Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Ahh Autumn!


Fall is upon us. School is back in session. The mornings and evenings are now cooler. Football is again into full swing. We’re more drawn to the indoors as the days are getting shorter. Now is the perfect time to do a room makeover, change up the color or theme of a space, or just update throughout your home. Read on for fun fall ideas to make your home enticing to you and your family.

Pick one wall and paint it a deep, rich hue. Choose a bold golden yellow, vibrant red or burnt orange hue. This one wall will add an incredible new overall feeling to the space, and it may be all you need to do, besides . . .

Add accent pieces that match or compliment your new brightly hued wall. Lamps, pillows, frames, table tops, throws and more will all add to the fun.

Is is time for a new sofa, loveseat, chair or sectional? With the additional time indoors, fall is the perfect time to replace worn out furniture, or just those pieces that you’ve grown tired of. We’ve got so many styles and colors to choose from, all from name brands you know and love. Stop in and see us today, and be watching your favorite football team on your new sectional this weekend.

Texture matters. While summer lends to more simple colors and textures, fall is about more richness and complexity in home furnishings.

Nature always lends itself well to style. Set up a centerpiece with those pumpkins and gourds you found at the farmer’s market last week. Choose twigs from the yard to create a lovely conversation piece. As the leaves begin to fall, allow the kids to do tracings of them in vibrant colors, and proudly frame and display them in your home.

Pay attention to detail. New plates and placemats are a nice new fall addition. Go antiquing and pick up a piece or two that adds dimension and quirkiness. Replace your front door wreath with a bright fall colored one, or buy a new welcome mat.

Fall has a definite smell and taste. Just like Pumpkin Spice Latte is back at Starbucks this time of year every year, so should the smells of fall be in your home. Apple pie, cinnamon crisp, and vanilla cream are all very fun fall smells that can change the whole dynamic of your home. Take advantage of the last of the garden greats. Cook up a large pot of chili and share it with the neighbors, or bake some homemade jalapeno poppers for the game this weekend!

Stop by one of the two Connell’s locations in Mt. Vernon or Newark today for fabulous home furnishings at exceptional values, all with the best customer service around. Tell your friends! Happy Fall all!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Beautiful Bedroom

Did you know that the majority of us spend one third of our lives sleeping? Where are the other two thirds spent? Work, family time, free time, down time? Regardless, one third is a pretty good chunk of time. Do you spend your time sleeping in a bedroom you adore, or one that’s the last room in the house to receive attention? Find both time and inspiration to create a bedroom of your dreams. Then use your bedroom for more than sleeping – rest, relaxation, reading, a hobby. Create a bedroom that you look forward to spending time in, and start getting some of your best sleep yet!

Clear the clutter. First things first; get rid of the extra stuff you’ve accumulated in your bedroom – piles of clothes, old magazines, burned down candles, extra accessories. Once the clutter has been cleared, you can plainly see what you have to work with.

Buy your dream bed. If there is any one piece of furniture you splurge on, it should be your bed. Come to Connell’s and let one of our sleep experts help you decide the best bed for you. There are so many options to choose from, and getting it just right can make the difference between a great night’s sleep and tossing and turning for hours. Buy the best bed you can afford and sleep soundly tonight!

Choose accent pieces that you both love, and are functional. Perhaps a few simple end tables are just enough. Maybe your room is large enough to accommodate a small sofa or settee and coffee table. Do you want a television in your bedroom or not? Be planful about your accent pieces and go with the ones that you really adore.

Allow the room to speak to you. Make a plan. Do you want soft  and comfortable, or bold and beautiful? It’s your room, so let the vibe speak to you. Dream a little. Peruse home decor magazines for inspiration and ideas.

Be comfortable. Just like you should spend a little extra on a mattress, also search for the perfect comforter and sheet set. One third of your life should be comfortable and cozy. Buy down for the colder winter months, or look for a soft microfiber blanket that just begs you curl up before dozing off to dreamland.

Allow your bedroom to serve multiple purposes. If you are an avid reader, create a reading nook. If you are a quilter, set up a spot to do some of your sewing. Perhaps art is your thing; a space for painting is perfect in the bedroom.

Breathe life into it. Plants are always a great option in any room, and the bedroom is no exception. Choose plants of varying shapes and sizes and watch the room transform.

Come to one of the two Connell’s locations today in Mount Vernon or Newark and plan your next great room. As always, expect beautiful home furnishings at the lowest possible prices, all delivered with exceptional customer service.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Family Hang Out


School is back in session and life is once again getting crazy. Classes, homework, sports, football games and more are now taking up our time. Get ready for the season by creating a family “hang out” spot. Use the spot for family gatherings, movie night, football viewing gatherings, homework and more. Here are some ideas to get your brain moving in the same direction.

Pick the largest, most central room in the house. By making the largest room into your family room, you have the space to do all you want to do with it. If you need to partition areas of the room off, you’ll have the opportunity to do so.

Get “hang out ready” furniture. Sectionals provide the most room for seating in just a few convenient pieces – and they come in so many colors, styles and textures; you’re sure to find that “just right” piece for your family. Oversized bean bag style chairs are also a fun and inexpensive option.

Don’t forget the media. Hang a flat panel television as your focal point. Add surround sound. Look into satellite radio to please the whole family with tunes across all genres of music.

Add storage. Moveable storage is a great option and often doubles as other furniture. Use the storage for games, books, iPads and more. Built in storage is another option if the space allows – and if there’s someone handy enough to make it happen.

Need more than one space within the space? Decorative partitions create separate spaces within the room for homework areas, reading nooks and more. Screens, antique doors, curtains and other options abound.

Don’t forget color! Adding color and patterns to the room just makes it more pleasant to spend time there. Use the kids’ input, plus pick the best artwork they’ve created in years past and frame a collage for one of the walls. This personalizes the space and creates a sense of pride in schoolwork.

Partition the room off with a bar or long table area.If space allows, install a bar for a convenient eating area directly in the same room.

Stay on the same page as a family! Create a family schedule area using dry erase boards, a hanging wall calendar, chalkboard and bulletin board.

Comfort is key. Make the seating comfortable, and a place the whole family looks forward to lounging on – add pillows, throws and more.

Prop your feet up! After a long day, “toes up” is the only place most of us want to be. Ottomans and footstools come in all shapes, sizes, patterns and colors.

Breathe better naturally. Houseplants and decorative items provide beauty and a sense of home.

There. Don’t you feel better? Come to one of the two Connell’s locations in Mt. Vernon and Newark for beautiful home furnishings, accessories, and more – plus A+ customer services and top notch value. Ready . . . Set . . . Happy School Year! Happy hang out time!

Friday, September 28, 2012

August-2012 9.4 out of 10

City Rating Comments Resolution
Gambier 10 The Salesman Was Very Honest With Us About Our Various Questions.  He Even Told Us His Own Experience.  He Could Have Sold Us Something Expensive, But We Are Happy With What We Have.
Thornville 10 The Salesman Helped Us Out And Answered Our Questions.
Mount Vernon 10 We Try To Shop Local.
Mount Vernon 9 We Were Pleased With The Sales Person, Lisa.
Granville 10 They Were Easy To Work With, Good At Matching Prices And Have A Good Employee Base.
Newark 9 They Were Very Helpful And Understanding.  I Took Quite A Bit Of Time And They Did Not Push Me Into Anything And Were Very Helpful.
Howard 10 I Have Dealt With Them Since 1974.  They Have Always Treated Me Well And Have Done What They Said They Would Do.
Mount Vernon 9 It Was Kind Of A Seamless Experience With No Issues.
Newark 9 It Was Not A Great Experience, But I Would Shop There Again.
Saint Louisville 9 Everybody Was Very Helpful.
Centerburg 8 I Am Not Sure.
Newark 10 We Had A Good Salesman.  Everything Came At The Times Promised.
GAMBIER 8 I Am Not Sure.
HEBRON 9 They Were Very Helpful.
Granville 10 The Salesman.
Newark 9 The Furniture Is Very Nice And Comfortable.  The Shopping Experience Was Very Nice.
MOUNT VERNON 10 The Sales Person Was Incredibly Helpful.
PATASKALA 10 We Have Purchased From Them Before.  It Was Easy.
HEATH 10 They Were Prompt And Precise On The Delivery And Did Everything They Said.
CENTERBURG 10 They Were Knowledgeable.  The Delivery And Setup Were Good.
MOUNT VERNON 7 I Was Not Greeted And The Experience Was Not That Great. More Help Would Be Better. I Was On My Own For A 1/2 Hour.
MOUNT VERNON 10 They Treated Us Very Well.
NEWARK 8 They Had Good Products And Plenty Of It.
HEATH 10 I Am Satisfied With My Furniture.
Howard 10 I Just Like The Assortment Of Furniture, And The Delivery.
Newark 10 They Are The Only Furniture Store In Newark.
Newark 10 The Person That Waited On Us Knew What He Was Doing.
Newark 10 They Were Just Great From Start To Finish, The Delivery Men And Everything.
MOUNT VERNON 9 I Had Surgery And Needed Something That Would Be Comfortable And Go Up And Down.
It Just Was Handled Perfectly From Start To Delivery. 10 It Just Was Handled Perfectly From Start To Delivery.
HEATH 10 I Like The Warranty For The Furniture We Got For The Kids, The Follow Up, And The Fact They Stand Behind Their Products, And Being Very Timely.
Mount Vernon 8 I Do Not Know That There Is Anything That You Could Improve.
Newark 10 It Was Real Nice, Delivery Was Fine, And It Is Close To Home.