsythia and make a simple, elegant wreath to welcome visitors as they arrive.

Fresh cut flowers are not just for dates and special occasions! Spring is an awesome time for bouquets of all colors, shapes and sizes. Cut blooms from your own spring garden or purchase them from the greenhouse or market and display these beauties in your entryway or on your kitchen table. Find varieties that are both beautiful and powerfully fragrant like lilacs, hyacinth and lily of the valley.

Use soundscapes in your home to add auditory texture. You may be done with the season’s thunderstorms, but there are many beautiful springtime sounds on CD that enhance a relaxing Sunday afternoon. Nature sounds like ocean waves, wind blowing in trees and bird singing are just a few selections available, along with accompanying soothing background music.

Aromatherapy is a beautiful springtime home enhancement. Select a few lighter scents to make your home feel more like the season. Use an essential oil diffuser or burner or place the essential oil in a white vinegar solution for cleaning. Choose lemon, tangerine, lavender or bergamot. Top notes or lighter scents make more sense than the heavier, deeper smells of fall and winter.

Use your creativity! Adding sights, smells and sounds of spring to your home gives it just a bit more oomph than visual creativity alone. Stop by one of the two Connell’s location in Mt. Vernon or Newark today, and don’t forget to visit us on Facebook for more deals, specials and design ideas!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Beautiful Bookshelves

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A bookshelf is a wonderful addition to any room regardless of its use. Undoubtedly, if you are book lover, you likely have a bookshelf or two in your home. However, bookshelves are great even if you don’t own a lot of books. Think outside the box and use a bookshelf for a variety of reasons in any room imaginable. Read on for tips on beautifying the bookshelves in your home.

Bookshelves can be the home of nearly anything you’d like to display. Do you have a private collection of any kind? Maybe you have a lot of photos, framed pieces or other possessions that would look fabulous on new bookshelf instead of in drawers or storage boxes.

When choosing a bookshelf, consider use and in which room you will place it. Coordinate it with existing furniture if that’s your style or choose something entirely different for a more eclectic appeal to the space.

Start with a clean slate if you currently have a bookshelf housing books. Go through all of the books you own and determine which ones you will keep and which you’ll donate. Second-hand stores, thrift stores and some shelters are always willing to take in books in need of a new home. Books are priceless gifts that should be passed on once you’re done with them.

Sort, size and color-code your books. Once you’ve determined the books you will keep, sort them by book color, size, and hard and soft back. Envision an overall flow of your bookshelf and be creative in design.

For visual interest, place some books horizontally, while others remain vertical. Keep size of the books relative and look for objects throughout the home to use as bookends to keep them in place.

What makes you happy? What do you love? Add anything else that gives you joy to your bookshelf – vases, pictures, photographs. If you love it, your bookshelf will love it too and give it a proud new home.

Don’t own a bookshelf? With so many uses, start exploring your options today. Also visit either of Connell’s two locations today in Mt. Vernon and Newark for more design tips and fabulous home furnishings.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Stunning Entryway

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First impressions matter. You consider them in your personal life, shouldn’t you consider them for your home? Make a grand first impression by meticulously grooming the entryway of your home. Entryways are sometimes neglected because they aren’t always entire rooms. Beyond that, they are easy prey to “catch-all” madness because you use them so much. Change all that and make a fabulous first impression for your home.

Pay attention to curb appeal. Take a look at the outside of your home first. Is is visually appealing? Do you have things sitting around that could go elsewhere? Arrange a small seating area on your front porch if space allows. Place a small garden statue in your flower bed. Hang a seasonal wreath or swag on your front door.

Create a focal point directly inside the entryway. What do your eyes first go to? Choose a large beautiful painting or several small framed pictures of friends and family. Fresh flowers are a nice touch and a large mirror adds both appeal and a way to check yourself as you are leaving for the day.

Proper lighting is essential for guests to feel welcome any time of the day. An overhead dome light, wall sconces or a table lamp are all great choices depending on space and existing furniture.

Add some texture. Place a rug in the entryway, or woven baskets for storage if there is enough space. Another great way to add texture and seating is to include a bench with a few pillows for a place to sit while removing shoes.

Don’t forget functionality. While you want the entryway to be ascetically appealing, consider usage and space. Include a table with storage, hooks for coats and a low shelf for shoes, bags and umbrellas.

Divide the space. If your entryway opens into a larger room and there is enough space to separate it from the rest of the room, use a screen, divider or bookshelf to create two distinct spaces.

You are well on your way to making a grand first impression of your home. Stop by either of the two Connell’s locations in Mt. Vernon or Newark today for more ideas to turn your house into the home of your dreams.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Creating a Reading Nook

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Beautiful spring days bring warmth and invite us outside to engage in activities we love, but the cooler evenings draw us into the comfort and warmth of our homes. Create a quiet, comfy spot this spring to curl up with your favorite book while sipping that cup of coffee or hot tea. Instill a love of reading in your kids by giving them the example of a quiet hour each evening in a beautiful contemplative space. Invite them into the space with their books and share in the adventure of a great story. Read on for tips to create a reading nook for your home.

Choose a quiet space, free of distractions. You don’t need much room – a corner of the bedroom, the end of a hallway, or inside a large walk-in closet are all perfect places to call your own. If you choose a larger room for your reading nook, partition the area in a way that creates a cozy, secluded feeling.

Consider lighting. Take advantage of natural light whenever possible by creating your space close to a window. Place a table lamp nearby for overcast days and evening reading time. Choose three-way bulbs with warm light so you can alternate brightness to suit your mood.

Make it your own. Pick colors and patterns that you’re drawn to and make you feel great. Place a few bookshelves nearby for easy access to books and magazines. If the space is large enough, include a small end table or cocktail table for drinks, eyeglasses and other essentials. Add photos, fresh flowers, a houseplant and other knick-knacks for ascetic appeal.

Choose a comfortable seat. Choose a big, comfy chair that you simply melt into; or one of the solid, sturdy varieties to support your back. Be certain there’s enough cushion to cradle you comfortably for long periods of time. Add in pillows for extra softness when you need it and a blanket for warmth.

What are you waiting for? Can’t you hear that corner of your home calling your name? Stop by one of the two Connell’s locations today in Mt. Vernon or Newark for more ideas to create comfortable, inviting spaces in your home.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Home is Where the Heart Is

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We all know the saying, “home is where the heart is.” But during the dead of winter when we’re stuck inside, our hearts grow tired and weary. It’s Ohio, we know what to expect and we also know it won’t be long before sips of sunshine are beaming through our windows each day. Maybe that’s why February and March seem the hardest months to endure. Connell’s to the rescue! Allow your  heart to sing again with design ideas to turn home time into a glorious time!

1. Because homes are designed to be functional, think about this during seasonal changes. The beauty of furniture is that it can be moved. Do it! Arrange a family game space. Pick one room and redecorate, creating a haven for friends and family to gather.  Think outside the box (room) and move a sofa from one room into another. Change or rearrange art, photographs, even televisions and home entertainment systems. Pick your most comfortable furniture and group it together into a “conversation pit”. Swap lighting and center a table in the pit for optimal board game madness. Bring on Banangrams and Pictionary. Move the home entertainment area for the best views of Scene It. Let the games begin.

2. Pick a day each week for culinary exploration. Cook up a storm around a chosen theme. Welcome Friday Family Fiestas! Make tacos, enchiladas, burritos, sopapillas, guacamole, refried beans, spanish rice and salsa. Try your hand at fried ice cream. Be amazed at your success and laugh at your culinary misfortunes. Either way, it’s time well spent with family while learning something new!

3. You don’t have to wait for spring to see signs of life. Green sprouts and flower buds await when you start an indoor garden. Pick the sunniest room of your home and clear it out. Either buy new plants or bring existing ones into the room together. Buy seed packets for your vegetables this year and plant them in your garden room. Read directions, research the internet and await patiently. Arrange a small seating area for  a quiet place to sit and reflect. Know that spring is just around the corner.

4. Rearrange your bedroom or your child’s bedroom. Add color where it was absent, or soften a currently bold look. Pull antique quilts out of storage or buy a comforter for a brand new look. While you’re rearranging furniture, move a chair, loveseat and/or end table into the room for a sitting space. Spend quiet Saturday mornings reading the newspaper or catching up on emails in your newly created space.

Be spontaneous. Be creative. Find ways to reinvent each room in your home. Stop by one of the two Connell’s locations in Mt. Vernon and Newark for more home design ideas. Before you know it, Spring will be here and you’ll be outside again enjoying the beautiful sunshine!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Texturizing for Room Appeal

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Don’t let fear paralyze you into leaving a room bare and lifeless. Turn boring into vibrant! Color is important, as is furniture and layout, but you should never rely on these elements alone to liven up your room. Texturizing a room – or adding depth, dimension and pizazz – is the perfect solution to a dull space. Go crazy, have fun and give your room oomph with these fabulous ideas to add texture.

Start with the perimeter. Give your walls a little pick-me-up! Start by vising any home improvement store and picking your favorite paint color. Then choose an applicator that applies texture to your paint, such as a sponge. Try experimenting with paint glaze to add sheen to your walls, or even wallpaper a single wall instead of all of them.

Stonework isn’t just for your garden’s edge! Stone, tile and slate are all excellent choices that add depth, dimension and texture to any room. Create a backdrop behind your kitchen stove or sink from a few colorful tiles and create a pattern. Use slate for a chalkboard wall or select stone tiles for your bathroom floor. Options are only limited by your imagination!

Chenille, silk and flannel, oh my! Fabric is an excellent way to add texture to a room. Mix and match fabrics in coordinating or diverse colors on pillows, blankets and draperies. Don’t forget about furniture. Numerous options are typically available on that beautiful sofa you recently eyed in our showroom!

Speaking of furniture, options abound in finish. Traditional oak, maple and cherry are mainstays in the furniture industry, but more contemporary styles and finishes are also now available. Mix and match traditional and contemporary throughout the room. Choose from matte, rustic, shiny, mirrored and glass pieces.

“Out with the old, in with the new” is cliche, literally. Gone are the days of ridding your home of old to be replaced by new. Keep those family heirlooms and antiques, mixing them with new to create a one-of-a-kind look. When visitors ask where you found it, proudly say it was Aunt Betsy’s writing desk. How cool is that?

“Yum, is that baked apple pie I smell?” Scent in a  home adds appeal of its own. Candles, incense and reed diffusers come in all shapes, sizes and fragrances. Choose lemongrass for your entry, fresh laundry in your bathroom and hazelnut vanilla for your kitchen. Fragrance elicits emotion, so choose scents that make you feel great.

Decorating choices should be an expression of you. Are you bold, colorful and creative; or quiet, soft and contemplative? Let intuition be your guide as you embark on a home design adventure! Stop by one of the two Connell’s locations in Mt. Vernon or Newark today to get started designing a room – or entire home of your dreams.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Decorating Tips that Won’t Bust Your Budget!


Spring’s a time for change! It’s a new season and colorful new life is around us. Invite spring’s fresh and delicate colors into your home and refresh your living room and bedroom with some great looking, yet inexpensive, design tips from Connell’s Furniture & Mattresses.

  • Lighten Up! Kick that boring old dark-colored sofa, loveseat or recliner to the curb and invigorate your room with lighter, mid-toned colors. Decorate with the colors you see naturally occurring in nature, such as magenta, marigold, aqua blue, spring green, teal and even try hot pink!
  • Add accessories! Pillows and throws are a fantastic way to introduce some lighter colored fabrics into your room. Add patterned pillows with calm and tranquil colors to a solid-colored sofa to add bursts of flair. Or toss a patterned throw on the back of a chair, sectional or futon to bring your room to life. Hang colorful wall art and illuminating mirrors for some seasonal springtime style.
  • Paint! Rejuvenate a dreary dining room or lackluster bedroom by repainting the walls with some colorful paint. Designers agree this is a cost-saving solution since a couple of gallons of paint are very inexpensive, plus you can do it yourself. Try a color you’ve always been curious about – and if you hate it, just paint over it. Some suggestions: test out light and clean colors, like kiwi green, pale violet or coral blue.
  • Flowers! Indoor plants and fresh flowers will bring colorful life to any room. Try to be consistent with your floral arrangements. Choose a color scheme, use the same type of flower and place your floral arrangement in a pretty glass holder. Top it off with a little lace or a satin ribbon tied around your beautiful bouquet.
  • De-clutter! Clutter is distracting. No matter how beautiful your room is, unsightly piles of magazines, movies and media will ruin your spring decorating. Put entertainment in its place with media chests and hutches and stash your work away in filing cabinets, desks, and credenzas for your home office.

Visit Connell’s two convenient locations in Mt. Vernon and Newark for hundreds of stunning styles from spring’s latest furniture and mattress fashions. It’s all in stock, ready for immediate delivery and protected by Connell’s famous No Oops™ guarantee—if you don’t like your new furniture for any reason, we’ll take it back – no questions asked, no restocking fees, no return delivery charges and no penalties.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

That’s Entertainment

Now is the best time of the year for friends, family and entertaining! Whether you’re having a themed party or just an informal gathering of friends, Connell’s has both ideas and home furnishings in  stock! Stop in today for that perfect new piece of furniture or home accessory to add a little extra spark to your abode. Connect with us on Facebook for daily inspiration and special offers. And absolutely read on for spring/summer entertainment ideas!

Use the weather to your advantage. Get out the grill, set up that badminton and cornhole game and enjoy the company of friends in the great outdoors. Ask friends to bring a side dish while you provide the grillin’ grub. Spread your patio or porch furniture out into conversation areas throughout your yard or property.

Have a Sunday brunch or tea party. Invite friends and family over for an informal Sunday gathering after church. Create and place a beautiful springtime centerpiece on your dining room table and in your entryway. Arrange a few additional seating areas with the help of portable benches, ottomans and storage cubes. Play soft music and start your week off right! Allow guests to mingle indoors and out depending on weather.

Try something new. Warmer weather invites growth which produces beautiful fruits and vegetables from the garden. Choose your favorite fruit or vegetable and find a new recipe with it as the featured food item. Lighter fare like appetizers and chilled soup are wonderful selections this time of year.

Flowers on food? Yes! Use real flowers on food as a garnish – but make sure to inform your guests that they are just that! Whip up simple vanilla cupcakes with cream cheese icing and add beautiful spring flowers to the top for that extra pizazz. Your guests will say, “how beautiful! I never thought of that!” and you’ll look like a domestic goddess. Score!

Celebrate family! It’s not necessary to invite guests to have a good time. Announce to the kids that you are having a Family Night and throw a party for yourselves. Let the kids help make kabobs and other finger foods. Have them set the table and get out the games. Whether outside or in, a good time is sure to be shared by all.

At Connell’s, we don’t just sell furniture and mattresses! We help you celebrate your home. After all, there’s “no place like  home.” Stop in to one of our two locations today for home furnishings, mattresses, accessories and other ideas to turn your home into a wonderful gathering place for friends, family, and acquaintances. And don’t forget to find us and share your experiences on Facebook! Stop back next week for more home ideas and design tips!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What’s Your Decorating Style

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We all have style preferences. Each of us dress with our own flair, expressing our personalities.  We all have certain food preferences, and we all have different tastes when it comes to our home’s decor. Some of us prefer new homes with wide open spaces, while others like the look, feel and charm of an old home. What we put inside of our home also says a lot about us. Did you know that there are actual decorating style names?

Throughout the years, most people adhered to a particular style of decorating. And while a strict sense of style remains popular for some, more often than not you’ll find more versatility in design style these days. Still, an overall theme will typically prevail. Keep it similar or mix it up. It’s up to you. Read on for some generalities in design style. And as you do, dream a bit about some changes you’d like to make to your home’s decor and then stop by Connells for great furniture, value and customer service you’ve always come to expect. From big pieces like sofas, loveseats and sectionals, to small items like table tops, lamps and artwork; we’ve got you covered.

Traditional. This style borrows from 18th century England. Wood finishes are typically in darker colors like cherry and oak. Deep, rich hues, along with beautiful, and sometimes formal texture prevail. You might find the pairing of a small print on a pillow with a floral patterned sofa in this style. You would also generally find a large mix of highly polished pieces in a traditional style room. Textures are typically both dull and shiny to provide variation and appeal.  Details are key in woodworking and on fabrics. You might see tassels and fringes in this style of decorating.

Modern/Contemporary. Sleek, straight lines with very little additional pieces in the room beyond the actual furniture denotes a modern or contemporary design style. Most furniture sits lower to the ground and the colors are often neutral. The most popular wall color is white or off white and color is sometimes used in various places within the room for a dramatic affect.

Transitional. This style marries traditional and contemporary furniture and accents into a blend of timeless classics. Lines are simple yet sophisticated and can be straight or rounded, or a mix of both. The background color is often soft or muted, allowing for accent pieces to give the room some “pop” and pizazz.

Country. In a country style home decor, you’ll find finished and unfinished pieces, baskets, quilts and folk art. You might find a mix of gingham and floral patterns on sofas, chairs, pillows and throws. The feel is “homey” and “lived in.” Antiques, chalkboards and an apple pie scented candle would complete the look and feel. A type of country design may include Americana themed accents in red, white and blue. Barn stars and other simple American symbols or words like faith, hope and love, along with grapevine wreaths and trees are still popular.

Cottage. This style is comfy, cozy and lived in. Cottage is typically associated with white picket fences and old-style shutters on the windows. Browse a Pottery Barn catalog and you’ll really get a feel. Colors are muted, understated or white. Fabrics are soft and comfortable with dashes of texture all around. It has farmhouse appeal with rustic elements, warm woods and rich tones throughout.

These are just a few design styles. There are many more to choose from: eclectic, shabby chic, French country, art-deco, global chic, old world, bohemian chic and more. The key is to go with your instinct and do what feels right for you, your style, preferences and the way you live.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Arranging a seating area

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No, it’s not true. Your home isn’t plotting against you. It’s just that each room has its unique challenges.  Take living areas for example.

If you live in an older-ranch style home, your living room might be long and narrow.  If your home is a modern two-story residence, you may have a “great” room big enough for an army encampment.  Yet if you happen to be an apartment dweller, your living room may be barely large enough for a sofa.

Here are a few tips for arranging seating to solve these pesky problems.

Start with a focal point. A focal point is an architectural detail or decorative accent that draws immediate attention within a room.  Most family areas have a fireplace or dramatic window as a focal point.  In your home it might be a striking painting or an aquarium. You’ll want to arrange seating in a group to take advantage of this focal point.

Look at traffic flow. Take at look at the location of doorways.  Will family traffic move through the room from side-to-side or at an angle? Seating should be placed to allow for traffic to pass easily around and not through the grouping.

Consider Your Options. There is no rule that says a sofa must sit against a wall.  In fact, placing a sofa perpendicular to a wall creates drama. There is also no rule that says a sofa and loveseat must be combined in a seating arrangement; it frequently isn’t the most logical or comfortable option.

In fact, there is no rule that says a sofa needs to be used at all.  A comfortable seating area can be created by combining a chaise or loveseat with accent chairs.

What’s most important is to create an inviting conversation area.  Some rooms just need a little creativity.

Get Creative. Segment long, narrow rooms into separate seating areas.  One spot might include two small accent chairs facing a sofa, while the other seating location may have two armless chairs flanking a bistro table.  As an alternative, a comfy discussion area can be created in an out-of-the-way corner.

Use area rugs to define separate seating areas in a very large room.  A sectional sofa can become a comfortable conversation nook at one end of a “great” room with a group of loveseats or accent chairs at the other end.

When a room is square, concentrate seating in one single area. If family traffic flows along the edge of a living room, place twin sofas on either side of a fireplace or entertainment center.

If your home is an urban condo with a very small living room, go with a loveseat or apartment-size sofa and a single small accent chair and ottoman.  The ottoman can be moved to provide additional seating as needed.  Think about adding a cocktail table with nested seating underneath which can be pulled out when friends arrive.

Visit Connell’s today in Mt. Vernon or Newark and let one of our sales representative show you the many seating options available in store today.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Choosing the Perfect Chair

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Well it’s finally happened. Your dog has taken over your favorite chair for good. It’s always been this way. You’ve loved that chair, but let’s face it. When it comes right down to who gets the chair, the dog always wins.

The solution? Buy a new chair, one just for you. Yet the chair the dog owns matches the rest of your furniture. So now how do you find a new chair that works with the rest of your furniture? The task is not as hard as it may sound.

You’re in luck. Gone are the days when each piece of furniture in a room had to match. In fact, today’s decorating is much more flexible and fun. Your new chair can be totally different in style, color and fabric. Whether you plan to replace an existing chair or buy a completely new one, what’s most important is that it fits both you and the purpose of your room.

Think about the role the chair will have in the room. Will it be a big, comfy chair to curl up in and read – one that you’ll sit in every day? Or will it only be used for extra seating when guests come to visit?

Who else will sit in the chair? Does the chair need to accommodate a strapping young man? An elderly relative?

Will the chair primarily be a decorative accent so style, color and fashion are most important?

Once those questions have been answered, it’s time to think about where the chair will be placed in the room. The location should provide 12-18” of space around it for walking and moving.

Measure your existing chair both inside and out. The height, width and length of an accent chair are important for two reasons. First, the chair will need to fit in the space you’ve chosen. Second, the overall scale of the chair should be in proportion to the other furnishings in the room. If you’d like a smaller or larger chair, adjust the size accordingly.

Take the dimensions with you to Connell’s Furniture & Mattresses when you shop. When you see a chair you like, sit in it just as you would at home. Cross your legs; lean back; tuck your feet up.

Does the seat depth allow you to sit comfortably and support your back?  Are the arms the right height for you to read your newspaper? Is the seat cushion as firm or soft as you like?  Will the height of the chair back allow you turn your head easily?

Ask your sales representative to show you several sizes and styles of chairs. Although you’ve had a club chair for years, maybe it’s time for something classy and traditional.  Or for a new twist, try a chic chaise or armless chair.  Have you thought about a high-leg recliner?

You can even share your chair with your dog. Look for a roomy oversized chair. Visit Connell’s in Mt. Vernon or Newark to find the perfect chair to meet your back and budget.


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Feng Shui Basics

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Feng Shui is an ancient system of aesthetics developed in China over 3,000 years ago. While it’s a design concept, the primary concern of feng shui has more to do with the energy and placement of objects within the home rather than the objects themselves. The art seeks to balance the energy within a space thereby enhancing the health and good fortune of those individuals who reside there.

Feng is translated to wind while shui means water, and in Chinese culture these two elements comprise good fortune and health. Its premise is that everything is filled with energy and that there are certain things one can do to enhance that energy. Along with technical decorating concepts, many designers create spaces with some feng shui concepts in mind. Here are a few very simple ideas to get started using Feng Shui principles within your own home.

The air you breathe matters. Good air quality can enhance your health and well being. Keep lots of plants growing in your home to replenish the air on a regular basis. Consider air purifiers and ionizers if your home is in an urban area. Traffic, factories and high populations diminish air quality. Find ways to boost the air quality in your home.

Clutter creates distraction. Not only does a lot of “stuff” cause a tripping hazard in your home; it also keeps your brain stuck. Find a place for everything and keep it there. Organize your home and you organize your thoughts and your life.

Natural light is good for you. Breathing fresh air is health enhancing, as is taking in sunshine and natural light. Open the doors and windows any time you are able. Use those spaces with natural light on a regular basis to keep yourself light and happy.

Be mindful in your decorating choices. Only choose things you really love for your home. A well known phrase, “home is where the heart is” has so much meaning. Shouldn’t you be happiest in the place you live? Surround yourself with beautiful things. Maybe it’s time to move out of your Queen size bed and into a King sized one. Perhaps a wonderfully embellished chest of drawers would keep you more organized. A unique and fabulous mirror in your entryway might make you smile each time you enter your home. Even small items like fresh cut flowers or souvenirs from faraway places can make a huge difference in your well-being and mood. Whatever it is, enjoy it! Surround yourself with beauty!

The five elements are essential. In Chinese philosophy, each of the five elements correspond to an energy and each are important. According to Feng Shui, these five elements are wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. Many home furnishings correspond directly to these five elements. The simplest to note are wood and metal. Most furniture is made of one, or both of these two materials. Water is an easy element to bring into your home with fountains, fish tanks and aquariums.

Color is an expression of the five elements. This is perhaps a more complex principle than the others above, but when thinking of color, think in terms of the elements. More advanced feng shui concepts reveal proper use and placement. Use reds, yellows and oranges to bring in the fire element – think of the Sun. Plants are a great example of the earth element both in terms of their natural beauty, as well as their prominent brown and green pigments.

Incorporate a few, or all of these to enhance your home’s energy. Read more about Feng Shui if you are interested, and stop into one of the two Connell’s locations for great furniture, outstanding value and exceptional customer service.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Now You See It; Now You Don’t


When is a table not just a table? The answer is when it can be or do something else.

If you are a parent or dual-income family, you’re busy – sometimes way beyond busy. As our multitasking lives become increasingly busy, we need furniture that can multitask along with us.

Furniture manufacturers know this and have designed multi-functional tables which work to make our lives easier. Fashionable tables now include hidden storage, concealed trays, vanishing lift tops, covered curio displays and extra drawers and shelves.

If your family room doubles as a home office, look for tables that combine drawers and shelves. Some side tables also have built-in racks for magazines.

When your living room will be used for entertaining, ask your Connell’s sales representative about tables that have pull-out trays to hold beverages.

Does your family sit in front of the television to eat dinner? Search for a cocktail table with a lift top that can be raised to table height. Not only does this table make dining comfortable, the raised top conceals storage niches underneath.

Many tables have hidden nooks for stowing away remote controls, cable guides or toys.

Do you love your collectibles but worry about displaying them where curious little hands can reach them? Stylish tables now have curio compartments located under a moveable glass or wood lid.

Multi-functional tables come in many designs, sizes and finishes. Whatever your decorating style, at Connell’s in Mt. Vernon or Newark we can help you find a table just right for your family.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Enhancing Creativity in the Home

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Creativity is our birthright, yet there are so many distractions that keep us from peaking our creativity. Why? Not believing in ourselves is one thing, surrounding ourselves with uninspired home furnishings is quite another. While our thoughts may be hard to control, our homes are not. With inspiration and a bit of diligence, you can turn an uninspired home into a creative haven. Unleash your creativity with these hot tips.

First, identify the ways in which you believe in your creative genius and the ways you talk yourself out of your own abilities. Do you love painting, music, writing, quilting, knitting, singing? Whatever your passion, note and be thankful for your successes and take time to ponder the areas of creativity you’d like to enhance in your life.

Now that you have clear vision, notice how you feel when entering your home. Notice the energy of each room and space. Do certain areas draw you while others repel? Is your home filled with only things that are necessary or is there space for those items that truly inspire and make you feel great? Both are important! Surround yourself with beauty and things that inspire you. Splurge on one or two items that “tell your story” or spark your imagination and creative genius.

Include elements of nature in several areas within your home – something in each room if possible. Dark, stark, unnatural items are everywhere in our culture. Billboards, skyscrapers, sidewalks, televisions, computers. We live and work with technology daily. While it helps us to perform at higher levels than ever before, elements of nature are crucial to our creativity. Get out and walk in the sunshine and fresh air at least weekly. Then bring those elements into the home for future inspiration – plants, flowers, aquariums, and water fountains are all great choices.

According to Feng Shui principles, using the Bagua there are 9 specific sectors in each dwelling. Learning just a little bit about Feng Shui can help us to expand our creativity. In fact, there is a Children and Creativity quadrant specific in your home. Purchase a book or do some research on feng shui and use a few of the principles to recreate the energy within this space and within the home in general.

Fill your home with the tools that help you create. Then keep them within easy reach. If you enjoy writing, have books available for perusing and journals handy for impromptu writing. If art is your thing, keep canvases, paint and brushes on hand. Keep one or two instruments out on a stand instead of in a case. Organize your creative tools in a way that allows you to use them easily and frequently.

Create the space, and TAKE TIME for relaxation. Set up a lounge area separate from your bedroom that allows you to take a mental break each day. Eliminate clutter to keep you distraction-free. Stream soothing music and burn candles to create an ambiance conducive to peace, quiet and rest. Give yourself the time and space to read, plan and dream. If you’re feeling uninspired, this is hard to do. Create the space and then find the time.

Display items you are most proud of throughout your home. Showcase that portrait you painted. Frame the first song you ever wrote, and show off those written masterpieces by displaying them. Affirm your creative genius everyday and watch yourself grow and blossom.

Take stock of your home. Consider the changes you need to make, then stop by one of the two Connell’s locations for ideas, inspiration and home furnishings for every room in your home.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Entryway Enticements

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Chances are you’re in and out a lot more these days with the kids back in school. We gave you some ideas to make your home “school year ready.” This week we’ll feature tips to makeover your entryway. Whether you use the front, back or side doors, the entryway into your home is typically the most forgotten space of all design-wise. This is sad, because it’s the most used room of the home. Read on for tips to make your entry enticing!

First, think about the way in which you enter your home. No matter which side you enter from, any doorway that leads outside is still considered an entryway. However, how you use that space will dictate the way in which you decide to change it up. Be sure to organize the most used entryway in a way that makes leaving – and entering easy and stress-free.

Is your entryway a catch-all for everything? Organize. There are so many options on the market to organize all spaces within the home. Shelves, cabinets, rolling bins, expandable organizers, bulletin boards, message boards, portable closets, shoe racks, coat racks . . . the list goes on. Be creative and make the space unique. Keep clutter to a minimum so people can move about freely without tripping over anything!

Create a family showcase! If your entryway is small, like a foyer, use it to display photos of the kids and family . . . playing sports, in school, on vacation . . . you name it. The foyer is the perfect place to keep these photos organized and displayed in a uniform manner.

Do you love art? There is no better place to display beautiful art and sculptures in the entryway to your home!

Create a bountiful book nook! Build in shelves and window seating and voila! You have a cozy space to read on a Sunday afternoon!

Greenhouse galore! If you have windows and enough room through the entryway door for plenty of sun to shine, use your entryway to entice visitors with beautiful flowers and houseplants!

Don’t forget the candles and diffusers! The first room in your home is the perfect place to showcase wonderful scents so visitors are intrigued and want to explore more!

Sit down while tying those shoes! If your entryway is an actual room, move a sofa and end table into the space for a comfy place to sit while readying yourself to make your way out for the day!

Whatever you decide, remember, the entryway is the first impression of your home! Make it a great one!

Finally, don’t forget to stop by one of the two Connell’s locations in Mt. Vernon and Newark for more design tips, beautiful home furnishings and customer service beyond your expectations!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Summertime Sunshine

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We’re well into summer but your home feels drab and boring. Although you don’t want to spend much time indoors, it’s sometimes necessary (think during a rainstorm and after dark). Liven up your home this summer with these ideas to make you feel light and airy once inside!

Buy some new houseplants. Everything is in full bloom outdoors. You may have even moved some of your houseplants to your deck or patio. Don’t let you home remain bare! Breathe fresh life into it by purchasing new houseplants for display indoors. Be creative with them! Choose a large shell from the beach and plant a succulent or two inside of it. Did your child give you anything during the past year that  could be made into a home for a houseplant?

Purchase fun, multi-colored floral or otherwise printed plates and bowls for use in the summertime. Mix and match them with your everyday tableware. Lighter pieces for use outoors are best.

Change up your artwork! If you currently have darker pieces  of art hanging in your home, consider something lighter to lighten the feel. Tapestries are great additions to any room and add an interesting dynamic as well as more texture to the space.

Pillows and throws are easy design changes you can make to your living room, family room or bedroom. It’s an inexpensive, simple change that can make a huge impact on an otherwise dark area of your home.

Clear the clutter! Since you likely use every room in your home much less in the summertime, rid yourself of things that are never used, and store those that are used only occasionally. Summertime is the perfect time to declutter your home.

Pick one piece of furniture and replace it. Perhaps your coffee table is large and bulky. Replace it with a moveable end table or smaller more streamlined cocktail table. You can often find rock bottom prices on many items throughout the home during the summer months.

Cut flowers from your garden and display them prominently in your dining room, entryway or kitchen. (If you are a man reading this, your wife or significant other will be extremely impressed at your thoughtfulness and attention to beauty.) Flowers are beautiful, always lighten the mood and add a personal touch to your home.

Candles are always a nice touch and there are a lot of sweet summertime scents available through a variety of stores and suppliers. Think citrus, fresh cotton, tropical flavors, berry scents, lavender.

Replace heavy drapery with lighter, sheen curtains or valances and let the light shine during the extended daylight hours. Don’t hold back the glorious sun! Let it shine all day long!

These are just a few ideas to get you started. Think light, airy and fun, and dream up some other ideas on your own. Don’t forget to stop by Connell’s at either of our locations in Mt. Vernon and Newark for all of your summertime home furnishing needs. Plus visit us on Facebook and let us know the changes you’d made!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Planning your living room


You’ve done your homework and you’ve found the perfect sofa. “Just wait until the neighbors see it,” you think proudly. Uh oh! What about the rest of the room?

There are several stylish directions you can go to create just the look you want, and  Connell’s offers seating solutions for every living area.

Options, Options, Options

Today’s decorating trends offer a multitude of choices for arranging furniture. In a traditional room, a loveseat might just be what you need to complement your sofa. But the opportunities for fashion don’t stop there.

An oversized club chair paired with a wood-frame accent chair or recliner provides a stylish alternative to a loveseat.

If your living area is an unusual shape, go with armless chairs or jumbo ottomans, which are both functional and moveable.

To create a casual sitting/dining area for an area near a window, pair two small contemporary or traditional chairs along with a round bistro table.

To Match or Not to Match

Your grandmother’s home was filled with upholstery with matching fabrics. Home fashion today, much like apparel fashion, targets an eclectic look. A floral sofa can be paired with an accent chair in a stripe of coordinating color.

Just because your sofa is covered in fabric, doesn’t mean a coordinating chair needs to be. Add a leather chair to your room with a pillow in a coordinating fabric to add flair.

 No Walls, No Problem

No wall to put your sofa against? No problem.  When arranging furniture, it’s perfectly acceptable to “float” a sofa so that the back is visible. Today’s sofas feature fabric tailoring which makes the back equally as attractive as the front.

Look for upholstered pieces to solve your decorating challenges at Connell’s Furniture in Mt. Vernon and Newark or shop online at We’ll help you find exactly what you need. And remember, Connell’s No Oops policy means you can’t make a mistake, because if you don’t like your new furniture, we’ll take it back – no questions asked!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Unused Spaces

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Homes aren’t like they used to be! Before plumbing, outhouses were our only restroom option. Formal dining rooms were a necessity in the ’50s to keep clutter under control and to serve as a place to entertain. Rooms are now larger, more open and functional for a variety of reasons. One room alone may serve as a kitchen, dining area and lounge. But what about older homes with smaller rooms and less open area? No worries! Turn those unused spaces into functional, multi-purpose rooms designed for practical everyday use. Think outside of the box and change it up with the seasons. Read on for tips to turn unused spaces into favorite places!

An entryway can become a catch-all for everything coming and going. Control clutter and turn your entryway into a functional seating and conversation area. Install hooks along the wall beside the door. Place a bench and cubbies for extra seating and storage of shoes, backpacks and more. An end table or sofa table serves as a place to add extra lighting and store keys easily and within reach as you are walking out the door.

Gone are the days of the formal dining room, but not functional dining rooms with additional seating for family and guests. Dress up that dining room table with bright, floral, fun tablecloths and runners. Remove a few chairs and install a bench for the little ones. Place a few functional, comfortable chairs in the corners and add splashes of color. Voila! Your formal dining room becomes a place the whole family wants to hang out, whether it’s dinner time or not!

Extra Bedrooms are often the most unused spaces. Turn that extra bedroom into a craft or sewing room. Find cabinets and counter tops at discount home improvement stores for additional storage and functionality. Remove the bed and put in a sofa sleeper for double duty. You’ll still have room for guests and can use the room any other time you’d like a quiet place to read or work.

Chances are if you live in an older home closets are sparse – and likely packed full. But if you have the luxury of an extra closet or two, turn that closet into a craft space, office area or homework nook.

Don’ t waste a room with a view! Install a window seat to turn it into your favorite place in the house. Throw in some houseplants to freshen up the air, and give it texture and beauty. Add additional storage shelves to conceal clutter when not in use and allow the kids to enjoy the view with you. Turn the room into a lounge and entertaining area, without television of course. With a view like that, who needs TV?

Every room in your home can and should be functional and usable. Try these tips or come up with some of your own. You know your home and your habits. Let them be your guide. Change is good. It provides new perspective. Change with the seasons, family events or just because you think it’s time to do so! And by all means, stop by one of the two Connell’s locations in Mt. Vernon and Newark for ideas, inspiration and beautiful home furnishings!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ready, Set, School!

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It’s that time of year again . . . BACK to SCHOOL time for the kids and back to a regular schedule for you. Back-to-school shopping is likely on your to do list, or the kids are already begging to play in their new school shoes. Everyone in the house has been dreaming of either trapper keepers, protractors or peace and quiet. The kids are ready and you can’t wait! But what about your home? As always, Connell’s has you covered! Keep reading for tips to control clutter, create functional space and manage your home during the hectic and exciting back-to-school time.

Start with the entryway. Count the number of times you’ve been in a hurry and couldn’t find the keys, or one of the kids couldn’t find his homework! If this sounds familiar, say it with me: start with the entryway. The foyer or room where you enter and leave your home can and should be the most organized space in your abode. First and foremost, it’s the initial impression of your home altogether. Second, if this space is organized and holds all the essentials ready to go, everyone is golden! Depending on space, install hooks for coats, bags and umbrellas. Set up cubbies for shoes and other small items. Hang shelves for books. Place a cabinet, desk or end table with a drawer or two for keys, pens, pencils, and other items within easy reach.

Organize a specific “homework zone.” Habits normally take three weeks to form and most kids are into school at the beginning of the school year. Setting up a designated homework space will help the kiddos get off to great habits right from the start. Place a desk, comfortable chair, computer (if age appropriate), paper, pens, pencils, shelves and anything else useful in the area and ask that the kids work from this space specifically when reading and completing school work. The space can be in your child’s room or another place in the home as long as it is quiet and relatively free of distractions – NO television!

All work and no play makes for both boring adults and kids! Have you ever thought about a “relaxation station” in your home? Maybe it’s your living room, family room, or some other neutral area. Wherever you decide, the rule is relaxation! Some “must haves” for this room  include a comfy sofa, loveseat or sectional, lots of pillows, low lighting, access to music, and storage for games and other forms of entertainment. Relax with the kids in the evening so they can wind down and get a good night’s sleep!

Make the kitchen accessible and inviting. For the kids to do well in school, a balanced diet is essential. Make snacks healthy and within easy reach after school. Lunchboxes and thermoses should be stored in a place the kids can easily grab them. Teach the kids how to pack their own lunch, including all of the major food groups.

Your home is ready now! These are just a few ideas to get you started. Come up with more ideas of your own and share them with us on Facebook, then stop in to one of the two Connell’s locations in Mt. Vernon or Newark today for beautiful home furnishings and great values every day!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Design Inspires our Lives


We all have homes and most of us like to decorate. That’s why Connell’s Furniture and Mattresses features design tips and decorating ideas in this blog. As we explore interior design – both past and present – we ask you to think about why you design the way you do. How do you choose furniture and accessories when you shop? This week we want to hear from you! Your design feedback and ideas will help us help you.

The history of interior design is vague as to its beginning. Some historians speculate it started with cavemen drawing in their caves and utilizing different areas for various functions, depending on light and other natural resources. Briefly going back in time, most experts agree however, that the first sign of purposeful design originated with the lavishly decorated Egyptian tombs.

Moving forward to the time of the Renaissance, art and architecture were at the forefront and interior design began to take shape. Form and function were still important, but the wealthy lavishly styled their homes with luxury and beauty in mind. Churches and other interesting architectural structures also formed the beginning of design as we know it today.

Early American design featured artisanship and function, while the Industrial Revolution literally revolutionized how we see and use our homes today. Throughout the last 100 years, items for the home became affordable for the masses. With a wide variety of furniture, accessories, electronics and appliances, most Americans have a multitude of choices. Shouldn’t you choose wisely the items placed in your home, as you spend the majority of your time there?

We want to hear from you. Why do you choose the pieces you do for your home? Is it simply for form or function? Does beauty appeal to you? Do you entertain? Have a family? What about comfort, brand name and quality? No matter your reason or taste, we offer furniture and styles for everyone. Leave us a comment, then stop in to see a Connell’s sales representative to learn more. Be sure to return regularly for other design topics in the coming weeks.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Defining Your Design Style


With so many choices of furniture and accessories, defining your design style may be difficult. Luckily, sticking to strict rules regarding design isn’t as important as it used to be. Still, there are a few distinct styles of furniture to choose from. Your decision is whether or not to strictly use one style or to mix and match them to fit your needs, personality and living space. Here are a few styles, along with their characteristics:

Traditional design style is elegant with attention to detail. Its classic, calm, orderly look is the most popular style in America. Lines are curved and there may be additional fine detailing in a rich colored woodwork such as cherry. Colors are muted and fabrics are rich.

Transitional style is neither traditional nor contemporary, but somewhere in between. History is preserved in some pieces of furniture, while others get sleeker lines and an updated feel to them. In a transitional style home, curves and straight lines are present. Wood color remains rich and other colors throughout the home are often muted, relying more on texture than color to complete the design scheme.

Contemporary and modern style both feature clean, straight lines and more solid colors than traditional or transitional. Mirrors and mirrored pieces of furniture along with polished silver are prevalent. Geometric shapes and a sense of openness gives contemporary style a minimalist feel. The use of bright colors is found more often in modern style than in traditional.

Country style has a distinct feel to it. More casual than traditional and warmer than contemporary, country style features lighter colored woodwork for the furniture. Soft floral and gingham prints are used in shades of red. Black and soft white are also used a lot in this style.

Eclectic style is much harder to define as it borrows from several design styles. For an eclectic style to work, central themes must tie the room together. Colors can vary and the background is often neutral with pops of color throughout the room. Furniture finishes are mixed and the use of old and new are typically incorporated. Imagination and surprise is a sensed in an eclectic room.  Antiques and flea market finds are sometimes re-purposed and mixed with new contemporary looking pieces.

Stop by either of Connell’s locations in Mt. Vernon or Newark to see furniture and accessories in each of these unique styles, then decide for yourself what your style is.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Making a Large Room Feel Cozy

Recently, architectural trends have moved toward large, open spaces versus the quaint rooms of yesterday. However, many people feel challenged by making these spaces feel cozy. It isn’t as daunting as it seems if you follow a few simple design rules. Use the following ideas to start designing a large, cozy room.

Divide the space into zones. Group furniture together in different areas of the room. Arrange a media center for viewing television and listening to music while making a second location into a conversation pit. If the room is large enough, it could also serve as an office, exercise room or craft area. Use bookshelves back-to-back to block the view from one section to the next.

Install built-in furniture. Having a large room allows you to install built-ins such as floor-to-ceiling shelving for a home library and benches for a reading nook. These areas take up floor space and make the room feel quaint and cozy.

Buy overstuffed furniture for your conversation pit. One or two large pieces are enough to achieve the desired effect. Avoid placing furniture directly against the wall. Get creative. Use area rugs to tie individual spaces together. Large wall hangings and plants also create a warm, cozy atmosphere.

Avoid mirrors and glass top furniture which gives the room a sense of spaciousness. Opt instead for dark, rich tones and woodwork, creating a warm, intimate feeling.

Use bold, vibrant colors. Paint the entire room or a few walls a rich bright color, drawing the eye into the space. Complement the wall color by hanging a large tapestry. Add baskets, pottery and large accent pillows to complete the desired look and feel.

Stop in to one of the two Connell’s locations in Mt. Vernon or Newark and talk to a sales associate about these and other ideas to make your home feel intimate and comfortable.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

De-clutter for the Holidays

Can you believe it’s December already? The tree is up – or will soon be – and holiday decorations have taken over the house. But the trouble is you feel more disorganized than festive. Let Connell’s come to the rescue! Stay in the holiday spirit, be merry and de-clutter your home all at once with our tips below:

Reorganize your closet. This simple act of organizing a hidden space you use every day is empowering. Install an organizer and make space for everything. Closet storage solutions will make any size closet feel bigger and you’ll stay organized.

Revamp your bookshelves. Instead of packing them full of books, add accessories and decorative items. Stack books in interesting directions for an ascetically pleasing look. Donate old books to a thrift store or consignment shop so someone else can enjoy them this holiday season!

For cluttered entryways install built in shelves and benches. You can also add pegs for coats and cabinets to store loose items. Only keep regularly used items in entryways and store all others out of site. For entryways with limited space make the most of wall space or add a small table with drawers. Storage cubes can easily slide underneath.

Rid yourself of loose paper. Go through old magazines, newspapers and school work. Recycle or use them as wrapping paper in lieu of the store-bought kind. Get creative. Use beautiful pictures within magazines on appropriate presents and add a holiday ribbon and ornaments for creative adornment.

Clear the kitchen counter. Part of the holiday season entails additional entertaining, cooking and baking. Rid your counter-tops of appliances not in regular use. Store them elsewhere or donate them to a second hand store or homeless shelter.

Whew! Don’t you feel better already? Deck the halls and enjoy the holidays with a light heart and de-cluttered home. Stop by one of the two Connell’s locations today for more holiday decorating tips and design ideas.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Holiday Entertaining

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Can you believe the holidays are upon us already? It’s time to get organized and prepare for overnight guests. Make them feel welcome and comfortable with a few simple design changes to  your home. Attention to the small details can make all the difference in making them feel welcome during the holidays. Here are some starter ideas:

Choose a space in your home for guests to stay comfortably. Having an extra bedroom is a bonus, but not absolutely necessary. Give up one of the other bedrooms or use a room divider in another part of the home to provide privacy. Buy a sofa bed as an extra bed, which also serves as a space saver. Alternatively, make space available for an inflatable bed, with an area in which to store it when not in use.

Pack the guest space with essentials or prepare a basket with items they may have forgotten. Include travel-sized toiletries such as soap, deodorant, razors, toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner. Purchase a full length mirror for the guest area so they can get ready in privacy.

Create a sense of home in your guest room. A bouquet of flowers and scented candles on an end table or night stand are a lovely touch. Include other items such as a notepad, pens/pencils, alarm clock, water carafe, books and magazines. If space allows, make a reading nook complete with chair, table and lamp for a private retreat area.

Make guest feel welcome upon arrival by preparing a simple, slow cooker meal that can be enjoyed anytime. Show guests around your home and let them know where all the essentials are located. Keep plenty of beverages and snacks in an easily accessible location and let them know they are welcome to them at any time throughout their stay. Offer continental breakfast choices so guests feel they can eat and run, if they so choose.

Include one or two of these ideas and your guests are sure to return for future visits. Stop by one of the two Connell’s locations in Mt. Vernon or Newark today for other ideas to help you prepare for the holidays.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Love Your Kitchen

The last 100 years have brought tremendous change to the kitchen. Dual income families and indoor plumbing have both played a role in the way we now use this central part of our home. A place to cook, eat, share and laugh, the kitchen truly is the heart of the home, and a few simple changes will transform an uninspired kitchen into a room that draws families together.

Create a gathering space. With hectic schedules, the kitchen is always the gathering spot after a long day. Allow it to be functional. Define a space for kids to do homework comfortably while snacking. Make room for a computer or laptop for family use, to pull up favorite recipes, read current events together and research schoolwork.

Clutter control. Most active families are busy with events outside the home. Organize the kitchen. Clear clutter from countertops, making meal prep easier and more efficient. Leave out only functional items and store decorative accessories. Pull pots and pans out and hang them in easy reach, thereby making space for other items to be stored.

Shine on. Find ways to creatively light your kitchen based on use. A bright overhead light is great for preparing meals in the evening, while a soft low light provides a more pleasant dining experience. A crisp white light should be used for homework and natural light cascading through windows is best for all circumstances when it’s available.

Update appliances. If either space or design are issues in your current kitchen, browse all of the kitchen appliance options available today. Older appliances can and should be replaced with more energy efficient models. Most appliances are also available in smaller versions to save space in currently cramped kitchens.

Keep multi-function use in mind. The kitchen serves so many functions. It’s a place to prep and cook food, eat, study, do crafts and family activities, listen to music, even watch television on occasion. Install a smaller flat-screen TV in one of the less traveled corners of the room. Create a lounging area by arranging seating with functional multi-use storage benches and cushions.

Whatever your style, let your Connell’s sales representative show you some kitchen design ideas the next time you stop in one of our two locations, Mt. Vernon and Newark.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Designing with Pattern

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Interior Design has evolved throughout the years. From a matched approach to a more eclectic style of mixing patterns and textures, design is fun and inspiring. Spruce up any room by mixing patterns throughout. It makes the room visually interesting. When considering a pattern, most of us think in terms of fabric. However, it includes much more – architectural lines, arrangement and shape of furniture, the pattern on the floors and walls. Read on for tips and to learn more.

Determine your color preferences, then choose one main bold larger-scale pattern for the room. Use this pattern on a pillow or on another small feature. Build from this by including other patterns with different shapes, but in a much smaller scale. Keep colors and varying scale in mind to create a distinct theme. As an example, try a large floral pattern on a few pillows, small checks and solids on a few more and vertical stripes for your drapery, which will also make the room seem taller.

Add a solid color for attraction and include textures in your theme. Or choose a main color and mix in varying shades. When choosing textures, limit it to only a few. Sheen textures are perfect for formal spaces, while muted textures give a room a more casual comfortable appeal.

Relate similar objects, then fill with color and fabric patterns. To avoid making the room too busy, keep the background color neutral and uniform. Start with only a few colors you really like.

When thinking of pattern, consider the entire space. Doorways, floors, shape of furniture and accessories may all have patterns within them. If you’ve always had the sofa against the wall, angle it to create a triangular shape in the room. A square or rectangular table in the corner can be replaced by a circular one. When you’re ready to buy new furniture, replace your overstuffed sofa with a modern, streamlined piece with square edges.

Stop in to one of the two Connell’s locations today in Mt. Vernon or Newark to get more ideas and inspiration, then talk to a sales representative to make those design dreams a reality.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Home Design Therapy

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Shorter days, longer nights and sub-zero weather can bring you down quickly. Do something good for yourself and your home! Combat the Winter Blues with home design therapy from Connell’s. Spice up your living space with color, texture and warmth. Change your perspective. Whether you desire a complete home makeover or small changes to a few rooms, we’ve got you covered – with the goods and the inspiration!

This winter  has been unseasonably cold in Ohio. Physically create warmth inside your home with new window treatments. Replace sheer curtains with thick draperies. Use warm colors such as burnt orange, mustard yellow and ruby red. Look for your favorite patterns, then design an entire room around them. Mix and match. Play. Have fun!

Since you’re stuck indoors, create a few gathering spaces. If you have a fireplace and it’s not a focal point, move furniture to make it so. Arrange a conversation pit. Group furniture together toward the center of the room making it perfect for family game night. Place a new flat panel television toward one end of the seating area, creating another focal point perfect for quiet, cozy evenings at home.

Little touches can make a big difference. Disperse candles with warm scents such as vanilla, hazelnut and warm apple pie throughout your home. Brighten up a dark winter night with a candle centerpiece atop your coffee or cocktail table.

Don’t wait for Spring to surround yourself with life. Sprinkle houseplants throughout your dwelling, adding color, texture and fresh air. Create live art and bursts of color by arranging oranges, lemons and limes on a platter or in a vase. Add neutral colored stones and branches for additional texture.

You layer your clothing for added warmth. Do the same in your home. Place a beautiful quilt or wool blanket at the foot of your bed for cold winter nights. Grab a few extra pillows and a fleece throw to snuggle on your sofa or love seat.

Don’t stop there. You’re only limited by the imagination. Dream away, then stop by one of Connell’s two locations to remedy your Winter Blues with Home Design Therapy!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Color Therapy

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Color therapy, or chromotherapy is a study that measures the vibrations colors emit. Electromagnetic energy and the wavelengths emitted by color can psychologically affect you and balance energy. For this reason, many people are exploring the idea of using it in home design and decoration. Read on for effects colors elicit, along with ideas for incorporating them into your design scheme.

Red stimulates brain function and causes excitability. While people with high blood pressure and heart conditions should limit red in the home, small amounts can attribute to expression and creativity. Red picture frames are fun along with live or silk flowers for a vibrant pop of color which takes up little space.

Orange elicits joy, happiness and creativity. Oranges themselves, placed along with lemons and limes in a clear bowl-style vase, make a wonderful focal point on a kitchen table or mantel. Paintings with small amounts of orange create an interesting whimsical feel in any room.

Yellow encourages self esteem and confidence. Because it’s not typically associated with either gender, yellow is a great choice for a child’s room. Studies show that changes occur in self esteem during the tween years and many children go through periods of lacking self esteem. Along with other encouragement, use yellow to increase self confidence subconsciously.

Green is soothing and relaxing. It supports balance plus aids depression and anxiousness. For this reason, green is a fabulous color for any room. If you are typically on-the-go and under pressure, make your bedroom a haven with walls of sea foam green. Whenever possible incorporate live plants into your design for both the soothing effect and fresh, clean air.

Blue is cooling and elicits clarity, insightfulness and patience. Place pillows and a throw in light blue and cream to soften an otherwise masculine brown leather sofa. Water accessories like a fountain add a slight hint of blue plus calming white noise to an office.

Violet enhances feelings of peacefulness. It tunes us into the vibrations of our spiritual selves and our intuition. Furniture has gone beyond traditional colors to include all those in the rainbow. A purple sofa would make a statement along with eliciting a calm demeanor.

Ideas are as diverse as the variations of colors in the rainbow. Let your own taste, knowledge and intuition be your guide as you incorporate them into your home. Get started by visiting one of the two Connell’s locations in Mt. Vernon and Newark today.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Five S’s of Studiousness

Success begins in the bedroom. No really, it does. Your child’s success in school is directly related to the functional design of his/her bedroom. Ensure your child puts his/her best foot forward each and every day in the classroom. Begin by building a cozy, comfortable bedroom around the five ‘S’s’: sleep, study, storage, stimulus and safety.


On average, children need eight to nine hours of sleep per night to maintain their attention span in the classroom. Start by turning off the TV and giving your child a comfortable bed.


Providing your child with a fun and creative bedroom is only half the battle in making them star students. Now you must motivate them to study!

  • Give them plenty of space to spread out and work. Make sure the desk you choose has adequate space to allow them to lay out their books, pencils, pens, paper, and markers. Look for a child’s desk with built-in shelving for books and supplies, or consider a long rectangular table.
  • Hang a calendar or bulletin/dry-erase board over their desk and encourage them to use post-notes and colorful dry-erase markers. This will teach your children how to follow a schedule and alleviate any confusion of assignment due dates.
  • Set aside a designated homework time for your child – after school or after dinner – and give them space in their room when they need it, and be available to help them.


School supplies in addition to your child’s hordes of toys equal a clutter nightmare! Prevent this disaster by outfitting their room with furniture designed for extra storage.


Kids will be kids … and what better place to be a kid than in your their own bedroom. Let their room be a refuge, a place for daydreams as well as sweet dreams.

  • Allow a little leeway in choosing their favorite paint colors and bedding to let your kid’s personality shine through.
  • Provide toys that stimulate their imagination like building sets, paper, crayons, or dolls.


Looking out for the safety of our children means they will sleep safe and sound, and we as parents will rest assured they aren’t in danger.

  • Depending on your child’s age, make sure the ends of furniture are rounded and protectors are in the electrical sockets.
  • Place a nightlight in your child’s room.
  • To make sure your child is calm in their room, use soft colors or pastels to paint the walls or for decoration.
  • Teach them to put away their toys and remove clutter from the floor. This will curb anxiety and prevent tripping over that race car and hurting themselves in a fall.

This advice will help your child do well in school, and you’ll do well at  home by cutting down on the inevitable complaints about math, history and writing homework! Stop by one of Connell’s two locations and give your child the gift of a studious and beautiful bedroom!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

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