Thursday, September 19, 2013

National Furniture Sale Going On Now!


At Connell’s we are always looking for ways to help our customers save money. Right now that is exactly what we are doing during our National Furniture Sale! It’s a LIMITED TIME OFFER, so don’t miss out.

Purchase $499 or more and receive a $100 gift card through September 29th, 2013! Take your purchases INTEREST FREE until 2015. Receive free design services by our professional staff. Look for exceptional values throughout the store and enter to win a FREE $500 gift card!

Stop in to one of the two Connell’s locations in Mt. Vernon or Newark today to take advantage of these and other amazing offers.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Back To School Tips and Tricks


The kids are back in school. Fall sports are in full swing. Is your house ready for all of the hustle and bustle that Fall brings? Let Connell’s help. Here we’ll give you tips and tricks to get your home both school and fall-sports-season ready so you can tackle every day in style and tact. Take heed.

Start each day peacefully. Give yourself some morning time peace by designating a spot in your home just for you, mom (and/or dad). This quiet corner is the perfect place for you to rise, enjoy your morning cup of coffee or tea and spend some time reading, writing and/or in reflection. Tell the kids this quiet spot is off limits until a certain time, and if clutter is left by them, take action to reclaim your little haven. In addition to your “you spot,” organize an area for the kid’s stuff and make them get into the regular habit of placing their school belongings in only that particular spot to make departure hassle free.

Nom nom nom. Set up a “lunch station” in your kitchen. Keep all items that will go in, or be used for lunches in one central area. Anything that gets used regularly will be left out or within easy reach to make lunch-making a breeze.

Make studying a breeze. Homework’s got nothing on you – or your kids. Set up a book nook or study station in one centralized but quiet area of your home. If your kitchen is large enough, set up a desk and small shelving so the kids have an accessible area to work while you are making dinner. Provide them with plenty of light, and fresh air if possible. Add a dry erase or corkboard to keep you and them organized.

Volleyball, Football, Cross Country. Oh My! The Fall sports season is a busy one if you have one child, let alone two, three or a half dozen. Kids are busy from sun up to sun down. The bus leaves in the 6 a.m. hour and they don’t get home until mid afternoon. Add sports to the equation and there is literally only about an hour or two per night of free time. Keep their sports gear, equipment and uniforms organized and in the same location each and every day. Hang uniforms in the same spot so they know where to find them without asking. Keep sports equipment in one spot as well. Charge your kids with the task of taking care of and organizing these items to teach them responsibility.

Chill time is a must. With all of the running around, make down time a regular planned activity at home as well. Create a “lounging zone” in the Family Room or basement made just for family time, as well as a fun spot for the kids and their friends to hang. Add a sectional, end tables, bean bag chairs and futons for uber comfortability. A flat screen television and surround sound completes the ensemble and makes it an area kids are drawn to.

As always, Connell’s has you covered. Stop in to one of our two convenient locations in Mt. Vernon and Newark for beautiful home furnishings at exceptional prices, all backed by our exclusive No Oops Guarantee. Happy Back-To-School time to you!