Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Spring Organization Tips

Finally! Open the windows and revel in fresh air! And while you’re at it, complete the final stages of spring cleaning. Now is the perfect time to get down and dirty so your home is sparkling clean for summer. Wash windows and siding, clean windowsills, mop and clean corners and hard-to-reach spaces. But beyond that, reorganize your home in a way that feels open and free. Summer is the season of the most activity, not the time to let your home weigh you down. Clear clutter. Choose a weekend or spread it out over several weeks and incorporate the following tips.

Start with a Spring Cleaning Bucket. Since cleaning in the spring involves more intense cleaning spread throughout the home, organize all of the essentials into a box or bucket that can easily be toted from room to room. Include a scrub brush, toothbrush, towels, washcloths, all-purpose and glass-cleaning sprays and a sponge.

Don’t forget your outdoor spaces. Spring cleaning is about deep cleaning, but its also about de-cluttering your space to welcome the warmer season ahead. Use lattice to organize and arrange gardening tools within easy reach. Purchase a plastic tub to store everyday tools – include your handheld shovels, diggers, hoes, a watering can and seeds for easy planting.

Conceal clutter. Winter is about snuggling and hibernation, but spring invites spaciousness. Now is the perfect time to organize and store those items that do not regularly get used. Place homework tools in drawers or boxes until Fall. Organize or recycle magazines and other loose papers. Install shelves or buy a storage bench for dual use.

Create a summer fun craft station. As you store items the kids were using during the school year, organize an area for them to create fun projects on rainy summer days. Use a box or plastic tote and include crayons, markers, construction paper, glue, scissors, stickers and other items found at the craft store.

Organize and place herbs and spices within easy reach. Spring is the perfect time to plant herbs for use throughout the summer. Keep live herbs in pots in the kitchen or nearby on the deck or patio. Place 10 to 12 of your favorite dried herbs within easy reach for use in salads and on fresh veggies throughout the summer. Fresh basil is fabulous with tomatoes from the garden. Cilantro and garlic are perfect to have on hand for homemade salsa.

Stop in to one of the two Connell’s locations in Mt. Vernon or Newark today to expand on these ideas, or shop for other items for your home! If you’ve found any of this useful, please share as a link on Facebook for others – and visit our site and Facebook page regularly to take advantage of exclusive online specials and deals.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

May 2011 – Rating 9.5 out of 10

ALEXANDRIA 10 Everyone Was Very Helpful And The Price Was Right.
FREDERICKTOWN 1 The Delivery Of The Bed And The Illness I Got After Sleeping In It – I Can’t Sleep In The Bed. Follow up was done day after delivery & everything was great with bedding, customer did want to return pillow & we explained to her bedding & pillows were non-returnable.
GRANVILLE 10 The Price And The Nice Staff.
HEATH 8 I Asked If They Would Take My Two Year Old Chair For A Trade In And Was Told No. Then I Heard On Radio That They Do Take Trades
HEATH 8 Quicker Delivery Time. We Had To Wait Well Over One Month, But Some Items Were Ordered As Well. Date of Sale 03/26-Date of Delivery 04/27! Customer was quoted 30 day arrival.
HOWARD 10 We Were Able To Switch Out A Bad Mattress For The Second Time. Manufacturer warranty! Replacement completed
HOWARD 10 I’m A Long Time Customer And I Like The Quality Of The Furniture.
HOWARD 10 I Purchased What I Needed And It Did Not Take Long To Get It.
HOWARD 10 Every One Was Extremely Lovely And I Liked The Peanut Brittle. I Liked The No Oops Policy And The Fact That They Called Me.
JOHNSTOWN 10 They Have Always Treated Us Great.
MARTINSBURG 9 The Nice Respectful People Helped Me Pick Out A Couch.
MOUNT VERNON 10 Well We Love Our Furniture And Larry, He’s Great. He Is The Reason We Go There.
MOUNT VERNON 10 I Just Like The Store.
MOUNT VERNON 10 The Sales People And Delivery People Were Helpful.
MOUNT VERNON 10 We Usually Get What We Want And The Delivery Is Timely.
MOUNT VERNON 10 I Have Dealt With Them All My Life, They Are Very Friendly And Business Like.
MOUNT VERNON 10 I Dont Know, It Just Worked Out Well For Us.
MOUNT VERNON 10 I Have Always Purchased From Connells And Have Been Satisfied.
MOUNT VERNON 10 I’ve Been Dealing With Connell’s For Years. I Know The Family And I Trust Them. That’s Just Where I Go For Furniture.
MOUNT VERNON 10 Their Cooperation With What I Needed.
MOUNT VERNON 10 Customer Service & Attention To Detail.
MOUNT VERNON 10 Steve Treated Us Right When We Went In To Purchase A Mattress.
MOUNT VERNON 10 The Friendliness. The Sales Person Was Knowledgeable.
MOUNT VERNON 10 I Like The Things I Got.
MOUNT VERNON 10 The Store Did Everything That Was Promised.
MOUNT VERNON 10 I Have Been Going Been Going To The Store For Years And Always Have A Good Experience.
MOUNT VERNON 10 The Nice Sales Person And They Have A Good Return Policy.
MOUNT VERNON 10 We Have Always Done Our Shopping There.
MOUNT VERNON 10 We Have Dealt With Connell’s For Years, And They Have Always Been Satisfactory.
MOUNT VERNON 7 I Wasn’t Very Happy With The Time Frame That I Received My Bed. Date of Sale 03/24-Date of Delivery 05/13, OUR FAULT! Salesperson wrote king bed up & should have been queen bed! Oops!
NEWARK 10 Everything Arrived Early
NEWARK 10 We Got There About 2 Minutes Before They Were Closing. They Helped Us Right Away, Delivered It In A Few Days. They Also Took Out Old Chair And Gave Us Money For It Which Was What We Wanted. It Was A Good Experience.
NEWARK 10 They Were On Time With The Delivery And Did Everything They Said They Would Do.
NEWARK 10 It’s Good Recliner And I Like It.
NEWARK 10 They Had What We Wanted And I’m Perfectly Happy With It. The People Are Very Nice.
NEWARK 8 Most Of The Furniture Had To Be Replaced, And No One Called To Let Me Know Our Other Furniture Was In The Warehouse Waiting To Be Delivered. Customer was unhappy with 3 pcs of furniture due to fineline scratches! All 3 were replaced.
NEWARK 8 It Took Seven Instead Of The Expected Four Weeks To Receive The Order. Date of Sale 03/05-Date of Delivery 04/26, customer was quoted 30 day arrival & was notified several times of the delay in shipping from manufacturer.
UTICA 10 I Have Shopped There For Years. I’m Treated Well And I Like The Quality Of The Furniture.
UTICA 10 I Wanted It, I Liked It And I Bought It.
WALHONDING 10 I Have Always Been Satisfied.
Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summertime Stay-cations Right at Home in Mt. Vernon & Newark

June’s the month to git-up-and go! Hit the road for some highway hijinks and take a break to enjoy the sunny warm weather at these local attractions we know you’ll have a blast exploring.

Explore Mt. Vernon

  • Catch the spirit with a cemetery tour. Research your family tree, brush up on your genealogy and visit the gravesite of the Wild Men of Borneo. Creep into the crypts and check in on Chief Sac-A-Manc’s ancient Indian mound.
  • Open your imagination to the undiscovered worlds of lush beauty at the Children’s Garden. Spend a day with your children and enjoy musicals and theatrical performances at the open-air steel amphitheater plus check out the gorgeous half-acre garden displaying a hand-painted mural of the life of Johnny Appleseed.
  • Journey back in time at the New Testament Stone Garden. Take a guided tour through stone arrangements illustrating biblical passages and discover their significance and references to the Bible.
  • What do a fireman and a motorcycle mechanic know about decorating your home? “Git-up-and go” to Connell’s Furniture & Mattresses on Upper Gilchrist Road to find out! Take home souvenirs for your living room, dining room, bedroom, kids room, entertainment room and home office.

Explore Newark

  • Check out the World’s Largest Basket! Tour the birthplace of Longaberger Baskets and sail back in time to the 1950’s at Popeye’s Soda Shop.
  • “I scream. You scream. We all scream for ice cream!” at Ye Olde Mill Velvet Ice Cream Factory. Indulge your sweet tooth on Velvet Ice Cream, watch its cool production and tour Ohio’s only ice cream museum.
  • Birds of a feather flock together for nature lovers at Blackhand Gorge State Nature Preserve. Explore the 970 wooded acres primed for bird watching, hiking, biking, canoeing and visit the sacred Indian Territory where no man was to raise his hand in another.
  • Cruise on over to Connell’s on North 21st Street across from the Grill to see for yourself how a grocery store was transformed into a gorgeous store chockfull of fab furniture at amazing prices!

The best reason to get-up-and-go to Newark and Mount Vernon is Connell’s Furniture and Mattresses! Everything at Connell’s is in stock and ready for immediate Dream Team Delivery for only $39.95 – and it’s all covered by Connell’s trademarked No Oops™ guarantee! If you don’t like your new furniture for any reason, Connell’s will take it back – no questions asked!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

That’s Entertainment

Now is the best time of the year for friends, family and entertaining! Whether you’re having a themed party or just an informal gathering of friends, Connell’s has both ideas and home furnishings in  stock! Stop in today for that perfect new piece of furniture or home accessory to add a little extra spark to your abode. Connect with us on Facebook for daily inspiration and special offers. And absolutely read on for spring/summer entertainment ideas!

Use the weather to your advantage. Get out the grill, set up that badminton and cornhole game and enjoy the company of friends in the great outdoors. Ask friends to bring a side dish while you provide the grillin’ grub. Spread your patio or porch furniture out into conversation areas throughout your yard or property.

Have a Sunday brunch or tea party. Invite friends and family over for an informal Sunday gathering after church. Create and place a beautiful springtime centerpiece on your dining room table and in your entryway. Arrange a few additional seating areas with the help of portable benches, ottomans and storage cubes. Play soft music and start your week off right! Allow guests to mingle indoors and out depending on weather.

Try something new. Warmer weather invites growth which produces beautiful fruits and vegetables from the garden. Choose your favorite fruit or vegetable and find a new recipe with it as the featured food item. Lighter fare like appetizers and chilled soup are wonderful selections this time of year.

Flowers on food? Yes! Use real flowers on food as a garnish – but make sure to inform your guests that they are just that! Whip up simple vanilla cupcakes with cream cheese icing and add beautiful spring flowers to the top for that extra pizazz. Your guests will say, “how beautiful! I never thought of that!” and you’ll look like a domestic goddess. Score!

Celebrate family! It’s not necessary to invite guests to have a good time. Announce to the kids that you are having a Family Night and throw a party for yourselves. Let the kids help make kabobs and other finger foods. Have them set the table and get out the games. Whether outside or in, a good time is sure to be shared by all.

At Connell’s, we don’t just sell furniture and mattresses! We help you celebrate your home. After all, there’s “no place like  home.” Stop in to one of our two locations today for home furnishings, mattresses, accessories and other ideas to turn your home into a wonderful gathering place for friends, family, and acquaintances. And don’t forget to find us and share your experiences on Facebook! Stop back next week for more home ideas and design tips!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Make Your Home a Sanctuary

Summertime invites a plethora of socializing, sports and outdoor activities. Luckily we have more energy in the summer with the warmer, brighter and longer days. Don’t drain yourself with all the get up and go! Take time to pamper yourself so you feel energized and ready for the beautiful days of the season. Read on for ideas to treat yourself like the king or queen of the house you are.

Make your bedroom a relaxation haven. We often take care of every other room in the home and ignore our bedroom. Change that! Your bedroom shouldn’t be a catch-all, but a place of rest and rejuvenation. Clear the clutter and get rid of anything that doesn’t invite a clear mental attitude.

  • Place a nightstand next to your bed and keep a book, journal or pen there. Take the time each night for some reading or gratitude reflection and journal writing.
  • Add some extra throw pillows and soft blankets to snuggle in as you doze off to dreamland.
  • Buy a stereo or music player for soft music when its time to relax.
  • Shop for a new mattress if yours is old and not supporting you the way it should be.

Set up a bathroom spa. Create a basket or box for an on-the-go spa experience. Keep it neat and organized so you can reach for it anytime you need a quick pick me up! Include the following:

  • A nail kit complete with cuticle softener, nail files, smoothers, hand moisturizer and nail polish
  • A pedicure kit with sugar (to make a sugar scrub) and foot bath
  • A shower kit with soaps, gels, loofah and scrubs

Give yourself the comfort and convenience of a reading nook. For ideas on organizing the area, read this post.

Nothing says summer like old fashioned ice cream! Get some sundae glasses, cherries, chocolate, sprinkles and an ice cream maker and spend time unwinding in your kitchen with the kids in the evening. I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

Create a family gathering space. Find a spot in your home and set up a lounging area for family and friends to unwind. Make the space television-free so it invites good old family interaction. The space can be anywhere room allows. Place movable pieces of furniture including chairs, ottomans, loveseats and storage benches in the area. Add throws and pillows for comfort.

Try some of these tips or run into one of the two Connell’s locations in Mt. Vernon or Newark today and talk to a sales associate about ways to turn your home into your own summertime sanctuary. You’ve got the home, family and ideas – we’ve got the goods to make it perfect for you for any occasion.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Celebrate Star Spangled Savings at Connell’s this Fourth of July

Take a little time this Fourth of July to enjoy your three-day weekend. If you don’t feel like traveling, no problem! Stay right in your hometown of Mt. Vernon and Newark and have a blast doing these fun activities.

  • Declare your right to enjoy no interest for four years with no money down and no minimum purchase on all of America’s best patriotic name brand manufacturers, like:
  • Exercise your freedom to save even more when you visit our Facebook page or shop online at Connells dot com for additional July Fourth bonus savings that are on top of our unbeatable four years no interest financing.

Salute your independence from overpriced furniture at Connell’s Furniture and Mattresses’ star spangled Fourth of July Sale! Spend your Fourth of July at Connell’s in Mount Vernon on Upper Gilchrist Road, and in Newark on North 21st Street across from The Grill with special holiday hours from noon to four. Remember, your purchase is covered by Connell’s No Oops guarantee. If you don’t like your new furniture Connell’s will take it back.