Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Countdown is ON


The holidays are almost upon us!  Winter is less than a month a way. Thanksgiving zoomed past and Christmas will be here before we know it.

Whoa! Wait a minute!

Let’s not JINGLE those BELLS or DECK those HALLS quite yet.

Most of us need to take the time to slow down in our lives and the holidays are no exception. In fact, we can use the holidays as an exercise in being present . . . to the spirit of the season, to our family, friends and loved ones; to our senses, to ALL the holiday has to offer.

Since it’s likely that Thanksgiving passed you by without a thought, here are some great ideas to bring both presence and preparedness into focus as you enter *cue music* The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Start a list!

With so much to do beyond your normal busy life, sit down one Saturday or Sunday afternoon and write down all of the items you’d like to accomplish as the holidays approach. Include things like Christmas shopping, card sending, carolling, reading holiday books with the kids, holiday decorating, cake and cookie making, wrapping gifts, baking dinner items, party planning and attending. Write it all down.

Make a plan.

Get out that planner and schedule time to do those things that must be done in one color. Use another color to schedule items that you want to do and another for “I’d really like to accomplish  _______________ (fill in the blank) time permitting.”

Organize your home with productivity in mind.

Set up a gift wrapping area in a spare bedroom, basement, closet or attic. Instead of taking hours to wrap gifts, do a little bit at a time in this organized area. Pull all of your Christmas decoration and baking items into individual spaces for easy reach and use when you are ready.

Make gifts instead of buying them.

This is a great way to invite presence into the holidays by spending time with the kids. Go online and look for “how to” and DIY projects that are appropriate for children (at whatever age they may be).  Venture out to a craft store to purchase the items; then go home, play some Christmas music, sip some egg nog, and create away! You’ll have fun, the kids will have a blast and the gift recipient will be thankful for the time you spent in creating a one-of-a-kind gift for them.

Donate your time and/or money to a local charity or faith community event.

Teach the kids the spirit of Christmas by giving back to others who need it most. Cook, donate and serve a meal at a homeless shelter. Buy and wrap presents for children who wouldn’t have gifts otherwise. Donate gently used items to charities and thrift stores. There are a million charities and events out there just waiting for people like you to help.

It’s the beginning of December. Start now and keep checking back for other ideas throughout the month. Stop by one or both of the Connell’s locations in Mt. Vernon and Newark for gift-giving ideas and beautiful home furnishings. Plus visit us on Facebook to let us know how the month is going for you! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


Nov 2011 – Rating 9.4 out of 10

City Rating Customer Comments Resolution
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Alexandria 10 I Did Shop Around And Went Back Because Of The Person I Dealt With.
Alvin 10 Friendly Service.
Bellville 9 I Would Not Recommend The Saleswoman Who Assisted Me.  She Put My Name Wrong On The Order, Was Not Helpful, Knowledgeable Or Efficient.  It Would Have Helped If There Was Another Salesperson Because She Was Helping Several People At The Same Time.
Bellville 10 The Furniture And The Staff’s Good. They Stand Behind Everything.
Centerburg 10 They Did A Really Good Job.
Columbus 10 Gianna, The Saleswoman Was Very Nice.  I Liked The Furniture And Picked Out What I Wanted.  The Delivery People Were Very Careful And Polite.  Everything Was Great.
They Set Up The Tv Stand For Me.  I Would Recommend Connell’s To Anybody.
Croton 10 I Was Waited On Right Away. They Helped Me To Make The Right Decision.
Danville 10 Ashley Was Excellent.
Frazeysburg 7 The Salesperson Was Not Very Well Informed.  He Told Us Things That Were Not Correct And What We Thought We Ordered Did Not Show Up.  There Was A Lot Of Confusion.  The New Salespeople Should Be Trained Better. Miscommunication! Oops! We resolved the issue immediately upon finding out what customer expected to receive. Delivered complete.
Fredericktown 10 They Are Helpful And A Good Company To Buy Furniture From.
Fredericktown 10 I Have Dealt With Them For Twenty Years
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Granville 10 The Staff Were Very Cooperative And Helpful When We Had A Problem.
Heath 10 The Friendly  Sales And Delivery People Made This A Great Experience.
Heath 10 We Have Dealt With Connells For Several Years. They Have Always Delivered Promptly And Addressed Our Concerns.
Heath 10 The Gal Was Very Helpful, Answered My Questions.
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Howard 8 The Sales Girl Promised That We Could Get A Piece Of Furniture.  But She Came Back A Week Later And Said That We Could Not Get What We Wanted.  She Should Not Have Made Promises She Could Not Keep. Date of Sale 10/08, manufacturer notified us of discontinued mdse 10/12, we notified customer right away, & refunded money immediately.  We were un aware of this mdse being unavailable @ factory when customer ordered it. Remainder of mdse was delivered complete 10/31/11, customer was quoted 45 day arrival.
Howard 10 I Have Purchased From The Store Several Times.  Lisa Is Really Good At Pointing Out Materials And Things.
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Howard 8 The Delivery Staff Call Before They Come Out.
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Marengo 5
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Saint Louisville 10 The Staff Is Friendly And Helpful.
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Utica 10 The Selection Is Good, The Store Is Clean And I Appreciated Everything About It.  The Staff Are Nice And Courteous.
Warsaw 10 I Really Like Their Store, The Variety And They Are Very Friendly.
Zanesville 10 This Is A Nice Store.
Zanesville 10 Great Value For The Price And A Decent Selection.
Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Health Benefits of Sleep


Sleep … those peaceful lovely zzzzzzs! It’s bliss, until the fateful night you toss and turn, lay prone with eyes wide open trying not to disturb your partner.

Consider for a moment how you feel after a great night’s sleep . . . infinitely better! Your thoughts are more clear. Your emotions are less fragile.

Consider now the day after a night of tossing and turning. How was your mood and the ability to learn affected? It’s likely they were extremely diminished. Getting your brain to think properly and to retain information is often difficult with little sleep. Judgement is also extremely weakened.

Sleep impacts nearly every area of daily life. Most of us know that sleep is beneficial but few realize just how much sleep we need and why it is so important. Sleep, in fact, plays an important role in overall physical health, emotional well-being and longevity. And interestingly enough, your body manages and requires sleep in much the same way that it regulates the need for eating, drinking, and breathing.

The EXACT reasons for sleep have perplexed researchers for years, and they remain a mystery today. However, we do know that many of the body’s major organ and regulatory systems continue to work actively during sleep. The body produces more of certain hormones, and certain parts of the brain increase their activity dramatically.

Everybody needs varying amounts of sleep based on age and their own internal clocks. Some adults can get by with 6 hours per night, while others truly need 9 to function properly. Plus, getting just one hour less of the sleep your body needs can significantly affect you. Here are a few specific reasons you should get the sleep you need!

Sleep reduces stress and gives you more energy. A good night’s sleep can help lower blood pressure and elevated levels of stress hormones. The physical effects of stress deteriorate the body, destroy good cells and speed up the aging process. High blood pressure is known as the silent killer. Getting a good night’s sleep is one easy way to counteract these issues. On top of that, you’ll just feel better! Who doesn’t want that?

Sleep improves your memory. Energy and focus are two attributes of success, but did you ever consider memory in the equation? Facts, faces, dates, times and other information are hard to retrieve with little sleep. The brain uses sleep time to organize events and correlate memories. With adequate and quality sleep, your brain has the time it needs to process information, experiences and knowledge, which translates to retention in the end.

Sleep gives you a better quality of life. Did you know that sleep can actually equal happiness? Waking up feeling rested and rejuvenated can make you ready to go, ready to tackle all the things life throws at you. Each day you wake up feeling refreshed is just one more day of energy and vitality to do all the things you want to do in life. Yep, sleep equals happiness!

Are you ready for your next – or first – great night of sleep? Stop in to Connell’s Furniture & Mattresses today and talk to our sleep experts about these, and other benefits of great sleep, as well as finding the perfect mattress from Serta, Tempur-Pedic, Beautyrest and more to support you in the journey. Your heart, mind, body and soul will thank you – and so will a lot of other people who benefit from all you have to offer after a great night of sleep!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Year’s Resolutions for the Home

It’s hard to believe it’s almost 2012. Where did the time go? Isn’t that the question we ask ourselves every year as we grow older? It really is hard to believe how time flies! Nonetheless, it will be 2012 in just a few short days. Have you started making your New Year’s Resolutions? Did you think about your home when doing so?

Your home is your castle, your haven, your safe place to rest. Shouldn’t you nurture and take care of it in the same way you take care of yourself and your loved ones? Consider making at least one resolution for your home and take some time to nurture your relationship to your home. It keeps you warm and dry, doesn’t laugh when you cry and likely takes lots of abuse with all of the time you and your family spend there. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking about your own New Year’s Resolutions for you home!


Commit to a room makeover each quarter. Room makeovers don’t have to be huge to be fabulous. Rearrange furniture. Switch pillows and wall hangings out from one room to another. Collect your children’s artwork and buy frames to proudly display them. Want to go bigger? Repaint just one wall. Buy one new piece of furniture. Accessorize in a way you never thought you would. Bigger yet? Go for it! Redo an entire room in 2012. Spread it out over the year if necessary.


Do you hate to clean? Make it a ritual and include the whole family. Get the kids involved and offer to give them commission for a job well done. Make your own homemade cleaning supplies that are far less toxic than the ones you find on the shelves. There are all sorts of books and online resources that will show you how, using simple ingredients like vinegar, water, essential oils and baking soda!

Start a garden! When thinking of your home, think of your whole home – the inside and out. If you’ve never had a garden, do it this year. Start small if it seems daunting. Grow a few herbs in pots indoors to use in your favorite dishes. Grow a tomato plant or two in different varieties – think big, large and juicy, as well as small cherry tomatoes for yummy salads in the summer. Potatoes are easy, as are peppers in all varieties and broccoli.


Host a dinner party or fun barbeque. This is your year! Since you’ve committed to spending some time and energy on your home, host a gathering. Feature your garden beauties and simple fare. Decorate for the season and enjoy your guests. Try it once and you’ll be hooked – friends and food always equals good times!

Bring nature inside whenever possible. Cut a few flowers from the garden or purchase a bouquet from the store to brighten up your home on a regular basis. Try out your green thumb on a new plant or two. Flowers and plants are life and they beautify your home like nothing else.


Take stock of your belongings. Give what you can away to others who need and will use it. Buy something new for your home. You deserve it and by giving  your gently used stuff away, others will benefit. Connell’s regularly hosts different functions for charity encouraging you to do so. Stay tuned as the year goes on.

Ready, set, bring on 2012! You – and your home – are ready! Stop in to one of the two Connell’s locations today in Mt. Vernon and Newark for more ideas, design tips, beautiful home furnishings and unbeatable customer service. Plus, don’t forget to join us on Facebook for regular updates, specials, sweepstakes and more!