Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What’s Your Decorating Style

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We all have style preferences. Each of us dress with our own flair, expressing our personalities.  We all have certain food preferences, and we all have different tastes when it comes to our home’s decor. Some of us prefer new homes with wide open spaces, while others like the look, feel and charm of an old home. What we put inside of our home also says a lot about us. Did you know that there are actual decorating style names?

Throughout the years, most people adhered to a particular style of decorating. And while a strict sense of style remains popular for some, more often than not you’ll find more versatility in design style these days. Still, an overall theme will typically prevail. Keep it similar or mix it up. It’s up to you. Read on for some generalities in design style. And as you do, dream a bit about some changes you’d like to make to your home’s decor and then stop by Connells for great furniture, value and customer service you’ve always come to expect. From big pieces like sofas, loveseats and sectionals, to small items like table tops, lamps and artwork; we’ve got you covered.

Traditional. This style borrows from 18th century England. Wood finishes are typically in darker colors like cherry and oak. Deep, rich hues, along with beautiful, and sometimes formal texture prevail. You might find the pairing of a small print on a pillow with a floral patterned sofa in this style. You would also generally find a large mix of highly polished pieces in a traditional style room. Textures are typically both dull and shiny to provide variation and appeal.  Details are key in woodworking and on fabrics. You might see tassels and fringes in this style of decorating.

Modern/Contemporary. Sleek, straight lines with very little additional pieces in the room beyond the actual furniture denotes a modern or contemporary design style. Most furniture sits lower to the ground and the colors are often neutral. The most popular wall color is white or off white and color is sometimes used in various places within the room for a dramatic affect.

Transitional. This style marries traditional and contemporary furniture and accents into a blend of timeless classics. Lines are simple yet sophisticated and can be straight or rounded, or a mix of both. The background color is often soft or muted, allowing for accent pieces to give the room some “pop” and pizazz.

Country. In a country style home decor, you’ll find finished and unfinished pieces, baskets, quilts and folk art. You might find a mix of gingham and floral patterns on sofas, chairs, pillows and throws. The feel is “homey” and “lived in.” Antiques, chalkboards and an apple pie scented candle would complete the look and feel. A type of country design may include Americana themed accents in red, white and blue. Barn stars and other simple American symbols or words like faith, hope and love, along with grapevine wreaths and trees are still popular.

Cottage. This style is comfy, cozy and lived in. Cottage is typically associated with white picket fences and old-style shutters on the windows. Browse a Pottery Barn catalog and you’ll really get a feel. Colors are muted, understated or white. Fabrics are soft and comfortable with dashes of texture all around. It has farmhouse appeal with rustic elements, warm woods and rich tones throughout.

These are just a few design styles. There are many more to choose from: eclectic, shabby chic, French country, art-deco, global chic, old world, bohemian chic and more. The key is to go with your instinct and do what feels right for you, your style, preferences and the way you live.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Arranging a seating area

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No, it’s not true. Your home isn’t plotting against you. It’s just that each room has its unique challenges.  Take living areas for example.

If you live in an older-ranch style home, your living room might be long and narrow.  If your home is a modern two-story residence, you may have a “great” room big enough for an army encampment.  Yet if you happen to be an apartment dweller, your living room may be barely large enough for a sofa.

Here are a few tips for arranging seating to solve these pesky problems.

Start with a focal point. A focal point is an architectural detail or decorative accent that draws immediate attention within a room.  Most family areas have a fireplace or dramatic window as a focal point.  In your home it might be a striking painting or an aquarium. You’ll want to arrange seating in a group to take advantage of this focal point.

Look at traffic flow. Take at look at the location of doorways.  Will family traffic move through the room from side-to-side or at an angle? Seating should be placed to allow for traffic to pass easily around and not through the grouping.

Consider Your Options. There is no rule that says a sofa must sit against a wall.  In fact, placing a sofa perpendicular to a wall creates drama. There is also no rule that says a sofa and loveseat must be combined in a seating arrangement; it frequently isn’t the most logical or comfortable option.

In fact, there is no rule that says a sofa needs to be used at all.  A comfortable seating area can be created by combining a chaise or loveseat with accent chairs.

What’s most important is to create an inviting conversation area.  Some rooms just need a little creativity.

Get Creative. Segment long, narrow rooms into separate seating areas.  One spot might include two small accent chairs facing a sofa, while the other seating location may have two armless chairs flanking a bistro table.  As an alternative, a comfy discussion area can be created in an out-of-the-way corner.

Use area rugs to define separate seating areas in a very large room.  A sectional sofa can become a comfortable conversation nook at one end of a “great” room with a group of loveseats or accent chairs at the other end.

When a room is square, concentrate seating in one single area. If family traffic flows along the edge of a living room, place twin sofas on either side of a fireplace or entertainment center.

If your home is an urban condo with a very small living room, go with a loveseat or apartment-size sofa and a single small accent chair and ottoman.  The ottoman can be moved to provide additional seating as needed.  Think about adding a cocktail table with nested seating underneath which can be pulled out when friends arrive.

Visit Connell’s today in Mt. Vernon or Newark and let one of our sales representative show you the many seating options available in store today.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Choosing the Perfect Chair

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Well it’s finally happened. Your dog has taken over your favorite chair for good. It’s always been this way. You’ve loved that chair, but let’s face it. When it comes right down to who gets the chair, the dog always wins.

The solution? Buy a new chair, one just for you. Yet the chair the dog owns matches the rest of your furniture. So now how do you find a new chair that works with the rest of your furniture? The task is not as hard as it may sound.

You’re in luck. Gone are the days when each piece of furniture in a room had to match. In fact, today’s decorating is much more flexible and fun. Your new chair can be totally different in style, color and fabric. Whether you plan to replace an existing chair or buy a completely new one, what’s most important is that it fits both you and the purpose of your room.

Think about the role the chair will have in the room. Will it be a big, comfy chair to curl up in and read – one that you’ll sit in every day? Or will it only be used for extra seating when guests come to visit?

Who else will sit in the chair? Does the chair need to accommodate a strapping young man? An elderly relative?

Will the chair primarily be a decorative accent so style, color and fashion are most important?

Once those questions have been answered, it’s time to think about where the chair will be placed in the room. The location should provide 12-18” of space around it for walking and moving.

Measure your existing chair both inside and out. The height, width and length of an accent chair are important for two reasons. First, the chair will need to fit in the space you’ve chosen. Second, the overall scale of the chair should be in proportion to the other furnishings in the room. If you’d like a smaller or larger chair, adjust the size accordingly.

Take the dimensions with you to Connell’s Furniture & Mattresses when you shop. When you see a chair you like, sit in it just as you would at home. Cross your legs; lean back; tuck your feet up.

Does the seat depth allow you to sit comfortably and support your back?  Are the arms the right height for you to read your newspaper? Is the seat cushion as firm or soft as you like?  Will the height of the chair back allow you turn your head easily?

Ask your sales representative to show you several sizes and styles of chairs. Although you’ve had a club chair for years, maybe it’s time for something classy and traditional.  Or for a new twist, try a chic chaise or armless chair.  Have you thought about a high-leg recliner?

You can even share your chair with your dog. Look for a roomy oversized chair. Visit Connell’s in Mt. Vernon or Newark to find the perfect chair to meet your back and budget.


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Coffee or Cocktail?


No, we’re not talking about beverages. This is a decorating blog, after all. But just for fun, here’s a trivia challenge for you. What’s the difference between a coffee table and a cocktail table?

Errrrr. Times up. They’re the same, you say? Not so fast. While the two terms are used interchangeably, a purist will tell you a cocktail table is square or rectangular in shape while a coffee table is round or oval.

The good news is that both tables serve essentially the same purpose – to hold decorative accents, a magazine or a beverage within easy reach of a sofa. No one knows where or how coffee tables originated except that it’s theorized that they were originally used during the Victorian era in England and were based on tables used in tea gardens.

With the popularity of cocktail parties in the Roaring ’20s came cocktail tables which became even more fashionable following the repeal of Prohibition in the 1930s. While coffee tables are usually 16-18” in height, cocktail tables have a history of being slightly taller at 20-22”.

Today these tables not only provide a convenient surface to place things, but are also a centerpiece for entertaining and a focus for decorating.

When you visit Connell’s in Mt. Vernon or Newark to buy one of these tables, it’s good to know what type will work best in your living area. Today there are many different sizes, shapes and styles.

Take an objective look at the adjacent furnishings. The style of cocktail table should coordinate with the upholstery and other tables. While it doesn’t need to exactly match, its style should complement and not clash with other furnishings.

A traditional sofa is usually best accented by a traditional table. However, a contemporary table in a coordinating finish or texture will liven up the room.

Consider the shape of other furnishings. If the neighboring sofa has curved lines, then a round or oval table will work best. If there is a rug underneath the table, consider a glass-top table which will let the beauty and design of the rug show through.

Allow 12-15” between the edge of the sofa and the coffee table and 6” between the end of the table and the end of the sofa.

Finally, think about how the table will be used. If it will be used for dining in front of the television, consider a higher table with a flat, easily cleanable surface. If it will be used to hold multiple family items, choose a table with storage drawers or hidden compartments.

Your Connell’s sales representative will be able to show you different options on your next visit to the store.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

August 2011 – Rating 9.4 out of 10

City Rating Customer Comments Resolution
ALEXANDRIA 10 The Sales Person Was Phenomenal.
ALEXANDRIA 9 I Was Happy With The Salesman And Delivery Staff.
BUTLER 10 They Always Treat Me Well.
CENTERBURG 10 Lisa The Salesperson
CENTERBURG 10 The Sales People Made This A Great Experience.
CENTERBURG 10 The Staff Was Very Helpful And Went The Extra Mile.
CENTERBURG 10 Steve, Our Salesman Was Excellent. My Experience Was Wonderful.
CENTERBURG 10 I Enjoy My Chair.
CENTERBURG 10 The Customer Service.
CENTERBURG 10 This Is Where I Have Made My Purchases In The Past. A Lot Of My Family Members Shop At The Store. I Thought The Saleswoman Was Really Nice.
CENTERBURG 10 The Staff Was Very Helpful.
COLUMBUS 7 Staff Was Friendly And Courteous And The Delivery Was Seamless, But It  Took A Little Time For Someone To Assist Me. I Had Some Fine Details To Work Out About The Purchase Price At The End. Date of sale 08/08, date of delivery 08/15, customer noticed our FREE delivery online & wanted us to offer in store, so we did! ???
CROTON 10 I Received Decent Service. I Paid For The Lazy Boy Chair And It Took Seven Weeks To Get It.
DANVILLE 10 We Have No Where Else In The Area And They Are Always Nice And Cheerful.
DANVILLE 10 I Have Dealt With Them For Years.
DANVILLE 10 I Needed A New Recliner And She Wanted To Go There.
FREDERICKTOWN 10 We Always Deal With This Salesman. We Received A Good Deal.
FREDERICKTOWN 10 The Kind Friendly Saleswoman And The Quick Delivery.
FREDERICKTOWN 10 The Staff Was Very Friendly And Accommodating. I Thought Everything Went Well.
FREDERICKTOWN 10 The Sales Person And The Delivery Staff Were Wonderful.
FREDERICKTOWN 10 We Found Furniture That We Liked.
FREDERICKTOWN 9 I Am Satisfied With The Product.
GAMBIER 10 We Have Shopped At The Store In The Past And Have Always Been Satisfied. We Like The Furniture And The Staff.
GAMBIER 8 My Furniture Was Ripped During Delivery. I Am Going To Call Tomorrow Because I Have Not Heard Anything Yet. I Thought The Drivers Were Going To Write This Up. DATE of Sale 08/16-Date of Delivery 08/18. Oops! NO notes to indicate any issue. Service completed 09/08.
GRANVILLE 10 The Personal Attention Of The Sales People.
GRANVILLE 10 The Whole Delivery Process Went Smooth.
GRANVILLE 10 Sales Person Was Very Nice And Not Pushy. The Price Was Good.
GRANVILLE 10 The Good Customer Service And The Shop Answered All My Questions.
GRANVILLE 10 The Customer Service Was Excellent .
GRANVILLE 10 The Value And The Price Of The Furniture.
GRANVILLE 7 Keep Me Informed, I Had To Call And Find Out Why A Mattress Had Not Arrived. Date of sale 06/22, date of 1st delivery 07/01, 2nd delivery 07/19.
HEATH 10 I Absolutely Love The Furniture I Got And The Saleswoman Was Very Nice.
HEATH 10 They Had What I Was Looking For At A Good Price. The Service Was Good And They Were Easy To Work With.
HEATH 10 The Staff Was Knowledgeable And They Had The Type Of Furniture I Was Looking For.
HEATH 10 The Salesman Was Very Good And Patient. We Love The Quality Of The Furniture.
HEATH 7 I Had A Bit Of A Bad Experience During The Purchase. date of sale 07/08, date of 1st delivery 07/12, customer apparently did not want to pay addtl delivery charge? We delivered twice to customer for 1 price… date of 2nd delivery 08/16. Customer quoted 45 day arrival.
HEATH 6 Date of delivery 07/15, date of 1st delivery 7/27, regular boxspring would not fit, had to order split queen boxspring to get in customer home. 2nd delivery of boxspring 08/09.
HEBRON 10 I Received Great Service And A Good Product. I Had A Good Experience.
HEBRON 9 I Had No Problems. They Replaced The Handle That Was Broken.
HOPEWELL 8 It Was Pretty Good. They Did Not Have The Fabric I Wanted.
HOWARD 10 Everybody Was Nice, From The Salesman To The Delivery Staff.
HOWARD 10 I Grew Up With The Owner.  My Parents Purchase From Them.
HOWARD 10 The Old Recliner I Had Was Broken And I Liked It. I Thought It Was Time To Get Another One.
HOWARD 10 They Work Well With You.
HOWARD 10 I Was Happy With The Saleswoman Who Assisted Me And The Delivery Staff Did A Beautiful Job.
JOHNSTOWN 10 They Are Very Friendly And Helpful.
JOHNSTOWN 10 The Sales Person Checked On Us To Make Sure We Were Okay, But Did Not Hover Over Us.
MANSFIELD 10 Everybody Is Friendly And Nice. Hey Provided Great Customer Service.
MARENGO 10 I Have Shopped At The Store Many Times. They Had What I Was Looking For.
MARENGO 10 The People At The Store.
MOUNT VERNON 10 I Was Happy With The Delivery Process And All That Went With It. The Delivery Staff Was Excellent.
MOUNT VERNON 10 The Store Had Exactly What I Wanted To Purchase.
MOUNT VERNON 10 I Was Very Impressed With The Delivery Men. The Sales Person Was Very Good Too.
MOUNT VERNON 10 I Liked Their Quality And The Friendliness Of The Staff.
MOUNT VERNON 10 I Was Pleased With The Service And The Delivery. I Was Happy With Everything. I Have Dealt With The Store For Thirty-Five Years And I Always Have A Great Experience.
MOUNT VERNON 10 The Salesman Was Very Helpful.
MOUNT VERNON 10 The Staff Is Nice And It Was Good Customer Service.
MOUNT VERNON 10 I Like Dealing With Steve, He’s Very Helpful, Not Pushy And  Lets Me Make My Decision.
MOUNT VERNON 10 The Saleswoman Was Helpful And The Delivery She Set Up For Us Worked Out Perfectly.
MOUNT VERNON 10 The Sales Person, Lisa Was Really Nice And They Have Good Policies.
MOUNT VERNON 10 I Was Greeted Immediately And They Helped Me Pick Out My Suite.
MOUNT VERNON 10 They Are Pretty Much The Only Store I Have Bought From For Forty Years.
MOUNT VERNON 10 There Were Some Issues With The Furniture And The Replacements. Everything Was Taken Care Of.
MOUNT VERNON 10 I Was Happy With The Price. The Item Was On Sale.
MOUNT VERNON 10 Gianna Made This A Great Experience.
MOUNT VERNON 10 I Absolutely Love The Chair And The Delivery Was Early. I Love The Store.
MOUNT VERNON 10 I Was Happy With The Price And The Salesperson Who Assisted Me.
MOUNT VERNON 10 The Salesperson Was Very Helpful And Knowledgeable. He Helped Us To Make Our Selection.
MOUNT VERNON 10 I Have Been Making Purchases At The Store For Thirty Or Forty Years.
MOUNT VERNON 10 I Usually Deal With Them. All Of My Local Furniture Purchases Have Come From This Store. I Know Them And I Am Always Pleased With Them.
MOUNT VERNON 10 I Like Lisa, The Sales Woman Who Assisted Us. She Was Extremely Helpful.
MOUNT VERNON 10 The Staff Is Friendly And Helpful And The Store Usually Has What I Am Interested In.
MOUNT VERNON 10 I Had To Make A Return And They Were Very Helpful.
MOUNT VERNON 10 The Entire Package From The Store Personnel To The Delivery.
MOUNT VERNON 10 I Appreciate That The Store Is Local And I Like The Staff.
MOUNT VERNON 9 There Is A Gap Where The Drawer Fits In.
MOUNT VERNON 1 I Am Having A Problem With The Couch I Purchased.
MOUNT VERNON 1 date of sale 07/05-date of delivery 08/05, customer quoted 30 day arrival, LONG time customer with LOTS of previous purchases! We believe she misunderstood question.  EVERYTHING was great when we followed up with her after delivery.
NASHPORT 9 Everything Worked Out For Me. I Got What I Wanted And It Was Delivered.
NEWARK 10 The Sales Associates, Timely Delivery, Price, And Previous Business With The Mt. Vernon Store.
NEWARK 10 It Was Not A Hassle.
NEWARK 10 The Delivery Guys Were So Nice And Helpful.
NEWARK 10 The Lady Was Very Helpful And Nice.  When I Sit On The Sofa I Can Hear The Springs. The Delivery Staff Provided Excellent Service.
NEWARK 10 The Sales Lady Was Helpful And The Price Was Good.
NEWARK 10 I Appreciate Their Willingness To Spend Time With Me. They Are Very Family Oriented.
NEWARK 10 I Have Purchased Furniture From Them Before And Decided To Go Back.
NEWARK 10 The Lady We Worked With Was Extremely Helpful, And The Delivery Was Free.
NEWARK 10 Everyone Was Nice And Went Out Of Their Way To Help Me.
NEWARK 10 I Appreciated The Friendly, Helpful Staff And The Reasonable Price.
NEWARK 10 The Saleswoman Was Very Helpful. There Was No Pressure.  The Delivery Staff Was Professional.  They Actually Brought The Wrong Products, But Corrected The Order And Worked With Our Schedule. It Was A Good Experience All The Way Around.
NEWARK 10 I Was Happy With The Service And The Staff.
NEWARK 10 We Have Shopped At The Store Before. I Liked What We Got So We Purchased This For My Mother-In-Law.
NEWARK 10 I Was Happy With The Service, The Delivery And The Salesman. Everything Worked Out Well.
NEWARK 10 The Salesperson Misunderstood Me When I Ordered Over The Phone. As A Result, Some Items Were Missing When The Delivery Was Made, But They Made Sure I Had Everything The Same Afternoon.
NEWARK 10 The Clerk Was Very Good And They Were Having A Good Sale.
NEWARK 10 The Salesperson Was Helpful And Gave Us Good Information.
NEWARK 10 The Salesman Was Pretty Good.
NEWARK 10 Mark Was Great. He Was Not Pushy And Made It An Awesome Experience.
NEWARK 10 I Was Satisfied With My Experience.
NEWARK 10 The Speed And The Quality.
NEWARK 10 I Appreciated The Friendly Saleswoman And My Husband Was Pleased With The Delivery Staff.
NEWARK 9 Our Family Had A Furniture Business For Seventy Years And This Was The First Time I Made A Purchase Somewhere Else. The Salesperson Was A Wonderful Guy.
NEWARK 9 I Was Happy To Find The Chair We Wanted.
NEWARK 9 The Person That Helped Me.
NEWARK 8 I Think The Store Should Diversify The Brands Of Furniture They Offer And Provide Customers With Higher End Options.
NEWARK 8 The Salesman Knowing More About The Way Things Are Handled In The Store. Checking With The Manager Before Making Decisions. It Almost Cost The Store A Sale. My Husband Talked With The Manager And Smoothed It Out And We Made The Sale.
NEWARK 8 I Thought It Took Too Long To Get The Couch Redone Under The Warranty. Customer purchased floor samples & took home same day, wanted to upgrade cushion cores. We ordered cushion cores 06/03, picked up 07/19
NEWARK 5 date of sale 07/14-date of delivery 07/20.
NEWARK 5 Date of sale 05/21-date of delivery 07/22, customer quoted 45 day arrival. Ordered extra shelves for his bookcases on 06/29 which were delivered same time 07/22, customer decided he did not need parts ordered & returned them 07/28.
NEWARK 3 Date of sale 07/04-Date of delivery 07/27, customer quoted 30 day arrival. Exchanged entire pc for new on on 08/08, $50 adjustment given to customer.
PATASKALA 10 The Staff Is Nice, Easy To Shop With And They Helped Us Out With Our Delivery.
PATASKALA 10 Ashley Is More Expensive. We Purchased The Same Item For Less At Your Store.
PATASKALA 9 They Had What We Needed And It Was Delivered In A Week.
SAINT LOUISVILLE 9 The Process Was Simple, Easy And Fast. I Did Not Feel Pressured.
THORNVILLE 10 I Got The Merchandise I Wanted.
THORNVILLE 10 Danielle Was Great And Not Pushy.
THORNVILLE 10 Everything Was Done As Promised.
THORNVILLE 8 There Is Nothing They Can Do Differently. They Are Very Friendly And I Enjoy The People Who Work There.
UTICA 10 The Staff Was Efficient And They Treated Me Well.
UTICA 10 The Young Lady, Mark Were Very Helpful And Patient.
UTICA 10 They Offered A Good Selection And Their Sales Staff Was Good.
UTICA 10 I Like The Service. If There’s A Problem I Can Always Return The Purchase With No Problem.
UTICA 10 We Needed A Chair, But The Representative Was Real Nice, And Delivery Went Well.
UTICA 9 The People We Dealt With Were Most Helpful.
WARSAW 5 The Product Was Damaged, But Not By The Delivery Men. We Spent Close To Ten Thousand Dollars. There Are Issues With Two Mattresses. Both Of The Bases Are Damaged. Date of sale 07/19-date of delivery 08/12, opened in customer home, concealed damage from manufacturer, left in customer home to use to reorder new, delivery complete 09/07/11.
ZANESVILLE 9 They Had What We Wanted In Stock Within Two Days.