Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fabulous Floral Fun

Hasn’t Ohio been glorious lately? All of Mother Nature’s creations are bursting with beauty from the unseasonably warm weather. Each morning, we wake up to birds of multiple varieties singing. Spring bulbs have sprung and blossomed. On each corner, you’ll see a Weeping Cherry, Magnolia or other flowering shrub or tree.

Don’t just leave the beauty to the outdoors! Spring is the perfect time for both ritualistic spring cleaning and room makeovers. Be inspired by the spring beauty and bring some of the fabulous floral inside. As always, Connell’s has tips to inspire.

Use the real thing. Cut some of the beautiful tulips or daffodils that have popped their lovely heads and bring them inside for display. If you have several you can cut, make a large bouquet in the center of your dining room table. If perhaps you only have a few, buy a  bud vase or two and display them individually.

Get the most out of ’em. Like all of life, flowers bloom, grow, shine and then die. Don’t make their death stop you from showing them off. Press each of the flower petals between pages and store them for an art display inspiration. Alternatively, place all of the petals in a sterling silver bowl and add some essential oil to the mix for an aromatic experience.

Be bold. Buy a floral sofa, loveseat, chair-and-a-half or chaise. If your style is typically more reserved, it will be a great place to start in showing off the fun side of your personality. Floral designed home furnishings give a room a casual, inviting feel. A bit too timid to go all out? Start with small floral pieces or accents first and branch out from there.

Accentuate, accentuate, accentuate. Floral accents make a great statement for spring. Choose throws, pillows, prints, faux flowers and more.

Mix it up. Don’t be afraid to mix accent pieces. As you are throwing in floral prints and pieces, mix in other bold colors, plaid, stripes or even other prints. Use a main accent color or two to pull it all together for a cohesive look.

The nose knows. As you are displaying visual accents for spring, remember your olfactory senses. There are so many floral and fruity candles from a variety of sources, you’re sure to find something that pleases. Essential oils are also a great addition to your home’s appeal. They are derived from the very source of the plant from which they come and last a long time because of their condensed nature.

Don’t stop there. There are myriad fun things you can do to bring the beauty of Spring inside. Stop in to one of the two Connell’s locations in Mt. Vernon or Newark and GET INSPIRED. Plus talk to one of our sales associates about all of the changes we are making this spring. At Connell’s, count on us for beautiful home furnishings, awesome prices and fabulous customer service. Don’t forget to visit us on Facebook and stay in touch.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Casual Coastal Design


Spring is right around the corner. Thank goodness! Warmer weather, buds blooming, Spring sports, Easter and Spring Break are just a few exciting seasonal events to anticipate.  But even if you can’t go to the beach this Spring, there is no reason you can’t bring it to you. Sprinkle elements of the coast throughout your home as you welcome Spring and invite the warmer weather. Decorate your whole house, or choose a single room. Read on to create a casual coastal feeling in your home.

Purchase simple glass jars and fill them with sand, shells, sea glass and more. This DIY project is fun, easy and simple to rearrange at any point in time. Place candles or tea lights into the center for evening ambiance.

Change the overall color palette of the room. Choose a seafoam green sofa and paint the walls the color of sand.  Throw in other colors like sunshine yellow and clear blue sky. Add coastal accents such as pillows, table tops, and framed prints with shells, lighthouses, sea creatures, and anchors.

Unfinished wood is a new popular furniture option that looks great in a coastal designed room. Distressed wood is another great choice for sofa tables, coffee tables, stools and more.

Don’t forget antique and faux antique.  When antiquing, look for blue and clear glass jars to match the overall color scheme. For other simple table top accents, use driftwood and sea glass.

Make your next beach visit a treasure island excursion. Look for old surfboards, buoys, life vests, and anchors that you could take home and display.

Pulling a room together often involves mixing and matching while staying in theme. Some other elements that work nicely while not overpowering include oil hurricane lanterns, silver accents, stripes and plaid, and a directors chair.

Don’t forget elements of nature. Be sure to include live plants. Choose ones that look like they belong in warmer climates. An aquarium or fish bowl is a nice touch that warms up the room and adds to the feng shui.

As always, remember that Connell’s is here to help. Stop in to one of our two locations in Mt. Vernon and Newark for ideas, inspiration, and fabulous home furnishings. Let our design experts assist you in making your next room makeover a beautiful reality. Plus, don’t forget to visit us on Facebook for online only deals, fantastic sweepstakes and fun giveaways.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Jan – 2012 – 9.6 out of 10

City Rating Comments Resolution
COSHOCTON 10 I Enjoyed Dealing With The Store.
DANVILLE 8 I Am Satisfied With What I Purchased.
DUBLIN 10 We Just Really Like The Furniture.
FREDERICKTOWN 10 They Were Very Patient To Let Me Wander Around, No Pressure.
FREDERICKTOWN 10 The Helpful Sales Person.
GRANVILLE 9 The Sales Person Made This Such A Great Experience.
GRANVILLE 10 I Liked We Were Able To Return It In The First Week If We Did Not Like It.
GRANVILLE 10 The Salesman, Price And Service Were All Good.
GRANVILLE 10 We Did Not Have Any Trouble With The Orders Or Anything.
HEATH 10 Purchased A Living Room Suite, Very Satisfied.
HEATH 10 The Salesman We Worked With Was Good And We Used The “No Oops” Guaranty.  I Loved The Couch, But Not The Color.  I Was Able To Swap It Out.
HEATH 10 I Was Treated Well And Picked It Out On Line. The Availability Made It Easy. Daniel Was Great.
HOWARD 9 It Was Fun To Get New Stuff.
HOWARD 8 They Should Be Sure That Your Offers Are What They Intended To Be. When They Give People A Quote On What They Are Offering To Sell, It Should Be Close To What The Final Price Is. The Salesman Was Very Nice. We Are Very Satisfied With The Items We Bought.
JOHNSTOWN 10 The Price And The Financing Were Right.
JOHNSTOWN 10 The Customer Service, The Quality And Price Of The Furniture.
MARENGO 10 We Have Dealt With The Store For Years. Larry Is A Good Salesman.
MOUNT VERNON 10 I Always Shop There.
MOUNT VERNON 10 We Usually Shop With Them, They Are Very Knowledgeable And Experienced. The Quality Of The Product  And The  Delivery Is Good.
MOUNT VERNON 10 The Salesperson Was Knowledgeable And Helpful. They Answered All My Questions. The Delivery Was Fast.
MOUNT VERNON 10 My Grandson Works There. I Like What They Had Very Much.
MOUNT VERNON 10 We Have Purchase A Lot Of Furniture From The Store.
MOUNT VERNON 10 In The Past I Have Been Very Satisfied With My Purchases And The Service.
MOUNT VERNON 10 We Found What We Needed. Everyone Was Really Courteous And Informative. It Was Great.
MOUNT VERNON 10 We Had A Real Nice Salesman And We Enjoyed The Variety.
MOUNT VERNON 10 They Had What I Wanted And It Was Very Simple.
MOUNT VERNON 10 We Have Dealt With Connell’s And Larry For Years.
MOUNT VERNON 10 We Liked Working With Larry And Our Delivery Man.
MOUNT VERNON 10 We Have Bought There Several Times And They Are Very Helpful.
MOUNT VERNON 9 It Was Not Anything Special. We Do Most Of Our Shopping At The Store. They Had What I Wanted.
MOUNT VERNON 10 The Service Was Very Good. They Price Matched For Us, Meeting Our Needs.
NEWARK 10 The Personnel Was Great.
NEWARK 5 Just Received A Call About The Fabric. I Have To Wait Four More Weeks.
NEWARK 10 The Sales Person, Ashley Did A Great Job. They Have A  Big Selection Of Tempered Beds.
NEWARK 9 The Sales Person Took The Time To Explain The Product And How It Worked.
NEWARK 10 The Zero Percent Financing..
NEWARK 10 It Is Close To Home, There Was A Large Selection Of Couches And End Tables.  We Got Some Pictures.  There Was A Good Variety Of Things.
NEWARK 10 Everybody Was Very Friendly.  The Delivery Was Timely.  It Was An Overall Great Experience.
NEWARK 10 I Was Satisfied With The Selection Of End Tables And The Service Was Good.
NEWARK 10 The Whole Process In The Ordering And Keeping Me Informed On The Status. The Delivery Staff Were Knowledgeable. I’m Very Impressed.
NEWARK 9 The Staff Made This Such A Great Experience.
NEWARK 10 They Were Here On Time And Did A Great Job Setting Things Up. The Gentlemen That Delivered Were Very Personable And Nice.
NEWARK 8 I Had A Fine Experience And Cannot Think Of Anything.
NEWARK 10 We Did Not Have Any Issues And I Was Pleased With The Service.
NEWARK 10 The Staff Are Friendly. The Color Of The Couch Is Not The Same Color That Was Printed Off For Us.
PATASKALA 10 Delivery Was Really Nice, It Was Easy To Shop At The Store And People Were Nice
SAINT LOUISVILLE 10 We Have Done Business With Them Before, And Are Pleased With The Products.
SAINT LOUISVILLE 9 They Had A Good Selection.
SUNBURY 10 The Salesperson Made This A Great Experience.
THORNVILLE 8 We Were Told They Had The Chairs. When We Went There They Did Not Have Them. None Of The Stores Or The Warehouses Had Them. I Had To Take The Floor Model.
THORNVILLE 10 The Sales Lady We Dealt With Answered Our Questions. They Did Not Push Us Into Anything We Didn’t Want.
UTICA 8 It Was Good. They Forgot A Piece Had To Get The Next Day.
UTICA 10 The Staff Was Friendly And Helpful. I Received The Merchandise In A Timely Manner.
Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Feb – 2012 – 9.4 out of 10

City Rating Comments Resolution
CROTON 10 I Am Really Satisfied With It
DANVILLE 8 I Am Not Sure
FREDERICKTOWN 10 I Was Impressed With The Delivery Staff. They Were Very Polite And Helpful.
GAMBIER 10 The Sales Staff And The Furniture Are Wonderful.   Lisa Was The Sales Person
GRANVILLE 10 The Furniture We Received Is Beautiful.
GRANVILLE 10 We Needed A Chair Went To The Store And Purchased It.
HOWARD 10 It Was A Joy Working With The Sales Person.
HOWARD 10 The Customer Service Is Wonderful Both In Store And When We Went To The Warehouse.
HOWARD 10 They Were Very Helpful
JOHNSTOWN 5 I Have Already Called Three Times And No Return Call Regarding The Faulty Stitching In The Couch.
MOUNT VERNON 10 Have A Good Selection To Pick From, Price Was Right.
MOUNT VERNON 10 I Had A Lot Of Questions That Were Answered
MOUNT VERNON 10 I Had A Really Nice Girl Wait On Me
MOUNT VERNON 10 I Have Been Shopping At The Store For A Long Time
MOUNT VERNON 10 I Purchased A Lot Of Furniture From The Store And Never Have Had Any Problems.
MOUNT VERNON 10 My Experience Was Very Easy. The Saleswoman Helped Me Figure Out Exactly What I Wanted. She Took The Time To Show Me Different Things And Explained Everything Well.
MOUNT VERNON 9 They Are Good People
MOUNT VERNON 9 They Left Me Alone To Make My Decision Without Bothering Me.
MOUNT VERNON 10 We Got What We Wanted.
NASHPORT 10 Good Customer Service.
NEWARK 10 Everybody Was Nice, The Sales People And The Delivery Staff
NEWARK 9 I Have Dealt With Connells Before And Has Never Had Any Problems
NEWARK 10 I Needed A Chair For My Husband And It Was Delivered The Next Day. Very Good Service.
NEWARK 10 It Was Top Of The Line Service, Customer Service Was Wonderful
NEWARK 10 My Salesman, Mark Was Very Helpful With The Set-Up Of Our Living Room.
NEWARK 10 My Wife Called Up There Earlier And The Person We Spoke To Had Everything Set Up For Us When We Arrived, Everything Looked Nice.
NEWARK 4 One Of The Pieces Was Damaged, They Fixed It.  Where It Was Damaged, It Put A Mark On The Wall And It Was Not Addressed.  It Is A Brand New Place And I Think They Are Liable.
NEWARK 10 Our Sales Representative.
NEWARK 10 Pretty Helpful, And The Prices Were Not That Bad.
NEWARK 10 The Guys Were Terrific When They Brought The Furniture Out, No Problems
NEWARK 10 The Sales Personnel Were Not Pushy, And A Good Quality Product
NEWARK 10 The Sales Representative Made This Such A Great Experience.
NEWARK 10 The Salesperson Ashley Was Very Helpful, First Couch I Bought Was To Big, The Second Couch Is Similar But Smaller, Which I M Happy With, They Wanted To Make Sure I Was Happy
NEWARK 10 The Service We Got Was Excellent And We Received Our Items Quicker Then Expected.
NEWARK 10 The Store Had Exactly What I Wanted.
NEWARK 10 They Did Everything They Said They Were Going To Do
NEWARK 10 They Have Been Really Nice And Did Not Rush You Into Buying Anything.
NEWARK 10 They Sold Us A Mattress.
NEWARK 10 Very Friendly Sales Associates, Delivery Was On Time
NEWARK 10 We Have Purchased From The Store Previously.
PATASKALA 10 The Sales Staff Made This Such A Great Experience.
Pickerington 9 Our Sales Person Was Very Knowledgeable.  I Would Like To Deal With Them Again.
ST. LOUISVILLE 10 We Knew What We Wanted.  They Helped Us Out And Delivered It.

Going Green for Spring

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It’s springtime – well almost, and this is the best time of year to start observing your carbon footprint. There are many little things you can do each day to begin “going green” in your home. If you have little ones, they’ll thank you AND start good habits early. Read on for tips to simplify, and lesson your footprint around your home. Mother Earth will also thank you.

Thermostat. Begin by turning your thermostat back 3 to 5 degrees each day. With the 70 degree temps we’ve been having, this isn’t too difficult to do. Surprisingly, it isn’t that hard when the weather is colder as well. If you work outside of the home, turn the thermostat back when you leave and raise it to a comfortable level upon returning, keep your sweatshirts and sweaters available throughout spring to warm up this way instead. Once warmer temps arrive for good, open windows instead of running the air conditioning as much as possible.

Lights. Turn off lights when not in use. Replace all standard light bulbs with compact fluorescent light bulbs (cfls). This will cut usage in half, if not more.

Water. Since springtime tends to be a season of rain, set up a rain  barrel or two to catch water. Use the water for houseplants and your new spring garden instead of running water from the faucet. The water is more pure and has many nutrients that regular tap water does not. Your plants will love you for it. When doing laundry, wash in cold instead of hot and use a drying rack whenever possible instead of using the dryer. Skip the bottled water for drinking. Instead buy a water filtration system and save the additional plastic.

Reduce, reuse, recycle. There are far too many items going into the trash these days that can be recycled. Some municipalities offer curbside recycling, and for those that do not, recycle bins are typically within easy traveling distance. Separate and save paper, glass, plastic and aluminum and dispose in recycling bins instead of in the trash. Think before you buy (reduce) and when you are ready for your next furniture purchase, sell your gently used furniture on Craiglist, give it to a friend in need, or donate it to Goodwill or a thriftstore. Your “trash” may be another person’s treasure. Don’t forget about electronic items. Televisions, DVD players, cell phones and more can either be repaired and reused, or recycled. Do not throw them into the trash.

Food. Start a home garden, or a community garden if it will be too tedious to take care of alone. Give a shout out on Facebook about your intention to start a garden and see if any friends want to go along with you. Eating home grown food is amazing and rewarding. It’s a great way to teach kids the value of wholesome nutritious foods. Whether or not you are able to garden, buy local, sustainable food. There are Farmers Markets everywhere starting in about April and running throughout the summer months. There are also local whole food stores that stock items from local farmers instead of shipping them in from Mexico – or Guam.

Celebrate Earth Day this April 22nd, with at least one small change, and commit to doing the same year after year. Soon you’ll be living off the grid. Earth Day is an annual observance which started in the early 70’s to remind the people of Earth of their shared responsibility as environmental stewards

These are just a few ideas to get you started. There are so many things you can do to “go green” and conserve energy and resources. At Connell’s, we know that your home is your castle and we want you to enjoy it to the fullest. That’s why we deliver these tips and tricks to you week after week. Stop by one of our two locations in Mt. Vernon or Newark today to see why we give you the best home furnishings, the best prices and the best customer service around.