Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Easy & Effective Storage Solutions

It’s mid February, and while the weather is an indication spring is coming one day, it’s certainly something opposite the next! Nonetheless, it will be here before we know it. After a long winter of being hunkered down inside, get ready to throw open the windows and let the sunshine and fresh air in once spring is finally here. Now is the perfect time for cleaning and clearing clutter that has accumulated throughout the winter months. As always, Connell’s has easy ideas for clearing, de-cluttering and storing to make your life a little bit easier.

Make a grand first impression with an impressive entryway. Convert a bookcase into locker-style storage for your entryway. Hang hooks to give coats and bags an easy landing place and use lidded boxes placed high up high for off-season items.

Your message center no longer has to be messy. Sort everything within your message center in piles according to what they are. Keep contact info and important to do items on the board, while moving outdated items elsewhere. Toss everything you no longer need.

Beautiful bookshelves feel and look at home. Pull everything from your bookshelves. Thoroughly clean the shelves themselves, then reorganize books in alphabetical order, by color or subject, or in some other logical fashion. Recycle magazines and identify a few books to donate.

Create a craft closet to keep your supplies centralized and organized. Identify a closet that you can turn into your crafting or scrapbooking center. Hang shelves, hooks and other storage solutions. Keep most used items at eye level, while storing lesser used items near the top or bottom of the closet.

A clutter-free home office space provides much needed sanity to your busy day. Whether you work from home or just need an office space to keep family organized, try some of these tips. Install wall mount cubes and baskets to hide clutter and give the space an organized stylish feel. Choose a simple, slim desk for your work space and look for a little lamp to free up desk space. A memo board or magnetic board for appointments and important reminders should be placed at eye level when sitting at the desk.

A positively pleasing pantry is possible. Pull everything off shelves and take a good look at the way your panty is configured. Look for storage accessories like trays and baskets to help you store more efficiently. Scrub down shelves then get ready to re-organize. Keep items most frequently used in the most accessible places.

Stop in to one of Connell’s two location in Mt. Vernon or Newark today for more great tips from our design experts. Always expect beautiful home furnishings at exceptional prices with outstanding customer service.



Tuesday, February 19, 2013

December-2012 9.6 out of 10

City Rating Comments Resolution
Newark 10 I Told The Salesperson What I Wanted And She Took Me Right Over To What I Needed.
Newark 10 We Had A Good Salesman. We Weren’t Pressured And He Didn’t Follow Us Around, But Did Follow-Up With Us From Time To Time.  He Was Very Thorough.
Newark 10 We Were Quickly Assisted. The Sales Person Helped Us Out. We Have Been Buying From Them For A While. They Have The Best Deals There.
Newark 10 Ashley Jackson, The Girl That I Worked With, Was Very, Very Helpful.  They Were Also Having A Very Good Sale.
Newark 8 I Have No Comments.
Newark 10 They Are Concerned And Informative.  I Have Purchased From Them For Years.  I Go Back Because Of The Way They Treat Me.  The Delivery Men Were Polite And Considerate.
Newark 10 Delivery Was Hassle Free.  I Called And They Were In And Out.
Conesville 8 The Store Itself Was Great. The Delivery Of The Bed Was Less Than Desirable Because It Came In Broken.  I Had To Wait For The Frame.  I Am Still Waiting For Parts And The Zipper Is Broken.  This Will Be Their Third Trip Out.
Johnstown 8 The Should Offer Free Delivery.
Danville 10 They Made It Quick, Simple And Easy.  They Showed Up On Time.
Mount Vernon 10 We Have Bought From Connell’s For Much Of Our Lives.  They Have Good Quality Furniture.
Newark 9 I Have Dealt With The Associate Before.  He Was Friendly And Personable.
Utica 10 We Have Always Bought Our Furniture At Connell’s.  The Quality And Selection Have Been Superb.
Mount Vernon 10 I Have Not Had Any Problems.
Gahanna 10 They Let Me Walk Through And Look With No Pressure.  The Delivery Men Did A Great Job.
Mount Vernon 10 We Know Larry Hawkins And Ed Connell For A Long Time.
Mount Vernon 8 I Noticed That We Didn’t Get Immediate Attention.  The People At The Counter Were Talking.  I Always Shop And Will Continue Shopping At Connell’s.
Centerburg 10 I’ve Purchased From Them Before.  I Like The Way I Can Call Them With Any Questions.  If I Need Them To Look At The Furniture, They’re Here Immediately.  They Are Very Thoughtful.
Heath 10 It Was What I Wanted And Was Delivered Quickly.
Pataskala 10 We Liked The Customer Service We Got.
Howard 10 I Got What I Needed.
Mount Vernon 10 Everything Was Taken Care Of Well.  The Salesman Was Very Knowledgeable.  However, The Mattress Smelled Like Wood.  I Figured I Would Give It A Week To See If The Smell Would Go Away.
Mount Vernon 10 We Went To Buy A Mattress And Ended Up Buying A Bedroom Set.  They Did Not Try To Sell It To Us.
Granville 10 It Went Smoothly.  They Were Helpful And The Delivery Was On Time.
Newark 10 The Products Were Good And The Salesperson Was Extremely Helpful.
Newark 9 I Walked In, Saw What I Liked, And Bought It.
Newark 10 I Was Able To Go And Find What I Wanted.
Newark 10 Julie Was Very Pleasant And Very Interested In What We Where Looking For.
Mount Vernon 9 They Had Exactly What I Wanted.  It Was In Stock And Delivered On Time.  The Sales Woman Asked The Right Questions.
Newark 10 The Salesman Made This A Great Experience.
Newark 9 Everything Went Smoothly.
Newark 10 I Shopped There Before. I Am Not Happy With The Piece I Bought.  It Is Already Scuffed Up.
Fredericktown 10 The Salesperson Was Very Helpful.  We Have Purchased Most Of Our Furniture From Them.  I Liked That I Could Try Out The Chair For Five Days And Return It If I Did Not Like It.
Newark 10 I Had Talked To Someone On The Phone And They Were There To Direct Me To The Mattress And Box Spring I Was Interested In.  The Delivery People Were Helpful.
Mount Vernon 10 I Like The Salesperson, Gregg. He Was Very Knowledgeable And Made It A Great Experience For Me.
Mount Vernon 10 Lisa Made This A Great Experience For Me.
Newark 10 The People Are Friendly, Knowledgeable And Helpful.
Zanesville 10 The Salesperson Made This A Great Experience.
Gambier 10 The Salesperson Was Very Professional And The Delivery Team Was Very Helpful.
Newark 9 The Saleslady And The Delivery Staff Made This A Great Experience.
Pataskala 10 They Were Not Pushy.  They Were Right There To Answer Questions And Give Good Directions.
Mt. Vernon 9 All The People We Dealt With Were Nice And We Are Pleased With The Product.
Gambier 10 The Staff Were Friendly, The Price Was Right, And We Know One Of The Salespeople.
Mt. Vernon 1
Pataskala 10 The Saleslady And The Delivery.
Pataskala 10 The Friendly Salespeople.
Newark 10 They Were Very Friendly And Fast. It Was A Good Experience.
Centerburg 10 We Needed Furniture And They Were In Mt. Vernon. We Dealt With Them Before And We Went Back. We Are Real Pleased.
Newark 10 The People Are Nice, Its Local, Quick And Easy.
Utica 8 I Was Disappointed In How Long It Took, From The Time We Ordered It To The Time It Was Delivered Was 2 Weeks.
Mansfield 5 One Of The Chairs Is Not Working Right.
Mount Vernon 10 They Had The Inventory And They Delivered On Time.
New Albany 10 I Could Do It All By Telephone.
Fredericktown 10 The Were Very Helpful And Answered All Of My Questions. They Had Nice Quality Merchandise And No Pressure.
Howard 10 The People That You Have Working There And It Is A Family Owned Business.
Mansfield 9 I Didn’t Have To Pay For It To Be Honest.  Ashport Paid For It.
Newark 10 They Were Very Nice And Helpful.
Fredericktown 9 We Don’t Buy That Much Furniture And Haven’t Bought Any For A Long Time.  We Try To Stay Local.  They Seem To Have More Of Our Taste And What We Want.
Marion 10 I Am Very Satisfied With My Furniture. It Fit In My Room So Nice. I Have Received Many Compliments On The Fit And Comfort.
Mount Vernon 10 We Have Used Connell’s Numerous Years In The Community.  We Really Appreciate The Time And The Attention They Give You.  The Attention That They Give To Each Customer And The Quality Of Their Product.
Utica 10 I Don’t Know.
Howard 8 I Don’t Know.
Fredericktown 8 Nothing Really.
Newark 10 It Was Delivered On Time. They Called And Gave Us A Delivery Time. It Was Good.
Mount Vernon 10 They Did What They Said They Would Do. Things Came Together Right When They Said. The Salesman Worked Very Hard And Was Very Accommodating.
Warsaw 10 We Aren’t Young And It’s Hard To Run From One Store To Another.  They Helped Us And Told Us About The Store In Mount Vernon.  When I Called, The Lady I Spoke To Made An Arrangement To Give Me The Couch And Chairs I Wanted, Without Me Making Another Trip.
Hebron 10 They Did A Really Good Job. The Delivery Was On Time And Movers Were Very Good. It Was A Good Experience All The Way Around.
Saint Louisville 10 We Found What We Liked And The People Were Friendly.  The Price Were Good.
Newark 10 The Salesperson, The Prompt Delivery And The Delivery Experience.  I Have Nothing Negative.
Heath 10 We Just Like The Furniture Quality.
Newark 7 There Is Nothing Different About It. It Is Just A Furniture Store.



November-2012 9.3 out of 10

City Rating Comments Resolution
Mount Vernon 10 We Needed To Buy A Mattress.  We Have Dealt With Connell’s Before And Larry Was There.
Fredericktown 10 I Am Happy With The Customer Service And The Furniture.
Fredericktown 10 The Customer Service Was Good.
Mount Vernon 10 They Treat Me Nicely.  My Brother Was Visiting And Interested In The Same Type Of Chair I Purchased.  Larry Went Online And Found Where He Could Purchase It Where He Lives.  I Thought Larry Went Above And Beyond.
Centerburg 10 They Were Not All Over Me And Let Me Look Around.
Utica 10 We Have Purchased From Them Before And Had Good Service.
Utica 8 I Was Disappointed That The Cushions Do Not Sit Properly On The Furniture.  The Seams Do Not Seem Square And Fit Properly.  I Have Not Had The Opportunity To Sit On The Furniture Much And Want To Wait To See If The Seams Adjust.
Johnstown 10 The Quality Of The Furniture Is Good.  The Delivery And Price Were Also Very Good.
Mount Vernon 10 Everyone Was Friendly And Nice.  The Delivery Was Good.
Howard 9 We Have Done Business Before And Everything Is Fine.
Sparta 10 We Made Our Purchase And It Was Delivered On Time.  The Delivery People Were Very Efficient And Clean.
Walhonding 10 Larry, The Associate, Was Pleasant And Helpful.  He Worked With Us To Get Us Exactly What We Needed.
Fredericktown 10 They Are Always Very Helpful And Friendly.
Centerburg 7 Overall, I Like Connells And The Products I Get From Them.  On Both Of The Last Two Purchases I Made This Year, Something Was Missing On The Delivery.
Danville 8 There Could Be A General Selection In The Store Vs. Having To Look In A Catalog.
Newark 10 I Was Just Pleased With The Whole Deal.
Heath 9 Our Salesman Was Great.
Newark 10 Everybody Is Very Friendly.
Mount Vernon 8 I Was Not There For The Delivery.  We Had Given Them The Phone Number Of The Delivery Contact Person Several Times And They Kept Calling Me.
Fredericktown 9 The Two Men Showed Me What To Do With The Bed.  And, They Were Willing To Take It Back If It Did Not Work.
Mount Vernon 10 Their “Oops Policy.”
Newark 10 Our Sales Person Was Very Helpful With Our Questions And Was Not Bothersome.
Howard 10 They Are Close To My Home.  The Staff Are Very Friendly And Helpful.  I Like What I Purchased.
Marengo 9 Lisa, The Sales Person, Made This A Great Experience.
Mount Vernon 6 I Had Some Defective Furniture And It Took A Long Time To Get It Replaced.
Fredericktown 10 They Have Tried To Be Very Accommodating And Cooperative.  I Purchased A Lift Chair And They Are Holding It For Me.  They Will Let Me Use It For A Few Days To See If It Is Comfortable.
Newark 10 The Sales Girl Was Wonderful And The Delivery Men Were Exceptional.
Mount Vernon 10 We Are Regular Customers.  The Service Was Good.
Newark 10 The Atmosphere Is Friendly.  They Are Not Pushy And The Products Are Good.
Fredericktown 10 We Love Our Leather Couches. The Staff Are Friendly And Lisa Was Helpful.
Mount Vernon 10 The Staff Are Friendly And Cooperative.
Newark 10 I Received Good Service And I Was Pleased With Their Products.
Mount Vernon 10 The Customer Service Was Good.
Bellville 10 We Had A Gift Card And The Item Was On Sale.
Granville 9 It Was Quick And Easy.
Fredericktown 8 The Only Thing I Did Not Like Was They Did Not Have Enough End Tables In The Store.
Howard 10 They Had What I Wanted And It Was An Easy Buy.
Newark 10 They Didn’t Have What I Wanted On Display.  Michael Got Out Books That Pertained To What I Liked And I Was Able To Pick Out Something Very Quickly.
Mount Vernon 9 There Is Always Someone There To Help Us And They Make Us Feel Comfortable.
Newark 9 They Had What I Wanted And The Delivery Was Prompt.
Gambier 9 I Got What I Needed.
Mount Vernon 10 They Had A Lot Of Patience With Me.
Mount Vernon 10 We Have Always Dealt With Them.  Lisa Made It And Enjoyable Experience.
Newark 9 They Gave Me A  Better Deal Than The Other Furniture I Had Just Purchased.
Howard 10 It Was Convenient And They Were Very Nice In Helping Look For What I Wanted.
Newark 8 I Am Not Sure.
Newark 1 It Took Two Months To Get Our Two Bedroom Sets. They Brought The Wrong Head Board And Dresser. We Had To Pay Extra For Their Mistake When The Correct Pieces Did Come.
Howard 9 The Customer Service Was Great.
Mount Vernon 10 I Got What I Needed And The Salesperson Was Helpful.
Howard 9 They Were Very Efficient.  I Had A Bad Knee And They Accommodated Me With A Wheelchair.
Mansfield 10 We Replaced A Mattress.  It Has Helped Me Sleep Better.
Newark 10 They Were Very Friendly And Helpful.
Howard 9 They Always Have Been Nice And Helped Me.  They Let Me Do My Own Thing And Are Not All Over Me.
Mount Vernon 8 I Think My Experience Was Just Fine.
Fredericktown 10 I Have Purchased There Before. They Always Make It Easy And Everything Arrived As Expected.
Utica 10 The Selection And The People That Work There. I Have Been There Many Times. I Have Had Multiple Experiences With Them.
Newark 9 They Helped Me As Soon As I Got Into The Store And The Delivery Was Nice.



Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Celebrate This Valentine’s Day

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Last week we offered some Valentine’s Day home decor and fun ideas. This week we’re giving you a reason to get out on the town. You already know that at Connell’s you’ll find beautiful home furnishings at exceptional prices, all provided with outstanding customer service. But we also know you like to live a little. We’ve just made it a bit easier on you. Check out these links for some fun on or around Valentine’s Day. 

Show her you love her with a Candlelight & Roses Dinner at the Davis Shai House in Heath this Friday night. This special evening includes a 6 course gourmet meal, wine & champagne, roses, violinsit & an evening of elegance & warm memories. Call 788-8942 to make reservations.

How about a good ol’ fashion fish bake? St. Leonard Parish Social Hall in Heath is offering a Lenten Fish Bake every Friday beginning February 15th through Lent.

Bolten Field is offering a Valentine’s Day Party and Airplane Ride on Valentine’s Day this year. Treat your loved one(s) with the gift of flight! How special is that?

Make a Valentine’s Family Date this Saturday, February 9th and shop Downtown Historic Millersburg Ohio!

The Ohio Historical Society is offering Valentines by Candlelight on February 11th and 12th from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. After dinner, you will be treated to Ohio Village Singers reciting romantic poetry  and singing beautiful ballads. Call 800-686-6124 to make reservations.

Enjoy a beautiful, romantic Valentine’s Day at Franklin Park Conservatory. “Stroll through a display of exotic orchid blooms, view artwork by Aurora Robson and forget the February chill in the Conservatory’s warm, inviting plant collections and John F. Wolfe Palm House. Enjoy live music by The Shaw Brothers and Elijah Aaron.”

If comedy is more your thing, head to MadLab Theatre & Gallery this Friday or Saturday at 8 p.m. Full Frontal Nudity, their improv troupe, retells your best and worst first date stories from a different point of view.

Show them you love them with the gift of time! Happy Valentine’s Day all!