Tuesday, July 10, 2012

May- 2012 – 8.9 out of 10

City Rating Comments Resolution
Ashland 10 I Like That They Had It In Stock. They Were Helpful.
Canal Winchester 10 I Think It’s A Better Experience Then The Chain Stores.
Centerburg 10 Lisa Was Very Helpful And Very Patient With Us
Centerburg 10 The Selection That We Had And The Way They Arranged The Delivery To Fit Our Schedule.
Fredericktown 8 I Don’t Know
Fredericktown 10 The Help That I Got.  The Sales Rep That Helped Me Piece Everything Together That I Wanted
Fredericktown 10 A Good Sales Person And They Did What They Said They Were Going To Do.
Fredericktown 10 They Were Very Helpful To Find What I Needed.
Fredericktown 6 We Are Still Doing Business With Them, Waiting For Them To Come Out To House And Do The Service, Still Waiting On A Service Call. Date of Sale 05/19, Date of Delivery 06/01, , service call was completed & determined to replace with new. Replacement delivered 06/29
Gambier 10 It’s Close To Home And I Like The Store.
Gambier 10 The People Were Polite But I Was Not Pressured. I Made My Decisions And No One Was Breathing Over Me.
Gambier 10 The Way It Was Displayed And Salesperson Was Nice
Granville 9 Good Service.  The People We Worked With Were Enjoyable To Work With.
Granville 8 We Had To Send The First Couch Back Because The Seams Kept Ripping Out.
Granville 8 There Was A Little Communication Problem Regarding An Extra Mattresses That Ended Up Being Taken As Originally Requested.
Granville 10 My Husband Did The Purchasing.  I Was Only Involved With The Delivery And That Was Excellent.
Heath 10 We Liked The Selection And Quality. The Salesperson Was Good.  They Held It While I Was Getting Carpet.
Howard 8 It Was Pretty Good Experience. I Did Not Have Any Problems With It. The Manager Larry Did A Really Good Job With It.
Howard 10 Just The Way They Treated Us.
Howard 10 From The Minute We Hit The Door, Lisa Was Not Pushy But Informative. I Was Free To Browse. We Moved Items Around The Store And She Encouraged Us To Do What Was Needed. The Price Is Reasonable. I Have No Negatives Except When They Delivered The Cabinet
Howard 10 Salesperson Was Very Helpful And Delivery Staff Was Great
Howard 10 They Have Always Done Everything I Have Asked.
Howard 8 Lower Prices. We have a Price match guarantee! If you find the same exact furniture elsewhere, we will not only match their price, but will give you an additional $50.00 off!
Howard 10 The Product, But Definitely The Customer Service.
Howard 10 Extremely Helpful And The Delivery Staff Was Great
Howard 10 We Have Dealt With Lisa The Twelve Years We Have Lived Here And Have Always Received Good Advice.
Johnstown 8 They Were Ready And Available For Any Questions I Had And I Was Not Pressured.
Mount Vernon 10 The Salesperson Was Very Helpful And Flexible, Listened To Me And Kept In Contact.
Mount Vernon 5 Date of sale 03/03, Date of delivery 05/13, customer quoted 45 day arrival.  Fabric delay from manufacturer, customer was informed periodically throughout.
Mount Vernon 9 We Had A Problem With A Couch And They Replaced It. The Fabric Started Wearing Very Badly.
Mount Vernon 10 They Were Not Following Me. When I Had Questions They Answered Them. The Suggested An Alternative And It Worked Out Perfect. Nice, Courteous And I Will Go Back.
Mount Vernon 10 We Have Bought Almost Off Of Our Furniture From Them. They Have Things There When They Say They Will. Delivery People Do Their Job Well.
Mount Vernon 7 This Time Was Very Good.  I Specifically Told Them On The Delivery Do Not Pull In To The Driveway, And They Did. I Was Not Happy With That.
Mount Vernon 10 They Let Me Make Up My Own Mind.
Mount Vernon 9 I Had Purchased A Couch And End Tables A Couple Of Years Ago. I Decided To Go Back And Look At A Chair.
Mount Vernon 8 I Am Pretty Satisfied.
Mount Vernon 10 I Shop There Quite A Bit. I Know Everybody. Personal Service.
Mount Vernon 10 No Pressure, Helpful Information, Good Quality Furniture, Delivery Went Well. The Whole Experience Was Good.
Mount Vernon 8 The Store Should Extend The Hours Of Business.
Newark 5 The Ownership Has Changed, They Did Not Have Any Coffee Or Cookies In The Waiting Room.
Newark 10 We’ve Bought A Lot Of Furniture And They Have Been Very Helpful.  If There Are Any Questions, They Take Care Of It And They Are Good People To Work With.
Newark 10 The Quality Of The Furniture And The Installation. The Man Was Real Nice And Did A Good Job. We Were Happy.
Newark 8 Some Of The Items Delivered Were Damaged.
Newark 10 They Answered Any Question We Had Promptly.
Newark 8 I Was Not Happy With The Manager Customer purchased 2 separate times, both times customer used our Layaway plan & everything seemed to go smoothly.
Newark 7 They Did Not Order The Right Fabric And They Wanted To Charge Me The Difference Of The Fabric; They Should Absorb The Cost For Their Error Service Manufacturer issues. We Allowed customer to reselect after over a year of orginal delivery, customer reselection was more than originally purchased & was charged the difference
Newark 10 They Showed Me What I Wanted To See, And Found Me What I Wanted.
Newark 10 It Was Easy To Shop; I Felt Like It Was A Buyer’s Place
Newark 8 I Do Not Think Anything.
Newark 8 I Don’t Know
Newark 10 Nice Furniture And It Is Easy To Work With.  The Staff Is Very Helpful.
Newark 10 They Did Not Pressure Me And They Were Quick, Polite And Answered All My Questions
Newark 1 Date of Sale 05/26, Date of Delivery 06/01, Not sure why we recvd a 1???
Newark 10 I Have Done Business With Connell’s For A Lot Of Years.
Newark 4 We Were Very Unhappy With Our Experience.  We Ordered The Couch And 13 Weeks Later We Got It. They Kept Saying It Was Coming And Then They Would Not Work Around Our Schedule For Delivery. They Wanted To Charge Extra To Have It Delivered When We Wanted. Date of Sale 03/10, Date of Delivery 05/24, Customer quoted 45 day arrival. Oops! A communication failure on our behalf, Customer was notified throughout with updates from factory as to shipping information, BUT we failed to notify customer immediately of merchandise arriving for scheduling delivery to their home.
Thornville 10 They Worked With Us, Got Us What We Wanted, Everything Was Great.
Thornville 10 Selection.
Utica 10 Very Helpful, They Gladly Took Back The Furniture That We Did Not Like.
Utica 10 We Have Dealt With Connell’s Several Times And The Quality Is Good.
Walhonding 10 We Shopped There Before With No Problems.
Warsaw 10 They Helped Us Right Away, Did Not Hover, Answered Our Questions.
Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Take Care of Yourself – And Your Home!


It’s Summertime. Yay! The season invites a plethora of activities – socializing, sports and outdoor fun. Luckily we have more energy in the summer with the warmer, brighter and longer days. Don’t drain yourself with all the get up and go! Take time to pamper yourself so you feel energized and ready for the beautiful days of the season. Read on for ideas to treat yourself like the king or queen of the house you are.

Create a family gathering space. Find a spot in your home and set up a lounging area for family and friends to unwind. Make the space television-free so it invites good old family interaction. The space can be anywhere room allows. Place movable pieces of furniture including chairs, ottomans, loveseats and storage benches in the area. Add throws and pillows for comfort.

Make your bedroom a relaxation haven. We often take care of every other room in the home and ignore our bedroom. Change that! Your bedroom shouldn’t be a catch-all, but a place of rest and rejuvenation. Clear the clutter and get rid of anything that doesn’t invite a clear mental attitude.

  • Place a nightstand next to your bed and keep a book, journal or pen there. Take the time each night for some reading or gratitude reflection and journal writing.
  • Add some extra throw pillows and soft blankets to snuggle in as you doze off to dreamland.
  • Buy a stereo or music player for soft music when its time to relax.
  • Shop for a new mattress if yours is old and not supporting you the way it should be.

Give yourself the comfort and convenience of a reading nook. For ideas on organizing the area, read this post.

Set up a bathroom spa. Create a basket or box for an on-the-go spa experience. Keep it neat and organized so you can reach for it anytime you need a quick pick me up! Include the following:

  • A nail kit complete with cuticle softener, nail files, smoothers, hand moisturizer and nail polish
  • A pedicure kit with sugar (to make a sugar scrub) and foot bath
  • A shower kit with soaps, gels, loofah and scrubs

Nothing says summer like old fashioned ice cream! Get some sundae glasses, cherries, chocolate, sprinkles and an ice cream maker and spend time unwinding in your kitchen with the kids in the evening. I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

Try some of these tips or run into one of the two Connell’s locations in Mt. Vernon or Newark today and talk to a sales associate about ways to turn your home into your own summertime sanctuary. You’ve got the home, family and ideas – we’ve got the goods to make it perfect for you for any occasion.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Summertime Entertainment

Summer has it all – great weather, more entertaining, outdoor sporting events, sunning, swimming, and more. Now that it is mid-summer the kids are well into “summer mode”, not yet ready to go back to school, but often bored with the unscheduled routine summer brings. Get a reliable babysitter or two and get all the kids together for a pool party. They’ll have a blast seeing friends they haven’t seen since school ended, and you’ll have free time for an outing of your own. Plan a party with friends, family and neighbors, then take in the local attractions that summertime has to offer.

Here are some ideas to help you create an evening of entertainment and fun . . .

Celebrate summer with an easy gathering at home. Perhaps a wine tasting party? Ask guests to bring two of the same bottles of wine – one for tasting and one as a party favor for a guest to take home. Choose a particular style to keep the tastes similar, such as chardonnay, a sweet white or riesling. Encourage those who don’t drink to bring a non-alcoholic variety. Keep plenty of ice cold water with lemon on hand in beautiful pitchers to beat the heat.

Don’t forget the details. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but make your party cohesive and pretty with stemless wine glasses, cocktail plates, pretty floral cloth napkins, a summertime table cloth and other fun accessories.

Use the great outdoors. Though it is hot, most folks like to be outdoors in the summer. Use your outdoor spaces as much as possible. Create a beautiful shady spot in your garden or turn your patio or deck into the perfect party spot.

Make your own centerpiece using beautiful hardy fruits or flowers from the garden. A simple platter of lemons, limes and oranges adds color and beauty to the center of your table. Just a few colorful flowers along with pussy willows or twigs is also a simple way to create beauty.

Simple foods fit the bill. Appetizers like bruschetta, chips and salsa, spinach artichoke dip, a colorful salad and shrimp cocktail will allow guests to fill their bellies but not bust a gut.

Don’t neglect your home furnishings. While many may want to be outdoors, the heat can keep some at bay. Take a look at your dwelling. Could you use a new sofa? What about an entertainment center or console? Even just adding a few accessories like pillows, throws and table tops can transform your home at relatively low cost.

Your party is only the pre-party. Make plans to attend a festival, garden or art gallery after your party. Check out these local events and spaces:

As always, stop in to see a Connell’s associate at one of our two locations in Mt. Vernon and Newark for fabulous home furnishings, excellent savings and customer service beyond compare.



Tuesday, July 31, 2012

June-2012 9.4 out of 10

City Rating Comments Resolution
Mount Vernon 10 I Have Been There Many Times.  It Has Been Great Every Time.
Newark 10 Mike Was A Good Help, My Sales Person. Only Thing Was That It Took So Long To Get The Order.
Howard 10 The Sales Person Was Really Helpful, But We Live In Columbus, And Having Delivery Showing Up Three Hours Later Then Expected Was A Hassle.
Mount Vernon 8 I Really Do Not Know.
Newark 10 They Have Exactly What I Was Looking For, And I Had A Nice Sales Associate.
Howard 10 Lisa Payne, She Is Wonderful And Very Helpful.
Canal Winchester 10 This Past Time Was A Great
Newark 10 It Was A Good Experience All The Way Around, They Have A Good Selection.
Hebron 9 You Did Not Bug Me A Lot.  I Was Surprised After The Delivery That No One Gave A Follow Up Call After Delivery. Seems Like Something A Sales Person Should Do.
Martinsburg 10 The Sales Man Was Really Good To Work With. The Furniture Took Longer Then It Should Have, But He Was Real Good Keeping Us Updated.
Howard 10 We Love Our Furniture.
Mount Vernon 10 Customer Service, Delivery Right As Scheduled.  I Could Not Have Asked For Better.
Mount Gilead 8 They Should Have Had Better Samples Of The Furniture I Was Buying .
Mount Vernon 10 Everybody Was Very Kind, Did Not Rush Us, And That Was Important To Me,
Bellville 10 They Were Just Very Easy To Deal With, And We Had To Take Advantage Of Their New Policy, The Total Customer Satisfaction.
Danville 10 The Lady That Took Care Of Us Was Really Nice, Considerate, And Really Helped Us Out.
Gambier 4 The Guy That Came Out To Talk To Me Did I Believe Everything He Could. They Should Tell The Customer More Complete Information.
Heath 10 The Sales Person Took Their Time And Did Not Make Me Feel Rushed. He Special Ordered What I Needed.
Mount Vernon 10 The Sales Clerk, I Have Dealt With Her Before.
Mount Vernon 10 We Have Been There Before And I Like The Way I Was Treated. I Got A Card From Ashley Today (Our Sales Girl). I Have Purchased From There Before.
Mount Vernon 10 Larry Gardner. They Had The Kind Of Furniture I Wanted.
Coshocton 8 Free Delivery.
Mount Vernon 5 I Have To Take Some Pillows Back. They Came With The Couch. They Just Look Like The Material Has Been Washed And It Is Frayed – Like They Have Been Used And Washed. It Was Not Followed Through.
Granville 8 I Think In General It Was A Good Experience. I Find Furniture Stores Overwhelming. It Was A Good Experience.
Utica 10 I Had Been In The Market For Some Furniture And They Had What I Wanted.
Mount Vernon 10 Personalized Sales People That Go Beyond The Expected.
Howard 9 I Think It Is The Product Line And The Expedited Nature Of The Transaction And Delivery. It Was Quick.
Newark 10 I Like Going In There And Look At The Stuff
Heath 10 The General Business.
Newark 10 The Delivery Guys Were Extremely Friendly And Courteous.
Columbus 10 The Saleswoman Lisa Pain Is Extremely Knowledgeable, Sincere And Helpful.
Newark 10 The People Were Friendly.  It Was Convenient For Us And They Did What They Said They Were Going To Do.
Mount Vernon 1 Someone Is Not Doing Their Job.  I Ordered Two Chairs And I Was Told 4-6 Weeks. I Got Them In 8 Weeks, Nobody Called Me, And Let Me Know What Happened To Them.  It Cost Forty Dollars For The Delivery Charge.
Fredericktown 9 I Was Happy With The Product I Received
Mount Vernon 10 Everything Came In On Time And Everything Was Fine
Newark 10 They Were Very Patient With Us.  We Looked Around And Nobody Gave Us Any Problems.
Mount Vernon 10 Everything Went Well, Smooth As Expected, Delivery Was Really Well
Thornville 10 The Salesman Was Helpful And We Found What We Wanted
Fredericktown 10 We Have Dealt With Connell’s For Many Years And Have Always Been Satisfied
Utica 10 I Was Allowed To Proceed Throughout The Store At My Own Pace.  The Salesperson Was There If I Needed Her.
Mount Vernon 10 The Staff Are Friendly And Helpful.
Howard 10 The Staff Were Friendly, Knowledgeable, And Knew What They Were Talking About.
Newark 10 There Weren’t Any Problems.  They Did What They Said They Would.  The Products Are Nice.
Bellville 10 We Have Always Shopped There And Have Gotten Good Quality Furniture From Them.
Worthington 10 We’ve Always Shopped With Connell’s.  They’re The Only People We’ll Do Business Because Of Their Customer Service And Fast Delivery.
Saint Louisville 8 I Ordered My Chair Back In Early April And The Leather Was On Back Order.  I Thought I Would Have Had The Chair In 4-6 Weeks.
Mount Vernon 10 I Got A Chair There And It’s Not The One I Picked Out, But It Would Have To Do. I Could Not Call Them Because I Was Without A Phone.  I Will Have To Put Up With It Because I Could Not Call And Let You Know.
Centerburg 10 Everyone, From The Salesperson To The Delivery People, Were Very Professional.
Centerburg 10 My Wife Was The One Who Dealt With Them And She Was Very Happy.  She Has Nothing Bad To Say.
Alexandria 10 Everything Went As Smoothly As They Said It Would And It Came When They Said It Would.  I Could Not Find Anything Cheaper Online.
Newark 10 It’s The Second Time I Have Been Down There.  I Enjoyed The Price And I Enjoyed The Furniture.
Howard 10 I Know Staff Member Larry Really Well. He Is A Really Good Salesman.
Heath 9 They Had A Good Salesperson Who Was Very Informative.
Fredericktown 10 Staff Member Lisa Helped Me Pick Out My Couch.
Howard 8 I Am Not Sure.
Fredericktown 10 Lisa Understands My Tastes And Makes This A Wonderful Experience For Me.
Newark 10 It Was My First Time Buying Furniture And It  Was Easy.  It Was Here A Couple Of Days Later.