Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It’s No Joke! If You Don’t Like Your New Furniture, We’ll Take it Back!


April Fool’s Day will be here in two days. But we’re not here to fool you into keeping new furniture that you don’t absolutely love. And we’re not joking around with our No Oops™ Guarantee when we say that if you don’t like your new furniture for any reason, we’ll take it back – no questions asked!

We promise you’re going to love the shopping freedom our No Oops™ Guarantee provides. Never again will you have to settle for furniture you don’t like. You won’t have to compromise with a beige sofa when you really wanted that springtime sea foam green living room set but were too afraid to purchase it. Shop with confidence! Take a chance and buy what you love, because we guarantee you’ll love what you buy at Connell’s Furniture & Mattresses.

Here’s what No Oops™ means for you:

  • If you don’t like your new furniture for any reason, we’ll take it back – no questions asked!
  • You’ll never have to settle for furniture you don’t like!
  • You’ll never pay additional shipping charges to return your furniture.
  • You’ll never pay restocking or usage fees to return your furniture.

Come to Connell’s all April for foolishly low everyday prices on millions of dollars worth of in-stock furniture ready for immediate delivery to your living room, bedroom, dining room, home office and kid’s bedroom. Visit us in Mt. Vernon and Newark and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for big bargains on spring’s latest styles and fashions.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

February 2011 – Rating 9.25 out of 10

City Rating Customer Comments Resolution
BELLVILLE 10 I Appreciated The Information Lisa Provided And Her Pleasantness.
CENTERBURG 10 The Sales Lady, Ashley Was Very Good As Well As The  Couch I Purchased.
COLUMBUS 8 It Took A Little Longer For The Delivery, I Had To Call. Date of sale 01/03-date of delivery 01/24-online sale! Quoted 15 day arrival.
DANVILLE 10 The Staff Communicated With Me And The Delivery Men Were Polite And Timely.
Frazeysburg 8 I Think The Store Should Have More Of A Selection In The Bed Area.
FREDERICKTOWN 10 We Won Money To Spend There.
FREDERICKTOWN 10 The Store Had What I Was Looking To Purchase.
FREDERICKTOWN 2 I Would Like To Talk About The Service. Date of sale 12/20, date of delivery 01/20, customer changed mind & wanted different chair, after the 5 days Oops! We allowed her to reselect, new chair delivered & other picked up 02/09.
GAMBIER 10 They Were Very Courteous And Prompt.
GAMBIER 10 The Good Price, The Nice People, The Delivery And The Follow-Up Made This Such A Great Experience.
GAMBIER 9 I Like Having The New Furniture And I Enjoyed Browsing In The Store.
HEATH 9 I Was Happy With The Price And The Personality Of The Saleswoman Who Assisted Us.
HOWARD 10 I Appreciated The Friendly People That Work For The Store And Their Good Selection.
HOWARD 9 I Was Happy With The Very Nice, Knowledgeable Service Person And The Very Courteous Delivery Staff.
JOHNSTOWN 10 I Was Able To Find What I Wanted In Less Than Ten Minutes.
JOHNSTOWN 10 We Had No Pressure From The Gentleman, Which Is What We Like.
MOUNT VERNON 10 A Good Salesman, Good Service And Follow -Up.
MOUNT VERNON 10 They Were Very Helpful.
MOUNT VERNON 10 The Service And The Quality Of The Product.  Lisa Is The Person I Deal With.
MOUNT VERNON 10 The Staff’s Very Friendly And Willing To Help Their Customers.
MOUNT VERNON 10 The Service Is Excellent.
MOUNT VERNON 10 The Customer Service Was Great. The Purchase Came On Time.
MOUNT VERNON 10 The Sales Woman Was Very Informative.
MOUNT VERNON 10 I Appreciated The Friendly, Helpful Staff.
MOUNT VERNON 10 We Shopped Around But Found The Chair There.
MOUNT VERNON 10 We Have Dealt With Them For Years And Have Never Had Problems.
MOUNT VERNON 10 I Liked The Professionalism Of The Delivery Staff. They Made Sure No Dirt Was Tracked In. My Only Disappointment Was How Long It Took For The Item To Arrive.
MOUNT VERNON 10 The Staff Knows Us. They Are Always Accommodating. The  Delivery Was Good And They Worked With Our Schedule.
MOUNT VERNON 10 I Was Happy With The Salesmen And The Delivery.
MOUNT VERNON 10 They Have Given Me Exactly What I Asked For And The Service Was Above And Beyond What I Anticipated.
MOUNT VERNON 10 I Always Know That They Are Going To Meet The Needs.
MOUNT VERNON 10 The Sales Girl Was Really Good, And I Like Their Furniture.
MOUNT VERNON 10 I Think The Staff Is Really Cooperative.  They Bent Over Backwards To Find What We Needed.
MOUNT VERNON 9 I Did Not Have Any Trouble, They Did What They Said And They Got The Item To Me.
MOUNT VERNON 9 Steve, The Salesman, Works With Us Very Well And Is Honest.
MOUNT VERNON 8 It Was An Experience.
MOUNT VERNON 1 I Would Like Someone To Tell Me What The Status Is With The Replacement. Date of sale 01/13-date of delivery 02/03, customer quoted 45 day arrival. Back panel was damaged & new ordered & completed on 03/01.
NASHPORT 10 I Knew My Salesperson.
NEW ALBANY 8 There Was A Little Problem With The Pricing. I Ended Up Paying More Than Quoted. Misquoted pricing & customer was notified, split difference in price discrepancy.
NEWARK 10 Larry Is Nice.
NEWARK 10 I Think They Are Easy To Work With.  I Have Known The Family Over Thirty Years.
NEWARK 10 I Thought The Salesman Was Great And Our Delivery Experience Was Very Pleasant.
NEWARK 10 The Staff Was Very Kind And Accommodating.
NEWARK 10 The Salesman Was Helpful And Nice. The Delivery Was Way Above Average.
NEWARK 10 The Previous Issue We Had With The Order Was Taken Care Of.
NEWARK 10 I Have Dealt With Connells For Years. They Treat Me Well So I Continue To Go Back.
NEWARK 10 Everyone, Including The Delivery Men Are Very Courteous And Leslie Was Awesome.
NEWARK 9 Everybody Was Very Friendly And Helped Us.
NEWARK 8 Nothing. It Was A Very Good Experience And The Sales Staff Are Not Pushy.
NEWARK 8 The Delivery Was A Little Late.
NEWARK 8 I Think They Should Improve On Their Time Frame. It Took A Couple Months To Receive My Furniture. Date of Sale 11/13-Date of Delivery 1/27-quoted 30 day arrival, communicated several times w/ customer regarding delay @ factory.
NEWARK 8 There Is Nothing.
PATASKALA 10 My Daughter Shopped At The Store Previously. The Delivery Was Good And Nice.
URBANA 10 The Salesman, Steve Was Very Kind.
UTICA 10 We Have Always Had A Great Experience.
UTICA 10 The Store Did What We Wanted Done.
Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Storage Solutions


Old Man Winter won this year! Undoubtedly, the cold halted all outdoor pursuits and havoc prevailed on an otherwise organized home as you were forced to stay indoors. As always, Connell’s is here to help. We have furniture and accessories to create the perfect mood. Lucky for you we also have storage solutions to help you stay organized as you transition from one season to the next.

Oh no! Your winter coats have taken over your house! Put them away by clearing out a small space in your entryway for a new coat closet that can double as an organizer during the warmer months. Small, movable closets are available which measure just a few feet wide and stand about six feet tall. Most have hooks, a closet area to hang larger coats and jackets, plus drawers and cubbies. Once winter has passed, use the closet for storage of other often-used items such as raincoats, umbrellas and book bags.

Storage cubes and ottomans keep family game night within easy reach. These convenient storage places are perfect for living room or family room use. Keep cards and board games out of site when not in use and use these storage spaces as a playing area when you need one fast! Magazines, remotes and books can also be easily hidden to keep clutter at bay.

The kids’ rooms become messy easily as more time is spent indoors. Puzzles, games, Legos and video games become a giant pile after just one afternoon. Storage solutions for kids are both fun and functional. Purchase shelves with removable baskets to individually store items. Color code toys and games by basket for easy clean up and retrieval.

A writing desk is a wonderful family organizational tool. Adding this piece of furniture to your home organizes the most chaotic mess of all – paper. This family space saver is a great way to keep everyone’s schedules coordinated and within easy reach. Mail has a central place to land before opening and organizing. Choose separate drawers for each person in the family. Use the center drawer for commonly shared items such as pens, paper, scissors, tape, stamps and paper clips.

Get organized now, before bigger Spring cleaning begins over the next few months. You’ll feel lighter and happier when you do. Stop by one of the two Connell’s locations in Mt. Vernon and Newark today for other ideas and inspiration to get—and keep—you organized.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Perfect Playroom

Child’s play is essential and a playroom encourages it! Create the perfect space to foster growth and imagination within your kids. Our homes are designed around our own needs and conveniences, but children should have a place of their own. While an entire room is ideal, it isn’t necessary. No matter the size of your home, a playroom is possible. A closet is big enough for a reading nook or computer area. Read on for ideas to create a sacred space for your little ones.

Identify the ideal space based on the size of your home and the age of your children. Map it out. Basements, attics and small spaces underneath the stairs are ideal choices for a child’s playroom, especially in smaller homes. Choose colors and theme. Include your children in the planning if they are old enough to make informed choices. Will the walls be plain or have designs? Are you artistic or do you know someone who is? If free-hand painting isn’t an option, removable art decals are another option for adding a whimsical feel to the room. A playroom is the perfect place to showcase expression and creativity.

Consider design based on the ages of the children who will use the room. Plan for today and tomorrow both. When choosing furniture, less is more. Allow plenty of open space for play. Keep pieces simple and in neutral colors so they continue to adapt and function over the years.

Create a few “stations” for various functions. If space in one room is an issue, identify a few separate play areas within your home. A reading corner allows for quiet introspection, while an art area encourages creativity. Choose furniture that suits each station. Chairs, benches, shelves and lighting are essentials in the reading nook, while a large flat surface provides the space needed in an art area. Storage is essential in all play areas to keep it organized. Choose options easiest for kids to get in and out of effortlessly.

Stop by one of the two beautiful Connell’s locations in Mt. Vernon or Newark today for other ideas and inspiration to enhance your home.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Connell’s March Promotion


Did you know that Connell’s Furniture & Mattresses is on Facebook and Twitter? We even have our own YouTube channel! And in case you didn’t know, we regularly run exclusive promotions and offers for our followers of these sites. So what are you waiting for? Hop aboard and follow us for specials, promotions and contests, design tips and even inspiring quotes from famous people. You follow your friends. Why not follow us too?

During the month of March 2011, Connell’s is offering a $2500 Room Makeover when you show us your Spring Cleaning Project on Facebook and it’s so simple to enter! Follow the link, then post a photo and explain why your room should win! Disclaimer: You must be at least 18 years of age and live in Ohio. See all official contest rules for details.

Dream a little. You could win that beautiful sofa you’ve been wanting for your living room or a new mattress to ease you into sweet dreams this spring. Maybe it’s time to organize a home office. Choose from desks, office chairs, credenzas, bookshelves, storage and more. Whatever you desire, Connell’s is sure to please. All purchases are backed by Connell’s exclusive No Oops Guarantee. If you don’t like it, we’ll take it back no questions asked!

What are you waiting for? Visit Connell’s on Facebook today for a chance to win $2500 in home furnishings! Go now! Offer ends on March 28th.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Decorating Tips that Won’t Bust Your Budget!


Spring’s a time for change! It’s a new season and colorful new life is around us. Invite spring’s fresh and delicate colors into your home and refresh your living room and bedroom with some great looking, yet inexpensive, design tips from Connell’s Furniture & Mattresses.

  • Lighten Up! Kick that boring old dark-colored sofa, loveseat or recliner to the curb and invigorate your room with lighter, mid-toned colors. Decorate with the colors you see naturally occurring in nature, such as magenta, marigold, aqua blue, spring green, teal and even try hot pink!
  • Add accessories! Pillows and throws are a fantastic way to introduce some lighter colored fabrics into your room. Add patterned pillows with calm and tranquil colors to a solid-colored sofa to add bursts of flair. Or toss a patterned throw on the back of a chair, sectional or futon to bring your room to life. Hang colorful wall art and illuminating mirrors for some seasonal springtime style.
  • Paint! Rejuvenate a dreary dining room or lackluster bedroom by repainting the walls with some colorful paint. Designers agree this is a cost-saving solution since a couple of gallons of paint are very inexpensive, plus you can do it yourself. Try a color you’ve always been curious about – and if you hate it, just paint over it. Some suggestions: test out light and clean colors, like kiwi green, pale violet or coral blue.
  • Flowers! Indoor plants and fresh flowers will bring colorful life to any room. Try to be consistent with your floral arrangements. Choose a color scheme, use the same type of flower and place your floral arrangement in a pretty glass holder. Top it off with a little lace or a satin ribbon tied around your beautiful bouquet.
  • De-clutter! Clutter is distracting. No matter how beautiful your room is, unsightly piles of magazines, movies and media will ruin your spring decorating. Put entertainment in its place with media chests and hutches and stash your work away in filing cabinets, desks, and credenzas for your home office.

Visit Connell’s two convenient locations in Mt. Vernon and Newark for hundreds of stunning styles from spring’s latest furniture and mattress fashions. It’s all in stock, ready for immediate delivery and protected by Connell’s famous No Oops™ guarantee—if you don’t like your new furniture for any reason, we’ll take it back – no questions asked, no restocking fees, no return delivery charges and no penalties.