Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Feng Shui Basics

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Feng Shui is an ancient system of aesthetics developed in China over 3,000 years ago. While it’s a design concept, the primary concern of feng shui has more to do with the energy and placement of objects within the home rather than the objects themselves. The art seeks to balance the energy within a space thereby enhancing the health and good fortune of those individuals who reside there.

Feng is translated to wind while shui means water, and in Chinese culture these two elements comprise good fortune and health. Its premise is that everything is filled with energy and that there are certain things one can do to enhance that energy. Along with technical decorating concepts, many designers create spaces with some feng shui concepts in mind. Here are a few very simple ideas to get started using Feng Shui principles within your own home.

The air you breathe matters. Good air quality can enhance your health and well being. Keep lots of plants growing in your home to replenish the air on a regular basis. Consider air purifiers and ionizers if your home is in an urban area. Traffic, factories and high populations diminish air quality. Find ways to boost the air quality in your home.

Clutter creates distraction. Not only does a lot of “stuff” cause a tripping hazard in your home; it also keeps your brain stuck. Find a place for everything and keep it there. Organize your home and you organize your thoughts and your life.

Natural light is good for you. Breathing fresh air is health enhancing, as is taking in sunshine and natural light. Open the doors and windows any time you are able. Use those spaces with natural light on a regular basis to keep yourself light and happy.

Be mindful in your decorating choices. Only choose things you really love for your home. A well known phrase, “home is where the heart is” has so much meaning. Shouldn’t you be happiest in the place you live? Surround yourself with beautiful things. Maybe it’s time to move out of your Queen size bed and into a King sized one. Perhaps a wonderfully embellished chest of drawers would keep you more organized. A unique and fabulous mirror in your entryway might make you smile each time you enter your home. Even small items like fresh cut flowers or souvenirs from faraway places can make a huge difference in your well-being and mood. Whatever it is, enjoy it! Surround yourself with beauty!

The five elements are essential. In Chinese philosophy, each of the five elements correspond to an energy and each are important. According to Feng Shui, these five elements are wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. Many home furnishings correspond directly to these five elements. The simplest to note are wood and metal. Most furniture is made of one, or both of these two materials. Water is an easy element to bring into your home with fountains, fish tanks and aquariums.

Color is an expression of the five elements. This is perhaps a more complex principle than the others above, but when thinking of color, think in terms of the elements. More advanced feng shui concepts reveal proper use and placement. Use reds, yellows and oranges to bring in the fire element – think of the Sun. Plants are a great example of the earth element both in terms of their natural beauty, as well as their prominent brown and green pigments.

Incorporate a few, or all of these to enhance your home’s energy. Read more about Feng Shui if you are interested, and stop into one of the two Connell’s locations for great furniture, outstanding value and exceptional customer service.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Decorating with Traditional Style


You’re not one to take big risks when you shop for furniture. When you buy something, you want to make sure it’s a classic that won’t go out of style next year.

You like traditional decor but are afraid of having a home that’s filled with your grandmother’s stodgy furniture.

Not to worry. Today’s traditional decor is personified by elegance and history, yet is fresher and more relaxed than in the past. Here’s how to decorate in a traditional style and still keep your home looking fashionable and up-to-date.

Choose furniture with lighter finishes and clean lines

Instead of purchasing an armoire in a dark walnut or mahogany finish, select a light cherry or oak. Lighter finishes create a more casual relaxed feel. In place of tables with ornately carved details, pick pieces with graceful curves or straight lines.

Look for understated fabrics with open patterns

Rather than heavily textured brocade or velvet fabrics, stay with smooth cotton and poly blends. Mix and match solid colors with loose florals and stripes instead of paisleys and foulards. Keep embellishments to a minimum. While tassels add visual interest, too many can become distracting.

Select colors in mid-tones

Jewel tone colors are so yesterday. Go for hues in neutral creams, tans, whites, grays, and lavenders and add a few bold accents for pop. Softer colors create a more contemporary, relaxed look. If your goal is to be more formal, select shades of peach and green accented with aubergine and tan.

Keep accessories to a minimum

Nothing makes a room look more outdated than tons of accessories. Remember the adage, less is more. Instead of a group of accessories on a table or mantel, go with one statement piece.

By following these few tips, you can create a traditional look that’s current with today yet illustrates classic style.  Your Connell’s sales representative will be happy to help you find just the right traditional furnishings to decorate your home. Visit our two convenient locations today in Mt. Vernon and Newark and browse our blog for even more great decorating tips.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Now You See It; Now You Don’t


When is a table not just a table? The answer is when it can be or do something else.

If you are a parent or dual-income family, you’re busy – sometimes way beyond busy. As our multitasking lives become increasingly busy, we need furniture that can multitask along with us.

Furniture manufacturers know this and have designed multi-functional tables which work to make our lives easier. Fashionable tables now include hidden storage, concealed trays, vanishing lift tops, covered curio displays and extra drawers and shelves.

If your family room doubles as a home office, look for tables that combine drawers and shelves. Some side tables also have built-in racks for magazines.

When your living room will be used for entertaining, ask your Connell’s sales representative about tables that have pull-out trays to hold beverages.

Does your family sit in front of the television to eat dinner? Search for a cocktail table with a lift top that can be raised to table height. Not only does this table make dining comfortable, the raised top conceals storage niches underneath.

Many tables have hidden nooks for stowing away remote controls, cable guides or toys.

Do you love your collectibles but worry about displaying them where curious little hands can reach them? Stylish tables now have curio compartments located under a moveable glass or wood lid.

Multi-functional tables come in many designs, sizes and finishes. Whatever your decorating style, at Connell’s in Mt. Vernon or Newark we can help you find a table just right for your family.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Enhancing Creativity in the Home

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Creativity is our birthright, yet there are so many distractions that keep us from peaking our creativity. Why? Not believing in ourselves is one thing, surrounding ourselves with uninspired home furnishings is quite another. While our thoughts may be hard to control, our homes are not. With inspiration and a bit of diligence, you can turn an uninspired home into a creative haven. Unleash your creativity with these hot tips.

First, identify the ways in which you believe in your creative genius and the ways you talk yourself out of your own abilities. Do you love painting, music, writing, quilting, knitting, singing? Whatever your passion, note and be thankful for your successes and take time to ponder the areas of creativity you’d like to enhance in your life.

Now that you have clear vision, notice how you feel when entering your home. Notice the energy of each room and space. Do certain areas draw you while others repel? Is your home filled with only things that are necessary or is there space for those items that truly inspire and make you feel great? Both are important! Surround yourself with beauty and things that inspire you. Splurge on one or two items that “tell your story” or spark your imagination and creative genius.

Include elements of nature in several areas within your home – something in each room if possible. Dark, stark, unnatural items are everywhere in our culture. Billboards, skyscrapers, sidewalks, televisions, computers. We live and work with technology daily. While it helps us to perform at higher levels than ever before, elements of nature are crucial to our creativity. Get out and walk in the sunshine and fresh air at least weekly. Then bring those elements into the home for future inspiration – plants, flowers, aquariums, and water fountains are all great choices.

According to Feng Shui principles, using the Bagua there are 9 specific sectors in each dwelling. Learning just a little bit about Feng Shui can help us to expand our creativity. In fact, there is a Children and Creativity quadrant specific in your home. Purchase a book or do some research on feng shui and use a few of the principles to recreate the energy within this space and within the home in general.

Fill your home with the tools that help you create. Then keep them within easy reach. If you enjoy writing, have books available for perusing and journals handy for impromptu writing. If art is your thing, keep canvases, paint and brushes on hand. Keep one or two instruments out on a stand instead of in a case. Organize your creative tools in a way that allows you to use them easily and frequently.

Create the space, and TAKE TIME for relaxation. Set up a lounge area separate from your bedroom that allows you to take a mental break each day. Eliminate clutter to keep you distraction-free. Stream soothing music and burn candles to create an ambiance conducive to peace, quiet and rest. Give yourself the time and space to read, plan and dream. If you’re feeling uninspired, this is hard to do. Create the space and then find the time.

Display items you are most proud of throughout your home. Showcase that portrait you painted. Frame the first song you ever wrote, and show off those written masterpieces by displaying them. Affirm your creative genius everyday and watch yourself grow and blossom.

Take stock of your home. Consider the changes you need to make, then stop by one of the two Connell’s locations for ideas, inspiration and home furnishings for every room in your home.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sept 2011 – Rating 9.4 out of 10

City Rating Customer Comments Resolution
Athens 10 The Good Prices And They Delivered All The Way To Athens, Where I Live.
Bellville 8 Nothing ?? Date of sale 08/16-Date of delivery 08/31-customer quoted 15 day arrival ???
Cardington 10 I Had A Good Salesperson.
Centerburg 10 Our Salesman, Steve Carpenter.
Columbus 8 The Incorrect Head Board Was Delivered The First Time. Date of sale 08/13-date of delivery 08/22-Oops! Salesperson wrote up incorrect hdbd, we allowed customer to use the wrong wrong until we delivered the correct on on 08/31
Columbus 10 The Furniture Is Nice And The Delivery Was Fast. They Were Extremely Polite.
Columbus 10 The Sales Lady I Spoke To Was Nice And Friendly.
Croton 10 The No Pressure Salesman.
Danville 10 We Have Always Dealt With Them. We Are Always Pleased Even Though It Is A Younger Group Now; It Is Always A Pleasant Experience.
Fredericktown 10 The Salesman That Helped Us Out Was Really Nice And We Liked Him.
Fredericktown 10 I Received Good Customer Service.
Fredericktown 10 The Sales Person Was Very Good, Knowledgeable And  She Helped Me Choose A Chair.
Fredericktown 6 Let Me Know If They Are Going To Exchange The Furniture. Date of sale 09/21-date of delivery 09/30. Customer was delivered the dark color & wanted the light color. We have reordered the correct color & will be shipping form the factory with in 2 wks. Scheduled the new delivery, of the correct color 10/28.
Fredericktown 5 Date of Sale 09/17-Date of Delivery 09/30, customer quoted 15 day arrival. Customer did call in & wanted delivery faster than we could delivery, customer ended up paying for a next day delivery, a $20 upcharge.
Gambier 10 I Know Everyone There And That Helps.
Granville 10 I Was Provided On Time Delivery And The Salespeople Were Very Nice.
Granville 10 Jonell And The Delivery Men Have Been Here Before. They Knew How I Liked Things And Where To Take Them. They Are Comfortable To Work With.
Granville 10 It Was Easy To Make A Purchase. They Had What We Wanted.
Heath 5 We Had Problems With The Delivery Of The Furniture. We’ve Already Spoken To The Manager About It. Date of sale 08/17-Date of delivery 09/06 – customer specified us to be there after 3:45 for delivery, we were! Customer wanted us to leave all furniture in his living room, we did! Customer was going to move all furniture himself to his basement, he looked over all furniture & did sign off on everything before delivery left his house. customer is aware cannot return furniture if furniture is not in same condition as we left it in.
Heath 10 The Staff Was Eager To Provide Assistance. We Made Our Decision Quickly And We Were Able To Leave The Store Quickly.
Heath 10 Everything Was Prompt And The Delivery Went Well.
Heath 10 The Salesperson And Delivery Staff.
Heath 8 It Was Good. I Never Rank Anything At The Top Because There Is Always Room For Improvement. I Am Very Happy.
Howard 10 I Came Into The Store Looking For Something Special. When I Saw The Item I Thought I Wanted, It Wasn’t As I Expected It To Be, Seeing It Online. The Saleswoman Offered Me Several Options And I Was Able To Make My Purchase. It Was Delivered Quickly.
Howard 10 We Had A Salesperson Who Owned The Same Product And Was Familiar, Helpful, Courteous And Not Pushy.
Howard 10 The Service And Selection Were Great. Julie Was Patient And Not Pushy. She Let Me Decide And Took Care Of My Purchase.
Howard 9 Lisa, The Salesperson Was Helpful, With The Exception Of The Pillows. Everything Was Fine.
Howard 8 It Was The First Time I Ever Made A Purchase There.
Howard 5 Date of sale 9/05-date of delivery 09/09- NO issues noted????
Howard 10 The Woman Who Assisted Us Was Very Nice. She Was Helpful.
Howard 10 They Were Patient With Me. It Took Along Time To Pick Out My Furniture.
Howard 10 The Saleslady Was Fantastic And Very Knowledgeable. My Delivery Arrived Within The Time Promised. The Delivery Guys Were Polite And I’m Pleased With The Whole Experience.
Howard 10 It Was Mostly A Great Experience.
Howard 9 The People Are Very Nice And The Showroom Was Comfortable. We Liked A Lot Of The Furniture.
Howard 8 I Am Not Sure.
Johnstown 10 Larry Is Very Personable. He Took His Time With Me. This Is A Very Friendly Store And It’s Closer For Us.
Johnstown 10 The Prices Are Wonderful.
Marengo 10 We’ve Been There Before And Always Feel They Provide Good Quality And Value.
Mount Gilead 10 I Have Always Gotten What I Wanted From The Store, So I Never Bothered Going Anywhere Else. Everybody Is Always Friendly And Good To Me.
Mount Perry 10 The Customer Service.
Mount Vernon 10 I Am Not Sure.
Mount Vernon 10 The Staff Was Very Nice, Knowledgeable And Everything Went Well.
Mount Vernon 10 Larry Bends Over Backward To Make His Customer Happy.
Mount Vernon 10 The Employees Were Nice At The Store And The Delivery Went Smoothly.
Mount Vernon 10 The Salesman Was Really Nice. I Did Not Feel Rushed.
Mount Vernon 10 I Purchased Exactly What I Wanted. The Salesperson Was More Than Helpful And Courteous. It Was A Great Visit.
Mount Vernon 10 I Am Very Satisfied With The Store. I Have Dealt With Them For Years.
Mount Vernon 9 We’ve Purchased At The Store Previously.
Mount Vernon 8 The Store Felt Kind Of Cold, Not Warm And Welcoming.
Mount Vernon 8 It Was A Good Experience; The Staff Was Courteous. I Have No Complaints Of Any Kind.
Mount Vernon 10 The Delivery Staff Did A Great Job.
Mount Vernon 10 We Enjoy The Product.
Mount Vernon 10 The Sales Associate.
Mount Vernon 10 We Purchase From The Store All The Time.
Mount Vernon 10 It Was An Easy Purchase And The Sales Lady Was Knowledgeable.
Mount Vernon 10 The Sales Staff And The Delivery People Were Very Good.
Mount Vernon 9 I Have Dealt With The Store For Years And I Have Not Had Any Problems.
Mount Vernon 9 I Appreciated The Assistance I Received From The Sales Lady That Helped Me.
Mount Vernon 8 I Think They Are Pretty Good.
Mount Vernon 5 Customer originally purchased matt & box & called in a couple days later & wanted to cancel the box. Salesperson explained to customer that he really should get the boxspring & warranties may be void without getting the boxspring, customer got upset & cancelled entire purchase! Original salesperson called him the next day & ended up reinstating the sale without the boxspring!
Mount Vernon 10 The Clerk Was Very Friendly And Helpful. She Provided Us With Good Ideas, And The Product Arrived Sooner Than Expected. The Associate Followed Up With Us And It Was A Great Experience.
Mount Vernon 10 There Are Not A Lot Of Options In Town. They Are Local And Delivery Was A Reasonable Price.
Mount Vernon 10 Danielle Was Awesome To Us.
Mount Vernon 10 We Had A Little Problem With Delivery On My End, But They Were Excellent In Dealing With It.
Mount Vernon 8 I Would Have Liked More Of A Selection.
Mount Vernon 10 I Know The Woman Who Assisted Us. I Appreciate The Fact That The Business And The People Are Local And Can Answer My Questions.
Mount Vernon 10 There Was No Pressure.
Mount Vernon 10 The Sales Person Lisa, Worked With Us To Find What We Wanted.
Mount Vernon 10 The Service Was Good. The Sales Person Was Helpful. I Am Happy With The Purchase.
Mount Vernon 8 There’s Nothing Right Now To Improve My Experience. I Was Disappointed With The Delivery. They Did Not Pick-Up The Old Furniture. Unfortunately, we do not haul away old furniture. We do not have storage for used furniture.
Newark 10 The Salesperson Was Helpful. We Bought A Waterproof Mattress Pad; I Thought There Was Going To Be Another Pad On Top Of It. It Should Have Been Explained Better.
Newark 10 I Received Good, Courteous Customer Service. The Staff Delivered Everything On Time And The Transaction Worked Out Smoothly For Us.
Newark 10 They Are Very Friendly And Have Good Products. I Have Purchased From Them Before.
Newark 10 The Salesman Was Very Nice. He Was Not Pushy And I Had A Good Time There.
Newark 10 We Found What We Wanted And Had The Item Delivered. The Only Thing That Could Have Been Better Is Same Day Delivery, But That Was Not Possible.
Newark 10 Mark, The Salesman, Was Terrific. It Was A Very Good Experience, Including The Delivery People.
Newark 10 The Price, Selection, Customer Service And Delivery.
Newark 9 The Sales Associate Is A Good Man And Seems To Know What He Was Talking About. They Did Everything That Was Promised.
Newark 8 Our First And Second Order Arrived Late And Missing Items. I Had To Call For The Status Update On Our Back Order. They Need To Pay More Attention After The Sale Is Completed. Date of sale 07/02-date of delivery 08/01 customer was quoted 45 day arrival, fabric delay from broyhill, customer was aware & we made a partial delivery to customer without charging her 2 delivery fees.
Newark 8 Do Not Lose Your Customer And Their Order In The Computer. date of sale 07/23-date of delivery 09/01-customer quoted 45 day arrival, we entered entire sale under a same customer code, but different customer! Oops!
Newark 10 They Were Very Professional With The Delivery Of My New Furniture. They Were Here And Gone Within Twenty Minutes And Put My Old Furniture In The Basement Very Carefully.
Newark 10 They Were Able To Find A Product That We Looked At A Year Ago That Was No Longer In The Store.  They Tracked It Down For Us And Now It Is In Our Living Room.
Newark 9 The Staff Was Very Easy To Work With. I Know Some Of The Sales People And That Made It More Comfortable For Me.
Newark 7 My Price Changed After I Got Home Because My Ottoman Was Not Included In The Price. I Do Not Feel I Was Treated Graciously For Not Pressing The Issue; I Could Probably Win In Court If I Tried To Argue Against The Price Difference. Salesperson called customer within an hour of leaving the building, customer purchased ottoman & we wrote it on the sale, but did not charge for it. Oops!
Newark 10 It Was Nice, Short And Simple.
Newark 10 We Purchased Exactly What We Were Looking For.
Newark 10 They Had Exactly What We Were Looking For.
Newark 10 The Sales Person, Mark Waters Was Incredible. The Whole Experience Was Great Including The Delivery.
Newark 10 The Staff Is Nice.
Newark 10 My Husband Didn’t Like The Recliner. We Were Able To Switch Out The Recliner With No Problems.
Newark 10 I Have Always Had Good Luck In Finding What I Want. The Furniture Is Good, The Selection Is Top Of The Line And The Prices Are Fair.
Newark 8 I Had An Issue With The Salesman. There Was A Mix Up With The Phone Numbers.
Pataskala 10 The Friendly Environment And The Great Customer Service.
Reynoldsburg 9 The Big Sale They Were Having; We Saved A Lot. It Is Good Quality Furniture.
Saint Louisville 10 I Did Not Have Any Problems. The Store Had What I Wanted And Set It Up.
Thornville 6 Date of sale 08/31-date of delivery 09/06- NO issues noted???
Utica 10 My Experience Was Very Easy.  They Had Everything I Wanted To Look At And The Delivery Was Very Easy. I Was Happy With Every Aspect.
Utica 10 The Saleswoman.
Utica 10 We Have Purchased Previously And Have Always Had A Great Experience.
Zanesville 10 The Items I Was Interested In Were In Stock And The Staff Knew What I Was Looking For. They Were Able To Describe And Find Products For Me.