Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Welcome Spring Indoors

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Welcome spring in with more ways than one way this season! With the sunshine and longer days we feel vibrant and full of energy. Though the weather is erratic, we’re optimistic knowing what’s to come. As you welcome spring into all aspects of your life, don’t neglect your home! There are so many things you can do each spring to bring more joy and life into your home. Read on for tips to get started.

Let the world know you are ready. Hang a colorful wreath at your front door. Replace your lifeless winter wreath with one matching the bright colors of spring. Choose the bright yellow of  beautiful forsythia or the myriad colors of tulips in bloom.

Let the sun shine in! Replace those heavier winter drapes with a lighter version for spring. Choose a sheer panel curtain or light cotton valance. Purchase blinds that can be drawn in the evening if you live in a busy neighborhood and need some privacy. Open them completely during the light of day and bask in the glorious sunshine.

Breathe easier with houseplants. Bring new life indoors. Choose varieties that do well inside and out. Place them indoors in a sunny location and send them out for a little extra sun when the weather is warm enough.

Try your hand at growing something. Start seeds indoors before sowing them into the soil outdoors. Many fruits, vegetables and herbs can get a head start inside. Experiment and have fun. Won’t it be great to eat tomatoes later this summer that you started from seed? Plus you may discover you have more of a green thumb than you originally thought!

Color your season bright. Replace rich autumn tones with soft spring hues on all cloth items throughout your home. Include pillows, blankets, throws, comforters, tablecloths, napkins and place mats. It will give your whole home a brand new feel.

Get a new perspective. Buy a mirror to splash the sunlight around. Place it in a sunny room pointing out so some of the beautiful outdoors is captured inside as well. Rearrange furniture and see things from a new point of view, literally.

Nothing says spring like spring cleaning. Spend one Saturday a month on various tasks around the home to clean in places that get missed during your normal cleaning routine; wash windows, scrub floors, wash linens. Welcome the newness of spring with open arms.

Stop in to one of the two Connell’s locations in Mt. Vernon or Newark today and let us help you put some springtime fun into your home!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Beautiful Bookshelves

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A bookshelf is a wonderful addition to any room regardless of its use. Undoubtedly, if you are book lover, you likely have a bookshelf or two in your home. However, bookshelves are great even if you don’t own a lot of books. Think outside the box and use a bookshelf for a variety of reasons in any room imaginable. Read on for tips on beautifying the bookshelves in your home.

Bookshelves can be the home of nearly anything you’d like to display. Do you have a private collection of any kind? Maybe you have a lot of photos, framed pieces or other possessions that would look fabulous on new bookshelf instead of in drawers or storage boxes.

When choosing a bookshelf, consider use and in which room you will place it. Coordinate it with existing furniture if that’s your style or choose something entirely different for a more eclectic appeal to the space.

Start with a clean slate if you currently have a bookshelf housing books. Go through all of the books you own and determine which ones you will keep and which you’ll donate. Second-hand stores, thrift stores and some shelters are always willing to take in books in need of a new home. Books are priceless gifts that should be passed on once you’re done with them.

Sort, size and color-code your books. Once you’ve determined the books you will keep, sort them by book color, size, and hard and soft back. Envision an overall flow of your bookshelf and be creative in design.

For visual interest, place some books horizontally, while others remain vertical. Keep size of the books relative and look for objects throughout the home to use as bookends to keep them in place.

What makes you happy? What do you love? Add anything else that gives you joy to your bookshelf – vases, pictures, photographs. If you love it, your bookshelf will love it too and give it a proud new home.

Don’t own a bookshelf? With so many uses, start exploring your options today. Also visit either of Connell’s two locations today in Mt. Vernon and Newark for more design tips and fabulous home furnishings.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Stunning Entryway

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First impressions matter. You consider them in your personal life, shouldn’t you consider them for your home? Make a grand first impression by meticulously grooming the entryway of your home. Entryways are sometimes neglected because they aren’t always entire rooms. Beyond that, they are easy prey to “catch-all” madness because you use them so much. Change all that and make a fabulous first impression for your home.

Pay attention to curb appeal. Take a look at the outside of your home first. Is is visually appealing? Do you have things sitting around that could go elsewhere? Arrange a small seating area on your front porch if space allows. Place a small garden statue in your flower bed. Hang a seasonal wreath or swag on your front door.

Create a focal point directly inside the entryway. What do your eyes first go to? Choose a large beautiful painting or several small framed pictures of friends and family. Fresh flowers are a nice touch and a large mirror adds both appeal and a way to check yourself as you are leaving for the day.

Proper lighting is essential for guests to feel welcome any time of the day. An overhead dome light, wall sconces or a table lamp are all great choices depending on space and existing furniture.

Add some texture. Place a rug in the entryway, or woven baskets for storage if there is enough space. Another great way to add texture and seating is to include a bench with a few pillows for a place to sit while removing shoes.

Don’t forget functionality. While you want the entryway to be ascetically appealing, consider usage and space. Include a table with storage, hooks for coats and a low shelf for shoes, bags and umbrellas.

Divide the space. If your entryway opens into a larger room and there is enough space to separate it from the rest of the room, use a screen, divider or bookshelf to create two distinct spaces.

You are well on your way to making a grand first impression of your home. Stop by either of the two Connell’s locations in Mt. Vernon or Newark today for more ideas to turn your house into the home of your dreams.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Creating a Reading Nook

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Beautiful spring days bring warmth and invite us outside to engage in activities we love, but the cooler evenings draw us into the comfort and warmth of our homes. Create a quiet, comfy spot this spring to curl up with your favorite book while sipping that cup of coffee or hot tea. Instill a love of reading in your kids by giving them the example of a quiet hour each evening in a beautiful contemplative space. Invite them into the space with their books and share in the adventure of a great story. Read on for tips to create a reading nook for your home.

Choose a quiet space, free of distractions. You don’t need much room – a corner of the bedroom, the end of a hallway, or inside a large walk-in closet are all perfect places to call your own. If you choose a larger room for your reading nook, partition the area in a way that creates a cozy, secluded feeling.

Consider lighting. Take advantage of natural light whenever possible by creating your space close to a window. Place a table lamp nearby for overcast days and evening reading time. Choose three-way bulbs with warm light so you can alternate brightness to suit your mood.

Make it your own. Pick colors and patterns that you’re drawn to and make you feel great. Place a few bookshelves nearby for easy access to books and magazines. If the space is large enough, include a small end table or cocktail table for drinks, eyeglasses and other essentials. Add photos, fresh flowers, a houseplant and other knick-knacks for ascetic appeal.

Choose a comfortable seat. Choose a big, comfy chair that you simply melt into; or one of the solid, sturdy varieties to support your back. Be certain there’s enough cushion to cradle you comfortably for long periods of time. Add in pillows for extra softness when you need it and a blanket for warmth.

What are you waiting for? Can’t you hear that corner of your home calling your name? Stop by one of the two Connell’s locations today in Mt. Vernon or Newark for more ideas to create comfortable, inviting spaces in your home.

Friday, April 1, 2011

March 2011 – Rating 9.49 out of 19

ALEXANDRIA 7 The Chair Ordered Came In The Wrong Color. This Has Been Resolved. Date of sale 03/04-date of 1st delivery 03/10, discovered salesperson entered wrong fabric, corrected & re-delivered 03/17, refunded delivery charge for inconvenience.
BUTLER 10 Ashley Was Very Helpful.
BUTLER 10 The Salesperson Was Very Helpful And Assisted Us In Finding The Right Mattress. We Were Not Pressured And Came Back To Make The Purchase.
BUTLER 10 It Was Easy And Hassle Free.
CENTERBURG 10 The Staff Is Very Helpful. I Have Always Been Pleased With Them. They Are Very Easy To Work With.
CENTERBURG 10 When We Walked In The Door We Were Asked If We Needed Help. The Staff Was Available When We Were Ready.
CENTERBURG 10 We Have Always Had A Good Overall Experience. The Only Improvement To Be Made Is That The Delivery Staff Need Some Kind Of Shoe Cover. We Were Left With Dirt Smudges On The Carpet The Mattress And The Stairs.
CENTERBURG 10 I Thought They Were Really Helpful.
CENTERBURG 10 They Were Honest, Upfront, And Friendly.
CENTERBURG 10 Friendly Customer Service As Well As Good Recommendations.
CENTERBURG 8 I Had To Wait For The Purchase To Be Ordered. date of sale 02/19, date of delivery 02/28, reg box would not fit in home, needed to order split queen boxes, delivery complete 03/09.
COLUMBUS 10 We Have Been Going To Connells For Five Years And They Are Terrific.
DANVILLE 10 My Salesman Made This A Great Experience.
DANVILLE 10 I’ve Been A Connells Customer For A Long Time.  I Like The Furniture And The Staff,  Including Julie.
DANVILLE 6 I Had To Pay For The Item Up-Front. It Arrived Sooner Than Expected, But I Was Not Comfortable With Their Pre-Payment Policy.
FREDERICKTOWN 10 The Lady That Helped Us, The Timely Delivery, And I’m Happy With The Chair.
FREDERICKTOWN 10 I’ve Known Connells And Steve Carpenter For Years. I  Always Purchase From There.
FREDERICKTOWN 10 The Staff Was Very Friendly.
FREDERICKTOWN 10 They Are Easy To Work With. The Item Was Not In Stock When I Went To Pick It Up So The Store Delivered Free Of Charge.
FREDERICKTOWN 10 I’ve Shopped With Them Before And The Experience Was The Same.
FREDERICKTOWN 10 I Had A Fabulous Sales Lady. I Have Purchased From Them Since The Eighties. They Are Always Very Nice And Professional.
FREDERICKTOWN 9 The Service Is Always Good.
FREDERICKTOWN 9 I Am A Long Time Customer.
GAHANNA 9 They Were Very Nice To Me.
GALENA 10 The Staff Let Me Look Around And After I Made Up My Mind They Helped Me.
GAMBIER 10 We Like What We Purchased And The Delivery Was Timely.
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GAMBIER 10 The General Excellent Service. Everything Was Smooth And Professional.
GLENMONT 10 Our Helpful Sales Lady.
GRANVILLE 10 It’s Easy To Shop At The Store. The Delivery Men Were Nice, All Around Good Experience.
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HEATH 10 Leslie Provided Wonderful Customer Service.
HEATH 10 I Liked The Salespeople.
HEATH 10 The Sales Lady Was Extremely Professional, Knowledgeable, And Stayed After Hours To Make The Deal. It Was Because Of Her That We Purchased From This Location.
HEATH 9 We Were Greeted Right Away And Had A Good Experience.
HEBRON 10 They Were Courteous And The Delivery Was Prompt.
HOWARD 10 The Staff Was Friendly And They Gave Us Space To Look Around.
HOWARD 10 I Have Dealt With The Store Before. They Didn’t Rush Me To Make A Decision. The Delivery Went Well.
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JOHNSTOWN 8 I Dont Know.
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MOUNT VERNON 10 The Purchase Went Pretty Smooth.
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MOUNT VERNON 10 The Good Price.
MOUNT VERNON 10 The Delivery Staff Was Very Nice.
MOUNT VERNON 10 Eighty Percent Of It Is The Sales Lady.
MOUNT VERNON 10 I Think Staff Member Steve Is Very Personable. The Staff Knows Their Customers. I Had A Good Experience
MOUNT VERNON 10 I Like Lisa And Her Helpfulness. The Delivery Men Were Really Good.
MOUNT VERNON 10 I Found What I Was Looking For To Match My Furniture.
MOUNT VERNON 10 They Are Local And Provide Good Service.
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MOUNT VERNON 10 I Appreciated That The Store Was Able To Provide Me With A Chair To Suit My Temporary Inconvenience.
MOUNT VERNON 10 I Am Really Pleased With The Chair.
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MOUNT VERNON 9 The Store Is Close To Home.
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MOUNT VERNON 9 I Found What I Wanted.
MOUNT VERNON 8 I Can’t Really Think Of Anything Right Now.
MOUNT VERNON 8 Take Less Time To Get The Ordered Parts Is My Only Complaint. date of Sale 02/19-date of delivery 02/23, service call 02/28, determined reclining sofa mechanism needed replaced, had to order complete mechanism, service installed & replaced 03/29, ended up replacing sofa w/ brand new one! Exchanged with new on completed 04/07.
MOUNT VERNON 0 Date of Sale 02/11-Date of Delivery 02/18, original wanted a sofa, & cancelled same day because she did not want to pay an additional delivery charge of $39.95, but wanted 2 separate deliveries.
NEWARK 10 They Had Exactly What I Wanted And The Order Was Filled Quickly.
NEWARK 10 The Staff Is Very Friendly And The Delivery Went Well.
NEWARK 10 The Help I Received And The Delivery Guys Were Excellent.
NEWARK 10 I Like Our Salesman. He Is One Of The Main Reasons We Keep Going Back.
NEWARK 10 I Always Feel Comfortable Going To The Store.
NEWARK 10 The Salesperson Was Very Nice And Pleasant.
NEWARK 10 The Store Has A Wide Selection And We Got What We Wanted.
NEWARK 10 The Staff Was Real Helpful, Not Pushy, And Knowledgeable.
NEWARK 10 The Help That We Received At The Store.
NEWARK 10 I Was Happy With The Quality Of The Furniture.
NEWARK 10 Convenience
NEWARK 10 I Return For The Good Customer Service.
NEWARK 10 The Staff Was Friendly.
NEWARK 10 I Appreciated The Assistance I Received While I Was In The Store And I Thought The Delivery Was Great.
NEWARK 10 They Have Always Been Really Good With Us.
NEWARK 10 The Store Is Close By And The Good Quality Furniture.
NEWARK 10 The Staff Is Very Helpful And Friendly.
NEWARK 9 The Salesperson And The Price Is Good. The Delivery Hours Need To Be Extended.
NEWARK 9 The Sales Person We Were Working With Last Night.
NEWARK 8 Better Communication Regarding Delivery And Pick-Up Of The Item.
NEWARK 7 We Purchased Our La-Z-Boy Sofas Back In The Fall And Just Got Them. The Store Never Followed Up To Let Us Know Our Order Would Take Longer To Come In. Date of sale 10/15-date of delivery 02/18! Fabric delays throughout! Many followups made with customer informing of manufacturer delay, sales adjustment was given to customer for their patience in waiting.
NEWARK 4 I Was Disappointed With How Long It Took To Get Everything. It Took Eight Weeks. Date of Sale 12/20-Date of Delivery 02/16, customer was quoted 45 day arrival, & was called a few times during this wait to inform him of delay from manufacturer.
PATASKALA 10 I Thought They Were Very Accommodating. I Appreciated That They Had A Place For The Kids To Go. Everything Was Great From Start To Finish, Including The Salesman.
PATASKALA 10 Good Quality And The Variety Of Choices.
REYNOLDSBURG 10 I Grew Up With One Of The Managers. My Experiences Have Been Issue Free.
THORNVILLE 10 Leslie Was Very Nice And The Delivery Staff Is Great.
THORNVILLE 10 I Liked The Sales Representative.
THORNVILLE 9 We Like The Service And The Furniture Quality For The Price.
UTICA 10 I Have Always Had A Good Experience With The Staff And The Financing. I Would Recommend. Also, I Appreciate Their Follow-Up Calls.
UTICA 10 We Found What We Wanted And The Saleswoman Was Nice.
UTICA 9 The Staff Made This Such A Great Experience.
UTICA 7 The Delivery Times Are Not Conducive To Working Customers Schedules. Our delivery guys work Monday-Friday, they start @ 8 am