Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Make A Grand Entrance

Don’t you love a grand entrance? Watching the Emmy’s or the Oscars, we can’t wait to see the beautiful dresses, the handsome men, the grand entrances that each couple makes as they enter the yearly gala event. In much the same way, we can create grand entrances in our homes. Since the front of our home is the first thing people see as they arrive, it’s our job to make an awesome first impression.   As always, Connell’s is interested in you, and your home. We’ve got ideas galore. Read on for some “grand” inspiration.

Start with a beautiful front door. If your door is old and you haven’t given it much thought, think about investing in a new door with more curb appeal. Find beautiful solid wood doors with exquisite window panes for a grand entrance. Or keep your current front door but paint it a different color. If your home is white, tan or brick, be bold with a splash of color. Have you considered candy apple red, very violet, or gratefully green as color options? Fun!

Hang a wreath or swag. Purchase one already made or be creative and make one yourself. You can pick up grapevine wreaths at hobby stores and interchange the flowers or other accessories you place on the wreath or swag.

Keep the seasons in mind. This is a quick and easy way to change the look of your home’s entrance quickly and easily. Change the wreath to orange with a halloween or fall theme this time of year, then remove that and add Christmas accents in mid November. Depending on the size of your front porch, add other accessories to go with the theme.

Furniture! You know we love it. Equally important to a beautiful front entrance is front porch furniture. Obviously the indoor/outdoor kind is best, but depending on the cover of the front porch, some indoor furniture may work equally as well in small increments of time during various seasons of the year.

You’ll never go wrong with nature. Flowers and plants add stunning beauty to your front entrance. Landscape in early spring and maintain throughout summer. Add mums in early fall as well as other natural elements like pumpkins, gourds, indian corn and more. Don’t forget the potted plants for textural visual appeal.

Accessories are a must. Purchase table tops, throws and other accessories for front porches with an overhead covering. Clean regularly with soap and water, or a damp cloth depending on the type of table top you’ve purchased. Wash throws to keep them clean throughout the season as well.

Wonderful windows make a world of difference. Windows let in light, but on the outside they are part of the show. Change your curtains to draperies in winter, and then to sheers in late spring. This is an inexpensive and easy change that will add beauty inside and out.

Come on in! Once inside your home, don’t neglect your front room. If your home opens into a very large space, consider partitioning it off somehow so that you have a foyer of sorts. Keep it clean and simple, free of clutter. Add a mirror for depth, comfortable seating, a touch of personality, and a little bit of hidden storage.

Voila! You have your grand entrance. Come to one of the two Connell’s locations in Mt. Vernon or Newark today for more great ideas, plus beautiful home furnishings, at exceptional prices, and customer service beyond compare. Visit us on Facebook to take advantage of sweepstakes and promotions.


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fall Decorating Fun

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The weather has certainly changed this week and there is no mistake that we are now full swing into fall! To celebrate, we found a few fun Autumn decorating ideas. Sit back, relax and enjoy.

Learn how to make a pumpkin planter.


Try your hand at a fall wreath.


Or what about a fall centerpiece . . .


As always, count on Connell’s for great home furnishings at exceptional prices with the best customer service around. Stop in and see us today at one of our two locations in Mt. Vernon or Newark!

Monday, October 29, 2012

September-2012 9.6 out of 10

City Rating Comments Resolution
Mount Vernon 10 I Had An Issue With The Bed Being Defective. It Is Going To Be Replaced And The Mattress Is Being Exchanged. Their Policy Is That If I Don’t Like What I Purchased, I Can Return It.
Newark 10 The Service At The Store Was Good And They Paid Prompt Attention To Any Problems.
Butler 10 The Salesgirl Was Helpful.
Mount Vernon 10 They Have Always Treated Us Very Well And Have Been Very Helpful With Any Questions We Asked.  Everything Has Always Been As Advertised.
Newark 10 I Am A Repeat Customer.
Johnstown 10 They Did What They Said They Would Do.
Mount Vernon 10 I Like The Quality Of The Mattress And The Delivery People Were Polite And Neat. They Were Careful About Going Through The House. The Saleslady Was Helpful And We Have Always Been Happy With Our Purchases.
Mount Vernon 10 They Are Always Willing To Meet My Needs And Put Me First.
Newark 10 They Treated Us Good At The Store And The Delivery Was Good.
Centerburg 10 The Price, Selection And Salesperson Made This A Great Experience.
Newark 10 We Have Bought From Them Previously And Have Received Good Customer Service.
Howard 10 We Have Never Had Any Issues, Problems Or Mess Ups.
Mount Vernon 10 The Saleswoman We Dealt With Made This A Great Experience.
Johnstown 10 I Like The Furniture.  The Saleswoman Was Nice And The Delivery Men Did A Good Job.
Saint Louisville 10 Everybody Is Nice And I Always Go Back.  I Had A Price And They Matched It From Another Store.
Mount Vernon 10 We Know The Salesman And He Was Very Good At Showing Us Around And Helped In Making A Choice.  The Selection Was Outstanding.
Mount Vernon 10 Everything I Have Ever Done With Connell’s Has Been Fabulous.  They Go Above And Beyond.  The Delivery Men Were Courteous And In And Out Quickly.
Newark 9 Our First Couch Did Not Fit And They Got Us Another One. We Are Very Happy With It.
Mount Vernon 10 The Sales Lady, Lisa, And I Enjoy Going In To The Store.
Heath 9 The People Are Really Friendly, Helpful, And The Delivery Guys Were Really Nice As Well And Were Careful Not To Mess Anything Up.
Mount Vernon 9 Everybody There Is So Nice, And They Have A Good Selection.
Newark 10 I Had A Nice Lady That Waited On Me, I Had A Really Good Experience.
Danville 10 Everybody Was So Friendly, Great Delivery Guy, Great Sales Person, Everything Went Smooth.
Mount Vernon 9 I Thought Jacob, The Clerk Salesman, As Well As The Deliveries Were On Time And It Looked Ok.
Howard 5
Mount Vernon 10 Not Having To Work With Ed. Ha, Ha. We Always Have A Good Experience In Working With Them.
Newark 10 The People There Are Very Friendly, Their Merchandise Is Quality And That’s Where We Bought All Of Our Stuff.
Gambier 10 The Comfort Of The Product.
Mount Vernon 10 The Salesperson, Lisa Payne. She’s Great. We’ve Gone There Ever Since We’ve Been Married To Buy Furniture. We Wouldn’t Go Anywhere Else. We’ve Taken A Lot Of People.
Gambier 10 We’ve Got Furniture For Years. They’ve Always Been So Helpful, Nice, And Accommodating.
DANVILLE 10 The Sales person was amazing
DANVILLE 10 I Have Always Purchased From The Store. I Have Been Extremely Pleased With Everything I Have Purchased From Them.
JOHNSTOWN 8 My Experience Was Okay.
MOUNT VERNON 10 I Like The People There.
NEWARK 10 We’ve Got Furniture For Years. They’ve Always Been So Helpful, Nice, And Accommodating. They Appreciated The Ease Of Working With Our Saleswoman. She Was Not Pushy.
NEWARK 10 The Sales Experience Was Really Good, The Delivery Was Timely And The Availability Of The Item Was Very Good.
FREDERICKTOWN 8 Everyone Was Very Nice. They Were Very Polite And They Tried To Accommodate Us On The Delivery Date.
UTICA 10 We Have Purchased From Them For Several Years Now.
MOUNT VERNON 10 I Was Pleased With The Service We Received And The Delivery.
DANVILLE 10 The Woman Who Assisted Me Was Very Helpful. I Got What I Was Hoping To Get And I Wasn’t Pressured In Any Way.
DANVILLE 10 The Salesman Was Very Nice. I Was Really Impressed That He Stayed After Hours. It Was Time For Him To Close And Stayed.
UTICA 10 I Knew What I Wanted And They Had What I Was Looking For.
NEWARK 8 I Would Like Them To Reduce The Cost.
NEWARK 10 We Were Happy With Julie, The Salesperson.
Mount Vernon 10 They Were Very Easy To Work With. The Product Arrived In A Reasonable Amount Of Time. They Useful Info, Etc.
Howard 8 They Did A Great Job. Nobody’s Perfect. There’s Always Room For Improvement.
Newark 8 I Think They’re Pretty Good As It Is. I Had To Do Some Research For Price Matching. I Think They Could Do That Themselves.
Centerburg 9 Everybody Was Really. They Were Helpful. They Came In The Time They Said They Would. Nice People.
Utica 10 We’ve Always Had A Great Experience With Cf. We’ve Bought All Your Furniture From The Last 15 Years, Etc.
Mount Vernon 7 Customer Service At The Store And Also In Regards To The Delivery For The Furniture.
Howard 10 We Went In And We Had Found What We Wanted Over At Sugarcreek. We Told Them That This Is The Price, And They Said If We Could Verify Then That Was The Price.
Newark 10 They Always Have What I Need. They Always Handle Any Problems.
Walhonding 9 Good Service. Good Sales Rep. Great Delivery. Good Deals.
Howard 9
Utica 10 The Friendly Atmosphere. The Help We Got. Really Nice Experience.
Mount Vernon 10 Lisa
Coshocton 10 The Salesperson Was Very Friendly And Helpful And The Delivery People Were Really Careful And I Can’t Complain About Anything.
Newark 10 When They Told Me It Would Be On Time I Was Not Sure That They Did Not Ship Through Newark Store. It Never Came And I Called My Sales Rep  Noah And Was Told I Would Take Care Of It.  I Got The What I Needed At The Newark Store. Love Guarantee, No Problem.