Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Do You Know Your Design Style?


With so many choices of furniture and accessories, defining your design style may be difficult. Luckily, sticking to strict rules regarding design isn’t as important as it used to be. Still, there are a few distinct styles of furniture to choose from. Your decision is whether or not to strictly use one style or to mix and match them to fit your needs, personality and living space. Here are a few styles, along with their characteristics:

Traditional design style is elegant with attention to detail. Its classic, calm, orderly look is the most popular style in America. Lines are curved and there may be additional fine detailing in a rich colored woodwork such as cherry. Colors are muted and fabrics are rich.

Transitional style is neither traditional nor contemporary, but somewhere in between. History is preserved in some pieces of furniture, while others get sleeker lines and an updated feel to them. In a transitional style home, curves and straight lines are present. Wood color remains rich and other colors throughout the home are often muted, relying more on texture than color to complete the design scheme.

Contemporary and modern style both feature clean, straight lines and more solid colors than traditional or transitional. Mirrors and mirrored pieces of furniture along with polished silver are prevalent. Geometric shapes and a sense of openness gives contemporary style a minimalist feel. The use of bright colors is found more often in modern style than in traditional.

Country style has a distinct feel to it. More casual than traditional and warmer than contemporary, country style features lighter colored woodwork for the furniture. Soft floral and gingham prints are used in shades of red. Black and soft white are also used a lot in this style.

Eclectic style is much harder to define as it borrows from several design styles. For an eclectic style to work, central themes must tie the room together. Colors can vary and the background is often neutral with pops of color throughout the room. Furniture finishes are mixed and the use of old and new are typically incorporated. Imagination and surprise is a sensed in an eclectic room.  Antiques and flea market finds are sometimes re-purposed and mixed with new contemporary looking pieces.

Stop by either of Connell’s locations in Mt. Vernon or Newark to see furniture and accessories in each of these unique styles, then decide for yourself what your style is.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mar – 2012 – 9.3 out of 10

City Rating Comments Resolution
Centerburg 10 I Walked In The Door And Saw What I Wanted.  The Sales Staff Was Helpful
Frazeysburg 10 Everything Was Here When They Said.  They Were Kind And Courteous And We Did Not Get The Runaround
Fredericktown 8 Nothing
Fredericktown 9 We’ve Dealt With Them In The Past And Have Always Had Good Response From Them
Fredericktown 10 Staff Member Larry Was Nice To Us.
Fredericktown 5 Date of Purchase 03/08, Date of Delivery 03/12. No issues or problems reported.
Fredericktown 7 More Accurate Delivery Time. Date of Purchase 12/31, customer quoted 30 day delivery, Customer was notified regarding delay at the factory, Partial delivery was made at NO charge due to factory delay.
Granville 9 Good Value And Good Service
Granville 8 There Was A Slit In The In Chair When It Was Delivered And I Have Not Been Contacted By Connells Yet
Heath 10 I Like The Showroom.  They Have Good Prices And Good Service.
Heath 10 I Was Happy With The Salesperson And The Delivery Staff.  I Also Liked The Overall Look Of The Store.
Hebron 10 They Were Very Helpful
Howard 10 We Know The Owner; Home Town Feel
Howard 10 They Were Very Helpful And I Love The Chair I Bought
Howard 10 We Had Excellent Customer Service When We Were At The Store.  They Are Very Good About Calling About The Delivery And Showing Up When They Say They Will.
Howard 10 They Make You Feel Like They Were Interested In The Product They Are Selling And They Answered My Questions
Howard 10 They Are Great People To Work With.  There Is The 5 Day Policy If Unsatisfied.
Howard 10 They Help You Find What You Want And Help You Pick It Out. It’s Always Something You Want
Howard 10 They Had Plan Where You Can Take The Furniture Home And Try It For 5 Days And Then Take It Back. I Was Not Satisfied And They Came And Picked It Up And Brought The New Selection With No Problems.
Johnstown 10 The Staff And Location.  I Like That They Have Cash Price And Finance Price
Johnstown 6 What They Had On The Floor Was Not Available And That Was Annoying Date of Purchase 03/14, Date of Delivery 03/20.  It is impossible for us to stock everything that we show on our showroom floors. We do try to keep incoming stock on order for quick delivery for customers.
Mansfield 10 I Was Happy With The Delivery And The Way I Was Handled.
Mount Gilead 9 I Liked The Sales Lady.
Mount Vernon 9 I Have Dealt With Them For Years And Never Had Any Problems
Mount Vernon 7 Everything Is Okay
Mount Vernon 8 It Was A Pleasant Experience But We Had Issues With Dresser Drawer That Was Purchased
Mount Vernon 10 Location; Variety Of Items.  The Salesperson Was Excellent And We Have Gone There For Many Years.  They Have Competitive Prices
Mount Vernon 10 If I Have A Problem They Try To Take Care Of It
Mount Vernon 9 I Bought What I Wanted; The Staff Was Nice
Mount Vernon 10 I Have Always Bought My Furniture There And I Have Never Had Any Problems
Mount Vernon 10 My Son Buys A Lot Of Furniture From Them And Has Been Satisfied. So We Decided To Try It.
Mount Vernon 10 The Associate We Worked With Made Everything Easy And It Went Smoothly.
Mount Vernon 8 I Don’t Know
Mount Vernon 10 Linda Was Great
Mount Vernon 5 I Don’t Know Manufacturers warranty claim. Date of purchase 03/20, Date of Delivery 03/22
Mount Vernon 9 They Seemed Interested That I Was Satisfied With The Product
Mount Vernon 10 The Patience That He Gave When I Was Trying To Decide And The Price
Mount Vernon 10 We Have Purchased Furniture Before. Their Customer Service Is Top Notch.  I Like To Do Business Locally.
Mount Vernon 10 We Have Dealt With Them Before.
Mount Vernon 9 The Woman Who Assisted Us Was Helpful. She Explained Things To Us.  She Was Knowledgeable.
Mount Vernon 10 The Quality And The Service.
Mount Vernon 10 The Delivery Staff Was Very Nice And Professional, Larry The Manager Does A Good Job
Mount Vernon 10 Friendly Staff And Quick Delivery
Neward 9 I Liked The Way The Salesperson Helped Us
Newark 9 They Had What I Wanted
Newark 8 Selection; It Was Unorganized
Newark 10 I Received My Merchandise The Next Day And Set Up.
Newark 10 It Is Easy
Newark 10 I Have Been A Customer Since 1970
Newark 10 We Found What We Liked
Newark 10 They Were The Cheapest
Newark 10 I Enjoyed It
Newark 10 The Salesperson Was Very Nice And Polite. It’s Right Next Door To Where I Live.
Newark 5 We Had Problems With Them Not Delivering When They Said They Were Going To Date of Purchase 03/03, Date of Delivery 03/23, wrote up extra piece that we discovered customer did not need with bed they purchased.
Newark 10 The Men Who Handled The Delivery Were Excellent. They  Were Able To Get Everything In And Out Of The Bedroom And They Arrived When They Said They Would.
Newark 10 They Have Really Good Sales People, A Good Selection And  The Delivery Guys Were Great. They Did An Excellent Job With The Delivery. It Was Really Smooth.
Newark 10 Have Purchase From The Store Before. The Prices Are Competitive And Everyone Is Very Professional.
Newark 10 The Salesperson Made It A Great Experience.
Newark 10 The Salesperson Was Nice And We Are Happy With The Furniture.
Newark 9 They Were Helpful
Newark 10 This Was The Best Of The Three Placed We Looked At For A Chair, And Gianna Was Very Pleasant.
Saint Louisville 10 The People Are Really Pleasant.
Sparta 10 They Spend A Lot Of Time With You. They Try To Help You Find Exactly What You Are Looking For. They Listen To You And Do Not Try To Rush You. They Were Very Patient When I Explained What I Was Looking For.
Thornville 10 Good Customer Service
Utica 10 Noah, The Salesman, Was A Great Guy. His Recommendation For Chairs Was Great.
Utica 8 I Don’t Know Yet. I Have Had The Couch For A Week And The Stuffing Is Breaking Down Already. I Want To See How It Is Resolved. Date of Purchase 02/27-Date of Delivery 03/29, Date of Service 03/22-Date of service Completion 03/29. ALL Resolved
Walhonding 10 The Salesperson Was Very Good And The 5 Day No Ups Thing Is A Great Idea.
Thursday, May 31, 2012

Summertime, Here We Come!


We just celebrated the Memorial Day Holiday, which means it’s officially SUMMERTIME. Sure, Summer Solstice is technically on June 21st, but for all intents and purposes, Memorial Day kicks off summer ’round these parts. Pools are open, kids are out of school, days are hotter, ac is now a necessity and the energy around the season is just different than it was a month ago. Kick off summer right with Connell’s. We’re having sales and promotions every month this summer. Stop in and pick up that just right piece for your home. Live a little. Celebrate summer by slowing down enough to enjoy the season – and your family and friends. Take some cues from us – we’ve got great ideas for you.

Plan a celebration! Once a week or once a month, plan something. Whether it’s a cookout, a wine tasting party or Sunday brunch, the weather is typically nice throughout the summer months and it is the perfect time to gather family and friends. Use your outdoor spaces as well as indoor. Take advantage of it! We don’t get this weather year ’round.

Just chill. String up a hammock and enjoy the peace and quiet of a summer evening or Saturday morning. Drink some lemonade and devour a good book. Take time to breathe in the summer scents and enjoy the visually pleasing sights of your surroundings.

Life’s a beach. Around Ohio there are great beaches to enjoy on a hot summer day. We may not have the ocean nearby, but we do have a few gorgeous bodies of water where we can swim, hike, canoe and kayak throughout the summer months.

What about the dog days of summer? Take the dogs for a walk in the woods or on a swim in a local pond if you have one nearby. They’ll love you for it and the family will have fun watching their joy.

Plant a garden. Eat local this summer – right from your very own backyard. Start small and simply with tomatoes, onions and pepper varieties. Throw in cilantro for good measure and you have all you need for homemade salsa!

Freshen up your home. Summertime is the perfect time to clear clutter and freshen up your home with new home furnishings and accessories. Open windows to let the fresh air in and invite your family to help you get rid of things that have been lying around for a long time. Have a yard sale and then use the proceeds to buy one cool thing for the home that the whole family can use.

Whatever you do, slow down this summer. Smell the fresh cut grass, listen to your kids, enjoy your home – whether inside or out. Celebrate! Stop in to one of the two Connell’s location in Mount Vernon and Newark for great values, beautiful home furnishings and ideas and inspiration to make your house a home.


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Inspire Your Life with Design

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Design inspires our lives. We all have homes and many of us like to decorate. That’s why Connell’s Furniture and Mattresses features design tips and decorating ideas in this blog. As we explore interior design – both past and present – we ask you to think about why you design the way you do. How do you choose furniture and accessories when you shop? This week we want to hear from you! Your design feedback and ideas will help us help you.

The history of interior design is vague as to its beginning. Some historians speculate it started with cavemen drawing in their caves and utilizing different areas for various functions, depending on light and other natural resources. Briefly going back in time, most experts agree however, that the first sign of purposeful design originated with the lavishly decorated Egyptian tombs.

Moving forward to the time of the Renaissance, art and architecture were at the forefront and interior design began to take shape. Form and function were still important, but the wealthy lavishly styled their homes with luxury and beauty in mind. Churches and other interesting architectural structures also formed the beginning of design as we know it today.

Early American design featured artisanship and function, while the Industrial Revolution literally revolutionized how we see and use our homes today. Throughout the last 100 years, items for the home became affordable for the masses. With a wide variety of furniture, accessories, electronics and appliances, most Americans have a multitude of choices. Shouldn’t you choose wisely the items placed in your home, as you spend the majority of your time there?

We want to hear from you. Why do you choose the pieces you do for your home? Is it simply for form or function? Does beauty appeal to you? Do you entertain? Have a family? What about comfort, brand name and quality? No matter your reason or taste, we offer furniture and styles for everyone. Leave us a comment, then stop in to see a Connell’s sales representative to learn more. Be sure to return regularly for design topics and other topics related to your home.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Home Office Ideas

A home office can keep you sane and organized. Whether you work from home or need a space to centralize your family’s activities, here are a few ideas to keep in mind when organizing a home office.

Determine your needs first, then identify the space you will use. How much physical space can you devote to an office? Will this solely be a work space or will it be a family organizing area? Should you devote an entire room for an office, or would a corner or closet work well for you?   Keep productivity in mind by choosing a space that keeps foot traffic and noise to a minimum, especially if you are working from home. If your home office is solely for family purposes, what area of the home makes the most sense to keep things centralized and organized?

Utilize vertical space as well as horizontal. Most of us spread our belongings horizontally throughout the home. Install shelves which extend from the floor to the ceiling to provide storage and make the most of the space. This is especially crucial in smaller areas. Place items most used within close reach, while storing unused items such as photos and memorabilia on the top shelves.

Bring nature in. Working for long periods of time in an unnatural environment is detrimental to your health and well-being. Find a room or space that utilizes as much natural light as possible. Hang artwork which includes nature. Bring in live plants to provide beautiful color, texture and detail. They will enliven the space and provide oxygen to the brain throughout the day, keeping you productive.

Make it versatile. If you’ve devoted an entire room to your home office, you will likely want to use it for other family purposes outside of work. Obvious essentials are a desk, office chair, shelving, storage and lighting. Place another small chair or chair set, end table and light to add this home element to your office. Move from your desk to the additional seating area if entertaining a client and when reading or reviewing work. Having these additional spaces within the home office gives it an ascetically pleasing look, lets you have perspective throughout the day, and provides more options for the family.

Minimize clutter. Many home offices become the gathering place for everything paper: mail, school calendars, receipts, bills, work notes, even old homework. Clear piles of paper by sorting and organizing into files, recyclable items and trash. Donate your old clunky computer to charity and invest in a laptop or desktop computer with a flat panel monitor to provide more workspace.

Stop by one of the two Connell’s locations in Mt. Vernon and Newark today and talk to your sales representative about these and other ideas to properly design your home office.

Monday, June 25, 2012

April – 2012 – 9.4 out of 10

City Rating Comments Resolution
Brinkhaven 10 Lisa, The Salesperson, Was Great.
Cambridge 10 I Did Not Have Any Body Breathing Down My Neck, Treated Well At Connells
Centerburg 10 I Have Dealt With The Store In The Past.
Centerburg 10 I Guess Attention To The Detail Of What Our Needs Were. Probably The Patience Of The Saleslady. She Didn’t Seem To Be Pushing Of A Sale At All.
Centerburg 10 When They Delivered The First Set Of Furniture We Were Not Happy With It And They Delivered New Furniture A Bed Footboard And A Chest.
Danville 9 I Got What I Wanted.
Danville 10 I Ordered The Furniture And It Turned Up The Next Day
Fredericktown 10 We Have Always Dealt With The Store. We Have Made A Lot Of Purchases There.
Fredericktown 10 Just Because I Walked In And It Was There. We’ve Always Dealt With Connells Since I’ve Been Married.
Gambier 10 It Was Easy And Friendly Service.
Gambier 10 They Are Local And Had What We Wanted.
Granville 10 They Were Knowledgeable And Not Pushy. The Delivery People Were Wonderful And Took Care. It Was Very Nice Experience.
Heath 10 The Delivery Staff Were Polite And Well Trained.
Heath 6 We Had To Wait Almost One Month For Our Merchandise, Then We Had To Wait Another Month For A Part That Was Missing.
Howard 10 Everybody Was Great. They Were More Than Helpful.
Howard 10 They Were Helpful, Timely Delivery, Variety, Nice People.
Howard 8 Printer Was Not In Stock, But Everything Was Fine
Howard 10 The Quality And The Lady That Helps Me In The Store
Johnstown 8 I Had To Keep Calling Them For The Status Of Our Order, They Did Not Call Me.
Johnstown 10 The Salesman I Used To Deal With Quit. Now They Have A Hot Chick. They’re People Are Friendly
Johnstown 10 I Ordered Over The Phone But I Had Problems Ordering Online.
Mount Gilead 10 I Liked What I Found Down There.
Mount Vernon 10 The Person Who Sold Us The Couch Was Very Friendly
Mount Vernon 10 Ashley Was Absolutely Wonderful. She Was Lovely And Gave Us The Best Customer Service I Have Had In A Long Time. The Delivery Staff Was Also Great.
Mount Vernon 9 My Experience Was Wonderful. Everything Was Fine.
Mount Vernon 10 The Saleswoman Was Very Helpful. I Thought Everything Was Handled Really Well.
Mount Vernon 9 The Process Was Pretty Easy And I Got What I Wanted.
Mount Vernon 4 There Were Some Marks On Some Of The Pieces. They Exchanged It And There Were Marks On The Replacement As Well. I Contacted Larry. He Said He Might Have Something On The Floor, But He Never Got Back To Me.
Mount Vernon 10 The Sales Person, Lisa Payne.
Mount Vernon 10 The Saleswoman, Lisa, Was Informative And Not Pushy. She Left Me Alone And Needed What I Needed To Do. We Chatted And We Decided On My Purchase.
Mount Vernon 10 We Love The Furniture And It’s A Great Store. Larry Was Fantastic With Us.
Mount Vernon 10 I Have Dealt With You Before.  I Know The Salesman And I Believe That You Spend Your Money Locally.
Mount Vernon 10 The Sales Lady.
Mount Vernon 10 Every Time We Go In You Have Friendly Helpful People.  If You Do Not Have It In The Show Room, You Have It In The Catalog.
Mount Vernon 10 They Were Very Friendly And Informative
Mount Vernon 8 Is There Any Way To Get The Furniture That I Ordered In Faster? I Bought A Chair And It Took 2 Months To Get Here.
Mount Vernon 10 I’ve Dealt With Them For 20 Years, They’re Not New To Me
Mount Vernon 10 The Salesman Was Very Good
Mount Vernon 7 Impressed With The Store And The Furniture We Bought
Mount Vernon 10 Lisa Is The Sales Person And Is The Reason I Go Back Every Time
Mount Vernon 9 The Girl That Waited On Me, I Think Her Name Was Julie.
Mount Vernon 10 I Like The Fact That The Delivery Person Was Clean And I Did Not Have To Pick Up After Them.
Mount Vernon 10 We Have Been Buying From Connells For Thirty Years And Have Had No Issues
Newarck 10 The Guys Were Real Good, Very Helpful, And Explained Everything Well To Me. My Husband Loves The Chair, I Can Hardly Get Him Out Of It.
Newark 7 They Should Make Their Deliveries When They Say They Will.
Newark 10 I Got What I Wanted And The Clerks Were Friendly.
Newark 10 I Have Dealt With Them Before.  I Love The Styles They Have, And The Great People They Have Working For Them.
Newark 10 Our Sales Girl.
Newark 9 Very Helpful, Worked With Me To Get What I Wanted.
Newark 9 The People Were Nice.
Newark 10 We’ve Dealt With Connell’s In The Past And They Responded To Our Mattress Problem And They Are Willing To Work With You.
Newark 8 It’s Kind Of Hard To Pick Furniture And Not See It. We Ordered In A Different Color And All That.
Newark 10 Everything I Buy There I Like.
Newark 10 Good Choices
Newark 6
Newark 10 Have Good Prices, Delivery Was When They Said
Newark 9 We Found What We Wanted, It Was Delivered The Next Day, And The Price Was Right
Newark 10 We Purchased Here Before, And We Are Very Satisfied.
Newark 7 The Delivery, It Seemed Like They Were Not Very Responsive To A Question That I Had. I Had Called The Day Before To Get My Delivery And They Were Not Responsive.
Newark 9 They Are Very Helpful And They Had What I Wanted In Stock.
Newark 10 They Were Very Helpful. I Was Unsure And They Let Me Take My Time.
Pataskala 10 It Was Nice Service
Sunbury 10 They’re Really Good To Work With
Thornville 10 I Miss Linda. She Retired, But Noah Was Fine. He Took Good Care Of Me. I Was In And Out Of The Store Quickly.
Utica 10 The Friendliness And Willingness Of Staff.
Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Happy Fourth of July

Fireworks, sparklers, family, friends, food, fun and more . . . welcome the 4th of July holiday. Whether you’re a low-key kinda guy or a girl who likes to go all out, you’ve come to the right place for holiday celebration ideas. Each fourth of July, we celebrate our independence and we celebrate each other. Right smack in the middle of summer break, Independence Day is the perfect holiday to spend with family and friends. Read on to learn more and decide how you’ll spend your 4th of July holiday this year.

Hold an old fashion backyard barbeque. Whether it’s burgers and brats you seek or pulled pork over a smoker, no one can resist a barbeque. The fourth of July is the perfect time for a party as such because of all the garden varieties that are now available – corn on the cob, tomatoes, peppers, broccoli and cauliflower. Big or small, a barbeque is sure to please.

What about a simple picnic in the park? When was the last time you packed a lunch and headed to the park? The simplicity of it is perfect and the kids will be delighted. There are so many parks around Central Ohio to enjoy, all with varying sights and scenes. Many of the parks also have trails connecting them to others if you want to get some exercise with the family after devouring grandma’s famous chocolate cake.

Attend a concert. Check the internet or local paper and get out to listen to live music somewhere. Free and low cost concerts of all types abound. Round up the kids and show them how to really dance!

Chill out on – or in – the water. Rent a boat, jet ski, canoe, kayak or paddleboat for the day. If that’s not your thing, take the kids swimming at the local pool or lake. If we get the heat we are expecting this week, spending time around water will be the perfect way to spend the fourth of July.

Don’t forget the fireworks. There are Independence Day firework celebrations all around Central Ohio and many of them occur on different nights. Plan it just so and you might manage to take in two or three of these fantastic colorful displays this year.

Buy something new for your home. We couldn’t leave this one out, but you also don’t want us to! The middle of the summer is the perfect time to find that just right piece at a price you won’t get any other time of the year.

Stop in to one of the two Connell’s locations today in Mt. Vernon and Newark and let us know how we can help you celebrate in style!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

May- 2012 – 8.9 out of 10

City Rating Comments Resolution
Ashland 10 I Like That They Had It In Stock. They Were Helpful.
Canal Winchester 10 I Think It’s A Better Experience Then The Chain Stores.
Centerburg 10 Lisa Was Very Helpful And Very Patient With Us
Centerburg 10 The Selection That We Had And The Way They Arranged The Delivery To Fit Our Schedule.
Fredericktown 8 I Don’t Know
Fredericktown 10 The Help That I Got.  The Sales Rep That Helped Me Piece Everything Together That I Wanted
Fredericktown 10 A Good Sales Person And They Did What They Said They Were Going To Do.
Fredericktown 10 They Were Very Helpful To Find What I Needed.
Fredericktown 6 We Are Still Doing Business With Them, Waiting For Them To Come Out To House And Do The Service, Still Waiting On A Service Call. Date of Sale 05/19, Date of Delivery 06/01, , service call was completed & determined to replace with new. Replacement delivered 06/29
Gambier 10 It’s Close To Home And I Like The Store.
Gambier 10 The People Were Polite But I Was Not Pressured. I Made My Decisions And No One Was Breathing Over Me.
Gambier 10 The Way It Was Displayed And Salesperson Was Nice
Granville 9 Good Service.  The People We Worked With Were Enjoyable To Work With.
Granville 8 We Had To Send The First Couch Back Because The Seams Kept Ripping Out.
Granville 8 There Was A Little Communication Problem Regarding An Extra Mattresses That Ended Up Being Taken As Originally Requested.
Granville 10 My Husband Did The Purchasing.  I Was Only Involved With The Delivery And That Was Excellent.
Heath 10 We Liked The Selection And Quality. The Salesperson Was Good.  They Held It While I Was Getting Carpet.
Howard 8 It Was Pretty Good Experience. I Did Not Have Any Problems With It. The Manager Larry Did A Really Good Job With It.
Howard 10 Just The Way They Treated Us.
Howard 10 From The Minute We Hit The Door, Lisa Was Not Pushy But Informative. I Was Free To Browse. We Moved Items Around The Store And She Encouraged Us To Do What Was Needed. The Price Is Reasonable. I Have No Negatives Except When They Delivered The Cabinet
Howard 10 Salesperson Was Very Helpful And Delivery Staff Was Great
Howard 10 They Have Always Done Everything I Have Asked.
Howard 8 Lower Prices. We have a Price match guarantee! If you find the same exact furniture elsewhere, we will not only match their price, but will give you an additional $50.00 off!
Howard 10 The Product, But Definitely The Customer Service.
Howard 10 Extremely Helpful And The Delivery Staff Was Great
Howard 10 We Have Dealt With Lisa The Twelve Years We Have Lived Here And Have Always Received Good Advice.
Johnstown 8 They Were Ready And Available For Any Questions I Had And I Was Not Pressured.
Mount Vernon 10 The Salesperson Was Very Helpful And Flexible, Listened To Me And Kept In Contact.
Mount Vernon 5 Date of sale 03/03, Date of delivery 05/13, customer quoted 45 day arrival.  Fabric delay from manufacturer, customer was informed periodically throughout.
Mount Vernon 9 We Had A Problem With A Couch And They Replaced It. The Fabric Started Wearing Very Badly.
Mount Vernon 10 They Were Not Following Me. When I Had Questions They Answered Them. The Suggested An Alternative And It Worked Out Perfect. Nice, Courteous And I Will Go Back.
Mount Vernon 10 We Have Bought Almost Off Of Our Furniture From Them. They Have Things There When They Say They Will. Delivery People Do Their Job Well.
Mount Vernon 7 This Time Was Very Good.  I Specifically Told Them On The Delivery Do Not Pull In To The Driveway, And They Did. I Was Not Happy With That.
Mount Vernon 10 They Let Me Make Up My Own Mind.
Mount Vernon 9 I Had Purchased A Couch And End Tables A Couple Of Years Ago. I Decided To Go Back And Look At A Chair.
Mount Vernon 8 I Am Pretty Satisfied.
Mount Vernon 10 I Shop There Quite A Bit. I Know Everybody. Personal Service.
Mount Vernon 10 No Pressure, Helpful Information, Good Quality Furniture, Delivery Went Well. The Whole Experience Was Good.
Mount Vernon 8 The Store Should Extend The Hours Of Business.
Newark 5 The Ownership Has Changed, They Did Not Have Any Coffee Or Cookies In The Waiting Room.
Newark 10 We’ve Bought A Lot Of Furniture And They Have Been Very Helpful.  If There Are Any Questions, They Take Care Of It And They Are Good People To Work With.
Newark 10 The Quality Of The Furniture And The Installation. The Man Was Real Nice And Did A Good Job. We Were Happy.
Newark 8 Some Of The Items Delivered Were Damaged.
Newark 10 They Answered Any Question We Had Promptly.
Newark 8 I Was Not Happy With The Manager Customer purchased 2 separate times, both times customer used our Layaway plan & everything seemed to go smoothly.
Newark 7 They Did Not Order The Right Fabric And They Wanted To Charge Me The Difference Of The Fabric; They Should Absorb The Cost For Their Error Service Manufacturer issues. We Allowed customer to reselect after over a year of orginal delivery, customer reselection was more than originally purchased & was charged the difference
Newark 10 They Showed Me What I Wanted To See, And Found Me What I Wanted.
Newark 10 It Was Easy To Shop; I Felt Like It Was A Buyer’s Place
Newark 8 I Do Not Think Anything.
Newark 8 I Don’t Know
Newark 10 Nice Furniture And It Is Easy To Work With.  The Staff Is Very Helpful.
Newark 10 They Did Not Pressure Me And They Were Quick, Polite And Answered All My Questions
Newark 1 Date of Sale 05/26, Date of Delivery 06/01, Not sure why we recvd a 1???
Newark 10 I Have Done Business With Connell’s For A Lot Of Years.
Newark 4 We Were Very Unhappy With Our Experience.  We Ordered The Couch And 13 Weeks Later We Got It. They Kept Saying It Was Coming And Then They Would Not Work Around Our Schedule For Delivery. They Wanted To Charge Extra To Have It Delivered When We Wanted. Date of Sale 03/10, Date of Delivery 05/24, Customer quoted 45 day arrival. Oops! A communication failure on our behalf, Customer was notified throughout with updates from factory as to shipping information, BUT we failed to notify customer immediately of merchandise arriving for scheduling delivery to their home.
Thornville 10 They Worked With Us, Got Us What We Wanted, Everything Was Great.
Thornville 10 Selection.
Utica 10 Very Helpful, They Gladly Took Back The Furniture That We Did Not Like.
Utica 10 We Have Dealt With Connell’s Several Times And The Quality Is Good.
Walhonding 10 We Shopped There Before With No Problems.
Warsaw 10 They Helped Us Right Away, Did Not Hover, Answered Our Questions.
Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Take Care of Yourself – And Your Home!


It’s Summertime. Yay! The season invites a plethora of activities – socializing, sports and outdoor fun. Luckily we have more energy in the summer with the warmer, brighter and longer days. Don’t drain yourself with all the get up and go! Take time to pamper yourself so you feel energized and ready for the beautiful days of the season. Read on for ideas to treat yourself like the king or queen of the house you are.

Create a family gathering space. Find a spot in your home and set up a lounging area for family and friends to unwind. Make the space television-free so it invites good old family interaction. The space can be anywhere room allows. Place movable pieces of furniture including chairs, ottomans, loveseats and storage benches in the area. Add throws and pillows for comfort.

Make your bedroom a relaxation haven. We often take care of every other room in the home and ignore our bedroom. Change that! Your bedroom shouldn’t be a catch-all, but a place of rest and rejuvenation. Clear the clutter and get rid of anything that doesn’t invite a clear mental attitude.

  • Place a nightstand next to your bed and keep a book, journal or pen there. Take the time each night for some reading or gratitude reflection and journal writing.
  • Add some extra throw pillows and soft blankets to snuggle in as you doze off to dreamland.
  • Buy a stereo or music player for soft music when its time to relax.
  • Shop for a new mattress if yours is old and not supporting you the way it should be.

Give yourself the comfort and convenience of a reading nook. For ideas on organizing the area, read this post.

Set up a bathroom spa. Create a basket or box for an on-the-go spa experience. Keep it neat and organized so you can reach for it anytime you need a quick pick me up! Include the following:

  • A nail kit complete with cuticle softener, nail files, smoothers, hand moisturizer and nail polish
  • A pedicure kit with sugar (to make a sugar scrub) and foot bath
  • A shower kit with soaps, gels, loofah and scrubs

Nothing says summer like old fashioned ice cream! Get some sundae glasses, cherries, chocolate, sprinkles and an ice cream maker and spend time unwinding in your kitchen with the kids in the evening. I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

Try some of these tips or run into one of the two Connell’s locations in Mt. Vernon or Newark today and talk to a sales associate about ways to turn your home into your own summertime sanctuary. You’ve got the home, family and ideas – we’ve got the goods to make it perfect for you for any occasion.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Summertime Entertainment

Summer has it all – great weather, more entertaining, outdoor sporting events, sunning, swimming, and more. Now that it is mid-summer the kids are well into “summer mode”, not yet ready to go back to school, but often bored with the unscheduled routine summer brings. Get a reliable babysitter or two and get all the kids together for a pool party. They’ll have a blast seeing friends they haven’t seen since school ended, and you’ll have free time for an outing of your own. Plan a party with friends, family and neighbors, then take in the local attractions that summertime has to offer.

Here are some ideas to help you create an evening of entertainment and fun . . .

Celebrate summer with an easy gathering at home. Perhaps a wine tasting party? Ask guests to bring two of the same bottles of wine – one for tasting and one as a party favor for a guest to take home. Choose a particular style to keep the tastes similar, such as chardonnay, a sweet white or riesling. Encourage those who don’t drink to bring a non-alcoholic variety. Keep plenty of ice cold water with lemon on hand in beautiful pitchers to beat the heat.

Don’t forget the details. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but make your party cohesive and pretty with stemless wine glasses, cocktail plates, pretty floral cloth napkins, a summertime table cloth and other fun accessories.

Use the great outdoors. Though it is hot, most folks like to be outdoors in the summer. Use your outdoor spaces as much as possible. Create a beautiful shady spot in your garden or turn your patio or deck into the perfect party spot.

Make your own centerpiece using beautiful hardy fruits or flowers from the garden. A simple platter of lemons, limes and oranges adds color and beauty to the center of your table. Just a few colorful flowers along with pussy willows or twigs is also a simple way to create beauty.

Simple foods fit the bill. Appetizers like bruschetta, chips and salsa, spinach artichoke dip, a colorful salad and shrimp cocktail will allow guests to fill their bellies but not bust a gut.

Don’t neglect your home furnishings. While many may want to be outdoors, the heat can keep some at bay. Take a look at your dwelling. Could you use a new sofa? What about an entertainment center or console? Even just adding a few accessories like pillows, throws and table tops can transform your home at relatively low cost.

Your party is only the pre-party. Make plans to attend a festival, garden or art gallery after your party. Check out these local events and spaces:

As always, stop in to see a Connell’s associate at one of our two locations in Mt. Vernon and Newark for fabulous home furnishings, excellent savings and customer service beyond compare.