Friday, July 1, 2011

June 2011 – Rating 9.2 out of 10

City Rating Customer Comments Resolution
ALEXANDRIA 10 I Appreciated Their Friendly Service.
BELLVILLE 10 My Salesperson Was Very Helpful, He Answered My Questions. The Delivery Came On Time, It Was Very Nice All Around.
BUTLER 10 We Ordered The Wrong Chair And They Corrected It.
CENTERBURG 10 They Got My Mattress Replaced.
DANVILLE 10 The Sales Lady  Was Outstanding, Everything Was Perfect.
DANVILLE 0 This Person Did Not Want To Comment Or Leave A Rating
FREDERICKTOWN 10 They Took Care Of Me And Were Very Polite. I Wandered Around And Looked At Everything. I Am Happy With The Way It Turned Out.
FREDERICKTOWN 10 They Came In And Did What They Were Suppose To Do, And Was Very Pleasant About It.
FREDERICKTOWN 10 The Sales Person Made This Such A Great Experience. .
FREDERICKTOWN 10 I Liked The Saleswoman.
FREDERICKTOWN 9 I Didn’t Have To Wait To Be Helped.
GRANVILLE 10 We Have Dealt With Them Many Times Before.
GRANVILLE 10 The Delivery And Set Up Put It Over The Top For Me.
HEATH 9 I Like The Lazy Boy Chairs.
HOWARD 9 They Have Good Products, They Are Local And The Quality Is Good.
JOHNSTOWN 10 The Salesman Was Not Pushy. He Knew What We Needed And Helped Us Out.
LOUDONVILLE 10 The Salesman Sat Down With Me To Plan The Room.
MARENGO 9 Convenience & Locations.
MOUNT VERNON 10 They Were Very Courteous, Knowledgeable And Did A Fine Job.
MOUNT VERNON 10 They Were Nice And Courteous And Had What I Wanted.
MOUNT VERNON 10 We Were Able To Find What We Were Looking To Purchase.
MOUNT VERNON 10 Lisa, The Sales Person, Was Knowledgeable About The Mattresses And Gave Us Detailed Information. I Felt Informed And Confident In The Selection I Made.
MOUNT VERNON 10 I Appreciated The Fast Delivery. The Delivery Crew Was Good.
MOUNT VERNON 10 I Was Waited On Within Three Minutes. The Sales Person  Explained The Difference In The Mattresses.  It Was Perfect.
MOUNT VERNON 10 They Are Friends, My Son Grew Up With Them. They Are Very Caring.
MOUNT VERNON 10 They Were Very Friendly And Helpful. They Let Us Go Around And Pick Out What I Wanted. They Were Not Intrusive.
MOUNT VERNON 10 I Just Like The Furniture And The Way They Do Things.
MOUNT VERNON 10 The Staff Was Very Helpful.
MOUNT VERNON 9 From My Understanding, Everything Went Well.
MOUNT VERNON 9 I Always Deal With Steve, He’s Good.
MOUNT VERNON 9 I Appreciated Their Patience.
MOUNT VERNON 8 I Have A Problem With The Table But They Are Coming Out On Friday To Look At It. . Date of sale 05/26-date of delivery 05/31-service call on 06/24, determined we would order new table & replace one delivered, New table delivered 07/05/11
MOUNT VERNON 7 Not Too Much.
MOUNT VERNON 1 I Don’t Think That I Will Ever Purchase There Again. Customer used to work here Customer was upset because she ran into a salesperson at a Friday night Football game & she told him to call her because she wanted to buy a sectional. The salesperson forgot to call her!
NEWARK 10 Good Service.
NEWARK 10 I Like Their Furniture And The Staff Is Very Helpful.
NEWARK 10 We Got What We Wanted And We Were Happy With Our Previous Purchase.
NEWARK 10 I Made My Purchase Over The Phone And The Salesperson Was Just Wonderful.
NEWARK 10 The Salespeople Were Helpful And Knowledgeable.
NEWARK 10 We Have Dealt With The Store For Years.
NEWARK 10 I Didn’t Have Any Problems Buying It.
NEWARK 9 The Furniture Arrived At Two Different Times And I Paid For Two Deliveries.
SAINT LOUISVILLE 10 They Were Very Helpful Overall.
SENECAVILLE 10 The Store Had What We Needed. The Salesman Was Extremely Cooperative, Knowledgeable And Not Pushy. The Delivery Guys Were Personable. They Set My Purchase Up And Nothing Was Broken. It Was An All Around Good Experience.
ST. LOUISVILLE 10 I Love The Furniture.
SUNBURY 10 The People. Everyone Was Attentive.
SUNBURY 5 I Purchased A Bedroom Suite For My Son And When They  Delivered It, The Bed Frame  Was Missing. Customer purchased headboard & assumed a bed frame was included with the whole bedroom price. We apoligized for the misunderstanding & sold her a bed frame @ our cost, & delivered it free.
UTICA 10 The Staff Is Knowledgeable.  I Usually Buy My Furniture At The Store, It Was A Good Deal.
Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Outdoor Summertime Fun

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As you know, Connell’s has millions of dollars worth of home furnishings in-store and waiting just for you! But what’s equally important to us is being a part of your life. “Home is where the heart is,” right? To us, this isn’t some cliche saying. You spend the majority of your time in your home and it’s a place where you should feel happy and secure. That’s why we strive to provide you with the best name brand furniture and mattresses that you know you can trust. Peace of mind is important and we provide that with our No Oops Guarantee.

We’re proud to be a part of your life.  Shop our stores for furniture, accessories, mattresses and bedding. Connect with us on Facebook to enter contests and be inspired by famous quotes. Read our blog for ways to enhance your life!

Now that summer is in full swing, most of us want to spend more time in the great outdoors. While it’s fun to take day trips throughout Ohio and the surrounding states, why not take advantage of your own backyard? Read on for ways to enjoy the outdoors this summer right at home.

Remember the essence of summer – fun! Kids cannot wait for the last day of school. Once it’s here, they want to spend as much time outdoors as they can (if they don’t, we should encourage them to do so.) Give the kids plenty to do outdoors right at home. Set up a sprinkler on a hot summer day. Let them camp in their own backyard. Get the jars ready for fireflies. Have a water balloon fight! Let them grow their very own garden.

Fun isn’t just for kids anymore! Sure, you’re all grown up. That doesn’t mean everything has to be neck tie serious all the time. Play with the little ones. Pass a ball or Frisbee. Set up a game for adults and invite the neighbors – horseshoes, corn hole, ladder golf and croquet are all easy summer games to set up.  Plus they can be taken down immediately after play if you wish so you can get to more serious things, like mowing.

Set up a summertime reading spot under the old shade tree. Throw down a blanket and cuddle with the kids and a good book in the great outdoors this summer. Need some cushioning? Place a chair and an end table there for a comfortable spot to sit. Take advantage of a bird feeder to enjoy your feathered friends this summer while chillin’ on a hot summer night.

Have a cookout! If you have a patio or deck, there’s nothing better than an old-fashioned cookout. Throw the brats and burgers on the grill. Mix up some iced tea and lemonade. Crank the stereo, invite the neighbors and enjoy the lazy days of summer.

As always, stop into one of the two Connell’s locations to tell us about the fun you’re having this summer. And while you’re at it, browse the store for new home furnishings. We  just sold a boatload of merchandise during our Fourth of July Sale and have so many new items in stock for you to take advantage of! We hope to see you soon!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Farewell to Ed and Welcome to Curt!


Have you heard about Connell’s history?

Now is a good time to revisit it with the big changes that are happening! The following is a condensed version. Read the whole story here.

When Don Connell started selling used furniture in downtown Mount Vernon in 1957, he was a full-time fireman and part-time janitor just trying to make ends meet for his family. Don’s father, Harvey Connell, manned the store, called City Furniture, while Don worked 24-hour shifts at the fire station or cleaned their local church on weekends. Don’s wife, Helen, soon brought her intuitive sense of interior decorating and flair for fashion to the company.

Don and Helen moved the store and began selling new furnishings full-time in 1970. As a sophomore, Ed Connell remembers the day his parents sat the family down and explained that things were about to change. “We were prepared to scrimp and save to make it happen, but we didn’t have much anyway!” Ed recalls.

The store was renamed “Connell’s Furniture” and business began booming. Ed joined his dad in the mid-70’s after earning his business degree from Ashland University. Ed and his Dad worked closely together for many years, fine-tuning the operation. Three generations later (technically four, counting Harvey), Don’s grandson, Curt, came on board and opened the second location in Newark, Ohio.

Now, after 47 years of great service and commitment to the community, Ed is officially passing the torch to his son, Curt. As a store welcoming in the third generation of store ownership, change is inevitable and Connell’s embraces it.

Connell’s would like to personally thank Ed for all of his years of service and hard work, and to welcome Curt into this new role. With every transition there is change, but one thing has and will always remain the same: top quality product, outstanding customer service and commitment to community. Connell’s has built this reputation and will uphold it as long as we remain in business. Visit us today during our spectacular retirement sale to see what we mean!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Summertime Sunshine

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We’re well into summer but your home feels drab and boring. Although you don’t want to spend much time indoors, it’s sometimes necessary (think during a rainstorm and after dark). Liven up your home this summer with these ideas to make you feel light and airy once inside!

Buy some new houseplants. Everything is in full bloom outdoors. You may have even moved some of your houseplants to your deck or patio. Don’t let you home remain bare! Breathe fresh life into it by purchasing new houseplants for display indoors. Be creative with them! Choose a large shell from the beach and plant a succulent or two inside of it. Did your child give you anything during the past year that  could be made into a home for a houseplant?

Purchase fun, multi-colored floral or otherwise printed plates and bowls for use in the summertime. Mix and match them with your everyday tableware. Lighter pieces for use outoors are best.

Change up your artwork! If you currently have darker pieces  of art hanging in your home, consider something lighter to lighten the feel. Tapestries are great additions to any room and add an interesting dynamic as well as more texture to the space.

Pillows and throws are easy design changes you can make to your living room, family room or bedroom. It’s an inexpensive, simple change that can make a huge impact on an otherwise dark area of your home.

Clear the clutter! Since you likely use every room in your home much less in the summertime, rid yourself of things that are never used, and store those that are used only occasionally. Summertime is the perfect time to declutter your home.

Pick one piece of furniture and replace it. Perhaps your coffee table is large and bulky. Replace it with a moveable end table or smaller more streamlined cocktail table. You can often find rock bottom prices on many items throughout the home during the summer months.

Cut flowers from your garden and display them prominently in your dining room, entryway or kitchen. (If you are a man reading this, your wife or significant other will be extremely impressed at your thoughtfulness and attention to beauty.) Flowers are beautiful, always lighten the mood and add a personal touch to your home.

Candles are always a nice touch and there are a lot of sweet summertime scents available through a variety of stores and suppliers. Think citrus, fresh cotton, tropical flavors, berry scents, lavender.

Replace heavy drapery with lighter, sheen curtains or valances and let the light shine during the extended daylight hours. Don’t hold back the glorious sun! Let it shine all day long!

These are just a few ideas to get you started. Think light, airy and fun, and dream up some other ideas on your own. Don’t forget to stop by Connell’s at either of our locations in Mt. Vernon and Newark for all of your summertime home furnishing needs. Plus visit us on Facebook and let us know the changes you’d made!