Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Finding Inspiration Everywhere

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We love our homes but sometimes we get stuck. Whether we dislike change, just get bored or have little time, staying stuck becomes the mainstay of our lives unless we are able to find inspiration. Luckily life itself offers grand inspiration for design ideas. With our varied interests and activities, our homes can be as different as our personalities. Read on to find inspiration everywhere, based on your own unique being and preferences.

Pick one thing and build around it. Sometimes we just don’t know where to start. Come to Connell’s for help. With our huge selection of home furnishings at great prices, it’s easy. Come in. Pick out that one-of-a-kind sofa, loveseat or sectional and build from there. Choose other pieces as accents or use things you already have to build upon your next great room.

Name your favorite thing in the world to do and use that to spark your creativity. Love to draw? Use your art as a centerpiece. Maybe music is more your thing. Find music inspired artwork, or some way to beautifully display your stringed instrument. Buy a rockin’ surround system to listen to your favorite tunes.

Have a favorite color? Start there. Do the colors Ripe Tomato Red, Sunshine Yellow, Blissful Blue or Tangerine Tango make you want to paint your room? A simple splash of color can give you the inspiration you need to change out a whole room. Pick the color that makes you happiest and then find pieces that accent that color beautifully.

What about hobbies? If you love to sew, create a unique piece of art from your craft. Maybe bowling is more fun. An arcade inspired room will make you feel good every time you rest there, and the kids will think you’re “way cool”.

Nature is the easiest thing to turn to for inspiration. Flowers, trees, rocks, twigs, animals, wood and stone can all be inspiration for your next room makeover. Just pick one thing and see where it takes you.

Stage rooms in themes and grow from there. Your front room may be a library style dwelling if you love to read. A bathroom can be inspired by the beach. Your kitchen might take on a taste of Italy. There are no rules. It is your home. Do what makes you happy.

Come to one of the two Connell’s locations today in Mt. Vernon or Newark for home inspiration, beautiful furniture and accessories, outstanding customer service and value beyond compare.


Tuesday, July 31, 2012

June-2012 9.4 out of 10

City Rating Comments Resolution
Mount Vernon 10 I Have Been There Many Times.  It Has Been Great Every Time.
Newark 10 Mike Was A Good Help, My Sales Person. Only Thing Was That It Took So Long To Get The Order.
Howard 10 The Sales Person Was Really Helpful, But We Live In Columbus, And Having Delivery Showing Up Three Hours Later Then Expected Was A Hassle.
Mount Vernon 8 I Really Do Not Know.
Newark 10 They Have Exactly What I Was Looking For, And I Had A Nice Sales Associate.
Howard 10 Lisa Payne, She Is Wonderful And Very Helpful.
Canal Winchester 10 This Past Time Was A Great
Newark 10 It Was A Good Experience All The Way Around, They Have A Good Selection.
Hebron 9 You Did Not Bug Me A Lot.  I Was Surprised After The Delivery That No One Gave A Follow Up Call After Delivery. Seems Like Something A Sales Person Should Do.
Martinsburg 10 The Sales Man Was Really Good To Work With. The Furniture Took Longer Then It Should Have, But He Was Real Good Keeping Us Updated.
Howard 10 We Love Our Furniture.
Mount Vernon 10 Customer Service, Delivery Right As Scheduled.  I Could Not Have Asked For Better.
Mount Gilead 8 They Should Have Had Better Samples Of The Furniture I Was Buying .
Mount Vernon 10 Everybody Was Very Kind, Did Not Rush Us, And That Was Important To Me,
Bellville 10 They Were Just Very Easy To Deal With, And We Had To Take Advantage Of Their New Policy, The Total Customer Satisfaction.
Danville 10 The Lady That Took Care Of Us Was Really Nice, Considerate, And Really Helped Us Out.
Gambier 4 The Guy That Came Out To Talk To Me Did I Believe Everything He Could. They Should Tell The Customer More Complete Information.
Heath 10 The Sales Person Took Their Time And Did Not Make Me Feel Rushed. He Special Ordered What I Needed.
Mount Vernon 10 The Sales Clerk, I Have Dealt With Her Before.
Mount Vernon 10 We Have Been There Before And I Like The Way I Was Treated. I Got A Card From Ashley Today (Our Sales Girl). I Have Purchased From There Before.
Mount Vernon 10 Larry Gardner. They Had The Kind Of Furniture I Wanted.
Coshocton 8 Free Delivery.
Mount Vernon 5 I Have To Take Some Pillows Back. They Came With The Couch. They Just Look Like The Material Has Been Washed And It Is Frayed – Like They Have Been Used And Washed. It Was Not Followed Through.
Granville 8 I Think In General It Was A Good Experience. I Find Furniture Stores Overwhelming. It Was A Good Experience.
Utica 10 I Had Been In The Market For Some Furniture And They Had What I Wanted.
Mount Vernon 10 Personalized Sales People That Go Beyond The Expected.
Howard 9 I Think It Is The Product Line And The Expedited Nature Of The Transaction And Delivery. It Was Quick.
Newark 10 I Like Going In There And Look At The Stuff
Heath 10 The General Business.
Newark 10 The Delivery Guys Were Extremely Friendly And Courteous.
Columbus 10 The Saleswoman Lisa Pain Is Extremely Knowledgeable, Sincere And Helpful.
Newark 10 The People Were Friendly.  It Was Convenient For Us And They Did What They Said They Were Going To Do.
Mount Vernon 1 Someone Is Not Doing Their Job.  I Ordered Two Chairs And I Was Told 4-6 Weeks. I Got Them In 8 Weeks, Nobody Called Me, And Let Me Know What Happened To Them.  It Cost Forty Dollars For The Delivery Charge.
Fredericktown 9 I Was Happy With The Product I Received
Mount Vernon 10 Everything Came In On Time And Everything Was Fine
Newark 10 They Were Very Patient With Us.  We Looked Around And Nobody Gave Us Any Problems.
Mount Vernon 10 Everything Went Well, Smooth As Expected, Delivery Was Really Well
Thornville 10 The Salesman Was Helpful And We Found What We Wanted
Fredericktown 10 We Have Dealt With Connell’s For Many Years And Have Always Been Satisfied
Utica 10 I Was Allowed To Proceed Throughout The Store At My Own Pace.  The Salesperson Was There If I Needed Her.
Mount Vernon 10 The Staff Are Friendly And Helpful.
Howard 10 The Staff Were Friendly, Knowledgeable, And Knew What They Were Talking About.
Newark 10 There Weren’t Any Problems.  They Did What They Said They Would.  The Products Are Nice.
Bellville 10 We Have Always Shopped There And Have Gotten Good Quality Furniture From Them.
Worthington 10 We’ve Always Shopped With Connell’s.  They’re The Only People We’ll Do Business Because Of Their Customer Service And Fast Delivery.
Saint Louisville 8 I Ordered My Chair Back In Early April And The Leather Was On Back Order.  I Thought I Would Have Had The Chair In 4-6 Weeks.
Mount Vernon 10 I Got A Chair There And It’s Not The One I Picked Out, But It Would Have To Do. I Could Not Call Them Because I Was Without A Phone.  I Will Have To Put Up With It Because I Could Not Call And Let You Know.
Centerburg 10 Everyone, From The Salesperson To The Delivery People, Were Very Professional.
Centerburg 10 My Wife Was The One Who Dealt With Them And She Was Very Happy.  She Has Nothing Bad To Say.
Alexandria 10 Everything Went As Smoothly As They Said It Would And It Came When They Said It Would.  I Could Not Find Anything Cheaper Online.
Newark 10 It’s The Second Time I Have Been Down There.  I Enjoyed The Price And I Enjoyed The Furniture.
Howard 10 I Know Staff Member Larry Really Well. He Is A Really Good Salesman.
Heath 9 They Had A Good Salesperson Who Was Very Informative.
Fredericktown 10 Staff Member Lisa Helped Me Pick Out My Couch.
Howard 8 I Am Not Sure.
Fredericktown 10 Lisa Understands My Tastes And Makes This A Wonderful Experience For Me.
Newark 10 It Was My First Time Buying Furniture And It  Was Easy.  It Was Here A Couple Of Days Later.
Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Visual Inspiration for Your Home

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Good design has it’s place. And while we love to look at design magazines for inspiration, many of the products we find may be outside of our financial reach. Lucky for us, the rules are “there are no rules”. Well, not exactly, but design is meant to inspire our lives. Turn boring into OOH. Turn plain into AHH. How? With just a few fun pieces, transform your space into a room Better Homes and Gardens would be proud to feature. Use these visual cues to get started, then use your own creativity to expand further.

White out.


Have fun with a blackboard wall.


Select patterns on furniture or bedding.


Hanging pots give dimension, nature and breathability to your room.


Something fuzzy is always fun.


What about a wire mesh chair?

Found objects make a room personal.


Display photos and art using frames in different sizes.


Quirky patterned pillows add pop and pizazz.

As always, count on Connell’s Furniture and Mattresses for home furnishings, accessories, mattresses and more. Get the best service, unbeatable value and highest quality around. Stop by one of our two location in Mt. Vernon and Newark today to get inspiration for your home. Plus join us on Facebook for sweepstakes, promotions and special offers all month long! Happy shopping!

Monday, August 20, 2012

July-2012 9.2 out of 10

City Rating Comments Resolution
Mount Vernon 10 I Found A Chair I Wanted And Bought It.  I Was Only In There For About 20 Minutes.  The Salesman Followed Up With Me And I Was Satisfied.
Howard 10 We Had Good Customer Service.  The Delivery Was On Time.
Utica 10 My Clerk Was Very Nice And Helpful.
Mount Vernon 10 The Choice And Service.
Newark 10 Very Helpful.
Centerburg 10 The Sales Person Was Really Helpful, Timely Delivery And Those Two Gentlemen Were Very Helpful And Polite, And Went Above And Beyond.
Newark 10 Friendliness.
Mount Vernon 10 They Were Just Very Helpful, I Knew What I Was Looking For, And We Were Out The Door.
Centerburg 8 We Are Not Finished Yet.
Mount Vernon 10 We Received Really Personal Experience, Lisa Always Remembers Us, And We Like Buying Locally.
Mount Vernon 10 Everything, From The Day I Walked In To The Store, To The Delivery. It Was Just Great.
Butler 10 The Woman We Dealt With Helped Us With What We Were Looking For.
Mount Vernon 9 We Have Dealt With Larry Caulkins Before. He Made It Worth While.
Mount Vernon 10 I Have Purchased There Before. One Piece I Picked Up And The Other I Had To Wait 45 Days For.
Mount Vernon 10 I Have Been Purchasing Things There Over The Years And I Have Always Been Satisfied.
Newark 3 There Were Constant Delays. It  Took Over A Month To Get What I Wanted. I Was Finally Given The Display. Date of sale 05/22, date of delivered 07/03. Customer quoted 45 day arrival. Unfortanetly we are at the mercy of manufacturers & have no control over their inventory & when they ship.  We do try very hard to keep our customers informed of any delays & issues we have regarding their delivery.
Newark 10 The People Were Very Nice. I Like My Furniture. Everything Went Well.
Newark 10 We Have Been Dealing With The Store For Years. They Had The Sofa We Wanted And They Delivered It. The Salesperson Was Polite.
Newark 10 The Salesman Answered Our Questions And The Furniture Was Of Good Quality. We Liked It And We Bought It.
Newark 1 I Have Already Spoken To The Managers And They Don’t Care.
Mount Vernon 10 The Salesperson Was There To Answer Questions And Gave Us The Freedom To Browse On Our Own.
Newark 10 I Had A Really Good Salesperson That I Enjoyed Working With.
Mount Vernon 8 The Experience Was Fine. The Pricing Was Not As Competitive As Other Stores, But The Selections Were Alright And Delivery Was Great.  The Customer Service Was Great.
Mount Vernon 10 Good Customer Service. The Store Was Extremely Clean. It Was A Very Pleasant, Warm Atmosphere.
Mansfield 10 The Mattress Is Really Good. The Deliverymen Were Really Nice.
Howard 10 The Salesperson Was Very Helpful. They Called And Told Me When The Delivery Would Take Place. Everything Was Good.
Howard 10 I Enjoyed, Larry, The Salesperson.  He Sent A Thank You Postcard. He Left A Message As To When The Delivery Would Take Place And The Delivery Was Perfect.
Centerburg 10 I Have Always Dealt With Larry. He Is Always Very Helpful.
Utica 10 I Was The Winner Of The Furniture Contest. I Furnished My Whole Living Room. They Have Pieces You Don’t See Everyplace.
Fredericktown 10 I Love The Quality Of The Furniture. Jacob Was Very Nice And Very Patient. I Appreciated That.
Heath 10 Good Salesman And They Had What We Wanted
Fredericktown 7 The Pricing Was Kind Of Confusing.  I Had To Do A Bunch Of Math, It Should Be Straightforward We try to make our pricing real simple.  Our price tags reflect 1 price, the current sale event discount is usually deducted from the pricing shown.
Fredericktown 10 The Saleslady Was Very Helpful And Everything Worked Out Fine
Fredericktown 1 Date of sale 05/26, customer quoted 45 day arrival, date of delivery 07/12. No indication stating dissatisfied with our service.
Howard 10 The Courtesy Of The Employees.  They Showed Us What We Were Interested In.  There Was No Pressure And Delivery As Expected.  It Was A Good Experience
Centerburg 10 The Salespeople Were Very Patient And Helpful
Newark 10 I Just Like The Store And The Deals They Make With No Interest. My Husband Took Off Half A Day Of Work To Get The Furniture
Mount Vernon 10 The Girl That Waited On Me Was Really Nice And I Had Purchased There Before.
Utica 10 The Help I Received At The Store Picking Out The Furniture For My Home.
Mount Vernon 10 The Salesperson Was Very Helpful.
Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring Flowers

Add spring flowers to the inside and outside of your home; it’s an awesome and natural way to create a beautiful expression in your personal space. Start with a spring flower garden, plant a few rows of bulbs along the side of your home, add a shrub or flowering tree, or buy a window box or two. Surprisingly it doesn’t take long for bulbs to take root and produce flowers; you could have petals popping up by next spring. Read on to learn about a few varieties you should consider as you’re planning. Let the flowers grow outside then use them for bouquets, larger arrangements and bud vases in different spots throughout your home. Grow enough and you’ll have fresh, live flowers in each and every room.

Start with the traditional varieties. Daffodils, tulips, tiger lillies, poppies and forsythia seem to be everywhere, but they never go out of style. Bulbs or roots can be planted during many times of the year and will often take root quickly and flower by the next season. These varieties don’t have much (if any) fragrance, but they are beautiful in their myriad colors. While daffodils are typically yellow or white, tulips come in the colors of the rainbow and these two types of flowers displayed together make a great springtime bouquet. Forsythia is bright yellow and there is no mistaking spring’s arrival when it blooms.

Add in some shrubs. Azaleas and Redbud shrubs both provide beautiful pink and purple hues to your lawn. Easily take branches and add into other flowering vases to provide both color and texture.

Don’t forget flowering trees. Throughout Ohio you’ll see Cherry Blossom Trees, Dogwoods and Peach Blossoms. From fuchsia to bright white and soft pink; all are gorgeous and you’ll never tire of the beauty they bring to both your lawn and home. Trees are great because the branches provide a much different look and structure in a vase than a simple flower.

Your nose knows. Aromatic beauties for the garden include Gardenia, Hyacinth, Jasmin and Lilac. These are musts for any garden and welcome additions to bouquets in the home. The smells alone are reason enough to include them so you can adorn your home after they’ve blossomed.

Bud vases are playful and fun. While it’s great to have a flower garden for outdoors, planting them for the express purpose of bringing inside is an added bonus. Large buds are great for large vases, while small buds are perfect for bud vases. Choose from Phlox, Primrose, Scilla, Early-Star-of-Bethlehem and Crocuses.

Create a space you can’t wait to come home to. Decorate with beautiful home furnishings from Connell’s, where you’ll find the best value, exceptional customer service and variety beyond compare. .Tips from our blog are just the icing on the cake. Stop in to see us at one of our two locations in Mt. Vernon or Newark today, and visit us on Facebook to tell us what you’re looking for next. We love to serve you!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Enticing Entertainment

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It’s that time of year again – Springtime! With Spring comes a multitude of events immediately following – Easter, Memorial Day, Summertime sports schedules, Fourth of July and more. You know what that means, right? More travel and potential guest arrivals. Get your home ready for the upcoming events by planning for both expected and unexpected guests. There are several simple things you can do to be prepared instead of running around like crazy when Cousin Mildred pops in out of nowhere.

Let the light shine. Replace entryway lights with fancy colored lighting that says “Welcome. Come on in.” There are other lights besides white to spruce up your entryway. Choose yellow or blue for a change. Multi-colored lights that cast shadows in different directions are fun too.

Keep the foyer or entryway clear. Get rid of the clutter. First impressions are everything. Move items typically used everyday to the rear entry and begin using it as a personal family entrance everyday so the front entry is always ready for guests.

Create an entertainment space. Choose one room and redecorate for the sole purpose of entertaining. Move seating together in a way that invites sharing and conversation. Add throw pillows for both accents and comfort.

Organize a guest closet. If you have an extra closet in the house, organize just for guests. Stock towels, wash clothes, toilet paper, new toothbrushes, a map of the area and other unique items. Voila! You’re ready for any unexpected guest.

Buy a sofa bed. Sofa beds are wonderful because they double as a standard sofa and bed all-in-one. They come in a variety of  shapes, colors, textures and sizes to make your room unique. Check out all of our selections!

Welcome the new season as well as guests with open arms! As always, stop by one of the two Connell’s locations in Mt. Vernon or Newark today for more ideas to make your house a home. Always expect great value, exceptional customer service and beautiful home furnishings. Don’t forget to visit us on Facebook for more ideas and special promotions.


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fabulous Floral Fun

Hasn’t Ohio been glorious lately? All of Mother Nature’s creations are bursting with beauty from the unseasonably warm weather. Each morning, we wake up to birds of multiple varieties singing. Spring bulbs have sprung and blossomed. On each corner, you’ll see a Weeping Cherry, Magnolia or other flowering shrub or tree.

Don’t just leave the beauty to the outdoors! Spring is the perfect time for both ritualistic spring cleaning and room makeovers. Be inspired by the spring beauty and bring some of the fabulous floral inside. As always, Connell’s has tips to inspire.

Use the real thing. Cut some of the beautiful tulips or daffodils that have popped their lovely heads and bring them inside for display. If you have several you can cut, make a large bouquet in the center of your dining room table. If perhaps you only have a few, buy a  bud vase or two and display them individually.

Get the most out of ’em. Like all of life, flowers bloom, grow, shine and then die. Don’t make their death stop you from showing them off. Press each of the flower petals between pages and store them for an art display inspiration. Alternatively, place all of the petals in a sterling silver bowl and add some essential oil to the mix for an aromatic experience.

Be bold. Buy a floral sofa, loveseat, chair-and-a-half or chaise. If your style is typically more reserved, it will be a great place to start in showing off the fun side of your personality. Floral designed home furnishings give a room a casual, inviting feel. A bit too timid to go all out? Start with small floral pieces or accents first and branch out from there.

Accentuate, accentuate, accentuate. Floral accents make a great statement for spring. Choose throws, pillows, prints, faux flowers and more.

Mix it up. Don’t be afraid to mix accent pieces. As you are throwing in floral prints and pieces, mix in other bold colors, plaid, stripes or even other prints. Use a main accent color or two to pull it all together for a cohesive look.

The nose knows. As you are displaying visual accents for spring, remember your olfactory senses. There are so many floral and fruity candles from a variety of sources, you’re sure to find something that pleases. Essential oils are also a great addition to your home’s appeal. They are derived from the very source of the plant from which they come and last a long time because of their condensed nature.

Don’t stop there. There are myriad fun things you can do to bring the beauty of Spring inside. Stop in to one of the two Connell’s locations in Mt. Vernon or Newark and GET INSPIRED. Plus talk to one of our sales associates about all of the changes we are making this spring. At Connell’s, count on us for beautiful home furnishings, awesome prices and fabulous customer service. Don’t forget to visit us on Facebook and stay in touch.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Perfect Mattress for You!


When it comes to buying a new mattress, there are many variables to keep in mind when shopping for the perfect mattress. In fact, since everyone’s body and sleep preferences are different, it’s safe to say there is no magic formula to determine which mattress is best for you. That’s why we encourage you to visit us at Connell’s Furniture & Mattresses in Mt. Vernon and Newark, where our sleep specialists will listen to your unique needs and offer you several perfect mattress options to help you get a great night’s sleep. Come in and test out a comfortable mattress from Serta, Tempur-Pedic, Beautyrest or UltraComfort and we’ll help you get the sleep you deserve.

There are many individual preferences to consider when shopping for a new mattress. For instance, the sleep experts at Connell’s Furniture & Mattresses will look at your body type and ask if you have any specific physical issues that may contribute to sleep problems. These factors will determine whether you should be sleeping on a firm mattress, plush mattress, pillow top mattress, memory foam mattress or even an adjustable bed. Plus, you need to consider if you prefer sleeping on your side or back and any sleep sensitivities or disturbances that may keep you awake at night. But ultimately, choosing the proper mattress comes down to comfort, and we’ll help you find the perfect mattress that will provide years of comfort and great sleep.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Countdown is ON


The holidays are almost upon us!  Winter is less than a month a way. Thanksgiving zoomed past and Christmas will be here before we know it.

Whoa! Wait a minute!

Let’s not JINGLE those BELLS or DECK those HALLS quite yet.

Most of us need to take the time to slow down in our lives and the holidays are no exception. In fact, we can use the holidays as an exercise in being present . . . to the spirit of the season, to our family, friends and loved ones; to our senses, to ALL the holiday has to offer.

Since it’s likely that Thanksgiving passed you by without a thought, here are some great ideas to bring both presence and preparedness into focus as you enter *cue music* The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Start a list!

With so much to do beyond your normal busy life, sit down one Saturday or Sunday afternoon and write down all of the items you’d like to accomplish as the holidays approach. Include things like Christmas shopping, card sending, carolling, reading holiday books with the kids, holiday decorating, cake and cookie making, wrapping gifts, baking dinner items, party planning and attending. Write it all down.

Make a plan.

Get out that planner and schedule time to do those things that must be done in one color. Use another color to schedule items that you want to do and another for “I’d really like to accomplish  _______________ (fill in the blank) time permitting.”

Organize your home with productivity in mind.

Set up a gift wrapping area in a spare bedroom, basement, closet or attic. Instead of taking hours to wrap gifts, do a little bit at a time in this organized area. Pull all of your Christmas decoration and baking items into individual spaces for easy reach and use when you are ready.

Make gifts instead of buying them.

This is a great way to invite presence into the holidays by spending time with the kids. Go online and look for “how to” and DIY projects that are appropriate for children (at whatever age they may be).  Venture out to a craft store to purchase the items; then go home, play some Christmas music, sip some egg nog, and create away! You’ll have fun, the kids will have a blast and the gift recipient will be thankful for the time you spent in creating a one-of-a-kind gift for them.

Donate your time and/or money to a local charity or faith community event.

Teach the kids the spirit of Christmas by giving back to others who need it most. Cook, donate and serve a meal at a homeless shelter. Buy and wrap presents for children who wouldn’t have gifts otherwise. Donate gently used items to charities and thrift stores. There are a million charities and events out there just waiting for people like you to help.

It’s the beginning of December. Start now and keep checking back for other ideas throughout the month. Stop by one or both of the Connell’s locations in Mt. Vernon and Newark for gift-giving ideas and beautiful home furnishings. Plus visit us on Facebook to let us know how the month is going for you! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


Nov 2011 – Rating 9.4 out of 10

City Rating Customer Comments Resolution
Alexandria 10 The Salespeople And The Manager Made This A Great Experience.
Alexandria 10 I Did Shop Around And Went Back Because Of The Person I Dealt With.
Alvin 10 Friendly Service.
Bellville 9 I Would Not Recommend The Saleswoman Who Assisted Me.  She Put My Name Wrong On The Order, Was Not Helpful, Knowledgeable Or Efficient.  It Would Have Helped If There Was Another Salesperson Because She Was Helping Several People At The Same Time.
Bellville 10 The Furniture And The Staff’s Good. They Stand Behind Everything.
Centerburg 10 They Did A Really Good Job.
Columbus 10 Gianna, The Saleswoman Was Very Nice.  I Liked The Furniture And Picked Out What I Wanted.  The Delivery People Were Very Careful And Polite.  Everything Was Great.
They Set Up The Tv Stand For Me.  I Would Recommend Connell’s To Anybody.
Croton 10 I Was Waited On Right Away. They Helped Me To Make The Right Decision.
Danville 10 Ashley Was Excellent.
Frazeysburg 7 The Salesperson Was Not Very Well Informed.  He Told Us Things That Were Not Correct And What We Thought We Ordered Did Not Show Up.  There Was A Lot Of Confusion.  The New Salespeople Should Be Trained Better. Miscommunication! Oops! We resolved the issue immediately upon finding out what customer expected to receive. Delivered complete.
Fredericktown 10 They Are Helpful And A Good Company To Buy Furniture From.
Fredericktown 10 I Have Dealt With Them For Twenty Years
Granville 8 My Experience Was Okay.
Granville 10 The Staff Were Very Cooperative And Helpful When We Had A Problem.
Heath 10 The Friendly  Sales And Delivery People Made This A Great Experience.
Heath 10 We Have Dealt With Connells For Several Years. They Have Always Delivered Promptly And Addressed Our Concerns.
Heath 10 The Gal Was Very Helpful, Answered My Questions.
Hebron 10 We Went To Several Stores, But We Felt At Ease With Our Salesperson.  She Let Us Browse Through The Store And Listened To What We Had To Say.  We Liked Her Salesmanship And She Was Not Pushy.
Hebron 8 Work  With Me A Little More On The Price.
Howard 10 I Have Dealt With Them For Years And I Have Never Had A Problem With Them.
Howard 10 The Sales People Are Nice, The Prices Are Good, And I Always Find What I Am Looking For.
Howard 9 The Girl Who Assisted Us Was Very Good.
Howard 8 The Sales Girl Promised That We Could Get A Piece Of Furniture.  But She Came Back A Week Later And Said That We Could Not Get What We Wanted.  She Should Not Have Made Promises She Could Not Keep. Date of Sale 10/08, manufacturer notified us of discontinued mdse 10/12, we notified customer right away, & refunded money immediately.  We were un aware of this mdse being unavailable @ factory when customer ordered it. Remainder of mdse was delivered complete 10/31/11, customer was quoted 45 day arrival.
Howard 10 I Have Purchased From The Store Several Times.  Lisa Is Really Good At Pointing Out Materials And Things.
Howard 10 They Had What I Wanted, Sales People And Delivery Was Great.
Howard 8 The Delivery Staff Call Before They Come Out.
Johnstown 10 We Have Shopped There Before And Had A Great Experience, Which Is Why We Returned.  I Like That I Can Stroll Around Before Being Approached.  I Prefer To Shop This Way And Will Definitely Return.  The Sales People Were Great.
Johnstown 9 They Were Efficient, Nice, Actually Moved My Furniture Three Times Before I Knew Where I Wanted It. They Were Very Nice Gentleman.
Marengo 10 It Was A Good In Store Experience And The Delivery Was On Time.
Marengo 5
Marion 10 I Was Not Pressured To Buy Anything, The Staff Was Very Friendly And They Have Extremely Wonderful Customer Service.  The Associate Was Very Informative And Gave Us Time To Look Around.
Millersport 8 There Is Nothing I Can Think Of.
Millersport 10 Everyone Was Friendly And Helpful. This Was My First Time In The Store And They Had Exactly What I Was Looking To Purchase.
Mount Gilead 10 I Am Not Sure.
Mount Vernon 10 We Got What We Wanted.
Mount Vernon 10 They Have Good Quality Furniture.
Mount Vernon 10 We Like The Furniture.
Mount Vernon 10 We Find The Price, Quality, Sales Associates And Delivery People Are All Great.
Mount Vernon 10 I Have Dealt With Them Before And I Was Happy.  I Am A Long-Time Customer And Am Quite Content With Them.
Mount Vernon 10 Lisa Was Awesome.  She Would Call Me Back Periodically And Give Me Updates And Never Made Me Feel Like I Was Being Left Behind.  I Would Definitely Return Because Of Her.
Mount Vernon 10 The Sales Team Was Knowledgeable And Honest.  Price Did Not Dictate What They Thought Was The Best Product.  The Delivery Service Was Prompt And Nice.  They Were Aware Of How To Maneuver Around The House.  It Was A Great Experience.
Mount Vernon 9 They Did Everything They Said They Would Do. They Were Right On Time.
Mount Vernon 9 The Girls Who Assisted Me Made This A Great Experience.
Mount Vernon 7 The Store Should Have Things In Stock.  They Should Not Charge For Delivery. Date of Sale 11/08, Date of Delivery 11/09!  Customer paid our next day delivery fee of $59.95. We have convenient warehouse hours for customer’s that would rather pick up their new furniture, rather than pay our low delivery fee.
Mount Vernon 9 They Acted As If They Cared.
Mount Vernon 8 It Was Kind Of Expensive But Worth The Money.
Mount Vernon 7 I Was Satisfied With My Experience.
Mount Vernon 10 I Walked In, Purchased The Item And They Delivered It.
Mount Vernon 10 Their Customer Service Was Excellent.
Mount Vernon 10 They Are Easy To Work With And Steve Helped Me To Figure Out What I Wanted..
Mount Vernon 9 We Have Been There Before, Really Enjoy Staff And The Delivery.
Mount Vernon 10 The Person That Took Care Of Me.
Mount Vernon 10 The Store Is Local.
Newark 10 I Have Dealt With Them Before And Have Always Been Satisfied.
Newark 10 I Have Bought Several Things And All The Sales People Have Been Very Kind And Helpful.
Newark 10 Every Time I Go Into The Store, Larry Or Another Salesperson Show Me All The Options.  They Are Very Helpful.  They Bend Over Backwards Making It A Nice Experience And I Have Already Told Others About The Store.
Newark 10 The Salesperson Was Really Nice And Helpful.
Newark 10 We Are Long Time Customers.  Everything Went As I Expected.  It Was Great.
Newark 10 It Was Easy.
Newark 10 I Am Pleased With The Furniture.
Newark 9 They Were Just Easy And Friendly.
Newark 8 Nothing, I Am Happy With It.
Newark 10 Noah Was Very Helpful.
Newark 10 The Staff Is Friendly. I Did Not Have To Wait For Help And The  Delivery Was On Time.
Newark 10 Good Service.
Newark 10 The Man That Sold The Furniture To Us Was Very Polite And Informative.
Newark 7 They Should Not Have Told Me It Would Be Here If They Did Not Have It In Stock. The Other Items I Am Happy With, The Delivery, Just Not With Not Receiving The Trunk. Date of Sale 10/17-Date of cancellation 11/17. Customer was quoted 45 day arrival. We contacted manufacturer end of October & was told mdse was on back-order, informed customer of status.  We contacted manufacturer middle of November to get updated shipping information & was informed by manufacturer mdse still out of stock & would not be able to get it, due to production issues. Informed customer of this information.
Newark 10 They Let Us Shop At Our Leisure, Knew Our Information, Were Very Personable.
Newark 9 They Had What We Wanted.
Newark 9 We Have Been Going There For Years. Steve Is The Store Manager.
Newark 8 I Would Like It To Be Easier To Communicate With The Store.
Saint Louisville 10 The Staff Was Very Pleasant And Respectful.  There Was No Problem In Exchanging Our Purchase For A Different Item.
Saint Louisville 10 The Staff Is Friendly And Helpful.
Thornville 8 We Have Dealt With Connell’s Many Times And Have Not Had Any Problems With Them.
Thornville 10 Everything Went Well.
Utica 10 The Selection Is Good, The Store Is Clean And I Appreciated Everything About It.  The Staff Are Nice And Courteous.
Warsaw 10 I Really Like Their Store, The Variety And They Are Very Friendly.
Zanesville 10 This Is A Nice Store.
Zanesville 10 Great Value For The Price And A Decent Selection.